GOLD – Potential Bullish Reversal!

GoldViewFX - 1H CHART UPDATED LEVELS & TARGETS by Goldviewfx on

Hey Everyone,

The 1H chart looks tricky at the moment. We have all moving averages converging together for a break out. Price is also sitting at the central zone of an overall RANGE.

We have targets above at 1931, 1940 and 1944 with a swing range of 1911. We had a target/gap at 1911 created from the EMA5 cross and close at 1921, which remains open. We need to keep this in mind before targeting the above targets.

Although we are seeing swings down, the structure of the market remains Bullish . We will continue to buy from dips and capture 20 to 30 pips at a time. This has worked out perfectly for this market condition and therefore we will continue with this plan until we see fit.

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