Crude Oil Price Has Jumped Adding Over 5%! Gold Has Increased By Ca. 0.4% Over Last 24 Hours, Bitcoin Price Gone Another Way Round

Tuesday's EUR/USD Analysis: Chaotic Movements on 30M Chart

Geopolitical tensions and measures to fight inflation are shaping prices of many assets. Undefinied regulations of crypto and santions applied on Russia affects gold price, crude oil and Bitcoin.


Since the beginning of Russian-Ukrainian war safe has been topping the headlines as so-called safe-haven. The yellow metal has gained ca. 0.5% since the beginning of the war.

Bitcoin - BTC/USD

Bitcoin is of course very volatile to all of geopolitical factors, but surprisingly Bitcoin price keeps the 'predictable' (!?) line.

Crude Oil - WTI

Crude Oil inventories release caused a significant uptrend. How long will it take to normalize? Sanctions as effect of Russia-Ukraine conflict and inflations doesn't change the game.



Tuesday's EUR/USD Analysis: Chaotic Movements on 30M Chart

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