Altcoins' Rally: Solana (SOL) Soars Even More, DOT and SHIBA INU Do The Same!

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  • Solana (SOL) prices went up even further today.
  • DOT and Shiba Inu prices have fallen but are still seeing an overall increase.

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(SOL) Solana Up by 0.5% from this morning

Since this morning, Solana price has increased by a further 0.5%. The growth we are seeing in SOL may just be the price recovering from its fall in March regarding the Fed’s finance announcements along with the increased market trading volume. Although we may continue to see these increases in the coming days, it cannot be ruled out that SOL has a long way to go to regain its pre-2022 values.

Solana (SOL) Coin Price | Altcoins

Solana (SOL) Price Chart

Polkadot (DOT) price decreasing since this mornings 4.6%

The price of POLKADOT (DOT) has fallen by more than 1% since this morning, however the price of this coin is still in the green. The price fall could be reflecting the current market sentiment and the investors’ bearish attitude towards the marker in general.

Polkadot (DOT) Price | Altcoins

Polkadot Price Chart

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Shina Inu (SHIB) Seeing an overall increase.

Since this morning, SHIBA INU token is still in the green, however the growth rate has decreased slightly. The SHIBA INU coin has recently been listed on the Robinhood trading platform, despite this fact, SHIBA is still not performing as investors had hoped, this may be due to the timing of the listing being around the similar time of the Feds announcements. The future of this coins value is uncertain at this point.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) Price | Altcoins

SHIBA INU Price Chart


🔥 SOL Ideal Bullish Entry Point: High Risk-Reward Ratio!

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