French Election: Dear Le Pen And Macron, Which Way The Markets Will Go? DAX (GER 40) Trades Ca. 1% Lower!, IBEX35 Is Pausing, S&P 500 Trades Ca. 1% Higher!? (NAS 100) NASDAQ Full Of Earnings-Publishers!

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Volatility is the key word of markets today. There are not many important indicators printed, but geopolitics influence markets noticeably. Crude Oil inventories is released today and according to it’s predicted, that if Russian gas is banned immediately by the EU, the price could rise to $185!

DAX (GER40) - Volkswagen, Continental And BMW Impress!

Three automotive companies are doing really, really well today as all of them gained above 1% over last 24 hours. What to come? We can somehow predict that Daimler will go up in the “gainers ranking” as there’s another car teased by Mercedes recently.

As we see DAX has been really volatile today losing and adding much throughout the day. However, despite the two noticeable moves the price was gradually going up for last two hours. We will see what will the next part of French election and the Russia-Ukraine bring to the state of this well-known index, where companies like Adidas, Daimler, BMW and Deutsche Bank (which has decreased last week) are included.

Dear LePen And Macron You’re Moving Markets! DAX Trades Ca. 1% Lower!, IBEX35 Is Pausing Will S&P 500 Open Higher? NASDAQ Full Of Earnings-Publishers! - 1

IBEX35 – We’re Back! Ahead Of French Election – Emanuel Macron vs. Marine LePen!

The Spanish index has been below-the-line for some today, but as the chart show it’s back in the game trading near 0% level. What’s next? As we wrote before, the second round of French election is coming. France decides where to go in the near future on April 24th so watch markets next week!

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What's up Twitter Stock Price (TWTR)?

Twitter is one of the most trending topics recently. All the commentaries of Elon Musk has influenced the price of the stock.

(TWTR) Twitter Stock Price | Elon Musk

S&P 500 Trades Ca. 1% Higher! Let’s go NASDAQ!

Fifty Third (FITB) has published its earnings already and they’re quite similar to the forecast of, so don’t expect significant fluctuations. If someone ask me about volatility-maker which for now, I would point the Iridium (IRDM) and Lockheed Martin (LMT) which earnings reports exceeded or subceeded the expectations.

So the earnings probably helped the index to open quite higher. Tomorrow is the day as well - Tesla (TSLA) and Procter&Gamble will release their earnings!

(SPX) S&P 500 Chart

What Will Earnings Bring On? J&J Done, Awaiting Netflix (NFLX) And IBM!

There are two popular and major brands publishing their Q1 reports today. Netflix (NFLX) banned access to its platform in Russia, so we may predict that many subscribers are not there anymore. IBM serves many IT solutions around the world and as the Russia-Ukraine conflict escalated and became a “no.1 market mover”, it’s possible the company’s income had changed amid ongoing war. However, we’ll have to wait some time for the news about these two companies and the outlook for indices as earnings of IBM and NFLX are released after market hours. Let’s stay tuned!

Nasdaq 100 (NAS 100) Price Chart

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Johnson&Johnson (J&J) Is Here For US Indices

Johnson&Johnson, yes, that company you know from your children’s bathub published their earnings and according to Earnings Calendar the results are quite similar as the predictions were so we may suppose the market has already discounted this one.

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