Fed Raises Interest Rate By 25bps! Forex, S&P 500 And Gold (XAUUSD) Reaction Reviewed (LIVE UPDATE)

EUR: Range-bound Outlook Amid Tightened Swap Rate Gap

After hawkish rhetoric Fed raises interest rate by 25bps it amounts to 0.5%. Not only did this decision affect major FX pairs, but also exotic USDPLN. Let's see how have EURUSD, USDJPY, S&P 500 and Bitcoin reacted. Some might say markets were prepared for the raise of 25bps and their reaction are not that noticeable.

Charts: Courtesy of TradingView.com

[LAST UPDATE: 17/03/22 7:36 GMT]


EURUSD - Slight fluctuation

GBPUSD - Quite strong Pound

USDJPY - chart shows a small uptrend after the release

USDPLN - exotic, but interesting pair as in Poland interest rates were raised exactly a week ago

S&P 500


Bitcoin (BTC)

Source: TradingView.com

EUR: Range-bound Outlook Amid Tightened Swap Rate Gap

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