Video: A Wide Range Of Forex Pairs AUD/USD, USD/JPY, EUR/JPY, EUR/USD And GBP/USD Analysed By Jason Sen (DayTradeIdeas)

Video: A Wide Range Of Forex Pairs AUD/USD, USD/JPY, EUR/JPY, EUR/USD And GBP/USD Analysed By Jason Sen (DayTradeIdeas)

AUDUSD finally tests very strong resistance at 7135/55. Shorts need stops above 7175. A break higher this week is a buy signal targeting 7230/50. Shorts need stops above 7275.

Shorts at 7135/55 target 7090 then 7060/50. Further losses test support at 7020/10. Longs need stops below 7000.

USDJPY shorts at resistance is at 127.50/70 need stops above 127.80.

A break higher is a buy signal targeting 128.20/30, perhaps as far as strong resistance at 128.70/90.

Holding resistance is at 127.50/70 targets 127.20/00. A break below 126.80 targets 126.30/20 & eventually 125.80.

EURJPY holding strong resistance at 136.50/70 (perfectly on Thursday & Friday) targets 135.60/50 for profit taking on shorts.

Further losses target 135.35/25. If we continue lower look for 134.65/55 then strong support at 134.20/00 for profit taking on any shorts.

We should have strong resistance again at 136.50/70. Shorts need stops above 136.95. A break higher targets 137.20/30 then 138.00/20.

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EURUSD longs at support at 1.0670/50 start to work on the bounce towards strong resistance at 1.0800/20 for profit taking.

Shorts need stops above 1.0835.

Support again at 1.0670/55. Longs need stops below 1.0640. Strong support at 1.0600/1.0590.

GBPUSD made a high for the day 6 pips above strong resistance at 1.2640/60.

Shorts need stops above 1.2680. A break higher this week is a buy signal initially targeting 1.2725/45.

Shorts at 1.2640/60 target 1.2590, perhaps as far as 1.2555/45 for profit taking.

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Jason Sen

Jason Sen

Jason Sen began his career in the options pits on the trading floor of LIFFE in 1987 at the age of 19, making markets on his own account. In 2001 when the trading floor closed he successfully made the transition to day trading on computer screens. Jason used technical analysis throughout his trading career and formed which established itself as the leading provider of daily technical analysis to independent and professional traders within the investment bank community. He advises dozens of traders at up to 15 major investment banks and hedge funds on market movement throughout each trading day on The Bloomberg Professional® service. Jason Sen also provides trade ideas with entry, exit and target levels on Telegram & in daily reports to retail traders.