Who Wants To Buy Dogecoin Now? It Has Gained 10%! Elon Musk-Twitter Announcement Vibes? Top Charts Today By FXMAG.COM

Tuesday's EUR/USD Analysis: Chaotic Movements on 30M Chart

There are many charts which heat the markets today! After the release of breaking news that Elon Musk extends its shares Twitter has rocketed! Pre-market performance of Twitter is outstanding as it has gained 25%! A friend of Elon which is DOGE (Dogecoin) is having a good time as well. Some time after the news release it has jumped ca. 10% What a day!

Russia-Ukraine topping headlines, next sanctions to come?

Let's have a look at the charts (courtesy of TradingView.com). Dogecoin, Tesla and TWTR are not the  only ones we want to highlight today. There were many important releases the previous week and the new one has begun shocking the markets with all of commentaries according to still remaining Russia-Ukraine conflict, sanctions and economic indicators around the world.

What about currencies and Forex pairs? As we wrote in the Economic Calendar there are a lot of announcements and events which will afect the exchange rates of many currencies. In the US Crude Oil Inventories indicator is released shortly and e.g. in Poland, which is affected by many reccession factors interest rate is about to be fixed in the middle of the week.

Dogecoin Chart - Daily

Dynamics of DOGE weren't that dynamic (sic!) until the time of the shocking news release.

DOGE Price Chart

Tesla Stock Price Chart - Daily

Tesla has decreased a bit, let's see how the price of its stock will develop throughout the day.

(TSLA) Tesla Stock Price Chart

What about Forex pairs?

GBP/USD investor may have mixed feelings as the chart shows volatility over last 24 hours. Near midday there was a significant drop which put GBPUSD bewlo the line. Because of that many investors wonder what will rhetoric of BoE and Fed bring to forex market.

GBPUSD Chart - Daily


Twitter (TWTR) Stock Price Chart - Daily

Twitter stock price rallied after breaking news about Elon Musk. 

Twitter (TWTR) Price Chart

Source/Data: TradingView.com

Charts: Courtesy of TradingView.com

Tuesday's EUR/USD Analysis: Chaotic Movements on 30M Chart

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