Being Paid Money For Playing A Game!? When it's hard to break yourself away from the screen – P2E analysis. Play To Earn Games; RoboHero (ROBO)

Being Paid Money For Playing A Game!? When it's hard to break yourself away from the screen – P2E analysis. Play To Earn Games; RoboHero (ROBO)

Games are an excellent way to escape from the daily routine and enter the new world. Gaming has many faces, it could be your biggest passion, Sunday fun, or earning method. The latter mentioned is a relatively fresh concept for the world of digital entertainment. It is worth taking a closer look at it to understand what makes us unable to tear ourselves from the computer or smartphone’s screen for hours. Would you like to know what elements should have the quality Play-to-Earn (P2E) title? We invite you to the text!

Refined business model

P2E is from the financial perspective a moneymaking tool. It's driven by a game token and provides users with diverse and effective ways to collect funds, some of which will be used to develop the game. It provides an effective model, from which the income will be divided between investors – gamers, the project’s team, and the product – itself. It is a recipe for motivation to keep playing and product development. The possibility of making a steady income that could be your second salary sounds very attractive, especially when we're talking about passive income. 

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As we mentioned before, the fuel that powers the game is token, which value depends on many factors. These include development plans (roadmap), burning part of the supply to increase the price, utility token scope (e.g., internal metaverse economics), etc. It is crucial to reach different clients groups – long-run investors, people who just like to click around and make a few dollars after work, and people who will make it a regular income. Nowadays, we have considerable possibilities, a dozen years ago we wouldn't even consider farming gold in World of Warcraft. 

Diverse ways to get funds

P2E games offer a wide range of possibilities to claim tokens. It depends on the characteristics of the game. However, the most common theme is a fight in which the winner receives funds from the pot. They are coming from the game’s treasury when the battle is in PvE mode or the players are allocating tokens for the common pool for the winner in PvP. There are also mechanics that we already know from MMO games, such as selling acquired items on the marketplace and trading characters, etc. However, these are ways of active income, which require completing certain tasks to collect a reward. 

RoboHero | Play To Earn

The real potential of Play-to-Earn is hidden in passive income. At this point, we can use the example of the RoboHero mobile game. In addition to the extensive opportunities to generate active income, we have vast opportunities to earn passively. You can rent your character to another player, lend an advertising billboard in the game and get a lease payment or become the NFT landowner, where the robot fights and get a commission from each battle. This gives many possibilities, from which you can create a superb plan for profit. 

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In the world of blockchain entertainment, some issues are appearing, foremost – the game’s entry barrier. Usually, you need to pay a minimum of several hundred dollars for a character that you will perform tasks. Here, it is worth mentioning again the example of RoboHero, which came out to meet the community and offered a Watch-to-Earn application. It allows you to raise funds for your first robot by watching ads. This is an excellent practice that can become an inspiration for other game developers. 

Engaging gameplay

We don't forget how crucial is the user experience itself. The high-quality P2E game features the proper balance between earning and playability. If there will appear a deficit of one factor, it can't be made up with more of the other. Playability is a set of rules and game mechanics that contribute to the enjoyment of the game. The real essence of game success is the level of positive emotions you draw from a title. It consists of elements like among others metaverse design, graphics, idea, and plot. Authors need to find a golden proportion in composing these elements. Sometimes less is better. Do you remember Heroes III? An outstandingly playable game that was a tremendous success. Although the graphics and story were in second place, it was the gameplay mechanics that made this title extremely popular until now. 

Different recipes for the game

As a curiosity, we can introduce to you a distinguished mechanics we can meet in Play-to-Earn titles. We have to admit that authors’ creativity is limitless. Take a look at the gaming models' examples:

  • CryptoCars - earning tokens by driving the car through the road, avoiding obstacles.
  • Pegaxy - taking part in horse races, in which the best contestants are rewarded with tokens
  • CryptoBomb - Escaping from the bomb field on 2D boards. If you survive, you win.
  • Farmers World – you buy in-game NFT land, where you grow certain resources, harvest, and sell them

The very friendly gameplay and refined economics of such titles make earning straightforward and fun. In that industry, everyone can find a title that fits them.

Different recipes for the game.


Creating a good Play-to-Earn title is an art. It’s a huge challenge from the technical, financial, organizational, and marketing points of view. This is a young branch of the market, so we are now seeing its wonderful innovative beginnings. It’s worth being interested in this industry and bringing as much enjoyment and funds out of it as possible. Sometimes it's better to change the approach and give a chance to modern earning methods. Being landlord and billboard in-game tenant sounds fantastic. It’s simple – you get tokens and exchange them for fiat money.  After all, who in their youth didn't dream of making money from playing?

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