Chaos And Rising Volatility Are Present In Market Mood

EM Index Inclusions and Exclusions: India Thrives, Egypt Faces Challenges

We had a bearish start to the week on Monday and the price action across several asset classes remains volatile and chaotic - and that’s especially true for the FX markets shaken by the freefall in sterling.

FX Market

The US dollar remains king, on the back of a heavy sterling meltdown due to irresponsible UK government / lazy Bank of England (BoE), and euro selloff on the back of Italy turning right / cautious European Central Bank.
The USDJPY spiked at yesterday’s dollar rally, as if the Bank of Japan (BoJ) never intervened last week. The BoJ head says that he supports intervention in the yen. In vain.

Stock Martet 

Equities selloff, as investors expect a deeper downside move due to pressured earnings. Tech stocks remain on the chopping block. To reverse sentiment, Amazon throws the second Prime Day sale this year, and Apple hurries out of China.

While outlook for equities remains bearish, the rising yields make sovereign markets increasingly appetizing, and an eventual inflows in global sovereign markets could be the first sign of healing from the actual financial crisis.

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Ipek Ozkardeskaya

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EM Index Inclusions and Exclusions: India Thrives, Egypt Faces Challenges

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