Hear ye, hear ye! Civitatem, a medieval city-builder, will see the light of the day in the month of August

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Civitatem - Release Date Trailer

11 July 2022 – What ho! Mill Games and LW Games are delighted to announce that Civitatem, a medieval city-builder, will commence on Steam on 1 August 2022 at $12.99 / £10.29 / €12.99 with a 10% launch discount. The game commeth to PC. Set your eyes on the announcement trailer. 

Civitatem is a medieval city builder where you help your villagers raise a new settlement in dangerous lands, by making use of their skills and available world resources.

  • Shape the future of your people by managing and assigning the most skilled villager for each task.
  • Research new technologies. 
  • Fight off the natural elements or raiders
  • Explore the land for new villages to develop new trade routes. 
  • Acquire new technologies and develop diplomatic relations.

The most important resource is your villagers, each specialized in some areas, gaining experience each time they perform a task.

Educate them in schools and libraries to allow them to perform more complex tasks and jobs. Besides education, the health of your people is imperative, so herbalists and doctors are also quite important. 

Nature has always had her way since the beginning of time, so be prepared each season to face storms, disease, quakes and other events. Gaining high education, technology and constructing a strong settlement will help you survive in these troublesome times. Still, you have to be prepared to defend your village from raiders, wild animals and unfriendly neighbors.

Kick up your heels and play! For more information follow our Steam and social media.

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  • Procedural Maps – Territory Maps and Land maps are procedurally generated along with the resources.

  • Villager Needs – Each villager has a certain number of needs for him to survive. Not fulfilling his needs like having access to food, shelter and water, might lead to the villager's death or him and his family departing your lands.

  • Dynamic Events – Every season is a challenge. From a chance to being raided by some greedy raiders, getting attacked by wildlife or experiencing a natural disaster, there is no time to relax, unless you are prepared. Not all events are negative. There are also positive events that might help your village grow faster.

  • Seasons, Day and Night cycle and Weather – Seasons are important due to weather, temperature and times to harvest and plant crops.

  • Research System – By educating and acquiring books for your people you can develop new technologies ranging from military to farming and architecture. Some technologies will be unlocked only when you perform certain actions.

  • Territory Exploration and Trade – Besides your territory, you can send scouts to search the land for other villages and points of interest with which you can interact, providing rewards ranging from acquiring new books for your research. Trade with other villages for books or other goods.

  • Advanced Crafting – Having the best armors, weapons and tools is the route to success in these dangerous lands.

  • Combat and Diplomacy – Defend your territory against raiders and aggressive neighbors, and later even attack back. Develop trade treaties or other diplomatic relations.

US Housing Market Faces Challenges Due to Soaring Mortgage Rates

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