Markets May Shock You Today! FX: EUR/USD & USDCAD, DAX (GER 40) And FTSE (UK 100) - Daily analysis by DayTradeIdeas - 20/06/2022

Markets May Shock You Today! FX: EUR/USD & USDCAD, DAX (GER 40) And FTSE (UK 100) - Daily analysis by DayTradeIdeas - 20/06/2022

EURUSD recovery from the May low of 1.0360/50 leaves a potential double bottom buy signal although on Friday we made a high for the day at 1.0545/55. Above here today retests Thursday's high at 1.0660/62 then last week's high at 1.0640/42.

Minor support at 1.0460/50. Below 1.0330 risks a retest of the double bottom low at 1.0360/50. Longs need stops below 1.0325.

USDCAD clearly at the upper end of the 1 year range as we retest the May high at 1.3060/80. This will be key to direction for this week. Probably worth trying a short with stop above 1.3100. A break higher however targets 1.3160/70 & 1.3240/60.

Shorts at 1.3060/80 target 1.3030/20 & 1.3000/1.2990. Expected good support at 1.2955/35 for today.

Dax looks likely we can hold important longer term support at 13250/150 for a bounce to 13360/380 then 13500 & resistance at 13600/650. We have a gap to fill at 13730/750. A break above here is anther buy signal.

A break below 12950 is a very important medium term sell signal initially targeting 12700/600 before a retest of the March low at 12450/425.

FTSE broke lower to the next target of 7000/6990 last week, holding just 56 ticks above very strong support at 6940/10. Longs here this week need stops below 6870.

The bounce on Friday held 8 ticks from strong resistance at 7120/40. Shorts need stops above 7160. A break higher is a buy signal targeting 7240/50, perhaps as far as strong resistance at 7300/20.

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Jason Sen

Jason Sen

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