(TRX) TRON USD Decentralised Blockchain Platform That Focuses On Entertainment And Content Sharing. Altcoins: A Deep Look Into The TRON Network

(TRX) TRON USD Decentralised Blockchain Platform That Focuses On Entertainment And Content Sharing. Altcoins: A Deep Look Into The TRON Network


  • What is TRON and How does it work?
  • Advantages of TRON
  • Past, Present and Future prices of TRON

TRON is a decentralised, open-sourced blockchain-based operating system

TRON is a decentralised, open-sourced blockchain-based operating system which has smart contract functionality and a delegated proof-of-stake principle as its consensus algorithm. The native cryptocurrency for TRON is Tronix (TRX). The TRON blockchain was launched in 2017. The maximum supply of TRX is 100 billion, 98.2 billion tokens in circulation and around $6.8 billion market capitalization.

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The TRON project is a decentralised blockchain platform that focuses on entertainment and content sharing.

TRX TRON cryptocurrency platform uses a transaction model that is similar to Bitcoin. Transactions take place in a public ledger, where users are able to track the operations history.

The TRON platform was created to decentralise the internet and serves as a tool for developers to create decentralised applications (dApps), this acts as an Ethereum alternative. The creation of decentralised applications and creating content on the TRON network is available to anybody.

The data hosted on the TRON network is free, with no central authority. Content creators receive TRX tokens in return for their intellectual labour. TRON network also makes decentralised games whereby players can encourage and reward content creators with digital assets directly.

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There is a tri-layers architectural system embedded in TRON

There are 3 levels to the TRON network, all of which support the smooth and powerful TRON network operation.

  1. Storage layer, this layer is where blockchain state, history data and network data is stored securely. In general the purpose of this layer is to segment all kinds of ecosystem data.
  2. Application layer, this layer is where the developers are the key people, and where TRX is used to create wallets and develop applications.
  3. Core layer, this layer is where instructions are developed (Java and Solidity are the only two accepted programming languages for this layer). Principle of operation; this layer computes instructions, processes them and then sends them to the Tron Virtual Machine, which is where dApps are executed and where the logic happens.

The main protection tool for the TRON network is the delegated proof-of-stake (dPoS) system

This delegated proof-of-stake is an alternative to the proof-of-stake (PoS) and proof-of-work (PoW) consensus algorithms. The delegated proof-of-stake system is a competitive advantage for the TRON network as it makes it much more energy efficient. In addition, the tri-layered architecture system processes more transactions at a time than the proof-of-work system.

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TRONs development team has a higher throughput and is able to process up to 2000 operations without fees, therefore, the network transactions are without fees.

TRON Super Representatives (SR):

On the TRON network, all TRX token holders can apply to be SR candidates and any TRX holder can vote for these SR candidates.

JustLend lending platform:

JustLend is TRONs first official lending platform, the lending platform interest rates of its fund pools are determined by an algorithm based on TRONs asset supply and demand. JustLend aims to build a decentralised lending protocol and hopefully become TRONs first official algorithm-powered decentralised bank.

TRON advantages:

  1. The ability for content creators to create content and share it openly and without hesitation regarding transaction fees.
  2. High throughput: this is done by improving the TPS in TRON, which has now surpassed both Bitcoin and Ethereum to a daily use practical degree.
  3. High scalability: due to the high scalability and highly effective smart contracts, applications developed on the TRON network are given a wider variety of ways to be deployed. The TRON network can support very large numbers of users.
  4. High availability: the network structure is very reliable along with the user asset, the intrinsic value and higher degree of decentralisation consensus come with an improved rewards distribution system.

TRON goals:

  1. Deliver simple distributed file sharing.
  2. Financial rewards to drive content creation.
  3. Decentralising the gaming industry.
  4. Content creators can launch their own personal tokens.

Where to buy TRX:

The TRX token is available on many exchanges such as; Binance, Bancor, Poloniex and more.

Past, Present and Future Prices

In general the cryptocurrency market is volatile, in the graph below we see that the TRX token has experienced the price volatility of the market. There was an initial jump in price when TRX went to the market, but then the price fell to normal levels again. The price of TRX has, on average, been on the rise since July 2021.

In the current market environment, the price of TRX has not seen any stability as market participants turn to safer investments during the time of uncertainty.

The price of TRX is expected to rise in the future.

(TRX) TRON USD - Altcoins of Interest: A Deep Look Into The TRON Network - 1

TRX Price Chart

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