Deutsche Bank Shook DAX! French Election, Inflation And ECB Are Factors Which Shaped DAX (GER 40), CAC40, FTSE 100 And IBEX35 - Top Gainers, Top Losers

Deutsche Bank Shook DAX! French Election, Inflation And ECB Are Factors Which Shaped DAX (GER 40), CAC40, FTSE 100 And IBEX35 - Top Gainers, Top Losers

What a week! Today, holidays dominated many markets. Indices like DAX, CAC40 and IBEX35 weren’t live, but Forex market has been trading all day. Having said so, don’t hesitate to have a look at the analysis by Rebecca published earlier today and my yesterday’s indices analysis. Today we focus on top gainers and losers this week.

GER 40 0.7% Below-the-line! French Election News Drives DAX?

Beginning of the week was quite calm for the German index, but as some official and not so official news about French election went public, GER 40 plunged. Is it a worry caused by two different visions of France as a part of the EU in the near future? As we read and wrote several times recently – the meaning of integrity with the European Union may be changed if Marine LePen becomes the president of France.

What Is Deutsche Bank? What Is DAX?

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Airbus (AIRG), Brenntag (BNRGn) and (MTXGn) MTU Aero Jumps! What Is Brenntag?

Top three gainers of GER 40 were Airbus, Brenntag and MTU Aero. Well-known Airbus has been flying (sic!) high gaining ca. 2.6% as Brenntag did. Brenntag is a company linked with chemicals and their processing. Naturally, MTU Aero provides aerospace products. Feel free to leave a comment on the trigger of a 2.43% increase this week.

Eurofins Scientific, Dassault And Kering Plunged Ranging Decreases Of 3-4%!

These three companies are really tempting as they represent three different branches! Eurofins Scientific (EUFI) is linked with… science of course, Dassault (DAST) provides IT solutions and Kering (PRTP) has some premium brands in its portfolio.

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Is CAC40 In Crisis!? FCHI - the most vigilant French election observer

Naturally CAC40 had its downs this week. French election news made FCHI decrease several times, but despite the problems CAC40 finished the week almost 0.7% above-the-line. What’s more French index was close to switch to Easter vibes with 1% gain, but as we see below, the price line retracted.

What Is Louis Vuitton (LVMH)? What Is CAC40?

No, Louis Vuitton (LVMH)! You’re not the winner this time! Arcelor Mittal notes a ca. 10% increase!

Few days ago we had a look at Louis Vuitton and other French companies which have performed really well, but who topped the weekly top gainers ranking yesterday? It was Arcelor Mittal, company linked with mining and commodities who gained the most. The price of Arcelor Mittal went up by 7.85% overtaking Thales (+7.1%) and AXA (AXAF) (+4.8%).


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