Avalanche (AVAX) Lost 12% After Being Accused Of Paying For Slander Reputation!

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Avalanche (AVAX) on 29 August, lost almost 12% on a day when a new whistleblower accused it of paying lawyers to attack its competitors' reputations. Since the bottom two days ago, the cryptocurrency's price now seems to have recovered some of its losses, rising by around 10 per cent, presumably after the accusations lost credibility in the eyes of investors.

CryptoLeaks is a young news site that aspires to become WikiLeaks - known for shedding light on the crimes of governments. Two days ago, the site published an article accusing Ava Labs of paying lawyers from the Roche Freedman law firm to damage the reputation of its competitors. 

The alleged evidence was a statement by one of the insiders. However, the claims made in the article appear to be exaggerated, and the evidence is too weak to support allegations of a deliberate and paid legal battle against competitors. 

According to Santiment data, Avalanche became the most searched token (by keywords) shortly after the article's release.


How did the AVAX price react?

Most likely, as a result of CryptoLeaks, the AVAX token fell by a whopping 12%, but shortly after scepticism about the article began to gain traction, the listing rebounded. At the end of the day, the cryptocurrency had lost just 3.1%, and the token recovered all of its losses the following day. Furthermore, the price declines of 29 August coincided with a correction in other currencies, making it reasonable to believe that the accusations' impact on sentiment was much smaller. 

Today on the Conotoxia MT5 platform at 11:00 GMT+3, AVAX is trading at $19.35, losing 1.4%. The price is below the 10, 20, 50, and 100-day moving averages. The MACD indicator may point to a potential trend reversal after the histogram started to turn back from negative territory. Although not yet in the overbought zone (below 30 points), the RSI signal line seems to be relatively low (less than 35 points), which could indicate a possible trend reversal. On the other hand, looking at the chart from a broader perspective, it seems that it may still be in a downtrend.

It seems that there are still storm clouds looming over the cryptocurrency market in the form of a hawkish Fed, an economic slowdown, an energy crisis and a big unknown in the form of inflation.


Rafał Tworkowski, Junior Market Analyst, Conotoxia Ltd. (Conotoxia investment service)

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Source: Avalanche recovers after accusations against the project are met with scepticism

EUR/USD Faces Ongoing Decline Amid Budget and Market Turbulence

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