Gold Fluctuate - H1 Market Review & Updated Levels

Gold Is Showing A Good Sign For Further Drop

GoldViewFX - H1 MARKET REVIEW & UPDATED LEVELS by Goldviewfx on

Hey Everyone,

We had some movement down today testing the lower Goldturns, which we were expecting due to the swing range we identified in this volatile range. However we remain within the Bullish structure and just need to be patient with where we pick our entries in these volatile market conditions.

Todays price action is a perfect example of waiting for the right entry. Normally we would take a buy entry from dips at support levels to ride up safely. However we had a open target from yesterday and because EMA5 broke yesterdays Goldturn high, we took a buy at the top. We quickly managed out of the buy and then took the entries from the drops, as part of our initial plan on buying dips. Second round of buys we took from the 1922 level, followed with entries from the 1911 Goldturn. Needless to say we covered the trade at the top and finished the day on profit!! This is trade and range management!

I cannot emphasize how effective it has been for us to bank 20 to 30 pips at a time. This allowed us to take entries from dips and get out with profit before the next swing providing multiple entries and exits. Taking the entry and banking at 20 to 30 pips at a time gives us better odds in avoiding the swings. Every market condition requires us to adapt and change our style according to the new structure and applying the right framework for entry, exit, exposure and PIP capture is critical to trade successfully.

We have updated the 1H chart levels with the most current Goldturn levels and will be trading this range between these levels. We are expecting 1928 as a target with some retracement close to 1917. Whilst we expect swings below, we can expect price re-test some of the upper 1900 levels in stages. Keep in mind the potential trading range from the DAILY CHART (see related post below).

Tomorrow we will wait to see if 1917 holds to support buys or we get to test 1911 again; a break here will change our setup. This will be observed before taking positions.

As always we will keep you all posted with any changes and keep everything as transparent as possible to give you all a true insight of a traders day to day journey from analysis to execution to trade management. Managing a profitable trade is easy, its how you manage a losing trade that sets you apart from the rest!!!!

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