Crude Oil Price Causes Mixed Feelings, BTC And ETH Go Up Again

The Grains Sector Saw Continued Demand| Acceleration In The Sale Of Gold

Despite some optimism seen across markets resulting from the potential of peace talks between Russia and Ukraine, the oil market remains one of the most volatile with prices pulling back slightly after once again rising almost 8% at the start of the week and returning to a previous trading range. Brent pulled back after reaching a high of $115 and is back around $110 today while WTI remains close by as it hovers around $108 as traders await today's API inventory report which is expected to show a 1 million barrel draw. While these reports have not had the usual impact, as the conflict remains the primary source of volatility, it will still be important to see how US inventories are managing while gas prices across the nation continue to reach new highs and add further pressure on the average consumer while driving general inflation to increasingly concerning levels. While an unexpected increase in oil stocks could cause some short term relief, the prospect of several supply deals such as the one with Venezuela and Iran are what could provide some much needed reassurance for the markets as they combat the prospect of supply shortages.

Crypto markets rebound as bitcoin tests major resistance

While the crypto market has been mostly trading sideways since the sudden increase in demand seen at the beginning of the conflict, today we are seeing a rebound of the major currencies which is driving positive sentiment across the whole asset class. Bitcoin has broken through a key resistance of $42,000 while Ethereum has managed to return above the $3000 level and as has happened in the past, this sentiment was echoed across other smaller currencies as well with the total market cap now approaching $2 Trillion once again. Despite this optimism, as we have previously seen, any moves on this market could be short lived but could drive demand by retail investors while institutions continue to add to their positions in anticipation of mass adoption which has continued to increase throughout these price fluctuations.

The Grains Sector Saw Continued Demand| Acceleration In The Sale Of Gold

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