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Azuro Steps Into AI Using Olas to Predict Sports Event Results

Azuro Steps Into AI Using Olas to Predict Sports Event Results

Press Information Press Information Press Information Press Information 13.06.2024 07:35
Lisbon, Portugal, June 12th, 2024, Chainwire Azuro, the leading liquidity layer for onchain predictions, is using Olas, the principal network for autonomous AI agents, to leverage their AI stack for the development of an autonomous agent capable of operating across the Azuro ecosystem. Azuro is the frontrunner infrastructure layer for sport and entertainment prediction markets within EVM chains. Over 25 apps are operational on the protocol, with many others already in the works. Its innovative liquidity pool design, sophisticated tooling and oracle solutions allow apps to deploy without upfront investment or running costs, saving them valuable development resources that can be directed to user acquisition, engagement and monetization instead. Transaction volumes on Azuro have been expanding consistently and rapidly over the past year, standing at $350+ million as of this writing, along with a protocol revenue in excess of $3M+, thus becoming the number 1 revenue-generating protocol on Polygon recently. Olas, known for its composable stack that supports the development of autonomous services, provides a framework for building advanced autonomous agent technology. These AI agents, while running off-chain, are represented on-chain by smart contracts. This union offers Olas AI technology the opportunity to access the fastest-growing prediction markets ecosystem. The Azuro AI agent will be capable of learning how to accurately predict outcomes of sports events. To maximize its learning, the agent will be retrofitted with data from Azuro markets. This AI agent, once operational, will be able to autonomously analyze, and operate in prediction markets on Azuro, enriching the ecosystem with data-driven insights and predictive capabilities for all participants. "We are setting the basis for the development of AI agents that can effectively integrate and operate within the Azuro ecosystem. Long term, this integration could unleash a new era in market analysis and empower new applications for prediction markets beyond sports, such as political forecasting, and other entertainment events," stated Rossen, core contributor at Azuro. This is an exciting advancement for developers and users of Azuro prediction markets alike. Aside from the creation of the AI agent, Azuro will host a hackathon to provide tools and frameworks for the development of new autonomous agents and the expansion of use cases in prediction markets. About Azuro Azuro is the onchain predictions layer. It consists of modular tooling, oracle and liquidity solutions for EVM chains to host powerful prediction and gaming apps. With its unique infrastructure layer approach Azuro makes on-chain predictions and gaming portable and composable. It allows anyone to engage and monetize users by building apps, integrations, and products quickly, permissionlessly and with zero upfront or running costs. For more information or press inquiries: Website: Docs: Github: Onchain activity:  About Olas Olas enables everyone to own a share of AI, specifically autonomous agent economies. Olas is a unified network of off-chain services - like automation, oracles, and co-owned AI. It offers a composable stack for building these services, and a protocol for incentivizing their creation. Olas enables operating these services in a co-owned and decentralized way. For more information or press inquiries, users can visit: Website: Docs:
Doggy AI Presale Reaches Over $101,000 Shortly After Launch

Doggy AI Presale Reaches Over $101,000 Shortly After Launch

Press Information Press Information Press Information Press Information 12.06.2024 14:44
London, United Kingdom, June 12th, 2024, Chainwire Doggy AI (DOGYAI)has swiftly accumulated over $101,000 in its presale shortly after launch, and the DOGYAI team sees this as an encouraging start in the meme coin market. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Doggy AI combines meme culture with advanced AI technology. It aims to attract a broad community by offering daily staking rewards, with the potential for participants to enhance their holdings efficiently. Presale Achievements and Allocation The presale of Doggy AI has already surpassed $101,000, with no hard cap specified in the whitepaper. Thirty percent of the token's 69 billion total supply is allocated for the presale. The allocation plan also designates 20% for staking rewards, 10% for community incentives, 10% for exchange liquidity, 20% for marketing efforts, and the remaining 10% for project support and expansion. Users can purchase DoggyAI $DOGYAI here.  Innovative Technology Meets Meme Culture: The New Era of Crypto Marketing Doggy AI is rallying its vibrant community with the goal of ascending to the pinnacle of the meme coin market, showcasing a progressive model of modern community engagement. This project caters to a wide range of investor profiles by integrating advanced AI technology within a meme coin format. It appeals to both traders interested in high-risk ventures and those focused on long-term value. Doggy AI aims to emulate the success of similar ventures like Corgi AI and Turbo, which have effectively merged advanced technology with meme culture. However, Doggy AI stands out from its predecessors in several ways. First, its playful name and branding capture the contrarian essence of memetic culture. Additionally, its staking rewards are designed to mitigate the volatility typical of meme coins. Staking Rewards and Market Strategy The staking supply will be gradually released over two years, initially targeting early participants for rewards. The team hopes these rewards will decrease as more users join the staking pool. However, these significant rewards are reserved for early participants, as the staking benefits will diminish as more users join the staking pool. The team plans for the prices to rise progressively throughout the presale, rewarding early investors with greater value for their investment. $DOGYAI is currently trading at $0.000289, but the next uptick will occur in one day or when the total raise hits $714,285.71. Users can follow Doggy AI on X or join its Telegram to stay updated. Project Name: Doggy AI  Token Name: $DOGYAI Deployment Network: Ethereum Soft Cap: $8,835,000 Hard Cap: $10,000,000 Presale Start Date: 07/06/2024 About DoggyAI DoggyAI ($DOGYAI) introduces a unique fusion of meme. culture and artificial intelligence to the cryptocurrency ecosystem. By leveraging AI technology and the viral nature of memes, DoggyAI aims to create a fun, engaging, and rewarding experience for its community.  
B2Broker Reveals B2Copy, Redefining the Copy Trading Market

B2Broker Reveals B2Copy, Redefining the Copy Trading Market

B2Brokers Group of Companies B2Brokers Group of Companies 12.06.2024 07:50
The copy trading market is set for a strong upward trajectory, projected to grow from its current $2.2 billion to $4 billion by the turn of the decade, according to a report by The Insight Partners. This development signifies the potential for brokers to take advantage of advanced copy trading platforms to meet the growing demands of traders.  With this demand in mind, B2Broker has revamped its copy trading solution, releasing a new version of the B2Copy platform with many customisation options, growth-focused master trader profiles, and a smooth user experience. While numerous solutions are available for MT4 and MT5, B2Broker is the second provider after Spotware (cTrader Copy) to offer enterprise-grade copy trading solutions. Additionally, B2Broker is the pioneer in introducing PAMM for cTrader. B2Copy — All-in-One Solution of PAMM, MAM, and Copy Trading B2Copy is a dynamic platform that combines the benefits of copy trading, PAMM and MAM. It is designed to help brokers attract investors who want to mimic successful strategies and help existing brokerages reactivate their inactive accounts.  Moreover, B2Copy lets PAMM brokers establish investment funds and offers hedge funds and family offices flexible PAMM and MAM solutions. The platform also offers tailored investment strategies for regulated fund managers and improves risk management for prop trading companies.   What's New in the Latest Generation of B2Copy B2Copy unveils significant performance upgrades, functional enhancements, and far-reaching customisation options in its newest iteration. Impressive Performance Metrics The B2Copy platform stands out for its impressive performance capabilities, making it an invaluable solution for clients and their end-users.   Lightning-Fast Execution and Comprehensive User Base   B2Copy can process over 1,500 deals every second, ensuring optimal execution without any delay for all investors, irrespective of the number of individuals tied to a single master account. Furthermore, B2Copy can handle impressive connectivity, capable of linking up to 5,000 investors to a single copy master and beyond 1,000 to a PAMM master.   Platform Statistics   At present, B2Copy serves more than 65 active brokers, over 16,000 master accounts, and approximately 40,000 investment accounts, and this number is expected to grow. In an extended timeframe, from May 2023 to April 2024, B2Copy managed a total turnover of $615.6 billion, which accentuates its capacity to manage large financial volumes. UI/UX Enhancements B2Copy's reimagined user interface is visually pleasing and straightforward to use. Formerly complex forms packing in 20-30 fields have been reduced to 5 straightforward steps with minimal options. Automation has been introduced, easing account creation and subscription. A feature to note, B2Copy now integrates trading bots, simplifying the process of managing investments and trades. Enhanced Customisation Capabilities B2Copy introduces a wealth of customisation possibilities, giving master traders the freedom to personalise their profiles with unique nicknames, images, and descriptions, fostering a more individualised and professional appearance. Among the noteworthy upgrades:   Customisable Fees   The new fee structure comprises six types of fees: performance, trade, subscription, profit, management, and joining fees. This framework offers traders six distinct methods for calculating performance fees and two choices for management fees. This setup ensures that master traders can charge associated fees in their preferred format, whether for providing market signals or investing in their PAMM accounts.   The Flexibility of Minimum Deposit Adjustment   Master traders now have the power to set a minimum investment amount, a crucial feature since specific trading strategies work best with a minimum investment of either $1,000 or $10,000.   Widget Integration   The introduction of new widgets for brokers' websites has separated the leaderboard and statistics pages. Now, masters can directly share links to their statistics, simplifying the process of displaying their performance via social media.   Promo and Subscription Codes   Masters are now equipped with robust marketing tools: promo and subscription codes. The former allows masters to develop unique conditions for their investors, execute their own marketing strategies, and offer exclusive discounts or deals on their courses or signals.  With subscription codes, masters with their own websites and investor pool can promote their strategies beyond the brokerage website, creating private, strategy-protected passwords. Using this code, masters can target specific investor groups and control who can access their strategies while displaying particular statistics on the leaderboard.   Scoring System and Comprehensive Analyses   The introduction of a scoring system onto the leaderboard simplifies the process of identifying top-performing masters. For nuanced analysis, 29 statistical parameters are available, enabling investors to conduct in-depth assessments of a master trader's strategy before making an investment. In sum, the platform is exceptionally adaptable, providing a tailored user experience based on over 250 customisable settings. More Significant Upgrades on the Way At present, a series of features is in the works, set to make the investment platform by B2Broker even more adaptable and convenient. Cross-Server Copy Trading Most of B2Broker's clients run multiple trading servers across MT4, MT5, and cTrader platforms. In recognition of their unique needs, B2Broker is actively developing cross-server copy trading. Brokers will be able to offer clients on one MT4 server the ability to clone transactions from another MT4 server. MT5 and cTrader will also receive this functionality. Multi-Platform Copy Trading B2Broker is also working on a multi-platform copy trading solution to meet the needs of brokerages that use MT4, MT5, and cTrader. With this, clients could choose their preferred platform for copying positions. For example, a master trader could use MT5, while an investor could use cTrader or MT4. Brokers no longer need to insist that traders switch platforms with this feature. Cutting-Edge Platform Integrations cTrader, MT4, and MT5 are fully integrated with B2Copy, which means master traders can quickly transition their previous profiles while investors can maintain their existing investment accounts. Consequently, all parties benefit from easy adoption across platforms. Additionally, B2Copy integrates seamlessly with B2Core, a B2Broker's proprietary CRM and back-office system. After connection, all B2Core functions, including e-wallets, IB modules, referral programs, and account transfer facilities, will be integrated with B2Copy. This results in a unified, advanced platform that incorporates all the successful CRM tools from B2Core. B2Copy is also capable of integrating with other broker CRMs. This ensures that B2Copy enhances broker functionality regardless of whether it is used alone or together with B2Core. Closing Note Featuring speed, scalability, and high-end functionalities, B2Copy is an advanced investment platform designed to meet the needs of brokers, master traders, and investors alike. Paired with its future-oriented infrastructure, it has the chance to become a leading copy-trading solution in the market. B2Broker offers potential clients a staging environment for testing the software. The company also offers a special offer for brokers who are planning to shift their client base from other copy trading platforms to B2Copy. Contacts: +44 208 068 8636
Binance Labs Invests In Zircuit To Advance L2 With AI-Enabled Sequencer Level Security

Binance Labs Invests In Zircuit To Advance L2 With AI-Enabled Sequencer Level Security

Press Information Press Information Press Information Press Information 11.06.2024 14:10
George Town, Grand Cayman, June 11th, 2024, Chainwire Binance Labs, the venture capital and incubation arm of Binance, has invested in Zircuit, a zero-knowledge rollup with AI-enabled sequencer-level security. Zircuit is a new Layer 2 (L2) network that introduces a novel approach to on-chain security. The network safeguards users with sequencer-level security and built-in, automated AI mechanisms that guard against smart contract exploits and malicious actors. The network's hybrid architecture, which combines battle-tested rollup infrastructure with zero-knowledge proofs, results in a fast, low-cost, and fully EVM-compatible ZK rollup to provide unparalleled security for users without sacrificing speed or compatibility. More specifically, Zircuit's performance comes from decomposing circuits into specialized parts and aggregating proofs, which achieves greater efficiency and lower operating costs.  Yi He, Co-Founder of Binance and Head of Binance Labs said: "At Binance Labs, we support projects that are innovating in Web3 and accelerating the blockchain industry. Through its integration of sequencer level security, Zircuit is providing a more secure L2 solution and we look forward to watching it grow and develop further."  As Zircuit prepares to debut its mainnet this summer, its ecosystem is already demonstrating impressive growth. The network presently hosts over $3.5 billion in staked assets and its "Build to Earn" program has drawn more than 1,100 applications. Ethena, Renzo,, KelpDAO, Elixir, Ambient, Pendle, LayerZero, and others are among its launch partners. "Zircuit was born out of cutting-edge scaling and security research. We're innovating on top of a deep technical foundation, and making Ethereum safer for the next billion users. We're thrilled to have Binance Labs join us in this journey", said Dr. Martin Derka, Co-Founder of Zircuit. About Zircuit Zircuit is a ZK rollup with AI-enabled sequencer-level security and parallelized circuits. Built by a team of web3 security veterans and PhDs in computer science, algorithms, and cryptography, Zircuit's unique architecture combines the best of both worlds of performance and security. To learn more visit or follow us on Twitter/X @ZircuitL2 About Binance Labs As the venture capital arm and accelerator of Binance, Binance Labs has now grown to be worth over $10 billion. Its portfolio covers 250 projects from over 25 countries across six continents and has a return on investment rate of over 14X. Fifty of Binance Labs' portfolio companies are projects that have gone through our incubation programs. For more information, follow Binance Labs on X.
ceτi AI Secures $80M of NVIDIA GPUs and Hardware to Expand Global AI Infrastructure Network by 25x

ceτi AI Secures $80M of NVIDIA GPUs and Hardware to Expand Global AI Infrastructure Network by 25x

Press Information Press Information Press Information Press Information 11.06.2024 13:20
Vancouver, Canada, June 11th, 2024, Chainwire ceτi AI is proud to announce an extended purchase agreement with Cedarcross International Technologies, Inc. for three additional high-performance computing (HPC) servers, each equipped with 8 NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs, plus an option to purchase an additional 200 identical HPC servers. The agreement marks the completion of ceτi AI's pilot-scale installation in British Columbia, and opens the door to a 25x expansion of the ceτi AI Global Infrastructure Network with additional GPU and server allocation through Q3, 2024.  The new servers, powered by NVIDIA's most advanced H100 GPUs, are expected to arrive within approximately 45 days, further boosting the network's capacity to support a broad range of AI application development and research. The firm's pilot installation presents a state-of-the-art solution for web3 protocols, independent development teams, and advanced AI research teams in an 8-server, 64 GPU scalable unit that can be expanded linearly and indefinitely. In addition to the network's immediate expansion, the agreement also includes an option to purchase up to 200 identical HPC servers from Cedarcross through September 30th, 2024, underscoring both firms' commitment to sustained growth and technological advancement in the decentralized AI space. ceτi AI has identified hyperscale data center candidate sites for the additional servers in Montreal, New Jersey, and Santa Clara, and is now in the process of securing investment for their purchase, installation, and initial operation.  "We're seeing unprecedented demand from institutional developers, independent researchers, and blockchain protocols for the physical chip and server infrastructure set to power the coming Age of Artificial Intelligence. Deploying the enormous physical infrastructure for decentralized AI requires strong relationships, world-class talent, and deep cooperation in pursuit of our common goal. We're proud to work with Cedarcross as a valued partner that brings all of these qualities to the table," said Dennis Jarvis, CEO of ceτi AI. About Cedarcross Cedarcross International Technologies Inc. is an investee company of Alset Capital Inc., a publicly traded Canadian company listed on the TSX Venture exchange. Cedarcross specializes in providing low-cost access to cutting-edge, high-performance computing hardware, primarily powered by NVIDIA's advanced H100 chips.  About ceτi AI ceτi AI is at the forefront of the decentralized artificial intelligence (dAI) movement. Committed to innovation and accessibility, ceτi AI develops globally distributed, high-performance, scalable AI infrastructure designed to power the next generation of AI development worldwide. ceτi AI was founded in March of 2024 by long-time industry leaders Dennis Jarvis (CEO), Aaron Smith-Hayes (CTO), Austin Spencer (CFO), and Tony Evans (Chief Strategy Officer).  For more information about ceτi AI and our initiatives, users can visit Users can follow ceτi AI on X, Telegram, and Discord for the latest updates and community discussions.
iFX EXPO International 2024 is Almost Here!

iFX EXPO International 2024 is Almost Here!

FXMAG Team FXMAG Team 11.06.2024 10:56
The Online Trading Event of the year in Cyprus is right around the corner! After months of anticipation, the final countdown towards one of the most hyped events of the year, iFX EXPO International 2024, is officially underway in Limassol, Cyprus. This landmark B2B event has established itself as an annual tradition for the online trading industry, attracting thousands of attendees, leading brands, and a wide range of participants.    iFX EXPO International 2024 is returning to the City of Dreams Mediterranean Integrated Resort on June 18-20. With just a few weeks to go until the expo doors swing open, the buzz and excitement is palpable for what will be the biggest event yet. As a quick reminder, if you have not already done so, the time to register online is now. This is your final chance to sign up online, ensuring you skip any queues or waiting on-site.   iFX EXPO International 2024 – a Yearly Tradition Like No Other It is impossible to understate the importance of this event to the B2B industry, with attendees, speakers, companies, and more all circling these dates on their calendars. iFX EXPO International has developed into a crucial hub for the online trading community.  Attendance at this premium event is considered mandatory for all industry participants, as nobody wants to be on the outside looking in this June. The expo has historically served as an innovative stage where anything can happen, showcasing the latest technology, services, and of course entertainment. Attendees can expect to meet and engage face-to-face with: Brokers Affiliates & IBs Payment Service Providers Liquidity Providers Fintech Companies   This also includes sponsors and 140+ exhibitors such as Exness, Deriv, and B2Broker - some of the industry’s leading brands. The expo serves as an important opportunity for connecting with industry professionals and potential business partners, conducting business and establishing long-lasting relationships. Of course, no iFX EXPO would be complete without an abundance of networking opportunities. Attendees throughout the event can take advantage of the on-site Networking Lounges, the iFX EXPO Welcome Party at Columbia Beach, and the Official Night Party at Theama that never disappoints. This year boasts an impressive lineup of notable speakers, headlined by C-list executives, influential voices, creators, and innovators that are shaping the online trading community in 2024 and beyond.  The event will also feature plenty of interesting topics across both the Speaker Hall and Idea Hub, covering AI, the latest fintech strategy and trends, tradetech, prop trading, and much more. Make sure to check out the following notable panels, with speakers from TikTok, Microsoft, Nasdaq and PWC Cyprus:   Mastering TikTok: Creative Tools and Strategies for Fintech Success Securing the Future: Protecting the Pulse of Fintech Finance in Flux: Adapting to a Winds of Change Finance Forward: Cultivating Wellbeing and Success in the Digital Age     Attendees can explore the full iFX EXPO content agenda by accessing the following link.    Maximise Your Event Experience this June Attendees looking to get the most out of iFX EXPO 2024 are encouraged to download the official event app. The app helps facilitate any networking strategy, providing several benefits for users: Easily exchange contacts with Badge Scan Stay updated with the agenda and create your schedule Message and schedule meetings seamlessly Showcase your offerings to a global audience View the events floor plan Discover companies on board and identify potential clients   The iFX EXPO App is now available to download on both the App Store and Google Play Store. Register today! This is one event you cannot afford to miss. See you in Limassol in a few weeks. Pioneering Online Trading Excellence in the MENA Region Pioneering Online Trading Excellence in the MENA Region

FXMAG Team FXMAG Team 11.06.2024 08:40
Interview with Elie Nachawaty, Senior Business Development Manager – MENA at   Congratulations on being awarded the "Most Secure Broker" at the Oman Smart Vision Summit held in Muscat City. Could you share how prioritizes security measures to ensure the safety of its clients' investments? Thank you for the congratulations. At, ensuring the security of our clients' investments and information is a top priority for us. We employ a multi-layered approach to security that encompasses technological solutions, operational procedures, and strict adherence to regulatory requirements. Our security measures include robust encryption protocols, advanced authentication mechanisms, and continuous monitoring of our systems for any suspicious activities. We partner with trusted payment providers to ensure secure transactions.  Additionally, strict adherence to regulatory requirements and regular security audits underscore our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of security for‘s clients and partners. We are constantly striving to be compliant with the strictest international regulatory guidelines, and our group entities are regulated and authorized by the most reputable regulatory bodies around the globe including ASIC in Australia, CySEC in Cyprus, FSA in Seychelles, LFSA in Labuan & FSCA in South Africa.  Moreover, XS provides clients with an additional layer of protection through the Civil Liability Insurance Program underwritten by Lloyd's of London. This insurance protection covers losses up to USD 5,000,000 against claims against omission, fraud, negligence and other risks that may lead to the financial loss of clients, at no direct cost to clients. was recently crowned as the "Best Global Broker" at the Qatar Financial Expo (QFEX 2024) held in Doha.  What sets apart from other global brokers, and how does it maintain its competitive edge in the market?  Thank you again for the recognition. At, we pride ourselves on being people-focused and readily available to everyone. Whether through face-to-face interactions or our 24/7 online support, we strive to ensure accessibility for all. stands out among global brokers for our unwavering commitment to innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Additionally, we set ourselves apart by providing superior trading conditions, including competitive pricing, lightning-fast execution, and a diverse range of tradable assets. Furthermore, our dedication to transparency, integrity, and regulatory compliance has garnered the trust of clients worldwide. To maintain our competitive edge, we continually invest in technology, research, and development to anticipate market trends and meet the evolving needs of our traders, ensuring our ability to provide excellence in online trading. has been gaining momentum across the MENA region. How does contribute to the development and advancement of smart trading solutions in this region? is committed to advancing smart trading solutions in the MENA region by leveraging our expertise, resources, and partnerships. We contribute to the development of cutting edge trading solutions through initiatives such as educational programs, seminars, and workshops aimed at empowering traders with knowledge and skills. Additionally, we collaborate with industry stakeholders, regulatory bodies, and technology providers to drive innovation and promote best practices in the trading ecosystem. By fostering an environment of collaboration and knowledge-sharing, we aim to accelerate the adoption of next generation trading  and contribute to the region's economic growth and prosperity.     Can you elaborate on's approach to organizing seminars and educational programs focused on advancing digital trading in the MENA region? Certainly. At, we prioritize the advancement of advanced trading options in the MENA region through various educational initiatives, including offline seminars and online webinars. These activities are specifically designed to empower traders with knowledge and skills that enable them to navigate the dynamic trading landscape effectively. We cover topics ranging from market analysis and risk management to advanced trading strategies and technological innovations. By collaborating with industry stakeholders, regulatory bodies, and technology providers, we ensure that our seminars are informative, relevant, and impactful. Additionally, our offline seminars and workshops serve as invaluable opportunities for direct face-to-face interactions. Attendees have the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations, and establish lasting connections. Our goal is to foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement among traders, ultimately contributing to enhanced trading capabilities.   With elevating its presence in the GCC through partnerships like the one with Qatar Financial Expo, and the one with Oman Smart Vision Summit, what strategic advantages does this bring to traders in the region? Firstly, it enhances access to global markets and diversified investment opportunities, allowing traders to capitalize on emerging trends and market opportunities. Secondly, it facilitates knowledge exchange and collaboration among traders, enabling them to learn from each other's experiences and best practices. Lastly, it strengthens's position as a trusted partner and provider of innovative trading solutions, reinforcing our commitment to serving the needs of traders in the GCC and beyond.'s recognition as the "Best Multi-Asset Broker in the Middle East"and “Best Trading Conditions” at the UF Awards is commendable. Could you elaborate on the range of assets offered by and how it caters to the diverse needs of traders in the Middle East? Thank you for acknowledging our achievement in this field. offers a wide selection of asset classes, including currencies, metals, energy products, shares, indices, commodities, futures, and cryptocurrencies, catering to the diverse needs of traders in the Middle East. We understand that each trader has unique preferences and investment objectives, which is why we provide a comprehensive range of assets to choose from. Whether traders are interested in forex trading or stock trading, provides them with the tools and resources they need to succeed in today's dynamic markets. In addition our Multiple account types are designed to suit the needs of different types of traders and trading strategies. All Account types offer premium trading conditions and provide access to our deep liquidity and advanced trading technology. empowers traders with dynamic leverage up to 1:2000. How does ensure responsible trading practices while offering such high leverage options to its clients? Empowering traders with dynamic leverage options up to 1:2000 is a key feature of's platform. However, we understand the importance of responsible trading practices, especially when offering high leverage options to our clients. To ensure responsible trading, provides comprehensive risk management tools and educational resources to help traders understand the risks associated with leverage trading. We also have strict risk management protocols in place, including margin requirements, stop-loss orders, and negative balance protection, to mitigate potential losses and protect our clients' investments.   The provision of  Mastercard by, along with the “XS Cards” mobile app for fund transfers, adds convenience for traders. Could you share how continues to innovate and enhance the trading experience for its clients? Absolutely, is committed to enhancing the trading experience for our clients by continually innovating and introducing new features and services. The provision Mastercard, along with a mobile app for fund transfers, is just one example of our commitment to convenience and accessibility. This allows traders to seamlessly transfer funds between their trading accounts and their Mastercard, enabling them to access their funds anytime, anywhere. We continuously strive to stay ahead of the curve by shaping our product development roadmap. Our dedication to innovation shines through our proactive efforts in integrating state-of-the-art technologies and enhancing our services.    Lastly, could you provide insights into's future and initiatives for further expansion and development in the MENA region's trading landscape? remains devoted to further expansion and development in the MENA region. We will continue to invest in technology, research, and innovation to enhance our offerings and provide our clients with the best possible trading experience. Additionally, we will focus on strengthening our partnerships, expanding our product offerings, and delivering value-added services to meet the evolving needs of traders in the region. Our goal is to remain at the forefront of the industry and continue to drive innovation, growth, and success for our clients and partners in the MENA region and beyond.  
Polkadot Allocates $14.4M to Boost DeFi with Hydration

Polkadot Allocates $14.4M to Boost DeFi with Hydration

Press Information Press Information Press Information Press Information 10.06.2024 15:09
Gibraltar, Gibraltar, June 10th, 2024, Chainwire Polkadot's leading DeFi project - Hydration, is thrilled to announce that it has been awarded 2 million DOT (equivalent to $14.4 million) tokens from the Polkadot treasury. The funds have been earmarked to bolster the liquidity and trading efficiency of Hydration's single-sided liquidity provisioning platform Omnipool. The allocation of the DOT tokens is twofold. One million DOT will be spent over the course of one year to attract fresh liquidity to the Polkadot ecosystem, with initial rewards for Liquidity Providers (LPs) ranging above the 200% APY mark. Thanks to the single-sided LP design of the Hydration Omnopool, users will start receiving rewards after providing a single asset and joining an incentives farm, with various assets being incentivized including native stablecoins, DOT, BTC and several ecosystem coins. The remaining one million DOT will be injected directly into the Hydration Omnipool itself, with the goal of supporting the creation of a robust, accessible layer of native liquidity to benefit the broader Polkadot 2.0 ecosystem over time (Treasury Proposal #730). The capital adds to an existing 690k+ dot (AND 560k+ vDOT) already LPed into the Hydration Omnipool. Hydration co-founder Jakub Gregus said, "This generous allocation from the Polkadot treasury marks a pivotal moment for Hydration. With this welcome injection of liquidity, we are able to significantly deepen our liquidity, which is vital not just for our growth but also for the continued health of the entire Polkadot ecosystem.  "The Hydration Omnipool is designed to provide unparalleled efficiency and accessibility in trading crypto-assets, and this support from the Polkadot treasury is a testament to the potential impact of our forward-looking approach." The funding provided for the Hydration Omnipool, provided in a decentralized and non-custodial manner, will remain under the control of the Polkadot Protocol and OpenGov. This strategic initiative is expected to drive significant advancements in how liquidity is provided and managed within the Polkadot ecosystem, setting a new standard for liquidity solutions in the shared blockchain network. About Hydration Hydration is the main liquidity protocol on Polkadot. Its mission is to make DeFi efficient, simple, and unstoppable. To achieve this, Hydration unites swaps, lending and a stablecoin currency under the roof of a single, scalable appchain. Offering single-sided LPing, automated trades (DCA) and limit orders, Hydration provides the most efficient liquidity venue on Polkadot.  

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Modern investors might want to invest in Bitcoin, Ether, other Altcoins or invest in Amazon, but markets are so diversed nowadays. There are a lot of stocks to buy.

Investing money? You're surely familiar to terms like inflation. Watch CPIPPI and other indicators to make proper decisions. ECBFed or other national banks' decisions of e.g. tightening monetary policy can affect currencies, precious metals and other instruments. Having that in mind, we should watch interest rates.

Important financial terms:

Trend Lines, Bull Market, Bear Market, All Time High (ATH), Fluctuation, Candlesticks.

Trending in investing:

Tesla (TSLA), Solana (SOL), Apple (APPL), Altcoins

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