Price Of Gold - GoldViewFX - MARKET UPDATE - 05/04/22


GoldViewFX - MARKET UPDATE by Goldviewfx on

Hey Everyone,

Awesome start to the week and month with our analysis once again playing out perfectly. Our target at 1931 was HIT with entries from 1921 and repeat entries from every dip. Banking and taking 20 to 30 pips at a time allowed us to get in and out more than once on the same target.

As I keep stating, this is the best way to capture pips in this market condition to be able to - A: Avoid getting stuck in swings and B: to maximise on capturing pips on the same target by milking the range in and out.

We have EMA5 break and cross above 1931 GOLDTURN with a candle body close, which confirms our target for 1940. We also have a retracement level at 1927 inline with MA21 and a swing range of 1911 to manage our RISK. We will continue our plans to buy from DIPS and should anything change we will keep you all updated.

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