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  • Top oil firms offer the FTSE 100 Index support on Monday.
  • On Monday the GBP/CAD currency pair suppressed back to almost 10-year lows.

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The FTSE index closed the Monday trading day around 0.9% up. The rise in the index comes in the wake of oil firms seeing gains due to the rising of oil prices on Monday. Shell, BP and Harbour energy were amongst the top performers on the index. The Monday trading day also saw early positivity in both the Asian and Euro markets amidst hopes that the US could ease off on tariffs on China.

The US markets remained silent as traders enjoyed time off for the 4th of July Independence Day celebrations.

Oil Companies Gains Offer FTSE 100 Support, The Canadian Dollar’s Current Situation - 1 FTSE Price Chart

Canadian Dollar Struggles

On Monday the GBP/CAD currency pair suppressed back to almost 10-year lows. During mid-June the Canadian Dollar had gained on the pound sterling and against other currencies, the gains have been scuppered and the CAD

Major Indexes Continue To Be Outperformed By Energy & Metals

Major Indexes Continue To Be Outperformed By Energy & Metals

Chris Vermeulen Chris Vermeulen 13.04.2022 16:57
Recent rallies in the major indexes have had a hard time hanging onto their gains lately. ETFs like XOP (S&P Oil & Gas Exploration & Production), XME (S&P Metals & Mining), and XLU (Utilities) have been experiencing capital inflows. At the same time, other ETFs such as DIA (30-Industrials), SPY (500-Large Caps), IWM (2000-Small Caps), IYT (Transports), and QQQ (100-Nasdaq Largest Non-Financial) are still in the red for the year. Our positions in energy and precious metal ETFs netted us a positive return, while our recent trades in the major stock index ETFs had already booked partial position profits, with the remainder of the positions stopping out for a small break-even profit. Related article: UK Inflation: The increase has deepened the cost of living crisis in the UK As we experience record inflation numbers reported and central banks raising their lending rates, we are keeping our cash ready and closely monitoring key ETF sectors as compared to the major stock index benchmarks for clues regarding our location within the overall economic cycle. SPY – SPDR S&P 500 ETF TRUST – DAILY SECTOR COMPARISON CHART     www.TheTechnicalTraders.com – TradingView TACTICAL ETFs FOR ALTERNATIVE STRATEGIES    From time to time, we get questions from our subscribers regarding inverse and leveraged ETFs. Inverse and/or leveraged ETFs are not appropriate for everyone. However, for some experienced traders, these tactical ETFs can provide alternative strategies for use in a bear market. An inverse ETF is an exchange-traded fund (ETF) constructed by using various derivatives to profit from a decline in the value of an underlying benchmark. Inverse ETFs allow investors to make money when the market or the underlying index declines, but without having to sell anything short. A leveraged exchange-traded fund (ETF) is a marketable security that uses financial derivatives and debt to amplify the returns of an underlying index. While a traditional exchange-traded fund typically tracks the securities in its underlying index on a 1:1 basis, a leverage ETF may be structured for a 2:1 or even a 3:1 ratio. These ETFs listed below track the underlying S&P 500 benchmark that represents 500 US large caps as selected by S&P’s Index Committee. These ETFs are examples of both inverse and leveraged ETFs: SPY vs. SH (1:1 or 1x leverage) – SPY (Bull) is the most recognized ETF and is typically listed in the top ETFs for the largest AUM and greatest trading volume. SH (Bear) provides 1:1 inverse exposure to the S&P 500. SSO vs. SDS (2:1 or 2x leverage) – SSO (Bull) seeks a daily 2x return of the S&P 500. SDS (Bear) provides 2:1 inverse exposure to the S&P 500. UPRO vs. SPXU (3:1 or 3x leverage) – UPRO (Bull) seeks a daily 3x return of the S&P 500. SPXU (Bear provides 3:1 inverse exposure to the S&P 500. SPY – SPDR S&P 500 ETF TRUST – DAILY S&P 500 COMPARISON CHART The following chart gives us a visual of how the ETFs mentioned above are performing against each other over the past 15-months. It should be noted that inverse ETFs carry unique risks that traders should be aware of before participating in them. Some of the risks associated with inverse ETFs are compounding risk, derivative securities risk, correlation risk, and short sale exposure risk.    www.TheTechnicalTraders.com - TradingView KNOWLEDGE, WISDOM, AND APPLICATION ARE NEEDED It is important to understand that we are not saying the market has topped and is headed lower. This article is to shed light on some interesting analyses of which you should be aware. As technical traders, we follow price only, and when a new trend has been confirmed, we will change our positions accordingly. We provide our ETF trades to our subscribers, and in the last six trades we entered in March, all have now been closed at a profit! Our models continually track price action in a multitude of markets, asset classes, and global money flow. As our models generate new information about trends or a change in trends, we will communicate these signals expeditiously to our subscribers and to those on our trading newsletter email list. Sign up for my free trading newsletter so you don’t miss the next opportunity! Successful trading is not limited to when to buy or sell stocks or commodities. Money and risk management play a critical role in becoming a consistently profitable trader. Correct position sizing utilizing stop-loss orders helps preserve your investment capital and allows traders to manage their portfolios according to their desired risk parameters. Additionally, scaling out of positions by taking profits and moving stop-loss orders to breakeven can complement ones’ success. Recommended: Terra USD (USDT), Shiba Inu (SHIB), Polygon (MATIC) Update. Take a Look at What Happened in the World of Cryptocurrency Today WHAT STRATEGIES CAN HELP YOU NAVIGATE The CURRENT MARKET TRENDS? Learn how we use specific tools to help us understand price cycles, set-ups, and price target levels in various sectors to identify strategic entry and exit points for trades. Over the next 12 to 24+ months, we expect very large price swings in the US stock market and other asset classes across the globe. We believe the markets have begun to transition away from the continued central bank support rally phase and have started a revaluation phase as global traders attempt to identify the next big trends. Precious Metals will likely start to act as a proper hedge as caution and concern begin to drive traders/investors into Metals and other safe-havens. Historically, bonds have served as one of these safe-havens, but that is not proving to be the case this time around. So if bonds are off the table, what bond alternatives are there and how can they be deployed in a bond replacement strategy? We invite you to join our group of active traders and investors to learn and profit from our three ETF Technical Trading Strategies. We can help you protect and grow your wealth in any type of market condition by clicking on the following link: www.TheTechnicalTraders.com
Stock Market Showing Signs Of Slight Recovery Amidst U.S CPI Report Release

Stock Market Showing Signs Of Slight Recovery Amidst U.S CPI Report Release

Rebecca Duthie Rebecca Duthie 11.05.2022 18:05
Summary: S&P 500 has seen 0.72% growth today. The value of (XAUUSD) gold has shown bullish signals in the market today. Read next: Tech Stocks Plunging!? Trade Desk Earnings Announcement Pushes Tech Giant Stock Down, Russian Ruble Strengthening and Ford Motor Co.  S&P 500 is rising during trading today The U.S CPI report which offered an update on price increases across U.S for April was released by the U.S labour department on Wednesday. The report reflected there was some deceleration of inflation figures compared to March, however, the rate of price increases exceeded analyst expectations. The CPI for April decelerated marginally compared to the March figures. The figures represent how far the Fed will have to go in the future regarding tightening monetary policy to fight the rising prices. S&P 500 Price Chart Will Gold rally in the wake of the CPI report? Gold futures have increased in value today, the initial increase came before the CPI report was released by the U.S labor department, and the increase has continued after the release. The lower than expected CPI figures bode well in the favour of the gold prices as uncertainty arises amongst investors on the Fed's next move. With volatility in the stock markets likely to continue, perhaps investors are trying to hedge their bets, driving the price of gold upwards. Gold Futures Jun’22 Read next: (BTC) Bitcoin’s Price Tanks Along With Equities. U.S. Stock Market Awaits CPI Report, Poor Performance From The FTSE 100.  Sources: Finance.yahoo.com
GBP/USD Analysis: GBP Maintains Growth Momentum, Market Awaits US Inflation Report

FTSE 100 Index Rises Thanks To Shell and BP Stocks, British Pound (GBP) Weakens After Thursday Morning Strengthen

Rebecca Duthie Rebecca Duthie 26.05.2022 21:17
Summary: Oil Giants are required to pay more taxes on profits. The BoE is put under more pressure FTSE 100 rises with BP and Shell stocks On Thursday oil giants Shell and BP were informed they would be required to pay 25% extra taxes on their profits from the North Sea. Investors did not seem to lose interest in these stocks despite this news, the share prices of both these companies rose. The Chancellor also announced there would be an extra tax incentive to invest in pumping up more oil and gas. Therefore it is possible that the oil giants can avoid almost their entire tax bill. FTSE 100 Price Chart GBP Weakens after its rally on Thursday morning On Thursday Chancellor Rushi Sunak announced that more than 8 million households would receive a lump sum of GBP650.00 in an attempt to try to fend off the cost of living crisis. The Chancellor also announced there would be a GBP15 billion spending boost. The move will put the Bank of England (BoE) under more pressure going forward, possibly forcing the BoE to raise interest rates even more. The Pound Sterling faces negative market sentiment in the wake of this news as the likelihood of a recession looms closer. Read next: FOMC Meeting Minutes Offer Support To The US Dollar (EUR/USD), Improved Market Attitude Favoured The GBP On Thursday (EUR/GBP, GBP/USD), Market Awaits RBA Monetary Policy  Follow FXMAG.COM on Google News Sources: finance.yahoo.com, poundsterlinglive.com
Brent hits one-month high! Saudi and Russian cuts supporting recent moves

NASDAQ (IXIC) At Lowest Since September 2020, Bitcoin (BTC) Price Crash

Rebecca Duthie Rebecca Duthie 13.06.2022 22:56
Summary: NASDAQ closed almost almost 4.7% down. Bitcoin prices reach lowest seen since december 2020. NASDAQ On Monday the US stock market fell into a bear market, the Nasdaq composite fell almost 4.7% during the trading day, reflecting a level not seen since September 2020. Investor sell-off sentiment is market wide, with the crypto market also tumbling as Bitcoin is more than 17% down. Investors are anxiously awaiting the Federal Reserve meeting on Wednesday as the market awaits the latest policy decision. IXIC Price Chart Bitcoin (BTC) Price sank in overnight trading Bitcoin prices sank in overnight trading, reaching low levels not seen since December 2020 in the wake of rising inflation reducing the demand for the world's largest cryptocurrency. The rising inflation, rising bond yields, the Federal Reserve’s signals of aggressive interest rate hikes and a stronger US Dollar are all factors that have combined in adding downwards pressure on crypto assets. Hence, even amidst wider crypto acceptance from governments all around the world to add or compliment Bitcoin into its national currencies. The price tumble of Bitcoin caused the cryptocurrency lender, Celsius Network to pause withdrawals from its deposit base due to what the group referred to as “extreme market conditions.” Binance quickly followed suit in the Monday session citing a 'stuck transaction' on the world's biggest crypto trading platform. Sources: finance.yahoo.com, thestreet.com

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