FX Daily: Fed Patience Supports Risk Assets, Eyes on ECB Meeting

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FX Daily: Fed patience provides breathing room for risk assets

The market reaction to last night's FOMC statement was a mildly positive one, as Chair Powell's acknowledgement that the Fed could afford to be a little patient saw US yields and the dollar soften slightly. Today, all eyes will be on the ECB, where a 25bp hike is widely expected along with the door being left open for another hike in September.


USD: A little early to chase the dollar lower

In the end, the dollar tracked US yields and marginally softened after yesterday's FOMC rate decision and press conference. Fed Chair Jerome Powell delivered another credible performance, and it seemed that markets – perhaps because of positioning – latched onto comments that the Fed "could afford to be a little patient" as a result of all the tightening implemented so far. US two-year yields edged some 7-8 bps lower, and December 2024 futures contracts priced Fed Funds some eight ticks lower at 4.07%, embracing five 25bp cuts in 2024.

One of the clearest messages coming through from the press conference was that Chair Powell felt the Fed was "not in an environment where we want to provide a lot of forward guidance". In other words: listen to the data, not the Fed. On that subject, he highlighted that by the time of the next meeting on September 20th, the Fed would have two new CPI reports, two new job reports, and the Employment Cost Index (which will be released tomorrow). 

While the dollar is a little lower today post-Fed, we would not chase the move just yet and prefer to take our cue from the data, starting with tomorrow's ECI. As we discussed in our FOMC review, the carry trade environment will still be popular and with overnight deposit rates at 5.25%, the dollar is clearly not a funding currency.

Beyond the ECB meeting today, the US calendar should see some downward revisions to second quarter GDP, durable goods orders, and initial jobless claims. Of these, claims might be the most important given the ongoing need to see tight conditions ease in the US labour market.

Barring any hawkish surprise from the ECB today, DXY should trade within a 100.60-101.20 range.

EU Investigates Chinese Electric Vehicle Subsidies, Impact on the EV Market

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