The Markets Are Concentrated On Inflation, Crude Oil Is Down

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US railroad companies and the unions representing their workers reached a tentative agreement early Thursday to prevent a rail strike in the US. Avoiding a rail strike is good news, but not good enough to give a smile to investors. The markets remain too focused on inflation.

Increases and decreases

The S&P500 closed the session more than 1% lower, as US retail sales and jobless claims – which both hinted that the US economy remains relatively resilient to the Federal Reserve (Fed) rate hikes - didn’t help keeping the Fed hawks at bay.

The US 2-year yield spiked to 3.90%, the mortgage rates in the US topped 6%, the US dollar consolidated a touch below the 110 level, Ethereum lost 10% and gold dived to $1660 per ounce.

US crude took a good 4% dive. But this time, it wasn’t just the recession talk, it was because the Americans rectified a beginner’s mistake that they have made earlier this week, saying that they will refill their strategic oil reserves if prices fall below $80 per barrel.

Waiting For Reports

We will likely close this week on a sour note. Next on the economic calendar are the final European CPI read, which will confirm that inflation spiked to 9.1% in August, and the University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment, which will hopefully not print a significantly positive number, because the Fed hawks got strong enough the week before the Fed decision.

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  • 0:25 US rail strike will likely be avoided!
  • 2:08 But sentiment remains sour on strong US data
  • 3:57 World Bank points at recession
  • 5:04 Crude oil down as Americans understand their mistake
  • 6:41 Strong dollar weighs on major peers
  • 6:55 Joke of the day
  • 7:09 Ethereum down 10% post Merge upgrade
  • 7:51 Adobe dives 17% on Figma acquisition
  • 8:44 Watch EZ final CPI & UoM Consumer Sentiment today!

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The USD/JPY Pair Above 150! | Who Will Replace Liz Truss? | The Central Bank Of Turkey Cut Interest Rates

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