20/03/22 KOG Report – The week ahead for Gold

Precious Metals: What Can We Expect From Gold In The Near Future?

20/03/22 KOG Report – The week ahead for Gold - 1


KOG Report:

In last weeks KOG Report we suggested we wanted to see the price test the lower support region to give us a good entry for the long, which we got. What we didn’t get though was that aggressive push to the upside, instead FOMC moved the price towards the 1950 level giving traders over 300pips on the move. We managed to trade the longs and the shorts in Camelot with a total of 18 targets completed last week, which was a fantastic result for Excalibur. In all we played the defensive on the markets trading this the KOG level to level way making sure we were not over exposing ourselves.

So what can we expect in the week ahead?

Something is telling us there is a big move on the way and its going to catch a lot of traders out! What we will say is that we will be looking for extreme resistance levels on this to add to the short positions we’re holding from above. That’s not to say we won’t be going long; we will take long trades into immediate resistance levels. We can see am immediate resistance level at the 1930 level and above that around 1945. That 1945 level is important for as long as the price remains below that level its likely we will see some lower targets being achieved in Gold in the coming week. On the downside we have the key level here of 1890-80, that’s where we will be waiting this week to go long on the market. We’re not concerned and don’t want to get involved in the immediate range unless we’re taking quick scalping trades level to level using Excalibur to guide us.

So, we will look for the following scenarios on Gold this week:

Scenario 1:

Price opens, pushes to the upside and finds resistance at the 1930-35 level, we feel this level would represent an opportunity to short the market back down into the immediate support levels of 1910, 1903 and below that 1895-90. We will be waiting just below to take a long position to target the 1930, 1940 and above that 1960 level. IF we reach 1950 we will take a majority of our trade of the table and let the rest run with the stop to entry. This will be a great swing trade if it works out!

Scenario 2:

Price opens negative, we have an Excalibur target just below around the 1910 level, we would expect a potential test on that wick or just below it. We will wait for our support levels of 1902, 1885-80, this is where we will want to test the long trade into the levels we have mentioned above! Again, around the 1940-50 level we will take a majority of the trade of the table and leave the stop at entry with an open target above. What we will be looking for is resistance above where we will want to short the market again.

Its been a difficult month for traders with a lot of news driving the markets, the candles look small but the pip capture is very tempting for traders who are trading large lots. The market knows this and will create the swings and choppy price action to make sure its not as easy as it looks. Try not to be roped into the orchestration. We’re still playing the defensive here, even if that means we continue to do so for another month. We would rather trade a natural market than trade in the volatility being created by the fundamentals and geopolitics.

Hope this helps traders, as usual we will be updating the analysis, levels and charts as we progress throughout the week.

We’ve been doing these reports and analysis a long time, please do give us a like on our ideas, it does motivate us to keep going.

As always, trade safe.


Precious Metals: What Can We Expect From Gold In The Near Future?

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