Gold Is Showing A Good Sign For Further Drop

GoldViewFX - UPDATED LEVELS & TARGET$$ by Goldviewfx on

Hey Everyone,

Awesome day of trading today riding the movement up, hitting all our targets. We posted this chart yesterday identifying the Bull Targets and also the swing range at 1917. This played out beautifully hitting the retracement at 1917 first, giving us the entries for the ride up. Our Goldturn levels were respected perfectly allowing us safe entries and exits

We have updated the Hourly Chart Goldturn support and resistance levels with a new swing range to 1828 and targets above at 1953 and 1958. We will wait to see if we get a EMA5 cross and lock above 1945 to confirm these upper targets. If we don't see EMA5 cross above 1945 we will see movement down towards the swing range, which will allow us to take buys back up towards the same levels.

Although we will wait to see EMA5 cross above 1945 to confirm 1953 and 1958, we already had 1958 as a target from last week to fill, so we remain confident in buying dips rather than targeting directly from this level.

Banking 20 to 30 pips at a time between Goldturn levels protects us from getting stuck in the swings and allows us to change and adapt plans on the fly.

As always we will keep you all updated with any changes to our plans. In the mean time please review and kindly don't forget to like, comment and follow to support us.