What Makes Alphabet (GOOGL), Pool Corp. And Others Are Such "Solid"? Stock Market: What Is The Difference Between Growth And Value Stocks?

Oil Prices Soar on Prospect of Soft Landing, Eyes Set on $80 Breakout

In a nutshell, investors in the stock market can divide companies into two baskets. One is "growth," or growth-type companies, and the other is "value," or companies with value.

The former are, for example, start-ups that currently may not even have their own equipment in the office, but are leasing it, but promise investors that they will make "amazing" profits in a few years. Their valuations, despite their current lack of much value can be very high, because they can be driven by expectations. The second group, value companies, usually do not promise investors hundreds of percent earnings growth, while they have an established business, can pay regular dividends or conduct systematic process restructuring to raise margins.

Value stocks NOBL

Source: Conotoxia MT5, NOBL ProShares S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats ETF.

Solid value and dividend companies will attract investors?

According to Goldman Sachs in a note quoted by Bloomberg, stocks of high fundamental quality, value stocks, dividend-paying companies and companies with exposure primarily to drawing income from the U.S. market are four areas that could drive performance through the end of the year, according to analysts from Goldman Sachs.

"Rising cost of capital will limit valuation expansion and prompt investors to reward companies with high-quality fundamental metrics." - analysts led by David Kostin wrote in a note. As an example, they give a quality basket of 50 companies created by Goldman Sachs, which includes stocks that are highly rated for a mix of strong balance sheets, stable sales and earnings growth, above-average return on equity and low historical downside risk. 

Companies included in the Goldman Sachs index basket

The basket includes Alphabet, Pool Corp., Church & Dwight, Coterra Energy, First Republic Bank and American Tower, among others - CFDs and DMAs on shares of these companies can be found on the Conotoxia MT5 platform. According to Goldman Sachs analysts, value stocks could outperform if the Fed would succeed and inflation would soon peak, and the companies' dividends could offer "exposure to the fundamental growth of the S&P 500 while minimizing exposure to equity valuation risk."

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Meanwhile, companies with domestic sales in the U.S. have outperformed those with more exposure to foreign sales, particularly in Europe and emerging markets. The economic situation in Europe is dire, and despite concerns about the U.S. equity market, "it offers greater potential for absolute and risk-adjusted returns than the recession-ridden European markets" - write the GS analysts.

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Source: Value and dividend companies with potential (conotoxia.com)

Oil Prices Soar on Prospect of Soft Landing, Eyes Set on $80 Breakout

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