Wheat Futures Prices Influenced, By Weather, Naturally!

Russia Look Set To Double Its Exports For The First Half Of 2023

Silver Safe-haven inlight of inflation uncertainty

The price of silver is dependent on consumer supply and demand balances. Due to the inverse relationship Silver has to the US Dollar, the commodity is popular to use as a hedge against inflation. Silver also has high liquidity making it a popular commodity to trade especially inlight of the current market situations, the conflict between the Ukraine and Russia and the China shutdown concerns. The market sentiment of the commodity is currently being presented as bearish with prices reaching a high of $25.282 since the market opened this morning.

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Price of Silver Chart


The prices of natural gas are constantly changing due to the prices being heavily dependent on external factors such as supply and demand, weather and the viability of alternative resources. It is a volatile, liquid and reasonably spread asset, all of these characteristics make Natural Gas (NGAS) a popular commodity to trade. Since the market opened today NGAS prices reached a high of $6.885. The demand is still high for NGAS, however the supply is low, driving the price of NGAS up to a 13 year high.

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Price of Natural Gas Chart

The Weather affecting the price of Chicago SRW Wheat futures:

The US is experiencing some adverse weather conditions currently, these weather conditions are driving the prices of futures up, yesterday wheat closed on the highest price since late March due worries around supply. The price of these wheat futures have been fluctuating over the last 8 hours, however the future price now is sitting high at $1110.00.

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Price of Wheat futures Chart

Charts: Finance.Yahoo.com

Russia Look Set To Double Its Exports For The First Half Of 2023

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