B2Trader & B2Core With Newest Update - What Can Brokers Expect?

B2Trader & B2Core With Newest Update - What Can Brokers Expect?

Our professionals at B2Broker would like to announce the newly reformed B2Trader & B2Core, including newly implemented features. We strive every day to develop the most accessible, secure, and efficient platforms in the industry. These recent updates are yet another evidence of our commitment to bringing the most innovative solutions. Here are some of the main features of the latest update: 

  • Brand-new commission framework
  • New and unique tips for customers
  • P&L filters and client ID record
  • Upgraded one's performance and stability
  • Fresh interface for more delicate clients' experience

We believe you will enjoy our improvements, and we look forward to sharing with you more attractive features!

New Commissions Structure

We are always active when it comes to looking for new options to empower our client's trading journey. For that reason, we have utterly reevaluated the commission system. It is no longer necessary to set a role for each client since we have installed a flexible group system where your admins set desired conditions for a specific community of users. It will be possible for each of these groups to adjust the commission for the selected tools. This progressive feature gives our customers even more control than they used to have.

With B2Trader, we will provide you with the opportunity to push your trading platform to the maximum potential. 

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Updated UI

Our developers successfully added a series of handy tips that significantly boost the experience of every client. Since then, it has become pretty simple to understand the interface of the trading platform. It became possible because every component is now described separately. Furthermore, we will update the tips regularly to make sure they always reflect the latest replacements to the platform.

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Customers are welcome to choose their level of qualification at the onboarding stage, and there are currently three main statuses: New, Experienced, and Pro. Depending on the user's experience, they are able to choose different outlines that clarify every detail of the trading platform. For instance, if a client decides to choose a Newcomer alternative, they will obtain a step-by-step guide that will show them how to use the platform and how to trade or treat their account. When choosing "Experienced," customers will acquire appropriate information. These cover different topics, such as analysis of financial markets together with risk management. We assure that all newcomers have a great experience and can enjoy every aspect of our platform by offering these various alternatives.

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Client ID Reports

With this latest update, we have reduced monotonous manual operations for our customers. Registration for local financial regulators is currently a simple process. It became a reality because of the inclusion of unique client IDs. Clients' emails and IDs are automatically uploaded to all pages where the user is active. It will include all transfers, transaction/trades, transaction/orders, balance/users, and commission/users. Thanks to this update, complying with regulations has never been easier for our clients. We're honored to achieve such an accomplishment and finally offer it to our valued customers.

New Pair Field Update

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Yet another update is the improved field of creating a new pair. Please, find the buttons: Settings → Markets → Add Market + Edit Market. These hint areas are now enriched with error notifications. From now on, our users have the ability to see what should be entered in the fields and can no longer save an invalid market. This update is certainly going to ensure that all markets are set up in the right way and will function properly.

Optimized Filters

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The Profit and Loss area in the supervisor board has changed as well. Now it includes a filter by year option to provide a more straightforward analysis of the client's data. This field will now present the date the customer's data was last adjusted to make it less complicated to trace changes. The update also includes several other bug fixes and improvements.


B2Trader and B2Core are the most efficient platforms in the industry that provide traders with many benefits. These two solutions make the trading experience even smoother and more enjoyable. The new series of updates coming in the near future will boost these features even more. Therefore, be sure not to miss them. And if you haven't tried out our platforms, do not hesitate and go ahead!

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