Altcoins: (BNB) Binance Coin Jumps On The EU Sanction Bandwagon

Binance Academy summarise year 2022 featuring The Merge, FTX and more


  • Binance places sanctions on certain Russian account holders.
  • Terra’s LUNA coin topples Binance.
  • Despite today's drop, BRISE is still on an overall increase.

(BNB) Binance Price drops today.

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The overall price of Binance has decreased throughout trading today. On Thursday Binance announced the removal of its services for Russian coin holders of certain accounts that hold any value of more than 10000 Euro, the move came in an effort to comply with EU sanctions on Russia. The affected accounts will only be allowed to withdraw their investments.

(BNB) Binance Price | Altcoins

Binance Coin Price Chart

Terra’s LUNA coin price continues to rise.

Terra’s LUNA coin has increased in price today, continuing on the upward trend the coin has been following for the past couple of days. This price surge came on monday as a result of the algorithmic coin taking over from Binance (USD) as the third largest stablecoin (based on circulation). Terra (LUNA) Price | Altcoins | What Are Altcoins?

Terra USD Price Chart

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Bitgert (BRISE) price on the rise the past week

As of today, the price of Bitgert (BRISE) has decreased, however looking at the price of the coin over the past week it has been on the rise. The coin's value in the future will be dependent on market sentiment and current market conditions.

Bitgert (BRISE) Price

Bitgert (BRISE) Price Chart


Binance Academy summarise year 2022 featuring The Merge, FTX and more

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