How Did The US Inflation Print Affect Tech Stocks? Check Apple Stock, Amazon And Other Companies' Reaction

The Current War Between China And The United States Over Semiconductor Chips Is Gaining Momentum
  • META stock falls over 9% on Tuesday in a market meltdown.
  • Nasdaq is down 5%, and S&P 500 is down 4% by comparison.
  • Meta Platforms underperforms markedly versus main indices.

Meta Platforms (META) stock fell sharply on Tuesday as the market digested the US CPI print. A higher than expected number led to a sharp sell-off in equities with all the main indices closing sharply lower. However, tech took the biggest brunt of the selling with Apple and Alphabet down 6%, amazon down 7%, and Meta Platforms down a whopping 9%.

Meta Platforms stock news

Why the big divergence from big tech? Usually, these are seen as haven plays. All are supposed to be cash generative. The problem is big tech is generally seen as having the most to lose from higher interest rates. This may be true for some but not all. The higher the growth rate of a stock, then the bigger effect a change in interest rates has on its performance. That is why FAANG was such an outsized performer during the Fed juiced says of monetary stimulus post-pandemic. Higher growth rates get discounted by the prevailing rate of interest. If those interest rates are forecast to rise, then the present value calculation gets reduced.

Adding to tech pressure and especially for the aforementioned companies is the strength of the US dollar. These are global companies, many of whom generate more than half of their revenues in overseas currencies. When that overseas currency depreciates (think euro, yen, GBP, etc.), then all of a sudden those foreign revenues are worth less in dollar terms. This affects revenues and leads to the hilarious lines we see in corporate earnings reports – "in constant currency". When are currencies ever constant?

Adding to the sentiment of Meta stock this morning is news that South Korea has fined it and Alphabet (GOOGL) over violation of privacy laws, according to Reuters.

Meta Platforms stock forecast

META is just on massive support at around $154. Breaking this, the next level is the pandemic low at $137. The double top at $184 keeps a lid on bulls, and only a break there begins to look interesting for the bearish narrative to end.

Meta Platforms Stock News and Forecast: META collapses on inflation, South Korea adds to pressure - 1

META stock chart, daily

The Current War Between China And The United States Over Semiconductor Chips Is Gaining Momentum

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