Podcast: US Dollar (USD) Keeps Rising | A Look At The 10-year US Treasury

Bonds Have Not Been Able To Perform The Function Of Mitigating The Risks

Summary:  Today, a look at the US 10-year Treasury benchmark reaching the 4.0% milestone for the first time for this cycle after a remarkable surge in yields in recent weeks. It's worth considering the 1987 experience of bond markets flip-flopping in their correlation with equities and whether we could be set for a similar flip-flop if risk sentiment worsens further. Also, note that many speculative corners of the market were bid yesterday even as the action soured late and worsened still overnight as the US dollar continued surging - especially against the Chinese yuan overnight. Much more on today's pod, which is a solo flight with John J. Hardy hosting.

Listen to today’s podcast - slides are found via the link.

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Source: https://www.home.saxo/content/articles/podcast/podcast-sep-28-2022-28092022

Bonds Have Not Been Able To Perform The Function Of Mitigating The Risks

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