Safe Haven Currencies!? ECB Interest Rate To Be Raised!?

5% for the US 10-Year Treasury Yield: A Realistic Scenario

The Trade Off is back! Blake and Chris talk current markets and look at a wide range of asset classes, both fundamental and technical analyses and what you need to know about trading this week.

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00:00 Disclaimer & Intro

01:06 Welcome chat

02:37 Topical Thunder: Market sentiment

06:16 Volatility

09:25 Viewer question: 3 safe haven currencies in Q2

13:08 ECB

16:27 That's a Setup: USD

19:11 EURUSD

21:39 US500

24:03 AUDNZD

27:07 Chris' Play of the Day: Crypto

28:41 Blake's Play of the Day: Crude

29:56 Wrap-up Prefer to listen rather than watch?

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5% for the US 10-Year Treasury Yield: A Realistic Scenario

Chris Weston

Chris Weston is our Head of Research and holds over 19 years of experience in the industry. A highly-respected financial services expert, Chris has supported both retail and institutional clients at IG, Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley, covering research as well as sales and trading roles. His extensive exposure to the FX, equities and fixed income markets puts him in a unique position to provide inspiring insights, research, ideas and risk-management strategies that support every step of your trading journey. Based in Australia, Chris is a well-known global media figure, regularly appearing on Bloomberg, Bloomberg Arabia, Channel News Asia and Sky News Business.

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