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  • Exxon price slumps.
  • Falling energy prices lower Exxon earnings expectations.

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Energy producer Exxon

Exxon (XOM) share price declined during Tuesday’s trading day in the wake of declining energy prices which offset the forecast for the energy and oil giant, which gave markets expectations for a record surge in their profits for the second quarter. Exxon updated the SEC late on Friday last week indicating their operating profits were likely to rise by $7.4 billion from the 3 months ending in March, where the recorded profits came in at $8.8 billion. The formal second quarter earnings report from Exxon is due on July 30th.

Exxon (XOM) Price Falls In the Wake Of Declining Energy Prices - 1 XOM Price Chart


GBP: Softer Ahead of CPI Risk Event

(DJIA) Dow Jones Index Rising, Investors Confidence In The Euro Is Looking Bullish As ECB Confirm Interest Rate Increases

Rebecca Duthie Rebecca Duthie 23.05.2022 21:56
Summary: President Joe Biden's announcement of possible easing of tariffs on goods from China fairing well for U.S stocks. Euro expected to continue strengthening. Read next: Xpeng (XPEV) Earnings Results Cause Share Price To Fall  U.S stocks showing signs of recovery The Dow Jones Index rose almost 2% during the trading day on Monday. U.S stocks recovered on Monday in the wake of investors coming-off a 7 week losing streak. The recovery comes after investors received some fresh-trade related information from the Biden Administration. On Monday President Joe Biden announced that he was considering easing tariffs on Chinese goods due to the belief that the tariffs caused financial harm on consumers and businesses. DJIA Price Chart ECB Interest rate hike is confirmed The Euro exchange rate performed well on Monday thanks to the European Central Bank's president confirming that there will be interest rate hikes in July. The Euro responded well to this information and strengthened against both the US Dollar and the Pound. Leading up to the confirmation of the rising interest rates, the Euro had been strengthening, in the wake of the interest rates being risen, investors believe that the Euro will continue to strengthen. Read next: Altcoins: Ripple Crypto - What Is Ripple (XRP)? Price Of XRP | FXMAG.COM Sources:, Follow FXMAG.COM on Google News
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FTSE 100 Index Rises Thanks To Shell and BP Stocks, British Pound (GBP) Weakens After Thursday Morning Strengthen

Rebecca Duthie Rebecca Duthie 26.05.2022 21:17
Summary: Oil Giants are required to pay more taxes on profits. The BoE is put under more pressure FTSE 100 rises with BP and Shell stocks On Thursday oil giants Shell and BP were informed they would be required to pay 25% extra taxes on their profits from the North Sea. Investors did not seem to lose interest in these stocks despite this news, the share prices of both these companies rose. The Chancellor also announced there would be an extra tax incentive to invest in pumping up more oil and gas. Therefore it is possible that the oil giants can avoid almost their entire tax bill. FTSE 100 Price Chart GBP Weakens after its rally on Thursday morning On Thursday Chancellor Rushi Sunak announced that more than 8 million households would receive a lump sum of GBP650.00 in an attempt to try to fend off the cost of living crisis. The Chancellor also announced there would be a GBP15 billion spending boost. The move will put the Bank of England (BoE) under more pressure going forward, possibly forcing the BoE to raise interest rates even more. The Pound Sterling faces negative market sentiment in the wake of this news as the likelihood of a recession looms closer. Read next: FOMC Meeting Minutes Offer Support To The US Dollar (EUR/USD), Improved Market Attitude Favoured The GBP On Thursday (EUR/GBP, GBP/USD), Market Awaits RBA Monetary Policy  Follow FXMAG.COM on Google News Sources:,

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