USDJPY best at support at 113.40/30 again today

USDJPY best at support at 113.40/30 again today

USDJPY best at support at 113.40/30 again today.

EURJPY up one day, down the next day in the sideways trend for over a week. Becoming more erratic & therefore difficult to trade.

CADJPY also more random & more erratic last week, although shorts at first resistance at 9240/60 work again yesterday with a 70 pip profit offered this morning.

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Today's Analysis.

USDJPY first support again at 113.40/30. Longs need stops below 113.20 so the risk is very small. A break lower is a sell signal targeting 113.00/112.90 & 112.60/50 for profit taking on shorts.

Longs at 113.40/30 target 113.80/90. We should pause here but further gains meet minor resistance at last week's high of 114.25/30. Strong resistance at the October high of 114.50/70. Shorts need stops above 114.80. A break higher is a medium term buy signal.

USDJPY best at support at 113.40/30 again today - 1

EURJPY first support at 131.60/40, stop below 131.35. A break lower is a sell signal initially targeting 130.90 & we could hold here initially, maybe even bounce to 131.40/50. Further losses meet an important buying opportunity at 130.40/20 with stops below 130.00

First resistance at 132.20/30 . Above 132.40 can target 132.90, perhaps as far as strong resistance at October's high of 133.30/50.

CADJPY shorts at first resistance at 9240/60 worth a try again targeting 9200 & 9175 (hit as I write). A buying opportunity at 9120/00 with stops below 9090.

Gains are likely to be limited with first resistance at 9240/60. However a break higher retests October's high at 9295/9305.

Emini S&P December on the way to the next target of 4625/35 this week. Longs at first support at 4590/85 starting to work.

Nasdaq December closed at the new all time high at 159864 keeping the outlook positive for this week as we hit the next target of 15900/950.

Emini Dow Jones December making a clear break above the all time high at 35540/550 for a buy signal as we hit the next target of 35800/850 & now look for 36000/100.

Update daily at 07:00 GMT.

Today's Analysis.

Emini S&P longs at first support at 4590/85 are expected to target 4625/35 but a high for the day is likely if tested today. Shorts are very risky of course in the bull trend. A break above 4645 is the next buy signal.

First support at 4590/85. Longs need stops below 4575. Strong support at 4545/35. Longs need stops below 4525.

USDJPY best at support at 113.40/30 again today - 2

Nasdaq December now expected to target 15900/950 (hit yesterday) & now 16050/080.

Downside is expected to be limited ion the bull trend with first support at 15780/750. Stop below 15720. A break lower targets 15670 with strong support at 15580/540. Longs need stops below 15500.

Emini Dow Jones December now targeting 35800/850 & 36000/100, even as far as 36250/280.

Downside is expected to be limited with minor support at 35670/650 & 35525/500. A buying opportunity at 35320/280 with stops below 35250.

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Jason Sen

Jason Sen

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