Advanced Micro Devices Stock Forecast: AMD surges to 14-month high following Nvidia earnings

Advanced Micro Devices Stock Forecast: AMD surges to 14-month high following Nvidia earnings
  • Advanced Micro Devices seems to be piggy-backing on Nvidia earnings success.
  • AMD stock rose 8% in Thursday’s premarket to above $118.
  • Nvidia added as much as $222 billion at its peak late Wednesday.
  • AMD stock is trading at its highest point since March 2022.

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) stock has risen 9% in Thursday’s premarket on the back of big brother Nvidia’s (NVDA) record earnings gap up. Nvidia stock shot up 25% late Wednesday after a 55% guidance raise for the next quarter’s revenue projection. Another AI-themed stock, (AI) has also rallied more than 13% in the premarket.

NASDAQ futures are up 2.2% on the back of Nvidia’s surge, while Dow futures are flat.

Advanced Micro Devices Stock News: Nvidia achieves largest intrasession market cap gain in history

Simply put, Nvidia’s gain following its post-market earnings release on Wednesday led to the largest intrasession market cap gain on record. Though it settled near $381 by the end of the afterhours session, NVDA stock ran up from $305 to nearly $395 before traders began taking profits off the table. That would mean a $222 billion market cap gain in one session. That was higher than Amazon’s (AMZN) $191 billion surge on February 4 of last year.

As Nvidia’s most-watched competitor in the semiconductor design industry, AMD has followed the much bigger Nvidia by trading up to a level near $118 that it has not achieved since March 2022. This rally has pushed up AMD’s market cap by a much lower but still impressive $15.7 billion.

AMD investors are likely impressed by Nvidia’s second-quarter revenue guidance, which shot up by nearly $4 billion or 55% to $11 billion. Nvidia expects an extreme jump in GPU orders, especially for its H100 chip used in AI-focused data centers. The data center had been languishing in recent quarters for Nvidia but the first quarter showed a measurable turnaround in that part of the business. AMD also has a large data center business that might benefit from sector-wide growth in that realm.

AMD presented on Tuesday at the 51st Annual J.P. Morgan Global Technology, Media, and Communications Conference. AMD CFO, Jean Hu, was already ecstatic regarding the company’s opportunities in the AI space.

“I would say one of the most exciting aspects during the last four months is to see incredible market opportunities, especially the opportunities related to generative AI [or] large language models. Literally, it's just unfolding in front of us,” Hu told the conference. “I think AMD has a broad portfolio. The company has been investing in both the CPU, GPU for the last decade. And then last year, with the acquisition of Xilinx and Pensando, the business added not only CPU, GPU but DPU adaptive compute and adaptive SoC.”

AMD stock forecast

AMD stock will likely now break into the resistance-prone $120. This area pushed AMD stock down during the first three months of 2022. It is unlikely that region will make things easy for bulls this time around. Additionally, the weekly RSI is overbought on the weekly chart, which amounts to further evidence that its current price at $118 will need to move sideways as bulls make sure the stock can be supported here. Support at the moment can be found near the June 2022 range high that should turn into support if needed.

Advanced Micro Devices Stock Forecast: AMD surges to 14-month high following Nvidia earnings - 1

AMD weekly chart

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