Alibaba Stock Price and Forecast: Why is BABA stock going up?

Alibaba Stock Price and Forecast: Why is BABA stock going up?
  • BABA stock rallies over 10% on Monday in broad rally.
  • Chinese names have suffered as DIDI delisting hits sentiment.
  • BABA and others rally on Monday as China cuts commercial bank reserve requirements.

Chinese stocks are nothing if not volatile, and this continued on Monday with huge rallies in most names. The reason was that China cut the reserve requirement for commercial banks in an effort to try and pump liquidity into the system. This can be taken two ways, and investors chose to see the positives.

China is struggling to contain problems in the banking and property sectors from spreading, and the travails of Evergrande Group have been well documented. Evergrande was due to pay $82.5 million on Monday, but we are still in the dark on whether it met this latest payment or not. Bloomberg is reporting that another Chinese developer, Kaisa Group Holdings, received a forbearance proposal from bondholders on Tuesday. A forbearance proposal would be a form of an agreed delay or reduction in repayments. If agreed by both bondholders and the company, it averts a formal debt default.

Alibaba Stock Price and Forecast: Why is BABA stock going up? - 1

BABA chart, 15-minute

Alibaba (BABA) stock news

BABA stock has been under pressure throughout 2021 as a wave of negative sentiment hit Chinese equities and in particular Chinese tech names. This was kickstarted by BABA itself as it had to shelve the proposed spin-off IPO of ANT Group late in 2020. China then began taking a more cautious approach to its tech sector as worries over the huge amounts of data generated by them escalated. Didi Group (DIDI) did manage to get its IPO off the ground in New York but now plans to delist to Hong Kong. Alibaba stock is down 47% so far in 2021 and 22% over the last month as the sell-off has accelerated.

Alibaba (BABA) stock forecast

Investors may rejoice at the current bounce in Chinese tech stocks, but this has all the makings of yet another dead cat bounce. Take a look at the monthly chart below. BABA has broken the huge $130 level, which was really the last hope of support. Now it is lookout below until $100. The longer-term view is strongly negative until $169 is broken to the upside.

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Alibaba chart, monthly

Shorter-term traders will be aware of the 9-day moving average offering resistance at $127.56. The MACD, stochastics and RSI all remain in bearish territory. The 15-minute chart does show short-term support at $112 with a large amount of volume at that level on Friday that provided a base for Monday's rally. This may carry on for Tuesday as risk assets are due to bounce, but $130 will likely cap any further gains.

Alibaba Stock Price and Forecast: Why is BABA stock going up? - 3

Alibaba daily chart above and the 15-minute chart below. The 15-minute shows the large support volume at $112.

Alibaba Stock Price and Forecast: Why is BABA stock going up? - 4


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