Price Of Gold Per Ounce - KOG Report – NFP (US Non Farm Payrolls). What to expect!

FXStreet’s Dhwani Mehta Opinion About Gold Movements

KOG Report – NFP. What to expect! - 1

This is our view for NFP today, please do your own research and analysis to make an informed decision on the markets. It is not recommended you try to trade the event if you have less than 6 months trading experience and have a trusted risk strategy in place. The markets are extremely volatile and can cause aggressive swings in price.

We’re seeing the price move with in a tight range now with MAs starting to converge in preparation for the NFP release. We would strongly suggest you stay out of this one, there is potential today for the move we were expecting yesterday for end of financial year. We’re going to use the hourly chart for the illustration but we’re going to use the 4H chart for the levels. Reason for this is we again will be waiting for key extreme levels if we do decide to take a position.

So, on the hourly we can see the immediate trend and a potential H&S in the making. The right shoulder is sitting around the 1940 level which may act as support, however, there is a level above which is around the 1950-55 price point where again there is liquidity waiting. So we will trade this with two scenarios in mind, for both we will be using the 4H levels on the hourly chart.

Scenario 1:

Price pushes to the upside, in the scenario we will be looking for the price to stay below the 1960 level. If we see rejection and resistance around the higher level we feel this would represent an opportunity to short the market towards the lower levels of 1930-35 and below that 1910. If we do take any entries we will be taking partials along the way as long as they’re in profit and protecting the trade.

Scenario 2:

They push the price downside, we will be looking for the first reaction around the 1910 region where we feel there will be some support. There is a chance this level will break to the downside if we come down here so we will wait for the lower levels of 1890-85 where we feel there will be am opportunity to go long.

The range is big hence the levels are further apart. While Gold is moving 2-500pips a day and swinging wildly its too risky to trade the immediate levels on NFP unless you’re an experienced trader with an effective risk management strategy in place. This could all be an anti-climax and we hardly move, in which case we’re happy to sit tight. The market has been nice to us last month and we don’t want to give anything back so we shall remain on the defensive and maintain patience.

As always, trade safe.


FXStreet’s Dhwani Mehta Opinion About Gold Movements

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