FX Markets React as Saudi Oil Cuts Boost Energy Prices

Why India Leads the Way in Economic Growth Amid Global Slowdown

FX Daily: The Saudi squeeze brings energy back into the FX mix

If the beleaguered euro and yen did not have enough to worry about already, they now have to cope with Brent oil trading above $90/bl as the Saudis extend their supply cuts through to year-end. Unless the US ISM services index somehow collapses today, expect the dollar to remain in demand. EUR/JPY, however, could start to turn lower based on positioning.


USD: ISM services the only threat to an otherwise bullish story

The relentless rise of the dollar continues. The DXY yesterday pushed up to the highest levels since March as US yields once again edged higher. While the busiest day in US investment-grade corporate issuance in three years has surely been weighing on US treasuries, the FX market has also come under the spell of higher energy prices. The Saudis have this week confirmed their plan to roll over their 1mn barrels per day supply cut into December. This is keeping conditions tight in crude energy markets and now sees Brent trading over $90/bl. To FX markets, that provides an unwelcome reminder of the spike in energy prices last summer which had hit the energy-importing currencies in Europe and Asia.

US energy independence and its net exporter status leave the dollar well-positioned for higher energy prices. It would seem the only real threat to the dollar in the near term would be some dramatic re-assessment of growth prospects. That brings us to the key piece of US data this week – today's release of the ISM services index for August. A sharp fall in this series did weigh on the dollar at the tail end of last year, but unless this really surprises with a sub-50 reading today, expect the dollar to hold onto recent gains and consolidate at these high levels before the US August CPI release this time next week.

In terms of G3 currencies, we might see some re-adjustment, however. Speculators still seem to be holding onto long euro positions, while they continue to run very short positions against the yen on the carry trade. USD/JPY upside now looks more limited as rhetoric from Tokyo threatens imminent intervention. Positioning suggests EUR/USD support levels are more vulnerable. EUR/JPY may now struggle to get over the 158.50 area and may be about to embark on a correction to the 155 area.

Why India Leads the Way in Economic Growth Amid Global Slowdown

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