The Telegraph Publishes Misleading Story about Omicron

The Telegraph Publishes Misleading Story about Omicron

In what appears to be an intentionally misleading story about the severity of the Omicron variant of COVID (and, therefore, a prime example of how the mainstream media slant stories to coincide with politically correct narratives), The Telegraph published a story slanted with the fireworks necessary to blow up Omicron’s danger. I have to note it because it exemplifies how hard it is it get truth from today’s journalism.

The story states,

David Marcozzi, the covid-19 incident commander for the University of Maryland Medical System, said the 12 hospitals in the system have experienced a 187% increase in covid-19 patients in the past four weeks and “are only beginning to feel the impact of the omicron variant.”

The Telegraph

It seems to me the intention there is to imply “Omicron is the reason we are seeing a 187% increase in COVID-19 patients, and that is just beginning of the impact of Omicron!” Woo! We should be really concerned about Omicron.

In point of fact, however, the true information is glossed over quickly early in the story, which is about hospitals in Maryland becoming overcrowded by COVID. The only actual fact given about Omicron is that…

The new omicron variant has been found in all three jurisdictions, with 10 cases confirmed in Maryland.

Given that two of the first nations to be hit by the new Omicron wave have both reported they have seen ZERO hospitalizations from Omicron cases (and zero deaths), it would appear extremely unlikely that ANY of the 187% statewide increase in hospitalized Covid cases in Maryland has anything to do with Omicron. Whether The Telegraph INTENDED to imply a connection, I can’t say for sure, but I think placing the sudden rise in hospitalized cases in direct context with the advent of Omicron in the US certainly plants the thought in the average reader’s mind that this new wave is just the beginning of what Omicron is going to do to us!

Oh my! In fact, it mostly likely has nothing whatsoever to do with Omicron. The overcrowding is far more likely to be a Delta wave due to holiday travels, as was fully anticipated with government warnings before Omicron was even discovered. I stay by my original article, which stated that the actual evidence SO FAR leans toward Omicron being a mild enough form of COVID to where it could provide the herd immunity we were told is essential from the beginning of all of this. So far, the vast majority of Omicron cases have been reported to be about equal to the common cold or flu.

I’m not suggesting you run out and get Omicron as a form of vaccination, but I am sicker of the mass hysteria than I ever was sick from the Delta variant of COVID. I am also not saying Delta isn’t serious, as I’ve had family members who got sicker than I did, but let’s not operate in a fact-free world where nearly 100% of the mainstream media tries its best to scare people about Omicron as the great new menace when it may, in fact, be a case of the disease doing exactly what illnesses like this sometimes do — mutate to LESS SEVERE forms that come to dominate because less severe forms don’t kill their hosts and are, therefore, much more reproductive, giving them an evolutionary advantage. They spread faster and wider while providing enhanced immunity to any subsequent infection by the more deadly versions of the virus.


Fed up with med-up stories

Naturally, the dug companies and government officials, corporately linked at the hip by their pocket books, as well as some “health-care” officials — such as the nefarious Dr. Fauci, who is heavily invested in, at least, one of the pharmaceutical companies producing COVID medications — want you to to think Omicron is EXACTLY the reason you must rush out and get the booster they are now advocating. The various governments of this world will pay those companies BILLIONS of dollars for the booster shots now being advocated by Fauci, et. al., for Omicron protection. (That is my only economic tie-in for this blog; but, at such a high price tag, funded by government debt, it’s a worthy tie).

Watch for this kind of scare-tactic slanting of stories everywhere, and challenge them where you can. Omicron is likely a bigger threat to Big Pharma than it is to human beings unless the big boys can spin it due to its high contagion into being the new monster that will kill you. (Again, it is too early to say for sure that Omicron is not going to be a major health threat or that it will deliver herd immunity, but the two nations with, by far, the biggest outbreaks — South Africa and Norway — have reported it is the most benign from of COVID to date. I think the UK reported ONE Omicron-related death, but they get far more deaths than that every month from common flu viruses that hit the old and infirm extra hard.)

Without a doubt, the Biden Mandates are an even bigger threat to humanity, forcing those who have natural immunity because they’ve had COVID to get vaccinated or lose their livelihoods, impoverishing their families (perhaps for good if the death narrative continues as is being seen already with Omicron).

Omicron is already being used as an excuse (?) in Norway and Denmark for severely tightening down on personal liberties. If, in fact, we FOLLOW THE SCIENCE and not the fear, what we ACTUALLY know about Omicron says there should be no tightening down at all for Omicron since we do not ever tighten down on human liberties for the cold and flu season, and we have no scientific rationale for believing Omicron is any worse than the flu. Any excuse will do, however, for leveraging a virus to eliminate your liberties. Fear works wonders for controlling people who weakly sacrifice freedom for safety.

So, sure, be careful because it’s too early to know for sure what Omicron brings. I’m not suggesting everyone throw caution to the wind, but the SCIENCE says it does not appear all that bad so far and it could deliver true herd immunity. Having recovered easily from Delta so that my natural immunity has been boosted, I don’t fear Omicron. I may be wrong and may pay for it, but I Iook at getting Omicron as my own natural booster to my naturally enhanced immunity, which already performed very well when hit with the more apparently dangerous Delta.

We do not know if Omicron will provide stronger immunity than the vaccines or for certain that it is safer than other strains, BUT we DO know that the vaccines deliver far WEAKER immunity toward Omicron than toward other strains of COVID-19, and we equally do not know what the longterm risks of the vaccines are. The latter could prove in the end to be the worst. It’s quite possible that immunity gained though Omicron could outdo the vaccines and render them obsolete. Don’t expect the “science” community to be too quick to tell you that, however, since most of those scientists are paid handsomely by medical corporations that have profited massively off COVID or by governments that are heavily lobbied by those corporations. Scientists are also every bit as prone to group-think and pier pressure as any human beings.

Don’t expect the mainstream media to look between the lines of government and corporate reports and sniff out any discrepancies as I just did above or drill in with any questions. They are either too lazy to investigate, too dim to see through the fog, too liberal to question the Biden administration, too easily swayed by credentials over thought, or too intimately in bed with big corporate interests to speak against them.

Do not expect the Twit to allow you to link to this article or Faceblock or expect darkly tinted Goggles to allow it to show in search-engine results. I’ve already had two major publishers with millions of readers directly tell me to stop writing articles on COVID that disagree with the Fauci view after they had publishing several of my articles on COVID. One of them said it was because Google seriously downgraded their site due to such articles. And I try to be pretty objective about the risks that I believe are real (and am often criticized for that) and the hype and about potentially misleading articles like the one just referenced from The Telegraph, as you can hear in the interview I’ll link to in the final line of this article:

This is a battle for objective truth, constitutional liberties, including freedom of speech and freedom from despotic dictates, and just the basic human right to earn a living, which I have been stripped of by Washington State mandates, in order to feed one’s family.

The Telegraph Publishes Misleading Story about Omicron

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