($GARI) Gari Network's Future Looks Bright As Investors Await New Advancements.

The British Pound Faces Further Breakdown Amidst Dollar Strength and Government Shutdown Risks


  • A look into the Chingari network.
  • The launch of the latest version of the GARI token.
  • Price of GARI in the future.
  • Gari Panda.


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Chingari App is a short video-sharing app.

Chingari App is a short video-sharing app that pays its content creators based on how viral their videos become. With every upload, creators get points per view which can be exchanged for money. Chingari has been labelled India's version of Tiktok. Chingari has partnered up with Solana to build and launch GARI on a decentralised exchange in 2023.

GARI was India's first crypto token.

GARI was India's first crypto token launched in October 2021, the public sale raised over $40 million. These funds will be used to expand the chingari team and enhance technology and to increase market initiative to strengthen the brands reach. GARI token is referred to as a social token; this type of token is one where a brand, influencer or community can use to monetize themselves beyond the typical means.

$GARI NFT marketplace acts as both an in-app currency and as a governance token.

Chingari is the largest on chain social graph on web3. $GARI NFT marketplace, which will launch in 2023 acts as both an in-app currency and as a governance token. This will give creators the authority over future platform development.

Recall that non-fungible tokens (NFTs): are unique cryptographic tokens that exist on a blockchain and cannot be replicated. They represent a real-world item, by purchasing these real world items through NFTs, it makes purchasers less vulnerable to fraud and the process of buying and selling more efficient.

Chingari Mission:

Their mission is: “Our mission is to institutionalise space, and promote the growth and advancement of the underlying ecosystem and technology behind digital assets and blockchain.” Short video + short social + social commerce + social ed-tech + social entertainment on blockchain.

Chingari aims to empower video content creators worldwide with blockchain.

Chingari aims to empower video content creators worldwide with blockchain. Chingari is a cryptocurrency that was created in india; In 2020 Chingari noticed there were only limited avenues social media influencers could go down in order to make money on their social media platforms, Chingari saw this as an opportunity and ended up sharing 30% of their revenue earned on the platform with the creators. GARI is disrupting the influencer, digital artist and videographer economy - by allowing these creators to make money in crypto for creating and sharing their content.

Ways to make money in GARI crypto in the future:

  1. Play-2-earn: Earn GARI tokens by playing games in the App.
  2. Watch-2-earn: earn Gari tokens by watching videos.
  3. Engage-2-earn: like and comment on videos on the chingari app and earn Gari tokens.

GARI NFT token launch date timeline:

In august of 2021, chingari began the development work for the GARI NFT token, they even managed to get funding from Solana to help fund their token creation. Since then the developers have been running simulations to test the token's resilience.

In Q1 of 2022 the token developers created all the more defining elements of this coin such as the smart contracts and exchange listings, this quarter also saw the NFT and exchange wallet drops.

Going forward there are still aspects to the coin that need to be defined and released, the launching of the $GARI NFT token in the United States and Europe is set for 2023.

GARI Panda, What is it and how will it work?

GARI Panda is an exclusive collection of 9,999 unique panda NFTs on Solana, this feature aims to bring unique & real world utilities to holders.

In the future if advertisers wish to run advertisements in the Chingari app, they will need to own Gari Panda NFTs.

These Gari Panda NFTs grant access to NFT-only perks such as:

  1. Exclusive access to chingari ads club.
  2. Music and video streaming revenue-share.
  3. Participate in future business opportunities initiated by the GARI community.
  4. Exclusive access and earning from P2E games.

Advantages of buying and holding a Gari Panda NFTs:

  1. Access to the Chingari Metaverse: this gives users access to a platform for virtual gigs by celebrities and influencers, Virtual Reality experience is also currently being built on the app.
  2. Access to Rewards.
  3. Chingari Panda Club: Exclusive invites to “invite-only” parties with celebrities who collaborate with chingari.
  4. Influence over the Chingari platform and community.
  5. Partnership NFTs: GARI will launch partnership NFTs with music and video streaming platforms.
  6. Ownership of independent movie production house on Chingari multiplex.
  7. NFT staking: panda NFTs would be used as a reward booster for Gari staking, in the future NFT holders will be able to stake their NFTs to earn GARI tokens.

Price of Gari Network

The current max supply of GARI is 1 billion coins, the current market capitalization and the circulating supply is not currently available.

The price of GARI network today is $0.639449. There is potential for this coin to grow in value in the future, although actual estimates are speculative, investors believe it is possible for the tokens price to reach $7 by the end of 2023.

Gari Networks Future Looks Bright As The Market Waits For $GARI To Launch.  - 1

GARI Crypto Price Chart


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The British Pound Faces Further Breakdown Amidst Dollar Strength and Government Shutdown Risks

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