In a recent move, crypto analysts conducted an in-depth analysis of VC Spectra (SPCT), Polkadot (DOT), and Arbitrum (ARB) to determine what the future holds for these top altcoins. This in-depth analysis will serve as a pointer for investors looking to position themselves as opportunities arise for maximum gains.

Let’s explore what is in store for these top crypto coins.



  • Analysts believe VC Spectra will surpass its target presale price due to the massive rate of SPCT adoption.
  • Experts held a bullish stance in their Polkadot price prediction, expecting DOT to reach $10.  
  • Arbitrum welcomes Ethereum layer-2 network Kinto aboard, leading experts to pronounce bullishness on ARB.

VC Spectra Price Prediction: Future Price Of SPCT

VC Spectra (SPCT) is a new DeFi project that has taken the financial world by storm. It seeks to proffer an avenue for the average investor to generate maximum returns from minimum capital with little to no risk. VC S

Welcome Back to 1994!

Welcome Back to 1994!

David Merkel David Merkel 23.03.2022 03:03
Image Credit: Aleph Blog with help from FRED || Believe it or not, I used FRED before it was a web resource — it was a standalone “bulletin board” that I woul dial into on my computer modem I’ve talked about this here: Estimating Future Stock Returns, December 2021 UpdateTime for Another Convexity Crisis?The First Priority of Risk Control (2009, this tells the story of what I did during the 1994 crisis.) And recently I have tweeted about it. Mortgage rates are surging faster than expected, prompting economists to lower their home sales forecasts 1994 scenario re-occurring. Falling prepayments makes MBS lengthen, leading indexed bond managers to sell low-coupon MBS forcing rates still higher— David Merkel (@AlephBlog) March 22, 2022 We may be in the 1994 scenario where mortgage durations are extending, dragging the long end of the yield, as those that hedge duration are forced to sell, setting up a self-reinforcing move up in yields.— David Merkel (@AlephBlog) March 22, 2022 The MBS coupon stack is a lot flatter in 2022 than in 1994. There is more than 4X the mortgage debt now than in 1994. Lots of pent-up negative convexity. I lived through that in 1994, and made money off it.— David Merkel (@AlephBlog) March 22, 2022 Then from the piece Classic: Avoid the Dangers of Data-Mining, Part 2 “In 1992-1993, there were a number of bright investors who had “picked the lock” of the residential mortgage-backed securities market. Many of them had estimated complex multifactor relationships that allowed them to estimate the likely amount of mortgage prepayment within mortgage pools. Armed with that knowledge, they bought some of the riskiest securities backed by portions of the cash flows from the pools. They probably estimated the past relationships properly, but the models failed when no-cost prepayment became common, and failed again when the Federal Reserve raised rates aggressively in 1994. The failures were astounding: David Askin’s hedge funds, Orange County, the funds at Piper Jaffray that Worth Bruntjen managed, some small life insurers, etc. If that wasn’t enough, there were many major financial institutions that dropped billions on this trade without failing. What’s the lesson? Models that worked well in the past might not work so well in the future, particularly at high degrees of leverage. Small deviations from what made the relationship work in the past can be amplified by leverage into huge disasters.“ Finally from the piece What Brings Maturity to a Market: Negative Convexity: Through late 1993, structurers of residential mortgage securities were very creative, making tranches in mortgage securitizations that bore a disproportionate amount of risk, particularly compared to the yield received. In 1994 to early 1995, that illusion was destroyed as the bond market was dragged to higher yields by the Fed plus mortgage bond managers who tried to limit their interest rate risks individually, leading to a more general crisis. That created the worst bond market since 1926. ================================================== I am not saying it is certain, but I think it is likely that we are experiencing a panic in the mortgage bond market now. Like 1994, we have had a complacent Fed that left policy rates too low for too long. Both were foolish times, where policy should have been tighter. This led to massive refinancing of mortgages, and many new mortgages at low rates. But when that happens with most mortgages being low rate, if the Fed hints at or starts raising rates, prepayments will fall and Mortgage-Backed Securities [MBS] will lengthen duration while falling in price. Bond managers, most of whom are indexed and want a fixed duration, will start selling long bonds and MBS, leading long rates to rise, and the cycle temporarily becomes self-perpetuating. This is likely the situation that we are in now, and it very well may make the Fed overreact as they did in 1994. All good economists know the monetary policy acts with long and variable lags. But the FOMC for PR reasons acts as if their actions are immediate. Thus they become macho, and raise their rates too far, leading to a crash. (Can we eliminate the Fed? Gold was better, if we regulated the banks properly. Or, limit the slope of the yield curve.) I’m planning on making money on the opposite side of this trade if I am right. I will buy long Treasuries after the peak. I am watching this regularly, and will act when it is clear to me, but not the market as a whole, which in late 1994 to early 1995 did not know which end was up. Anyway, that’s all. The only good part of this environment is that my bond portfolios are losing less than the general market.
Fed Expectations Amid Mixed Data: Wishful Thinking or Practical Pause?

Fluctuations Of Crowdstrike, Apple (APPL) To Rise Again, Elon Musk Makes Other Twitter Shareholder Angry

Saxo Bank Saxo Bank 13.04.2022 11:25
Equities 2022-04-13 05:30 6 minutes to read Summary:   Crowdstrike shares surge putting cybersecurity in the limelight. Apple and BHP poised to announce share buy backs, which will support further share price growth. Oil rocks back over US$100 lifting oil stocks in New York and Australia. A Twitter shareholder sues Elon Musk for allegedly committing fraud. Iron ore and aluminium are back in vouge, boosting Rio Tinto shares. US defaults to double according to S&P Global. New Zealand makes its biggest increase in interest rates in 22-years. Co-written by Market Strategists Jessica Amir in Australia, Redmond Wong in Hong Kong. What’s happening in equites that you need to know? US stocks fell for the third day. The S&P 500 (US500.I) and the Nasdaq 100 (USNAS100.I) lost 0.3%. As always, there were bright sparks at the stock level. The world’s biggest cybersecurity company, Crowdstrike (CRWD) rose 3.2% to US$223.51 (its highest level since November last year), after Goldman Sachs upgraded the stock to a buy. We’ve previously mentioned Crowdstrike as a stock to watch. It makes 94% of its money from subscriptions, and we like businesses like these, given they are set to benefit from elevated demand to address cyberattack fears. The market also likes Crowdstrike with 93% of analysts rating the stock as a BUY. Goldman Sachs expects Crowdstrike’s shares to rise to $285 in a year. Also in MegaCaps, Apple (AAPL) shares jumped over 1% after whispers that Apple could announce a buyback of US$80-$90 billion (and buy backs support share price growth). Hang Seng Index (HSI.I) and CSI300 (000300.I) are little changed. Hang Seng Tech (HSTECH.I) was up 0.6%.  Energy and mining stocks outperformed.  Zijin Mining (02899) surged 7%.  Jiangxi Copper (00358), China Molybdenum (03993), MMG (0128) rose more than 5%.  CNOOC (00883) rallied 4% and China Coal was up from the 6%.  In A shares, logistics names outperformed while real estates, airlines, online entertainment led declines.  Twitter (TWTR) shareholders sue Elon Musk (TSLA CEO). A Twitter, shareholder sued Elon Musk for allegedly committing fraud by delaying the disclosure of his ownership of more than 5% of Twitter, so Musk could buy more shares at a cheaper price. The investor said Musk should  have disclosed his holding by March 24, instead of April 1. Twitter shares rose 27%, from $39.31 on April 1, to $49.97 on April 4. Twitter shareholder, Marc Bain Rasella is also looking to represent a class of investors who sold Twitter shares from March 24 to April 1. Crude oil (OILUKJUN22 & OILUSMAY22) jumps 6% to $101, ... OPEC said the obvious, that’s it’s impossible to replace supply losses from Russia, while China also hints of restrictions easing. This supports gains in oil stocks in the US overnight and in Australia today.  The Australia share market more (ASX200) rose 0.2% by 1pm local time with energy and mining stocks fueling the market higher. Also of note, Rio Tinto (RIO) rose 2.2% after the aluminium and iron ore price extended their rebound. Both prices are important to Rio as it makes 58% of its revenue from iron ore and 22% from aluminium . Also consider demand for aluminium  is expected to grow with company’s like Apple and Nestle's Nespresso to use more of the material to reduce CO2 emissions. Iron ore (SCOA) rebounded yesterday rising 2.5%, but today it’s about 0.9% lower, but holds 8-month highs, at US$154.25. It comes as China again pledged to stabilise its economy and this brightened the outlook for steelmaking ingredient. BHP (BHP) shares are holding at $51.71, and remain in their long term uptrend. So it's worth keeping an eye on BHP. BHP is also touted to annouce a record profit this year and a share buy back, which also supports share price growth. What you need to consider US defaults to double according to S&P Global.  S&P Global Rating anticipates the US’s default rate will swell from the current 1.5%, to 3% by year-end, amid financial conditions tightening. In China, the S&P Global Ratings expects more property developer defaults, with $18 billion in maturing debt and the likelihood of home sales falling 15-20%. Inflation is uncomfortably high.  March CPI hit 8.5% year-on-year. The hottest inflation since 1981. Core CPI moderated a bit, mostly due to a cooling of oil prices, and rose 6.5%. This is still the highest rate since 1982. The largest prices rises were in; fuel oil (70%), gas (48%), used cars (35%), hotels (29%), airfares (24%) and utility gas (22%) on a year on year basis. See the full list here (scrolling to pdf page 9). Simply this tells us, the US Federal Reserve is behind in fighting inflation, so expect a 0.5% interest rate hike at the May FOMC meeting, with rates to hit 2.6% at the end the year. In RMB terms, March China exports rose 12.9% while imports fell 1.7%.  In USD terms, March exports climbed 14.7% from a year ago and imports declined 0.1%. Trade surplus increased to USD47.4 billion (vs consensus $21.7bln, Feb $30.6bln). New Zealand makes its biggest increase in interest rates in 22-years,  while also announcing quarantine free travel. The RBNZ increased interest rates by 0.5% to 1.5%. The surprise caused the New Zealand stock market to fall 0.4% with their tech stocks falling 1.4%. However, as NZ announced quarantine-free travel, the travel industry got a kick, Auckland International Airport (AIA) shares rose 1.1% higher. Trading ideas to consider Aussie dollar and Kiwi ‘up and at em’, amid travel boost.  The Australian dollar (AUDUSD) is back in vogue, rising for the second day, after Australian business confidence rose to its highest level in 5 months. While the NZ dollar (NZDUSD) also rallied for the second day, heading toward 0.69 US. It’s worth watching these two currencies as travel takes off as well between the two nations. Travel stocks.  Air stocks like Air New Zealand (AIZ) and Auckland International Airport (AIA), and Qantas (QAN), Singapore Airlines (SIAL), China Eastern Airlines (CEA) could be worth watching as they have not recovered from the covid falls in 2020. If China restrictions ease and tourism reopens, it’s worth keeping these on your radar. For a global look at markets – tune into our Podcast 
(TWTR) Twitter Stock News and Forecast: What is a poison pill for TWTR stock?

(TWTR) Twitter Stock News and Forecast: What is a poison pill for TWTR stock?

FXStreet News FXStreet News 19.04.2022 16:36
Summary: Twitter stock rose over 7% on Monday to $48.45. Elon Musk previously tabled a $54.20 bid for TWTR. Twitter rejected Musk's offer and adopted a poison pill defense. Twitter (TWTR) stock rallied sharply on Monday as speculation intensified over potential bidders for the company. Latest reports show the company appears to definitely be in play with multiple suitors lined up to challenge Musk's bid. If you have been living under a rock, Elon Musk unveiled a 9.2% stake in Twitter only a couple of weeks ago. The Twitter board offered Musk a seat, which he rejected. This was likely an attempt at a "keep your enemy closer" strategy as board members cannot launch a takeover bid for the company. The rejection put Twitter in play, and subsequently Elon Musk offered to buy the remainder of TWTR stock for $54.20 in cash. He stated it was his final offer. Article on Crypto: Altcoins Showing Promising Growth - Take a Look at Solana (SOL), POLKADOT (DOT) and SHIBA INU (SHIB-USD)| FXMAG.COM Twitter Stock News Twitter apparently decided to fight Elon Musk's offer using what is known as a poison pill mechanism. Just what is a poison pill? Basically, it is akin to money printing – companies just print new shares to defend themselves. This puts more shares in play, meaning any potential buyer is diluted. A poison pill means that all shareholders except Elon Musk can buy shares in a discounted issue. Elon Musk's stake would be diluted while other holders get the chance to maintain their holding. In this case, Twitter has set the level at 15%. It can begin issuing shares if Musk goes over this threshold. Silver Lake reportedly was involved in 2018 when Elon Musk was planning to take Tesla private Musk may be about to face competition in his quest to land Twitter if the latest reports are to be believed. Apollo Global is reportedly interested in some form of participation in the deal, according to The Wall Street Journal. The WSJ article elaborated that Apollo Global could be in line to provide financing for the deal. Whether that is to Musk or another bidder remains to be seen. The New York Post said in an article on April 15 that Musk was speaking to investors that could partner with him on any deal for Twitter. Musk has a large fortune, but it is largely due to his Tesla holding. So to pay up for Twitter he could sell some of his Tesla shares or seek financing from private equity or Wall Street Investment Banks. The New York Post article mentions Silver Lake as a potential partner. Silver Lake reportedly was involved in 2018 when Elon Musk was planning to take Tesla private. Back in 2018 was the origin of the "funding secured" tweet, which ended up with a slap on the wrist from the Securities & Exchange Commission and a Twitter check for Elon's future tweets. Read next: (UKOIL) Brent Crude Oil Spikes to Highest Price For April, (NGAS) Natural Gas Hitting Pre-2008 Prices, Cotton Planting Has Begun There has also been talk that Thomas Bravo will enter the bidding. Thomas Bravo is a private equity firm and is looking at possibilities, according to Bloomberg and Reuters. Twitter Stock Forecast The spike from the initial announcement brought Twitter naturally up to Elon Musk's offer price at $54.20. Interestingly the price has never breached this level, meaning the market is not very confident that another buyer will emerge. It is not unusual for a stock to trade higher than a proposed takeover offer if the market believes other bidders will emerge. What we are witnessing here is the market's lack of confidence in Elon Musk getting his bid through as there are question marks over how he raises the cash. Twitter naturally went overbought on both Money Flow Index (MFI) and the Relative Strength Index (RSI) when the stock spiked. Now, these are back at normal levels. The stock remains in a classic downtrend, but short-term news flow will generate plenty of volatility, so traders need to keep aware of this. Twitter (TWTR) stock chart, daily
UK Labor Market Shows Signs of Loosening as Unemployment Rises: ONS Report

(KO) Coca-Cola Earnings Posted Exceeding Expectations, Elon Musk’s Target on Twitter (TWTR) Coming To Life!?

Rebecca Duthie Rebecca Duthie 25.04.2022 17:02
Summary: Coca-Cola’s earnings beat analyst expectations. The deal between Twitter and Elon Musk is coming to life. The earnings report posted earlier today by Coca-Cola exceeded investor and market expectations. These favorable earnings came despite their Russian business suspension, they managed to meet their full-year outlook for organic revenue and comparable EPS growth. The growth seemed to come mainly from increased demand for powerade and Costa coffee. The price increase also came despite the increase in inflation and in costs such as aluminum, high fructose corn syrup and plastic. The future of Coca-Cola’s stock price is uncertain, it may have managed to weather the inflation and market volatility storms for now, but we may not see the same growth in the next quarter. Coca-Cola's Price Chart Read next: Netflix Crashing!? Netflix Stock Price (NFLX) Falls More Than 35%? Subscribers Fled!  Elon Musk and Twitter: It Is evident that the deal originally thought to be improbable, has come to life. The price of twitter has increased by more than 3% since the market opened this morning. On Sunday the Twitter board met with Elon Musk to discuss in detail his offer to buy Twitter, there are rumors circling saying that the market could see an agreement go through as soon as Monday (today) between the richest man in the world and the very influential social networking service. As a result of this new information (which has not been fully confirmed), the stock price of Twitter opened at 4% higher than its closing on Friday. Twitter Price Chart Read next: (TSLA) Tesla And Elon Musk Continue to Outperform the Market! What About Elon Musk-Twitter Negotiations' (TWTR) Influence?   Sources:,,,
GBPUSD Testing Key Support at 1.2175: Will Oversold Conditions Trigger a Correction?

It's Like A Blockbuster! Crude Oil Price (BRENT/WTI) Electrify Markets As Elon Musk And Twitter (TWTR) Do The Same!

Walid Koudmani Walid Koudmani 26.04.2022 10:46
Oil along with other risk assets is trading higher today as sentiment towards energy commodities and industrial metals improved slightly after declining over the last several days. However, it is important to note that the outlook for oil is still unclear as there are a number of contradicting factors impacting the price of the commodity. On one hand, there is still the risk of a total embargo on Russian oil by the West which is likely to exert an upward pressure on prices. Read next: What Is Chia Coin? - (XCH) - First New Nakamoto Coin Since Bitcoin Launch (2009) | FXMAG.COM Taking a look at the Brent oil chart, we can see that the price bounced off the $100.00 per barrel mark yesterday evening and... On the other hand, the pandemic situation in China and the country's response to it is creating the risk of an economic slowdown in the world's second largest economy. As China is a major consumer and importer of oil and industrial metals, lower demand from this country could have a visible impact on oil prices as well as other commodities and lead to a domino effect across global markets. Taking a look at the Brent oil chart, we can see that the price bounced off the $100.00 per barrel mark yesterday evening and managed to climb to the $103 resistance zone before pulling back slightly today and heading once again towards the $100. A similar situation can be noticed when looking at the Oil.WTI chart with a pullback from the $100 area and a current test of the $97,77 reaction zone. Read next: A Reward For A Transaction!? What Is Kishu Inu Coin? ($KISHU) Let's Take A Look At This New Altcoin  Investors focus on today’s mega cap earnings after Twitter accepts Elon Musk takeover offer After a tense round of negotiations, Twitter accepted Elon Musk's offer and will be bought for $54.20 per share. The company will become private once the deal is completed after he initially became the largest shareholder by buying around 9% of shares. The market reacted favorably to this news with the stock price gaining 5.6% yesterday despite much controversy surrounding the issue. While the situation remains uncertain, it is likely that the effects of this news will have ripple effects across stock markets. However, investors will also be switching their attention to today's mega cap earnings reports in what will be a week filled with high level earnings. Microsoft and Alphabet are due to report their earnings today after market close which could have a noticeable impact on stock markets, particularly the S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100, both of which have been trying to halt a series of losses.  
What is next turn for (TSLA) Tesla? Elon Musk-Twitter Interacting With Tesla Stock Price | FxPro

What is next turn for (TSLA) Tesla? Elon Musk-Twitter Interacting With Tesla Stock Price | FxPro

Alex Kuptsikevich Alex Kuptsikevich 19.05.2022 15:45
Tesla stock has always been more volatile than the stock market. It closed the Thursday session on the lowest level since last August, and it is a common question, what is the next turn for the leading EV producer. For now, it looks like the downside impulse is not over yet but did its main part. Musk’s deal with Twitter The list of variables in this stock ranks from the outlook for demand for electric cars (i.e., oil prices) and interest in the ESG agenda, including the economic outlook and monetary policy, and ends with the tone of the tweets of its founder, Elon Musk. But in recent days, it has also been affected by Musk’s deal with Twitter, where Tesla shares were used as collateral. For investors, the latest news of Musk’s potential break-up of the agreement to buy the social network is good news. The opposite is also true. The promotion of the deal has caused Tesla shares to sell off with acceleration in the market. Read next: Altcoins: What Is Polkadot (DOT)? Cross-Chain Transfers Of Any Type Of Asset Or Data. A Deeper Look Into Polkadot Protocol | FXMAG.COM Locally, buyers are eyeing current levels to purchase Tesla Shares in the leading electric car maker are now trading 38% below their peaks at the start of April and 43% below their all-time highs in November last year. The company’s shares are looking better than many other pandemic favourites, which have zeroed in on all and much of the gains from the March 2020 lows, while Tesla has become about ten times more expensive in that time. Read next: Altcoins: What Is Monero? Explaining XMR. Untraceable Cryptocurrency!? | FXMAG.COM Locally, buyers are eyeing current levels to purchase Tesla, which is aggressively ramping up production and is well ahead of other electric car makers in sales in an era of record fuel prices. On the one hand, the technical analysis points to a return of the stock from oversold territory, which could be followed by both a recovery bounce and the start of a new wave of growth that could return the price to levels above $1000 in just a few weeks. On the other hand, the share price may not face much of an obstacle moving down another 10% from current levels, regaining half of the pandemic rally to levels near $650, where it has traded repeatedly since December 2020.
Tesla Does Not Say Much Directly About The Demand Situation, Ally Financial Sees A Slowdown In Car Loans

This Week's Tesla Stock Split Could Be The Best Moment To Buy The Stock! Twitter Stock Price Plunged!

Swissquote Bank Swissquote Bank 24.08.2022 11:27
The US dollar bounced lower, yesterday, following the weak economic data in the US, which showed that the new home slowed, and business contracted. The ugly PMI data also hammered the mood among the European stock traders, as well. The DAX already gave back half of summer gains. But, situation in the British FTSE 100 is different, as the FTSE 100 has a solid exposure to energy and mining stocks, and having exposure to energy stocks is still one of the most interesting hedging options. Crude Oil Price Speaking of oil, oil stocks were boosted again yesterday, by firmer oil prices after crude rebounded past the $93 level on news that OPEC could cut production as they feel that the prices fell too much over the past two months. Also, the latest API data came to support the oil and oil stock bulls, as the latest figures suggested another bigger-than-expected decline in the US oil inventories. We can now say that there are signs of a positive momentum building among the oil bulls despite the recession woes. The rebound in oil prices, along with the surge in nat gas futures could have two effects depending on the market’s actual mood. In one hand, the higher energy prices dampen the economic activity, and therefore could revive the Fed doves. But on the other hand, the rebound in energy prices boost inflation and inflation expectations, and therefore could keep the Fed hawks alert. Which scenario is more likely to influence the market pricing?   Watch the full episode to find out more! 0:00 Intro 0:34 Stocks under pressure as weak data couldn’t revive Fed hawks 1:38 DAX gave back half of summer gains on deepening energy crisis 3:22 But FTSE remains a good hedge against soaring energy 5:20 What does rebound in oil means for market pricing? 6:17 Hedge funds increase bets against S&P500 companies 7:44 Tesla’s 3-for-1 stock split is about to happen! 8:15 Twitter down 7% on whistle-blower complaint 8.57 What we will be watching today? Ipek Ozkardeskaya Ipek Ozkardeskaya has begun her financial career in 2010 in the structured products desk of the Swiss Banque Cantonale Vaudoise. She worked at HSBC Private Bank in Geneva in relation to high and ultra-high net worth clients. In 2012, she started as FX Strategist at Swissquote Bank. She worked as a Senior Market Analyst in London Capital Group in London and in Shanghai. She returned to Swissquote Bank as Senior Analyst in 2020. #market #selloff #Fed #JacksonHole #USD #EUR #DAX #FTSE #enegry #crisis #inflation #USD #EUR #crude #oil #natgas #energy #stocks #XOM #Chevron #BP #Tesla #stocksplit #Twitter #ElonMusk #SPX #Dow #Nasdaq #investing #trading #equities #stocks #cryptocurrencies #FX #bonds #markets #news #Swissquote #MarketTalk #marketanalysis #marketcommentary ___ Learn the fundamentals of trading at your own pace with Swissquote's Education Center. Discover our online courses, webinars and eBooks: ___ Discover our brand and philosophy: Learn more about our employees: ___ Let's stay connected: LinkedIn:
Hawkish Fed Minutes Spark US Market Decline to One-Month Lows on August 17, 2023

The Fed Interest Rate Decision, Stock/Bond Portfolios, ECB’s Determination To Reach Price Stability

8 eightcap 8 eightcap 20.09.2022 21:12
On Wednesday the Fed is due to make their interest rate decision. A US portfolio that is split 60/40 between stocks and bonds is headed for its worst year since 1937. ECB is determined to deliver price stability through rising interest rates.   In this article: The Fed’s Interest rate hike tomorrow. US Stock/Bond portfolio down. The ECB is determined to fight inflation through rising interest rates. The Fed due to make their interest rate decision on Wednesday The SwissQuote tweeted about the expectations the market has ahead of the Fed’s interest rate hike decision on Wednesday. Fed will likely hike by 75bp ; SNB will likely follow! ▶️ Discover today's market highlights on our #MarketTalk with @IpekOzkardeskay: — Swissquote (in English) (@Swissquote) September 20, 2022 On Wednesday the Fed is due to make their interest rate decision, this interest rate decision came in the wake of the US CPI inflation results which were released during last weeks trading week. US Stock/Bond portfolio is suffering According to Charlie Bilello a US Stock/Bond portfolio is likely to experience its worse financial performance in 86 years. A 60/40 Portfolio of US Stocks/Bonds is down 16.2% in 2022, on pace for its worst calendar year since 1937. — Charlie Bilello (@charliebilello) September 20, 2022   A US portfolio that is split 60/40 between stocks and bonds is headed for its worst year since 1937. European central bank (ecb) determined to fight inflation The president of the ECB Christine Lagarde makes it clear that the ECB is determined to fight inflation through rising interest rates. We are determined to deliver price stability, and expect to raise interest rates further to achieve 2% inflation, says President @Lagarde. We must settle at a rate that ensures inflation returns durably to our target, as the economic environment evolves — European Central Bank (@ecb) September 20, 2022   The ECB is determined to deliver price stability through rising interest rates. The ECB is willing to settle the rate of inflation at its target.    Sources:
The Fed Interest Rate Decision, Stock/Bond Portfolios, ECB’s Determination To Reach Price Stability  - 20.09.2022

The Fed Interest Rate Decision, Stock/Bond Portfolios, ECB’s Determination To Reach Price Stability - 20.09.2022

Rebecca Duthie Rebecca Duthie 20.09.2022 23:00
On Wednesday the Fed is due to make their interest rate decision. A US portfolio that is split 60/40 between stocks and bonds is headed for its worst year since 1937. ECB is determined to deliver price stability through rising interest rates. In this article: The Fed’s Interest rate hike tomorrow. US Stock/Bond portfolio down. The ECB is determined to fight inflation through rising interest rates. The Fed due to make their interest rate decision on Wednesday The SwissQuote tweeted about the expectations the market has ahead of the Fed’s interest rate hike decision on Wednesday. Fed will likely hike by 75bp ; SNB will likely follow! â–¶ï¸Â Discover today's market highlights on our #MarketTalk with @IpekOzkardeskay: — Swissquote (in English) (@Swissquote) September 20, 2022   On Wednesday the Fed is due to make their interest rate decision, this interest rate decision came in the wake of the US CPI inflation results which were released during last weeks trading week. US Stock/Bond portfolio is suffering According to Charlie Bilello a US Stock/Bond portfolio is likely to experience its worse financial performance in 86 years. A 60/40 Portfolio of US Stocks/Bonds is down 16.2% in 2022, on pace for its worst calendar year since 1937. — Charlie Bilello (@charliebilello) September 20, 2022   A US portfolio that is split 60/40 between stocks and bonds is headed for its worst year since 1937. European central bank (ecb) determined to fight inflation The president of the ECB Christine Lagarde makes it clear that the ECB is determined to fight inflation through rising interest rates. We are determined to deliver price stability, and expect to raise interest rates further to achieve 2% inflation, says President @Lagarde. We must settle at a rate that ensures inflation returns durably to our target, as the economic environment evolves — European Central Bank (@ecb) September 20, 2022   The ECB is determined to deliver price stability through rising interest rates. The ECB is willing to settle the rate of inflation at its target. Sources:
Jim Cramer Comments On Inflation, IMF (International Monetary Funds) Talks Stablecoins

Jim Cramer Comments On Inflation, IMF (International Monetary Funds) Talks Stablecoins

Kamila Szypuła Kamila Szypuła 23.09.2022 12:38
A lot of information is provided by Twitter profiles. Information came from many different sectors: financial, economic, investment and cryptocurrencies market. Inflation continues to be the main topic of consideration. The war in Ukraine generates huge losses, even financial ones. In this article: The lodging sector in China The difference in investing decision The payment of $200 million More about Stablecoins Financial losses in Russia Inflation expectations What will the reconstruction of the hotel sector look like? From the UBS tweet, we learn that USB Research is looking at the hot selling sector in China. As China's lodging sector gradually recovers from COVID, in a post-pandemic era, what will the China hotel sector's recovery trajectory look like? #UBSResearch analysts address this pivotal question. #shareUBS — UBS (@UBS) September 23, 2022   The lodging sector in China deteriorated significantly as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. The current zero-covid policy of the Chinese government is trying to revive its economy. UBS Research is looking at what the recovery of this sector may look like. In a post-pandemic era the sector is not in good condition, we can expect recovery in this sector to be difficult and slow. Smartphone vs Computer Morningstar Inc announces the results of its research. In these studies, the difference in investing decision on different devices was examined.   Recent research found that the investment decisions we make on our smartphones aren’t the same as those we would make on our personal computers.Here's why investors might want to stick to using their phones for social media and video calls: — Morningstar, Inc. (@MorningstarInc) September 23, 2022 Nowadays, we use smartphones not only to use social media but also to invest. Morningstar Inc research has shown that we make different investment decisions depending on whether we use a telephone or a computer. Smartphone apps make trading easier than ever but is it mean that also will be better in results. Payment of $200 million CNBC Now tweet reports boeing will bear costs after misleading investors after deadly 737 Max crashes. Boeing to pay $200 million to settle SEC charges that it misled investors after deadly 737 Max crashes; former CEO also settles same charges — CNBC Now (@CNBCnow) September 22, 2022   Such action, despite the fact that it is a burden on the company's account balance, can warm up the image. In this way, the company also tries to regain the trust of investors. Will the final of these activities have positive horses for the company? What are Stablecoins IMF on Twiiter speaks about Stablecoins and its risk. The video posted in the tweet provides an explanation of Stablecoin. Stablecoins are far from the revolutionary ideals of crypto’s creators and are not without risk. Read our latest Back to Basics F&D article and watch this video to learn more. — IMF (@IMFNews) September 23, 2022   The cryptocurrencies were created as an alternative to banks. The Stablecoin market is still growing and still a long way to the level of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ether. Like any other asset, it is burdened with risk. It is worth taking a closer look and getting to know better details about Stablecoin and its surroundings. The Russian bank loss Reuters Business in its tweet informing about how much the Russian bank has lost as a result of the war. Russian banks lost around $25 billion from Ukraine conflict - central bank official — Reuters Business (@ReutersBiz) September 23, 2022   War is not only a weapon, and conflict is also a loss. Russia, by causing a war with Ukraine, exposed itself not only to losses in people and weapons, but also to financial losses. We can expect that as long as the conflict continues, losses will increase. Russia, continuing the war, can expect losses greater than just $25 billion. Financial losses can significantly worsen the economic situation of a country, as well as worsen the standard of living of its citizens. Inflation expectations Mad Money On CNBC quotes Jim Cramer in his tweet. Jim Cramer discusses the level of future inflation. “The charts, as interpreted by Larry Williams, suggest that inflation could soon cool down substantially – soon – if history’s any guide,” @JimCramer says. — Mad Money On CNBC (@MadMoneyOnCNBC) September 22, 2022   Inflation expectations have been the main topic for several months now. Economies around the world are trying to fight inflation, for example by raising interest rates. Larry Williams suggests that inflation could cool down significantly soon. Most of the expectations regarding inflation are that inflation will remain high. From the observation of the reports, we may have the opposite opinion.
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Elon Musk To Go Through With Twitter (TWTR) Deal After All

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Summary: On Tuesday Musk renewed his offer to buy Twitter. TWTR share price jumped in the wake of the news. “X, the everything app” TWTR stock price jumped Elon Musk attempted to pull out of the high-profile transaction, but on Tuesday he renewed his offer to pay $44 billion for the social networking site Twitter. The Tesla entrepreneur suggested the price in a letter to Twitter that was sent on Monday to the Securities and Exchange Commission. The price is equal to the original valuation of $54.20 per share. Late on Tuesday, Mr. Musk finally spoke up about the deal, writing on Twitter, "Buying Twitter is an accelerant to inventing X, the everything app." The price of the social network's stock increased so dramatically when it was revealed that Elon Musk is trying to restart his acquisition of the company that runs it that the New York Stock Exchange twice had to temporarily halt trading, according to the Wall Street Journal. The "Flash Crash" of 2010 prompted the implementation of such pauses, which begin when stocks on major indexes change price by more than 5% in less than five minutes. On Tuesday, Twitter shares increased by at least 12% at various points as Elon Musk declared he would stick with his original $44 billion offer to buy the social media platform. After purchasing Twitter Inc., Elon Musk teased "X, the everything app." According to the billionaire's prior remarks, the service may resemble the popular Chinese app WeChat. Beyond a single-line tweet, Musk didn't offer much information. However, the CEO of Tesla Inc. has admitted to admiring the Tencent Holdings Ltd. app, which has evolved from a messaging service to a mini-internet used by more than a billion people from China users daily. He has expressed thoughts on improving Twitter, saying he wants it to be more like WeChat and TikTok, the popular video-sharing app owned by ByteDance Ltd. that has gained popularity in the US. He also drew comparisons to the so-called "super apps" that are popular in some parts of Asia and allow users to access a variety of services from communications to car summoning using a single smartphone application. TWTR Price Chart Sources:
Terra's Worker Arrested! White House Comment On The OPEC Decision And Success of Deutsche Bank

Terra's Worker Arrested! White House Comment On The OPEC Decision And Success of Deutsche Bank

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The flow of information from the markets and the world today varies greatly. From successes to poor results. In this article: Compares the results Desire to buy Twitter First arrest in Terra LUNA investigation Another success of Deutsche Bank White House Commentary The statement Stephanie Cohen Communication Services has underperformed Bespoke in its tweet compares the results of Communication Services with the S&P. Pretty incredible how consistently Communication Services has underperformed the S&P over the last year. Almost a straight line from the upper left to the lower right.From our daily sector snapshot at — Bespoke (@bespokeinvest) October 5, 2022   Stock declines are visible in the market. We can judge the most important players by who and how copes with difficult market situations. It may come as a surprise when a better player achieves much worse results. This is what the author of the tweet mentions. Such a picture may turn out to be important for investors. Elon Musk tries to buy Twitter Cara Lombardo in her post describes situations where Elon Musk tries to buy Twitter. .@WSJ scoop w/⁦@AlexaCorse:⁩ - Musk & Twitter held unsuccessful price-cut discussions in recent weeks- Two sides now at odds over outlines of pact to close at original terms- For now, they agreed to delay Musk’s deposition tmrw $TWTR — Cara Lombardo (@CaraRLombardo) October 6, 2022   Once again, it grew loud around businessman Elon Musk. When he first announced his desire to buy Twitter, the market took it as a joke. Discussions are currently underway. Many wonder what the purpose of this purchase is and whether it will have a positive result for the giant's users. We can expect this topic to stay in the spotlight for a long time. Terra's head of general affairs has been arrested In his new tweet, CoinGecko announces the arrest of Terra's head of general affairs.   BREAKING: South Korea makes first arrest in #TerraLUNA investigation as they captured #Terra’s head of general affairs.The employee has been issued a bench warrant with charges of violating the capital markets act, fraud, and breach of duty.📰 — CoinGecko (@coingecko) October 6, 2022 A lot is happening in the cryptocurrency market. South Korea made the first arrest for violations of the Capital Markets Act, fraud and breach of obligations. Such information in the current cryptocurrency market can bring back memories of the beginning of this market where cryptocurrencies were used to hide profits in the world of criminals. Today, there are many supporters of cryptocurrencies, so we can expect that such a situation will have a negative impact on the terra luna market and not on the entire market. The successes of a large bank not only in the European region Deutsche Bank boasts of the successes of his Indonesian team.   Congratulations to our Indonesia team for winning Asiamoney's Best Corporate Bank in Indonesia award! Read more: — Deutsche Bank (@DeutscheBank) October 6, 2022 A few days ago, the Deutsche Bank announced that for the second consecutive year, it was awarded the title of the "Investment Bank of the Year of Western Europe" in The Banker's Investment Banking Awards 2022. The bank was successful not only in Europe but also in Asia. Deutsche Bank’s Indonesia team for winning Asiamoney's Best Corporate Bank in Indonesia award. Such a picture is very positive for the bank itself and its clients. Comment on the OPEC decision CNBC Now in its tweet cites a statement by the white house about the OPEC+ decision. JUST IN: White House says it is "disappointed by the shortsighted decision by OPEC+ to cut production quotas while the global economy is dealing with the continued negative impact of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine" (via @kaylatausche) — CNBC Now (@CNBCnow) October 5, 2022   At yesterday's OPEC+ meeting, a decision was made to cut in production. There will be many reactions to this news, not only from the market. According to the White House, this is a bad decision in the face of the situation. The current economy is struggling with many problems, and cutting oil production may have different consequences. The company's commitment to workforce creation Goldman Sachs in his tweet recalls the statement Stephanie Cohen, Global Co-Head of Consumer and Wealth Management, on the company's commitment to workforce creation. Stephanie Cohen, Global Co-Head of Consumer and Wealth Management, discusses our commitment to building a diverse and inclusive workforce, our responsibility to the communities we serve and the strength of our business. Read more here: — Goldman Sachs (@GoldmanSachs) October 5, 2022   Readers can find out what is important to Goldman Sachs in building your workforce. Diversity in this environment is important for many, especially for young employees who count on personal development in such a company. Increasingly, it is becoming important to have a diverse environment that affects individuals as well as groups. Work in such an environment can be developmental for the employee and thus also for the company. The Goldman Sachs member emphasizes that this diversity is part of the responsibility for how they build relationships with customers and how they build their strength in the market. Getting to know this view of the company will positively influence its image.
At The Close Of The New York Stock Exchange 728 Securities Closed In The Red

US Stocks: Twitter Stock Price Is Like A Highspeed Rollercoaster!

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Twitter stock fell nearly 4% on Thursday as the Elon Musk saga continues. TWTR stock now trading nearly 10% below the offer price of $54.20. Twitter still has surged from lows of $41 last week. Read next: Terra's Worker Arrested! White House Comment On The OPEC Decision And Success of Deutsche Bank | FXMAG.COM The will-he-won't-he saga appears to be nearing a conclusion, but it is not over the finish line yet. Market participants and investors look to be doubting the deal if the latest share price movements are anything to go by. Twitter is trading at under $50 now at $49.30 this morning in Friday's premarket. That is a near 10% discount to the offer price of $54.20. Given the deal is due to close shortly, that is a larger-than-usual deal approaching the finish line. Usually, merger arbitrage players would be all over such a discount so near to closure, but this deal has been clouded in uncertainty from the start. Extra caution is obviously being taken in valuing the probability of the deal going through. Twitter stock news Always the risk in writing about this one is that the news changes dramatically and quickly, but the latest appears to be that the Twitter trial date to try and force Elon Musk to go through with his purchase has been delayed to allow the deal to go through by October 28, according to the judge. That appears to be good news. "This action is stayed until 5 PM on October 28, 2022, to permit the parties to close on the transaction," wrote Chancellor Kathaleen McCormick of Delaware's Court of Chancery. The judge also said if the deal does not close by then, a trial date in November will be set. Various media sources carried news earlier on Thursday that Elon Musk's team had attempted to delay the trial on Thursday, but Twitter responded: "Twitter opposes Defendants' motion...The obstacle to terminating this litigation is not, as Defendants say, that Twitter is unwilling to take yes for an answer. The obstacle is that Defendants still refuse to accept their contractual obligations." Twitter Stock Price - "Technical analysis does not really apply to a merger arbitrage situation" The TWTR stock price is obviously volatile as a result of all this contrasting news and is likely to remain so. Will the deal get finished, and if so when? The risk-reward diminishes near the strike or take-out price of $54.20. Technical analysis does not really apply to a merger arbitrage situation. Twitter stock daily chart
SEK: Riksbank's Impact on the Krona

SNAP Inc. Share Price Crashes 30%, BHP CEO Optimistic About China’s Economic Prospects, Fed’s Hawkishness

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Summary: Snap’s Q3 earning results missed market expectations. BHP is optimistic about China's growth prospects. Fed remains hawkish in interest rate hiking cycle. SNAP stock crashing After another difficult quarter, the stock price for Snap is still declining. In pre-market trading on Friday, shares of the social networking platform fell 25% as third quarter sales showed a fifth consecutive quarterly slowdown. Additionally, profits were disappointing, as Snap continued to attribute the poor execution to a slowdown in advertising and changes to Apple's privacy policies. The business issued a warning that the fourth-quarter sales trends would deteriorate. Snap Inc. Q3 earnings missed market expectations. Average Revenue Per User: $3.11 vs. $3.17 forecast, Daily Active Users: 363 million vs. 358 million estimate, Adjusted EPS: $0.08 vs. projected loss of $0.02, Net Sales: $1.13 billion vs. $1.14 billion estimate Guidance: Fourth-quarter revenue growth was "flat." $SNAP shares are still struggling in pre-market today after a dismal Q3 report. The stock is down almost 30% in pre-market, surpassing analyst estimates of a 23% swing. — Yahoo Finance Plus (@yfinanceplus) October 21, 2022   BHP CEO optimistic about future production CEO of BHP Group Mike Henry stated on Friday that despite uncertainty, he was "cautiously optimistic" about China's economic prospects. The leader of the largest listed mining firm in the world stated in a pre-recorded interview at the FT Mining Summit in London: "There is uncertainty in China, but in our judgment, China is still going to give a bit of stability or underpinning to global economic development over the next 12 months."   With more than 250 million tonnes mined in the fiscal year ending in June, BHP is a leading producer of iron ore, which is used to make steel used in the construction industry. According to Henry, the multinational mining corporation is now looking into ways to boost iron ore productivity above 300 million tonnes annually. BHP chief pledges ‘disciplined’ M&A stance despite bulging war chest — Financial Times (@FT) October 21, 2022 Federal Reserve to remain hawkish In general, the US dollar is higher so far today as markets assess the week before the weekend. After soaring once further in the US session, Treasury rates across the curve are a few basis points higher in Asian trade. Today's 4.27% yield on the benchmark 10-year bond was the highest since 2008. ⚠️BREAKING:*FED SET TO RAISE RATES BY 0.75 POINT AND DEBATE SIZE OF FUTURE HIKES - WSJ$DIA $SPY $QQQ 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 — (@Investingcom) October 21, 2022 Sources:,,
This Week's Tesla Stock Split Could Be The Best Moment To Buy The Stock! Twitter Stock Price Plunged!

Credit Suisse To Raise 4bn CHF To Fund Restructure, Tesla Inc. Under Criminal Investigation, Trading Of TWTR Shares Will Be Paused

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Summary: Credit Suisse is essentially dismantling the investment bank. EV with self-driving capabilities was involved in many accidents. Musk has until October 28 to complete his $44 billion acquisition of TWTR. Credit Suisse to restructure Credit Suisse Group AG announced a restructure that will result in a multibillion dollar capital raising, thousands of job cutbacks, and the separation of the investment bank, taking the most drastic moves yet to restore the firm. According to a statement released on Thursday, the company intends to raise 4 billion francs ($4.1 billion) by selling shares to investors, including the Saudi National Bank, and through a rights issue. By splitting up the advice and capital markets businesses and selling the majority of its SPG business to Apollo Global Management Inc. and Pacific Investment Management Co., it is essentially dismantling the investment bank. After a string of significant losses and managerial upheaval destroyed Credit Suisse's reputation as one of the most respected institutions in Europe, the makeover is an urgent effort to rebuild trust. Ulrich Koerner, the bank's chief executive officer, and Chairman Axel Lehmann, who were appointed as crisis managers, now have the difficult task of carrying out the largest restructuring in the bank's recent history while attempting to safeguard the wealth management division that will determine its future. Credit Suisse seeks billions from investors in make-or-break overhaul — Reuters Business (@ReutersBiz) October 27, 2022 TSLA under criminal investigation The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) released its initial wave of data on car crashes involving vehicles with autonomous driving systems in June of last year as part of its attempts to increase traffic safety while still encouraging innovation. It came out that a very well-liked electric car with self-driving capabilities was involved in a lot more accidents than was previously thought. Ten months of data were covered in the June report. It showed that when employing fully autonomous capabilities like Tesla's Autopilot, ADAS-equipped vehicles crashed 392 times, with Tesla vehicles accounting for 273 of those collisions. It represents around 70% of the cases. Given this context, it was logical but yet surprising to learn that the Department of Justice is looking into Tesla as part of a criminal investigation. The revelation that the Department of Justice is looking into Tesla as part of a criminal probe made sense given this backdrop, but it was nonetheless unexpected. The Justice Department is looking into possible customer misinformation regarding the functionality and security of the self-driving feature. For the mere reason that Tesla emphasizes in its own materials that the cars are not yet capable of completely autonomous driving, it might be challenging to make any form of claim against the company over excessive promises. Tesla is under criminal investigation in the United States over claims that the company's electric vehicles can drive themselves, three people familiar with the matter said — Reuters Business (@ReutersBiz) October 27, 2022 Musk to acquire TWTR by October 28th According to the website of the New York Stock Exchange, trading in Twitter Inc. (TWTR) shares will be paused on Friday because entrepreneur Elon Musk has until October 28 to complete his $44 billion acquisition of the social media platform. Musk, the richest man in the world, visited Twitter's San Francisco offices on Wednesday and implied that he was the company's top executive by changing his profile bio to "Chief Twit." Reuters stated on Tuesday that Musk's attorneys had provided the necessary documentation for the finance pledge to equity investors Sequoia Capital, Binance, Qatar Investment Authority, and others. The closing of the transaction would put an end to Twitter's litigation. Twitter, together with the investors, now anticipate that the transaction will close at the agreed-upon price of $54.20 per share. On Wednesday, the NYSE saw the company's stock close at $53.35 per share. They were trading slightly below Musk's offer price in extended trading, up nearly 1% at $53.90. *TWITTER WILL BE DELISTED FROM THE NYSE ON FRIDAY AFTER MUSK COMPLETES DEAL$TWTR — (@Investingcom) October 27, 2022 Sources:,,,,
Twitter And Elon Musk Faced A Growing List Of Claims

Twitter Belongs To Elon Musk! | Asia-Pacific Exposed To Losses | Some Advices About Financial Independence And Motivation

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Today, a lot of information is contained in the word 'change'. Credit Suisse is planning a transformation and Twitter has changed hands. The change also affects developments, including cybersecurity. In this article: Cybersecurity Credit Suisse Motivating employees Financial Independence The Asia-Pacific situation The situation of Twitter Cybersecurity developments Morgan Stanley tweets about cybersecurity developments   The cybersecurity sector is rapidly growing and developing new ways to guard against sophisticated attacks. How can you take advantage of the long-term investment opportunity? Read here: — Morgan Stanley (@MorganStanley) October 26, 2022 Currently, every user attaches great importance to online security. Strong passwords or anti-virus programs no longer excuse. As the world creates more data and accesses the web in more ways, cybercriminals find new vulnerabilities to exploit. For this reason, cybersecurity companies are constantly working on new methods of protection. Such a development is especially important for investors who spend their capital, usually quite large, on investments, and the protection of data and resources is the most important issue. For this reason, security in cyberspace is at the center of their attention. Transformation Credit Suisse in its tweet about its transformation.   Today, we unveiled our new strategy and transformation plan, which are based on a series of decisive actions to create a simpler, more focused and more stable Credit Suisse built around client needs. Find out more here: #CSresults — Credit Suisse (@CreditSuisse) October 27, 2022 Recently, the Swiss bank was full of negative news. Information about changes may evoke mixed emotions. But the company's efforts may prove helpful to its situation. How to motivate? In his tweet, Goldman Sachs promotes his podcast, which this time addresses the topic of motivating employees.   Chief CEO Carolyn Childers shares lessons on how founders motivate their teams on our latest #ExchangesGS podcast: — Goldman Sachs (@GoldmanSachs) October 27, 2022 Motivating employees is a process and one of the management functions regulating the behavior of employed people, so that their actions contribute to the achievement of the company's goals. Thus, it is an important mechanism of every enterprise. new methods emerge with the development of the labor market and the environment of a given sector. Innovation in motivating employees is also important as well as in technology. Knowing what to motivate and what to avoid can bring positive results not only for the company but also for the individual employee. A sense of belonging and appreciation may turn out to be more important for such an entity than remuneration. How to become financially independent? Morningstar, Inc., in its tweet, informs about Kiersten and Julien Saunders’ the topic of the conversation.   ðŸÅ½™ï¸Â This week on The Long View: Kiersten and Julien Saunders, hosts of @richandregular, discuss their journey toward financial independence, the racial wealth gap, and getting off the social-media treadmill.Listen here: — Morningstar, Inc. (@MorningstarInc) October 28, 2022 Recently, every young person is asking himself how to become financially independent and what to do to retire early. The life situation and finances are closely related in this type of conferences. Most people see obstacles to the achievement of such goals. Knowing the ways of people who have already achieved it can be information for others. Asia would be the biggest loser? CNBC tweets about the possible biggest loser in the markets - Asia.   Asia would be the biggest loser if the global economy splits up, IMF warns — CNBC (@CNBC) October 28, 2022 The IMF reports that Asia and the Pacific have more to lose than any other region. Growing geopolitical tensions (USA-China, Ukraine-Russia) mean that trade in Asia is significantly deteriorating. The fear of start-ups has increased not only in terms of GDP but also in the situation of individual companies. So can the IMF be right about the Asia-Pacific situation? Elon Musk is now responsible for Twitter CNBC Now informs about the situation of Twitter purchases by Elon Musk.   BREAKING: Twitter’s CEO and CFO are out as Elon Musk takes over the company, sources tell CNBC — CNBC Now (@CNBCnow) October 28, 2022 Recently, there is a lot of information about the takeover of twitter by Elon Musk. It turns out that there will be significant shortcomings of this. Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal and Finance Chief Ned Segal have both left the San Francisco headquarters and will not be back. Twitter is now in the hands of Elon Musk. The confirmation is added by the tweet of the CEO Of Tesla. Speaking of Elon Musk's purchases of Twitter, I mentioned it in an article in early October. the bird is freed — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) October 28, 2022 What could this mean for the plaform, will the acquisition be a benefit? Many questions arise about this. We can only know the answer when somethong heppen.
Franc Records 11th Consecutive Daily Decline Against the Dollar as US Economic Concerns Mount

Non-transparent ETFs Have Been Struggling, Elon Musk Making Many Changes To Twitter, Pfizer COVID-19 Revenues Rise

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Summary: Since non-transparent ETFs were introduced two years ago, they have had difficulty gaining popularity. Elon Musk continues to make Twitter changes. Tuesday saw Pfizer increase its Covid-19 vaccine sales projection. Non-transparent ETFs Since the initial products were introduced two years ago, non-transparent ETFs have had difficulty gaining popularity among investors, according to data. According to Bryan Armour, director of passive strategies research for North America at Morningstar, portfolio-shielding ETFs had $4.4 billion in assets as of September 30, making up around 1.5% of the active ETF market. However, according to Morningstar data, only one ETF, the $2.1 billion Nuveen Growth Opportunities ETF, has roughly half of those assets. After attracting attention from companies including BlackRock, Capital Group, Nuveen, Columbia Threadneedle, and American Century, non-transparent ETFs were given regulatory permission in December 2019. On March 31, 2020, American Century introduced the first actively managed non-transparent ETFs. According to the American Century website, the Focused Dynamic Growth ETF currently has $121 million and the Focused Large Cap Value ETF currently has $200 million. According to Armour, non-transparent ETFs have seen a decline in market share among active ETFs this year. According to him, active ETFs have organically increased by 19.8% year to date through September, outpacing non-active ETFs by 11.7 percentage points. Non-transparent ETFs have had a difficult time amassing assets in part because large broker-dealers have been reluctant to add the products to their systems. UBS, Merrill Lynch, and Morgan Stanley Wealth Management all announced this year that they will begin providing a limited selection of portfolio-shielding ETFs on their platforms. Overall, Nate Geraci, president of The ETF Store, stated that investor response to opaque ETFs has been "lukewarm at best" and "downright cold" at worst. Portfolio-shielding active ETFs struggle to gain ground — Finance News (@ftfinancenews) November 1, 2022 Twitter CEO continuing to make changes The Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday that Twitter Inc., which billionaire Elon Musk acquired last week, will no longer permit customers of its Blue service to see content without advertisements. In June of last year, Twitter Blue, the platform's first subscription service that provided exclusive access to premium features including the ability to edit tweets, was introduced. Subscribers had access to some publishers' articles without being interrupted by adverts through the service. Last month, the social media site in the US made an edit option available to premium subscribers. According to news sources, Twitter is preparing additional modifications to its $4.99 per month Blue subscription tier, including adding user authentication. Musk added that charging a charge was the best way to "fight the bots & trolls" in a response to author Stephen King on Tuesday, asking if $8 was a price he would pay to be a verified user. $TWTR platform changes under Elon Musk “is literally like throwing spaghetti on the wall and seeing what sticks,” @binance CEO @cz_binance says, adding: “There should be new features every month, every week, every day.” — Yahoo Finance (@YahooFinance) November 1, 2022 Pfizer revenue rises due to increase in COVID-19 vaccine sales Tuesday saw Pfizer increase its Covid-19 vaccine sales projection by $2 billion to $34 billion as higher pricing offset a drop in demand outside of the US. The US manufacturer claimed that high sales of several of its other medications and its bivalent booster, which targets the dominant strain of the Omicron type, helped it to somewhat offset the negative effects of a strong dollar. As a consequence of third-quarter results that exceeded analysts' estimates and allayed fears about waning demand for Covid products, the business kept its full-year target of $22 billion for sales of the Covid antiviral medication Paxlovid. Shares of Pfizer increased 3.5% in pre-market trading to reach $48.10. Pfizer reported third-quarter sales of $22.6 billion, which were more than experts had anticipated but were down 6% from the same period a year earlier when the pandemic was at its worst. The business raised its estimate for full-year 2022 earnings to a range between $6.40 and $6.50 per share. Additionally, it reduced its projected revenue to a range of $99.5 billion to $102 billion. 💉 Pfizer raises revenue view on higher-than-expected Covid-19 vaccine sales via @WSJ $PFE is +3.22% in pre-market trading. — Yahoo Finance (@YahooFinance) November 1, 2022 Sources:,,
Solid Wage Growth in Poland Signals Improving Labor Market Conditions

BoE Hikes Interest Rates 75bps, ECB Feeling Post-fed Interest Rate Hike Repercussions, Fed Hikes Interest Rates 75bps

Rebecca Duthie Rebecca Duthie 03.11.2022 15:49
Summary: The Bank of England increased interest rates by 0.75 percentage points to 3%. The Fed, which has an impact on international markets, must be monitored by the ECB. Jay Powell forewarned that US interest rates may rise higher than anticipated. BoE interest rate hikes The Bank of England increased interest rates by 0.75 percentage points to 3% in order to combat inflation in a way that hasn't been attempted in the past 30 years. The central bank offered unusually strong guidance that interest rates wouldn't need to rise much higher to bring inflation back to its objective of 2%, despite predicting a "particularly tough outlook" with a protracted recession ahead. The Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of England stated that market estimates for an interest rate peak of 5.25 percent were excessively high. According to the statement, the majority of the committee thought that "additional hikes" could be necessary "for a durable return of inflation to goal, albeit to a peak lower than priced into financial markets." BoE’s latest interest rate hike was was aggressive The BoE's decision followed a similar move by the European Central Bank last week and a 0.75 percentage point increase by the US Federal Reserve on Wednesday. The official interest rate in the UK reached its highest point since late 2008 after being raised to 3%. Aside from a sharply reversible jump on September 16, 1992, often known as "Black Wednesday," it is the biggest increase since 1989. A bigger rise at the meeting "would help to bring inflation back to the 2% target sustainably in the medium term, and to minimise the risks of a more lengthy and costly tightening later," according to the meeting minutes, which were approved by seven of the nine MPC members. ⚠️BREAKING:*BANK OF ENGLAND RAISES KEY INTEREST RATE BY 75BPS TO 3.00%, LARGEST RATE HIKE SINCE 1989🇬🇧🇬🇧 — (@Investingcom) November 3, 2022 ECB facing repercussions from aggressive Fed The U.S. Federal Reserve, which has an impact on international markets, must be monitored by the European Central Bank, but it cannot simply copy its policy decisions, according to ECB President Christine Lagarde on Thursday, following the Fed's guidance for even higher interest rates. On Wednesday, the Fed increased its benchmark rate by another 75 basis points. Fed chair Jerome Powell also stated that borrowing costs would need to increase "higher than previously projected" in order to combat inflation, which caused investors to price in additional ECB rate increases as well. But Lagarde argued that because economic conditions in the 19-country euro zone were different from those in the United States (and the ECB itself raised rates by 75 basis points last week), the ECB could not simply mimic the Fed. This point was also made by ECB board member Fabio Panetta and Bank of Italy governor Ignazio Visco. Lagarde acknowledges ECB was affected by the Fed’s actions Lagarde acknowledged that the ECB was "affected by the repercussions" of Fed action on the financial markets, particularly the decline in the value of the euro relative to the dollar on Thursday. Lagarde reiterated her commitment to bringing inflation down to the ECB's 2% objective by stating that "clearly the exchange rate matters and has to be taken into account in our inflation projections." According to ECB data released on Thursday, the interest rate that banks seek from businesses increased by 55 basis points in September, the largest monthly increase since the creation of the euro, to stand at 2.41%. Since 2015, this was the highest. *ECB PRESIDENT LAGARDE: A RECESSION WON'T BE SUFFICIENT TO SETTLE INFLATION🇪🇺🇩🇪🇫🇷🇮🇹🇪🇸🇳🇱 — (@Investingcom) November 3, 2022 Fed may slow down their interest rate hiking cyc;e Jay Powell forewarned that US interest rates may rise higher than anticipated, but he also left open the prospect that the Federal Reserve might slow down its drive to tighten monetary policy. Speaking after the central bank raised its benchmark interest rate by 0.75 percentage points for the fourth time in a row, Powell cautioned that there was still work to be done in bringing down inflation and cited a number of economic indicators to support his claim. Powell did, however, provide a suggestion that policymakers would be open to adopting a less drastic rise at the Fed's upcoming meeting in December. The following meeting or the one after that may mark the beginning of that period. Powell made a crucial point when he noted that before transitioning to lesser hikes, the Fed did not need to wait for several months of lower inflation data. ⚠️BREAKING:*FED CHAIR POWELL SAYS TIME TO SLOW RATE HIKES MAY COME 'AS SOON AS NEXT MEETING'$DIA $SPY $QQQ 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 — (@Investingcom) November 2, 2022 Sources:,,
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US Unemployment Rate Increased To 3.7%, UK Private Wealth Portfolios, PBoC Trying To Gain Access To Top Internet Companies Data

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Summary: In the biggest economy in the world, the jobless rate rose from 3.5% to 3.7% last month. The real worth of UK private wealth portfolios decreased by up to one-third. Beijing is working to tighten its control over the nation's digital sector. US Unemployment rate rises In October, the U.S. economy created 261,000 new jobs, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data. The carefully watched reading from last Friday was lower than the upwardly revised amount of 315,000 in September but still higher above economists' projections of 200,000. In the biggest economy in the world, the jobless rate rose from 3.5% to 3.7% last month. The number was expected to increase to 3.6%, according to economists. However, a jump in the unemployment rate to 3.7% signaled some easing in labor market conditions, which would allow the Federal Reserve to tilt towards smaller interest rate hikes beginning in December. In October, U.S. firms employed more workers than anticipated. 200,000 jobs were predicted by economists surveyed by Reuters, with estimates ranging from 120,000 to 300,000. After rising 5.0% in September due to the removal of previous year's significant increases from the computation, wages climbed by 4.7% annually in October. Additionally, other pay metrics have cooled off, which is positive for inflation. The Fed impact on Unemployment The Fed announced a fresh 75 basis point increase in interest rates on Wednesday and warned that future increases in borrowing costs will be necessary to combat inflation, but it also hinted that it may be nearing the end of the sharpest tightening of monetary policy in 40 years. Because businesses have been replacing workers who would have gone, job growth has remained strong despite a decline in domestic demand and an increase in borrowing prices. However, with recession threats rising, this practice may soon come to an end. According to a poll released by the Institute for Supply Management on Thursday, some businesses in the services sector "are delaying backfilling available positions" because of the unstable economic climate. ⚠️BREAKING:*U.S. UNEMPLOYMENT RATE RISES TO 3.7% AS ECONOMY ADDS 261,000 JOBS IN OCTOBER 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 — (@Investingcom) November 4, 2022 UK Private wealth portfolios under pressure In the first nine months of this year, the real worth of UK private wealth portfolios decreased by up to one-third on average as people's purchasing power was hammered by a combination of investment losses, inflation, and a weak pound. According to research by Asset Risk Consultants (ARC), which examined the performance of strategies employed by more than 100 significant UK wealth managers, UK wealth management portfolios lost about 10% on average in the year ending in September, but price increases and the decline in the value of the pound against the US dollar increased the losses. The numbers demonstrate that for UK investors this year, inflation and currency fluctuations have destroyed much more real value than the concrete losses on investment portfolios. Investors, according to Harrison, frequently think of their wealth in terms of a fixed amount and fail to mentally adapt when the purchasing power of their assets changes. The sector responsible for managing the wealth of wealthy families is predicated on the principle of protecting money, therefore the losses will cause wealth managers and their customers to have difficult conversations. UK private wealth portfolios down by up to a third — Finance News (@ftfinancenews) November 4, 2022 PBoC trying to control digital sector The Chinese central bank is having trouble persuading more than a dozen top internet companies to meet a deadline in December for sharing user data with state-backed credit-scoring firms. Beijing is working to tighten its control over the nation's digital sector and consumer financing, which is why there is a dispute over who should govern access to the internet companies' enormous troves of user data. According to insiders briefed on the negotiations, the People's Bank of China asked Tencent, Meituan, and other significant platforms to provide user data with two state-backed businesses, Baihang and Pudao, by the beginning of next month. This data includes everything from shopping records to travel histories. PBoC struggles to impose personal data regime on China’s tech groups — Finance News (@ftfinancenews) November 4, 2022 Sources:,,
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China's Covid Situation Negatively Affects The Iphone Market| Record Results Of India's SBI

Kamila Szypuła Kamila Szypuła 07.11.2022 11:57
Although the problem with the coronavirus pandemic has become a significant concern in global markets, it is still a problem for the Chinese economy. Inflation, although it is the main problem of economies around the world, has not had a significant impact on some companies. One such company turns out to be the Indian SBI lender. In this article: China And Covid Apple warns Twitter is the topic India's SBI What Chinese Goverments Will Do? Jim Cramer asked the question about Chinese covid situation. We have no idea what China is going to do with Covid so why do so many keep pretending they do? — Jim Cramer (@jimcramer) November 7, 2022 The situation in China is still serious. The media is flooding with information on how the government is fighting the virus. Recently, there has been information about covid camps where thousands of people stayed. Everyone wonders what action the Chinese government will take, many are sure, but are they sure? And paying attention to this situation may turn out to be instinctive for a global situation. Covid restrictions in China and their impact on Apple CNBC Now also touches upon the covid situation in China, but highlights its impact. BREAKING: Apple warns Covid restrictions in China are hurting iPhone production, and the company now expects “lower iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max shipments than we previously anticipated” — CNBC Now (@CNBCnow) November 6, 2022 China as the second largest economy in the world is watched by market participants. The current situation in China not only affects the financial markets but also the manufacturing markets of companies such as Apple. As can be seen from the available information, Apple may have a problem satisfying the needs. Production of the iPhone 14 has been temporarily reduced due to Covid-19 restrictions at the main iPhone factory. So far, there have been warnings, but the possible deterioration of the situation in China may make the smartphone manufacturer's circuits real. Twitter and idea of monthly fees *Walter Bloomberg tweets about conclusion about twitter in The New York Times TWITTER SAID TO DELAY CHANGES TO CHECK MARK BADGES UNTIL AFTER MIDTERM ELECTION - NYT — *Walter Bloomberg (@DeItaone) November 6, 2022 After Elon Musk took control over Twitter and dismissed key directors, it seems that the discussions around the platform are endless. There is information that Musk wants monthly fees of $8 for using the site. This resulted in a lot of comments, including even Stephen King. Of course, there are two sides of the idea's supporters and opponents. But the information posted in The New York Times and then quoted in the post *Walter Bloomberg suggests that this idea was postponed for later discussions. Could this turn out to be a tactical action or a reaction to the current situation? The answers to these questions can only be known when discussions are resumed. Positive results of India's SBI Reuters Business tweets about the very positive results of India's SBI. Indian lender SBI's stock hits record high on "best-in-class" results — Reuters Business (@ReutersBiz) November 7, 2022 Inflation causes that nowadays credit products are not readily used. Banks around the world are trying to cope with this difficult situation where the main source is crisis. The largest banks may be in a better position. One bank in India said they are doing pretty well. SBI announced a "best-in-class" quarter with higher-than-industry credit growth. Positive information from banks may also affect its image and share price, in other words, improve its situation on the market.
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Facebook’s plan for large scale layoffs, the US dollar rally halted on Monday, Corporate America under investigation

Rebecca Duthie Rebecca Duthie 07.11.2022 13:38
Summary: Meta plans to start mass layoffs this week that will affect thousands of employees. The pound and euro increased as a result of the dollar's decline. After the midterm elections, Republicans have promised to pursue investigations into corporate America. Meta To implement layoffs this week The Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday, citing people familiar with the situation, that Meta Platforms Inc. plans to start mass layoffs this week that will affect thousands of employees. An announcement is expected as early as Wednesday. Meta, the parent company of Facebook (META), predicted in October that a dismal Christmas quarter and much higher costs in 2019 would reduce Meta's stock market value by around $67 billion, adding to the more than half a trillion dollars in value that has already been lost this year. Read next: China's Covid Situation Negatively Affects The Iphone Market| Record Results Of India's SBI| FXMAG.COM The gloomy news comes as Meta struggles to deal with the declining global economy, TikTok's rivalry, Apple's (AAPL) privacy improvements, worries about large spending on the metaverse, and the constant danger of legislation. The social media business had reduced its ambitions to hire engineers by at least 30% in June, and Mark Zuckerberg had advised staff to prepare for a slowdown in the economy. In a previous open letter to Mark Zuckerberg, Meta's shareholder Altimeter Capital Management stated that the company needed to streamline by eliminating positions and capital expenditures. They also stated that investors had lost faith in Meta as a result of its increased spending and pivot to the metaverse. *FACEBOOK PARENT META IS PREPARING LARGE-SCALE LAYOFFS THIS WEEK - $META — (@Investingcom) November 7, 2022 US dollar’s decline Despite Beijing's denial that it would contemplate loosening its zero COVID-19 policy, which had stopped safe-haven dollar flows ahead of this week's potentially crucial consumer inflation data, global stocks moved higher on Monday. However, over the weekend, health officials reaffirmed their commitment to the "dynamic-clearing" approach to COVID cases as soon as they arise. Risk assets had gained on Friday amid rumors China was getting ready to lift its pandemic restrictions. As traders clung to the notion that China will ease some of its restrictions after the government on Monday hinted it will make it easier for individuals to enter and exit the city, an overnight rise in the dollar had faded out by mid-morning in Europe. The pound increased by over 0.8% to $1.1453 as a result of the dollar's decline against other major currencies, and the euro increased by 0.4% to close to parity at $0.99975. Economic events in this week's spotlight The October consumer price index (CPI) will be the biggest macroeconomic risk event this week and might play a significant role in influencing investor expectations for the future direction of Federal Reserve monetary policy. Last week, Fed Chair Jerome Powell dispelled rumors that the central bank may halt the rate of rate increases by asserting that rates would probably stay higher, for a longer period of time. The October employment report, which was released on Friday, revealed considerably greater job growth than anticipated but slower pay growth and an increase in the unemployment rate, suggesting that some of the labor market's tightness may be easing. *U.S. STOCK FUTURES RISE TO START THE WEEK AS INVESTORS LOOK AHEAD TO U.S. CPI, MIDTERM ELECTIONS - 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 — (@Investingcom) November 7, 2022 Investigations in corporate America After the midterm elections, Republicans have promised to pursue investigations into the social and environmental policies of big business, so the biggest US companies are preparing for a flood of congressional hearings. After the midterm elections on Tuesday, control of both houses of Congress could go to the Republicans as polls suggest the Democrats are trailing in a number of crucial contests. Republicans would take control of the committees with the authority to subpoena people and records if they gained a majority in the House or Senate. According to people familiar with the situation, attorneys representing financial institutions and technological companies have recently been educating executives on how to respond to a televised grilling from lawmakers. Additionally, with only a few days until the midterm elections, Republican senators—among them Arkansas' Tom Cotton—have written to law firms requesting them to store records pertaining to environmental, social, and governance efforts "in anticipation" of investigations. Corporate America gears up for a new wave of investigations by Congress — Financial Times (@FT) November 7, 2022 Sources:,,
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US stocks supported by the upcoming midterm elections, EU gas price cap agreement is under threat, APPL stock price

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Summary: A divided Congress may be viewed as "broadly neutral to moderately positive" for equities. The EU announced a pact to lower energy prices, which is now starting to fall apart two weeks later. China's zero-COVID policy may harm Apple in the short run. Some analysts described the markets as “risk-on” On Tuesday, European equities struggled to advance, and the dollar strengthened as traders gave up on expectations that China will relax its zero-COVID policy and exercise prudence in advance of the U.S. midterm elections. Some analysts have ascribed the markets' "risk-on" tone at the beginning of the week to China's potential relaxation of its stringent COVID-19 lockdown regulations. Some investors' expectations that the U.S. Federal Reserve may adopt a more dovish tone that has also helped the markets. Investor attention was centered on the upcoming midterm elections in the United States, where the fate of the House of Representatives is on the line. Nonpartisan analysts predict the Republicans will gain a majority in the house, giving them the power to veto President Joe Biden's legislative program. Finding out the outcome of a vote could take days. Analysts typically consider a divided government to be a more market-friendly scenario. Options market analysts predicted that a Democratic upset victory may result in a downturn in the market. According to Tom Caddick of Nedgroup Investments, a divided Congress may be viewed as "broadly neutral to moderately positive" for equities because it would show that major legislative changes are unlikely to occur in the future. *U.S. STOCK FUTURES TICK HIGHER WITH ALL EYES ON MIDTERM ELECTIONS - 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 — (@Investingcom) November 8, 2022 EU gas price cap agreement under threat Today's meeting of the EU financial ministers comes after Paolo Gentiloni, the commissioner for economics, confirmed for the first time that the union will experience a recession this winter and called for steps to make it as brief as possible. On Friday, the European Commission releases its forecasts. After a late-night session, the EU announced a pact to lower energy prices, which is now starting to fall apart two weeks later. Countries that want a cap on gas import prices are holding out against other proposals, such cooperative procurement of supply, until the European Commission provides more information regarding the cap. They are concerned that the commission's free market bureaucrats will reject the notion and fail to produce a workable price cap solution. Germany, on the other hand, is likely to veto any proposals made by Brussels because it thinks that traders would move their gas business abroad if the EU set a maximum price. The creation of a price cap, according to member states opposed to it, should be subject to eight severe requirements listed in the initial commission plan, including that it not jeopardize supply security, not increase consumption, and not have an impact on intra-EU gas flows. EU gas price cap ‘agreement’ starts unravelling — Financial Times (@FT) November 8, 2022 Apple stock price under pressure from COVID-19 lockdowns in China At what is perhaps the worst possible time, COVID lockdowns at Apple's (AAPL) primary iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max factory in Zhengzhou, China, are affecting the corporation. Holiday shopping for new iPhones, Apple Watches, and iPads for friends, family, and self makes this the busiest time of year for Apple. Apple may not have enough iPhones on hand to meet demand this year as a result of the lockdowns at the Zhengzhou facility, which could have a big negative effect on the business's bottom line. Although China's zero-COVID policy may harm Apple in the short run, analysts do not believe that it poses a long-term danger to the company. Customers still desire iPhones, after all, regardless of when they can get them. However, as the firm expands its product lines and may even enter the AR/VR market with its own headset in the long run, Apple's production issues will probably be nothing more than a passing blip. Apple stock: China's Covid lockdowns an 'absolute gut punch': Analyst by @DanielHowley — Yahoo Finance (@YahooFinance) November 8, 2022 Sources:,,,
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Telsa (TSLA) stock price has tanked 12% since Musk took control of Twitter (TWTR) on October 27

Rebecca Duthie Rebecca Duthie 08.11.2022 18:59
Summary: Twitter does not make money like Tesla. The serial entrepreneur made an effort to reassure Tesla's supporters and investors . Investor confidence in Musk is lacking The maker of high-end electric vehicles appears to be going through a similar experience to that of an orphaned kid or a beloved who has fallen from grace. Elon Musk, the company's dynamic and forward-thinking co-founder and CEO, appears to have lost interest in it. Put the blame on Twitter (TWTR), which needs a lot of attention due to its enormous influence on public and political life. While Twitter does not make money like Tesla, it is nonetheless seen as our generation's equivalent of the town square, where trend-setters and opinion leaders congregate. Twitter sets the daily political agenda and the conversational subjects that eventually predominate in mainstream media coverage. Responsibility also comes with this authority. You are responsible for the content management policy, which requires constant vigilance. Any error in the content that is put on the platform has the potential to spark controversy, which can be difficult and time-consuming to resolve. Musk paid too much for Twitter—$44 billion. As part of the leveraged buyout, the billionaire owes around $13 billion in debt, which is secured by his remaining Tesla stock. He has been looking for ways to make money for the social network since he took control on October 27. But as Musk becomes more active on Twitter, Tesla's stock price declines. At the Baron Investment Conference on November 4, the billionaire claimed that since he bought Twitter, his workload had increased from "78 hours a week to perhaps 120." The serial entrepreneur made an effort to reassure Tesla's supporters and investors by claiming that he was still actively involved in the company's management. The message didn't reassure anyone. Since that time, Wall Street has seen a continuous decline in the price of Tesla stock. Tesla shares dropped to $196.66 at the close of trade on November 7—their lowest price in 52 weeks. Since Musk sealed the Twitter agreement on October 27, Tesla stock has fallen 12.4%. Tesla shares have lost a total of 41.2% of their value, or $197.08, since Musk revealed his offer on April 25. This results in a market value decline of about $436 billion. The holding company of renowned investor Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A), surpassed Tesla on November 7 to become the sixth-largest corporation in the world by market capitalization. TSLA Price Chart Sources:,
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Meta lays off around 13% of its employees, a major shift in the markets in the wake of US midterm elections is not expected

Rebecca Duthie Rebecca Duthie 09.11.2022 16:22
Summary: In the most drastic layoff in company history, Meta has fired almost 11,000 workers. No major market shifts are expected in the wake of US midterm elections. Germany should think about raising taxes on the wealthiest citizens. Meta implemented its most drastic layoff in its history In the most drastic layoff in company history, Meta has fired almost 11,000 workers, cutting its employment by around 13% as it fights declining revenue and escalating competition. Employees were notified of the layoffs through email on Wednesday morning by CEO Mark Zuckerberg. “I want to take accountability for these decisions and for how we got here. I know this is tough for everyone, and I’m especially sorry to those impacted,” he added. Current economic climate weighing on tech companies In a climate of economic slump and greater competition, Zuckerberg claimed that revenue growth experienced during the epidemic had not been sustained, advertising performance was down, and e-commerce had decreased. There is no cap on the 16 weeks of basic salary and two additional weeks of compensation that US employees will receive as part of their severance package. The email also stated that overseas employees' packages would be comparable and would be announced soon. Except for email, affected employees' access to Meta systems will be terminated on Wednesday "so everyone can say farewell," according to Zuckerberg. On Wednesday, Meta stock increased 3% in pre-market trading. Reducing budgets and personnel benefits are two further cost-saving strategies, it was said. The company's "real estate footprint" will "shrink," presumably resulting in the closure of a few offices. The majority of the remote-working staff will be asked to desk share. In the upcoming months, more improvements, according to Zuckerberg, will be disclosed. *META IS LAYING OFF 11,000 EMPLOYEES, ABOUT 13% OF THEIR WORKFORCE$META — (@Investingcom) November 9, 2022 US midterm elections are not expected to shift the markets majorly Wall Street experts predict that the markets won't experience a significant shift after the much anticipated completion of the midterm elections. A bullish tilt in the market is justified, according to historical evidence, in the month before the midterm elections. According to data from US Bank, the S&P 500 has historically outpaced the market in the twelve months following a midterm election, returning an average of 16.3%. Particularly for the one and three months following midterm elections, this outperformance is present. However, investing experts may be right to be ready for a post-election hangover in the stock market given that the economy is still coping with high levels of inflation and an unfriendly Federal Reserve rising interest rates. "You've got to think about some of these big challenges that we have," Roland explained. "The economy is clearly decelerating right now. We're contending with inflation. I think the inflation data that we get on Thursday is probably much more important than the political backdrop right now. So we want to be careful about sort of overplaying politics and making cross-asset decisions right now." Why the stock market may see minimal impact from the midterm elections by @BrianSozzi $DJI $GSPC $IXIC — Yahoo Finance (@YahooFinance) November 9, 2022 Germany suggested to raise taxes on wealthy citizens As part of its €200 billion plan to restrict gas and electricity prices, Germany should think about raising taxes on the wealthiest citizens, a committee of top economic advisers to the government said on Wednesday. One of the five members of Germany's council of economic experts, Ulrike Malmendier, stated that the nation should "look at the more uncomfortable side" of how to finance its energy assistance program because it cannot simply benefit the most vulnerable. She stated that the council had proposed three solutions to this problem, including hiking the top tax rate, enacting a "solidarity fee" on high earnings, or delaying the government's plan to lower tax rates to protect households from skyrocketing inflation. The council's suggestions on tax policy are likely to spark a heated discussion inside the ruling coalition, which has eight weeks to issue a formal response. Germany should raise taxes on rich to fund €200bn energy plan, advisers say — Financial Times (@FT) November 9, 2022 Sources:,,
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Fed may delay the rate of its interest rate hiking cycle, Musk’s Tesla lawsuit to hit court, U.S stock market rally

Rebecca Duthie Rebecca Duthie 14.11.2022 15:51
Summary: The Fed may think about delaying the rate of rate rises at its next meeting. Shareholders claim that Tesla has benefited its co-founder and CEO at their expense. U.S. stocks just experienced their greatest week since June. Fed is still committed to decreasing inflation Federal Reserve Governor Christopher Waller said on Sunday that the U.S. Federal Reserve may think about delaying the rate of rate rises at its next meeting, but it should not be seen as a "softening" in its commitment to decrease inflation. Waller responded to a series of questions on monetary policy at an economic conference hosted by UBS in Australia by stating that markets should now focus on the "endpoint" of rate increases rather than the speed at which each move is made. Waller also noted that the endpoint is likely still "a ways off." Inflation is a factor. Waller stated that even if the Fed stepped back from three quarter point hikes to a half point rise at its next meeting, "you're still moving up," adding that the 7.7% annualized increase in inflation recorded in October is still "enormous." This year, starting in March, the Fed increased interest rates a total of 3.75 percentage points, including four three-quarter point increases. This swift change in monetary policy was done to combat the greatest inflationary spike since the 1980s. Analysts and economists have cautioned that the tightening of monetary policy will increase the probability of a recession and have an effect on employment. Sherrod Brown, chair of the U.S. Senate Banking Committee, cautioned the Federal Reserve this month against tightening monetary policy to the point where millions of Americans who are already experiencing high inflation lose their jobs. *FED MAY CUT SIZE OF RATE HIKES, BUT IS NOT 'SOFTENING' INFLATION FIGHT, WALLER WARNS - — (@Investingcom) November 14, 2022 Musk is scheduled to testify this week In a lawsuit filed by shareholders who claim the electric vehicle manufacturer has benefited its co-founder and CEO at their expense, Elon Musk will attempt to demonstrate his merit for a multibillion dollar pay deal from Tesla. The richest man in the world is scheduled to testify this week in a trial that starts on Monday. He, Tesla, and members of its board are accused of violating their obligations by giving Musk share options with a maximum value of about $56 billion. Only a few weeks have passed since the 51-year-old took over Twitter, adding it to an ever-growing list of companies that he is at least nominally in charge of, including Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink, and The Boring Company. Tesla shareholders concerned around Musks availability Musk's expanding portfolio, according to the attorneys representing the Tesla investors who filed the complaint, means he is too busy to serve as the automaker's chief executive on a full-time basis, let alone one deserving of a salary that "dwarfs the pay package of any other public company CEO." The case was started before Musk's $44 billion purchase of Twitter. However, the case will be keenly followed by firms all over the US, who are concerned that a victory for Tesla shareholders may spark a wave of similar lawsuits in Delaware, where the majority of the nation's public corporations are incorporated. Legal fight over Elon Musk’s $56bn Tesla pay deal heads to court — Financial Times (@FT) November 14, 2022 US stock market rally U.S. stocks just experienced their greatest week since June, and whether Wall Street can continue its winning streak in the coming days will likely depend on news from the retail industry. Investor optimism that a monetary policy shift is imminent was revived by statistics on lower inflation, but important earnings from retailers and the government's October report on the industry may put that optimism to the test. The major averages had significant gains as a result of bets that Federal Reserve officials would dial back on interest rate increases after the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for October indicated slowing inflation last month. The Dow Jones Industrial Average increased 4.2%, while the S&P 500 gained 5.9% for the week, its highest five-day performance since the week ending June 24. With a gain of 8.1%, the Nasdaq Composite experienced its best week since March. Stock market rally meets retail sales and retail earnings: What to know this week by @alexandraandnyc — Yahoo Finance (@YahooFinance) November 14, 2022 Sources:,,,
Solid Wage Growth in Poland Signals Improving Labor Market Conditions

UK inflation accelerated in October, remote disabled workers could assist in bringing down unemployment, Asian stocks fell in the wake of missile strike in Poland

Rebecca Duthie Rebecca Duthie 16.11.2022 11:51
Summary: The UK's inflation rate accelerated to 11.1 percent in October. Due to COVID, more disabled employees are now employed. Reports that two individuals were killed by a Russian-made rocket in eastern Poland caused risk-sensitive markets to fall. UK inflation surpassed expectations On the basis of rising energy and food prices, the UK's inflation rate accelerated to 11.1 percent in October, reaching a new 41-year high. The rate increased from 10.1% in September, according to the Office for National Statistics, bringing inflation to its highest point since October 1981. In a Reuters poll, economists predicted a rate of 10.7%. The government's energy price guarantee, which set a maximum on gas and electricity bills at £2,500 for a household using both fuels on average, did not prevent the significant increase in living expenses. One encouraging aspect of the data was that core inflation, which excludes food and energy, remained constant in October at 6.5%, matching its level from the previous month. In his Autumn Statement on Thursday, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt blamed Russia's invasion of Ukraine for the rising cost of living crisis and promised to make "difficult but necessary decisions on tax and spending" to assist lower inflation. “We cannot have long-term, sustainable growth with high inflation. Tomorrow I will set out a plan to get debt falling, deliver stability, and drive down inflation while protecting the most vulnerable,” Hunt said. UK inflation accelerates to 41-year high of 11.1% — Financial Times (@FT) November 16, 2022 Hiring remote disabled workers could assist in Americas labor crisis Although the end of America's widespread labor crisis is still not in sight, some economists contend that having a workforce with a wider range of abilities in today's hybrid workplace could assist. Due to COVID, more disabled employees are now employed thanks to the shift to working from home or using a hybrid approach. Disability-related adults between the ages of 25 and 54 "are 3.5 percentage points more likely to be employed in Q2 2022 than they were pre-pandemic," according to the Economic Innovation Group (EIG). In comparison, non-disabled people continued to have a 1.1 percentage point lower likelihood of being employed. The coronavirus epidemic, which eliminated 500,000 jobs from the American workforce, and the Great Resignation, which began following the outbreak, are both factors in the current labor crisis. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, there would still be around 4 million unfilled positions even if every unemployed person found employment. Prior to COVID, 6.3% of people with disabilities and 5.9% of people without disabilities worked from home. Because it removes obstacles like driving to work and other locations that can be challenging to manage, working remotely boosts productivity for employees with impairments. She pointed out that perks like closed captioning, flexible working hours, medical breaks, and the use of one's own assistive equipment help employees produce the highest-quality work, boosting a company's financial success. Due to their unique perspectives and environments, these people really have an advantage over their non-disabled coworkers who aren't disabled. Hiring remote disabled workers could help close the labor gap, economist says by @tanyakaushal00 — Yahoo Finance (@YahooFinance) November 16, 2022 Missile that hit poland weighing on Asian stocks As investors sought more information on a potential Russian missile assault on Poland, Asian stock markets declined on Wednesday. However, anticipation that the Federal Reserve will hike interest rates more slowly helped to limit losses. As investors locked in a stellar three-day gain streak, Hong Kong stocks had the worst day, with the Hang Seng index down 1.1%. With recent increases, the Hang Seng has come very close to confirming a bull market rally from recent lows. Following reports that two individuals were killed by a Russian-made rocket in eastern Poland on Wednesday, risk-sensitive markets fell. If the attack was carried out by Russia, it would be the first time since Moscow invaded Ukraine that a NATO member had been attacked by Moscow (NATO). The action might also herald an escalation in the confrontation between Russia and Ukraine, especially in light of NATO involvement. However, early remarks from Moscow and Washington imply that such an outcome might not occur. *GLOBAL STOCKS SLIP IN CAUTIOUS TRADE AS MARKETS WEIGH POLAND MISSILE STRIKE — (@Investingcom) November 16, 2022 Sources:,,,

Many sued in FTX scandal, Elon Musk to reduce his time at Twitter, EU stocks edged higher on Thursday

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Summary: U.S cryptocurrency investors suing a number of celebrities in the FTX crash. Musk predicted on Wednesday that he would soon spend less time managing Twitter. European markets declined and US futures edged up. FTX scandal leaves celebrities sued FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried, as well as a number of celebrities who supported his exchange, such as NFL quarterback Tom Brady and comedian Larry David, were sued by U.S. cryptocurrency investors who claimed they used misleading tactics to sell FTX yield-bearing digital currency accounts. The FTX yield-bearing accounts, according to the proposed class action lawsuit filed on Tuesday night in Miami, were unregistered securities that were forcibly offered in the country. As a result of accusations that $10 billion in customer assets were transferred from FTX to Bankman-trading Fried's firm Alameda Research, FTX filed for bankruptcy and is now under investigation by American authorities. Reuters has been informed by sources that at least $1 billion in client cash are stolen. U.S. investors allegedly suffered losses of $11 billion when the cryptocurrency exchange failed due to liquidity issues, according to the lawsuit. David, the creator of "Seinfeld" and "Curb Your Enthusiasm," as well as 11 athletes and other celebrities who marketed FTX, are being sued for damages. Bankman-Fried is also being sued. The Golden State Warriors basketball franchise, tennis player Naomi Osaka, and Brady are all defendants in the lawsuit. Prior to now, investors and the US Securities and Exchange Commission have sued famous people for falsely endorsing cryptocurrencies. *TOM BRADY, GISELE BUNDCHEN, STEPH CURRY, AND LARRY DAVID AMONG CELEBS SUED OVER FTX 'PONZI SCHEME' - — (@Investingcom) November 17, 2022 Musk at twitter Elon Musk predicted on Wednesday that he would soon spend less time managing Twitter and find someone else to do so. The remarks were made by Musk as he testified in a Delaware court to refute allegations that his $56 billion compensation package at Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) was based on performance goals that were simple to meet. The Wall Street Journal claimed on Monday that Musk stated that his "workload has recently increased quite a lot" during a virtual appearance at the B20 business conference in Indonesia. "I have too much work on my plate, that is for sure," the CEO of Tesla, Twitter, SpaceX, and Boring Company said. Concerns about Musk's present workload have been raised by numerous Musk supporters. In a later tweet, he said he had "Tesla covered too. Will be there part of this week," after tweeting that he had been "at Twitter SF HQ all night. Will be working & sleeping here until org is restored." *ELON MUSK SAYS HE EXPECTS TO REDUCE TIME AT TWITTER AND FIND SOMEONE TO RUN THE COMPANY - — (@Investingcom) November 17, 2022 US stocks increased slightly on Thursday On Thursday, investors weighed conflicting economic statistics coming out of the world's largest economy and anticipated a significant budget speech in the UK. European markets declined and US futures edged up. Germany's Dax rose 0.2% while the regional Stoxx Europe 600 dipped 0.1%. The S&P 500 on Wall Street gained 0.1%, and the Nasdaq 100, which is heavily weighted toward technology, gained 0.2%. Ahead of UK chancellor Jeremy Hunt's anticipated announcement of a comprehensive package of spending cuts and tax increases intended to rein in inflation, mend the nation's shattered finances, and repair some of the reputational damage caused by his predecessor Kwasi Kwarteng's disastrous "mini" Budget in late September, London's FTSE index fell 0.5%. Data released on Wednesday revealed that on the strength of rising energy and food costs, UK inflation soared to a 41-year high in October, increasing to 11.1 percent from 10.1 percent in September. Even though figures indicate the UK has already entered a recession, the report increases pressure on the Bank of England to hike interest rates from their current level of 3% when it meets again in December. Sterling lost its early gains and fell 0.2% to $1.18 against the dollar. The actions follow an unexpected increase in US retail sales in October. European stocks nudge higher as investors digest economic data — Financial Times (@FT) November 17, 2022 Sources:,,
The Japanese Yen Retreats as USD/JPY Gains Momentum

Elon Musk seems to be determined in applying his ideas

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UK Retail sales show signs of improvement Retail sales in the UK rose by 0.6% in October compared to the expected 0.5% increase and previous 1.5% decline as British consumers managed to recover slightly despite rising inflation and the ongoing cost of living crisis. While this may appear to be a positive sign, there is still a long way to go before the economic picture begins to look brighter, particularly after yesterday's statement from Chancellor Jeremy Hunt referring to a recession. The pound is starting Friday's session attempting to hold onto some gains with GBPUSD pair testing the 1.19 area after pulling back to 1.175 yesterday. Meanwhile, the FTSE100 remains in the 7370 points area and it remains to be seen if it will be able to extend the upward move or fall further as investors continue to be uncertain. Read next: NVIDIA (NVDA) Q3 earnings results outperformed part of the markets forecasts| FXMAG.COM Twitter saga continues as offices close  Twitter's turbulent story continues after Elon Musk's company just announced the closing of its offices effective immediately until next week. The decision came as a surprise to many, including the employees who were told to comply with company policy. This adds further uncertainty and skepticism as to how the new owner intends to transform the business that took months to acquire while continuing to be a controversial figure. While Twitter stock is no longer available on the market, this is certainly an interesting situation as it could have ramifications and effects on the market as a whole with many holding varying opinions on the matter. In either case, it seems that Elon Musk is willing to take chances and act in unexpected ways if it means achieving his vision for Twitter even if it costs him employees.
The British Pound Is Showing Signs Of Exhaustion Of The Bullish Force

The price of Brent Crude oil dropped below $90, UK economic outlook, Qatar bans beer sales last minute

Rebecca Duthie Rebecca Duthie 18.11.2022 14:32
Summary: A worsening demand forecast is driving Brent crude oil down. UK living standards are expected to drop by the most in six decades. 48 hours before the Word Cup begins, Qatar banned the sale of beer in supporter zones. Brent Crude oil price drop below $90 A worsening demand forecast trumped supply-side worries as Brent crude futures traded below $90 per barrel on Friday and were expected to conclude the week more than 6 percent lower. In China, the world's top fuel importer, resurgent Covid outbreaks have crushed reopening hopes and muddied the demand outlook. There are still worries that major central banks' aggressive monetary tightening could push the world economy into a recession, which would harm demand for energy. President of the St. Louis Federal Reserve James Bullard recently warned that the federal funds rate might rise above what the market is currently pricing, to a range of 5 to 7 percent as authorities fight inflation. Though the European Union is poised to block Russian crude exports starting in December, and OPEC is anticipated to keep oil markets tight, traders remained wary of the supply outlook heading into the winter. Brent crude oil has dipped below $90 for the first time since October. — Yahoo Finance Plus (@yfinanceplus) November 17, 2022 UK chancellor Hunt “mini” budget The contrast between Chancellor Jeremy Hunt's Autumn Statement and his predecessor Kwasi Kwarteng's "mini" Budget was so stark that it appeared as though a new political party had taken office. Britain has gone from having the biggest tax cuts in 50 years to the strictest combination of revenue-raising and spending restraints in more than a decade in the span of eight weeks. The market response indicates that despite being backloaded, the £55 billion in budget cuts were successful in calming investors. The dismal prognosis that required the measures, however, was even more striking than the actual actions. Living standards are expected to drop by the most in six decades, and the economy won't recover to its pre-pandemic level until the end of 2024. Despite the stabilization of its finances, Britain's persistent development issues persist. In order to reassure investors that he was serious about budget contraction, the Conservative chancellor needed to take the right amount of action without frightening away his own backbenchers. Convincing investors that Hunt and the incoming PM Rishi Sunak are serious individuals came down to tone and presentation when restoring respect. Support for the Bank of England's efforts to fight inflation, as well as its independence and respect for the Office for Budget Responsibility, the government's watchdog, were correctly emphasized in the discourse. In essence, it makes political and economic sense to postpone the majority of the tightening until 2025 and achieve almost half of it through tax increases. A dismal outlook for the UK economy | opinion — Financial Times (@FT) November 17, 2022 Qatar banning beer suddenly Just 48 hours before the tournament starts, Qatar made a sudden U-turn on its alcohol policy and banned the sale of beer in supporter zones at World Cup stadiums. However, the Gulf state agreed to permit the sale of Budweiser, one of the World Cup's largest sponsors, in specific places outside the eight stadiums holding games. The Gulf state restricts the sale of alcohol to high-end hotels. But according to Fifa, after discussions between the host country authorities and Fifa, beer sales kiosks will no longer be present around stadium boundaries. There was a last-minute change of heart due to worries that Qataris would feel uncomfortable in locations where people were drinking for up to three hours before matches, according to persons briefed on the organizers' thinking. Alcoholic beverages are now restricted to stadium hospitality sections and specific Doha locations, like the Fifa Fan Festival, where a cup of beer costs nearly GBP12. Beer without alcohol will still be offered in stadiums. Fifa, which has a 30-year commercial agreement with Budweiser, finds the action insulting. Later on Friday, an announcement regarding the change in policy is anticipated. In a since-deleted tweet, Budweiser responded to the prohibition by writing, "Well, this is awkward". Qatar bans beer from World Cup fan zones — Financial Times (@FT) November 18, 2022 Sources:,,
Franc Records 11th Consecutive Daily Decline Against the Dollar as US Economic Concerns Mount

Peak of the USD may take a few more quarters, the rise in COVID-19 cases in China is weighing on US stocks, the use of space for security

Rebecca Duthie Rebecca Duthie 21.11.2022 16:10
Summary: The USD may take a couple more quarters to peak. COVID-19 flare-ups in China rekindled worries about slowing growth. Russia's invasion on the Ukraine is proving how important space is for security. USD peak may come in the coming quarters Goldman Sachs (GS) warned in a research report on Friday that investors eager to predict when the dollar should peak may need to wait a few more quarters. According to historical cycles, peaks in the dollar are often accompanied by a "trough in measures of U.S. and global growth" and a loosening Federal Reserve, according to Goldman. According to Goldman, a dollar top would still seem to be "several quarters away," and the bank expects the Fed to wait until 2024 before starting its easing program. It also stated that the U.S. economy is not projected to soon reach its low point. The U.S. investment bank observed that despite a number of significant rate hikes, high inflation and consistent U.S. economic growth have supported the dollar. Estimates of the cyclically neutral rate have risen as a result of the Fed's admission that the idea of a "restrictive" policy rate is a changing objective. In line with the Fed, Goldman economists now anticipate a longer hiking cycle and an even higher terminal rate. While the smaller G10 economies are more sensitive to higher rates or changes to policy rates due in part to the rise in variable rate mortgages, the euro area continues to face significant challenges from energy shortages. The U.S. economy, on the other hand, has a better outlook and might be less sensitive to higher rates, according to Goldman, which should support the dollar. *U.S. DOLLAR 'TRUE' PEAK STILL A COUPLE OF QUARTERS AWAY: GOLDMAN SACHS - $USD 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 — (@Investingcom) November 21, 2022 US stocks in the wake of a rise in COVID cases in China The major Wall Street indexes were expected to open lower on Monday as COVID-19 flare-ups in China rekindled worries about slowing growth. In contrast, Disney shares surged as investors praised Bob Iger's unexpected return to the top job. Beijing issued a warning that the pandemic was posing its most serious test yet, closing down businesses and schools in hard-hit areas and tightening entry regulations as infections grew both locally and nationally. In premarket trading, shares of American casino operators with operations in China fell between 3.3% and 5.8%. These operators include Wynn Resorts (NASDAQ:WYNN) Ltd, Las Vegas Sands (NYSE:LVS) Corp, MGM Resorts (NYSE:MGM) International, and Melco Resorts & Entertainment (NASDAQ:MLCO) Ltd. American Airlines (NASDAQ:AAL) Group Inc. and Norwegian Cruise Line (NYSE:NCLH) Holdings Ltd., two companies in the travel industry, experienced declines of 0.7% and 1.2%, respectively. In spite of this, a 9.7% increase in Walt Disney (NYSE:DIS) Co was expected to prevent further drops in the Dow Jones Industrial Average following Bob Iger's appointment as the company's new CEO. After some officials reaffirmed the commitment of the U.S. Federal Reserve to continue tightening monetary policy until inflation was under control on Wednesday, attention also turned to the release of the minutes from its November meeting. *U.S. STOCK FUTURES DECLINE AS CHINA COVID CASES RISE; DISNEY JUMPS ON CEO CHANGE - — (@Investingcom) November 21, 2022 Space and and security The horrific Russian invasion of Ukraine has demonstrated just how important space is to our security. An invasion was foreshadowed in January by GPS imagery showing Russian forces gathering at the Ukrainian border. Satellite connections have kept frontline troops in touch with their leaders throughout the whole conflict. In the meantime, Ukraine's use of GPS-guided Himar rocket launchers has helped tip the scales of battle in their favor by enabling them to locate and eliminate Russian artillery and ammunition depots well behind enemy lines. This is the first significant conflict in which space-based technologies have been heavily utilized by both sides. It won't be the final. Ukraine shows how space is now central to warfare | opinion — Financial Times (@FT) November 21, 2022 Sources:,,
Dr. Copper: Building a Foundation Amidst Commodity Challenges

Elon Musk net worth has dropped by 37% in 2022

Rebecca Duthie Rebecca Duthie 22.11.2022 19:46
Summary: Musk hasn't been the same since he lost his position at the $200 billion club. Tesla shares are being weighed down by Musk’s twitter takeover. Musk’s fortune is declining with Teslas share value He was the only member for more than ten months of the world's most exclusive financial club, which has never had more than two members present at once. Up until a few weeks ago, the CEO of Tesla - Get Free Report and owner of the microblogging website Twitter had been a frequent visitor there. The $200 billion club that is. Musk hasn't been the same since he lost his position there. If the eccentric visionary is still the richest man in the world, his money has been declining. According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Musk possessed a fortune of $170 billion as of Nov. 21. But this year, his net worth dropped by $101 billion, or 37%. Since Musk announced his takeover attempt on April 25, Tesla shares have dropped nearly 50% to $167.87, resulting in a $525 billion decline in market capitalization. Tesla shares have fallen 25% after the billionaire closed the Twitter transaction on October 27, representing a loss in market value of $180 billion in less than a month. The price of Tesla shares is down 52.4% overall for the year. Since Musk took on $13 billion in personal debt to fund the acquisition, his early moves at Twitter produced confusion, which made it even harder for him to turn the site profitable as soon as possible. He implemented waves of layoffs, issued a deadline to workers, and reactivated the account of former President Donald Trump, who had been blocked by the social network following the events of January 6, 2021 on Capitol Hill. Two-thirds of the staff, or 5,000 workers, left as a result of all this. The seasoned businessman recently said that since gaining control of Twitter, he had little time to sleep. The ongoing decrease in Tesla stock, which accounts for a sizable portion of Musk's wealth, is hurting him. Sources:,
The Bank Of England Has Warned That Negative Growth Will Extend All The Way

UK recession fears heighten as the economy shrinks and the Brexit divide deepens, U.S economy shrank in November

Rebecca Duthie Rebecca Duthie 23.11.2022 17:37
Summary: UK economic activity shrank for a fourth straight month. Pragmatists vs Zealots driving the Brexit divide. In November, the U.S. economy shrank for the fifth consecutive month. UK recession fears heighten With new orders declining at the highest rate in nearly two years, UK economic activity shrank for a fourth straight month, signaling a recession that is expected to endure longer than a year. The S&P Global/Cips UK flash composite purchasing managers' index, which monitors changes in manufacturing and services activity on a monthly basis, remained essentially steady in November at 48.3 compared to 48.2 in October. The reading for November was the fourth consecutive reading below the 50-point threshold, which denotes a majority of businesses reporting a contraction, despite being higher than the 47.5 forecast in a Reuters poll. Additionally, price pressures decreased in November, in part due to a decline in demand. This, according to Williamson, suggests that the Bank of England may begin to raise interest rates gradually over the next few months. Markets anticipate that the Monetary Policy Committee of the BoE will raise interest rates by 50 basis points rather than the 75 basis points that were announced on November 3 at its meeting. According to the study, Rishi Sunak's election as prime minister increased corporate confidence, but managers' attitudes were among the most depressing observed over the previous 25 years. UK economic activity shrinks as recession fears mount — Financial Times (@FT) November 23, 2022 UK government’s Brexit divide A top government official wonders in private about how to make Brexit work better for business and considers a "Swiss-style" arrangement. Tory hardliners start to denounce the move, and the prime minister immediately retracts his statement. Rishi Sunak had no other options. Even though he is a staunch supporter of Brexit and can say without irony, "exploit the economic opportunities of Brexit," his paranoid and discordant MPs continue to cast doubt on his commitment to the cause. The idea was more of a hazy medium-term desire to lower trade obstacles rather than a covert scheme. The Swiss model of selective access to the single market has a number of issues, not the least of which is that the EU despises it. Another is that the UK would still like to eliminate automatic adherence to EU regulations, oversight by the European Court of Justice, and free movement of persons. The third is that the EU is not overly concerned with altering the agreement. Failure to address the worst effects of Brexit helps those who want to undo the entire project, and this has become more urgent since the Truss government encouraged voters to link Brexit with the nation's economic woes. The true Brexit divide is now between pragmatists and hardliners — Financial Times (@FT) November 23, 2022 US economy shrank for the fifth-consecutive month in November In November, the U.S. economy shrank for the fifth consecutive month, with a measure of new orders falling to its lowest level in two and a half years as higher interest rates hampered demand. The manufacturing and services sectors are monitored by S&P Global's flash U.S. Composite PMI Output Index, which dropped to 46.3 this month from a final reading of 48.2 in October, the company reported on Wednesday. A reading below 50 indicates that the private sector is contracting. The Federal Reserve's most aggressive interest rate hike cycle since the 1980s, which aims to reduce inflation by stifling economic demand, has caused activity to decline. Due in part to declining demand, businesses were also boosting prices for their goods at the slowest rate in little over two years, with some companies reporting concessions and reductions to persuade clients to place orders. The decrease in price measurements is consistent with statistics released this month that shows a marked slowdown in producer and consumer inflation in October. U.S. business activity weakens further in November - S&P Global survey Global said its flash U.S. Composite PMI Output Index fell to 46.3 this month from a final reading of 48.2 in October. — Yahoo Finance (@YahooFinance) November 23, 2022 Sources:,,
Euro eyes Services PMIs

Twitter’s closure of Brussels headquarters raises concerns

Rebecca Duthie Rebecca Duthie 24.11.2022 15:52
Summary: Elon Musk shut down Twitter's entire Brussels headquarters. Concerns about whether twitter has the manpower to ensure adherence to local legislation. Twitter sparking online safety issues After a disagreement over how the social network's content should be regulated in the Union, Elon Musk shut down Twitter's entire Brussels headquarters. According to the Financial Times, Julia Mozer and Dario La Nasa, who were in charge of Twitter's digital policy in Europe, left the business last week. The executives were instrumental in getting the business to abide by the landmark EU Digital Services Act, which went into effect last week and established new guidelines for Big Tech companies to protect users' privacy online. At the beginning of the month, other executives had already left the tiny Brussels headquarters after Elon Musk cut the number of employees in the company in half, from 7,500 to about 3,750, in the weeks following his £38 billion takeover. The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX tweeted that "the bird is liberated" after completing his platform acquisition. Thierry Breton, a European commissioner, curtly reminded everyone of the EU's content-moderation standards shortly after that and said, "In Europe, the bird will fly by our rules." As he began a hiring push, Mr. Musk had previously stated that Twitter's recent round of layoffs would end this week. Twitter’s global legislation The departures from Brussels are indicative of a global trend that started in India and moved to France, where regional Twitter executives who held important positions dealing with government officials suddenly left the company in recent weeks as a result of sweeping layoffs. This has raised concerns about whether the business has the manpower to ensure adherence to local legislation intended to monitor internet material, raising the possibility of legal action and regulatory action against the business. Data showing a 5% annual decline in hate speech removals from Twitter was released by the European Commission on Thursday. These problems come as Musk's attempts to overhaul Twitter's operations have encountered difficulties, particularly with regard to the user identity verification process. Sources:,
EUR Under Pressure as July PMIs Signal Economic Contraction

Farmers In China Suffer From Covid Restrictions

Kamila Szypuła Kamila Szypuła 28.11.2022 11:53
The covid situation in China remains in the spotlight. The topic of interest rates is addressed this time from the point of view of an ordinary citizen, not economies and central banks. In this article: The impact of Covid restrictions in China on farmers Japan Software/IT Service Sector What to do with money with rising rates New user signups to Twitter Destroy crops Ole S Hansen tweets about the impact of Covid restrictions in China on farmers China’s strict Covid controls are leaving farmers with no option other than to destroy crops they can no longer sell, triggering concerns about food shortages and stirring outrage on social media via @markets — Ole S Hansen (@Ole_S_Hansen) November 28, 2022 The situation caused by the covid pandemic has significantly affected the codes of economies around the world. The recent spike in virus infections in China has prompted a strong response from the government, which has taken specific measures. From creating covid camps to strong restrictions. What is happening in the second world economy affects the situation on global markets and local markets. The author of the tweet emphasizes that this situation has a negative impact on farmers who are deprived of a market. Farmers, unable to sell and unable to store, decided to destroy the crops. Such actions will have an effect on food production, may increase imports and also directly increase costs for farmers themselves. Japan Software/IT Service Sector UBS tweets about Bank of Japan forecasts. What is the Bank of Japan’s outlook for the software sector? Find out the results of their short-term industry survey in our #UBSResearch report. #shareUBS. — UBS (@UBS) November 28, 2022 What is the Bank of Japan’s outlook for the software sector? The answer to that question is in this tweet. Investments do not have to take place in the financial markets. Investment is also an investment in development and science. We can expect Bank of Japan to plan investments in software. What to do with cash now? Morningstar Inc tweets about Christine Benz and Susan Dziubinski discussion about the best places to park your cash. A silver lining amid rising interest rates: Many savings vehicles now offer higher yields than they have in a long time.Watch as @christine_benz and Susan Dziubinski discuss the best places to park your cash while interest rates rise. — Morningstar, Inc. (@MorningstarInc) November 27, 2022 Fighting inflation is hard. Rising interest rates have a negative impact on the average citizen. Everyone tries to protect themselves financially, but in such situations it is difficult. Therefore, everyone decides to save as much as possible. It's important not to go overboard with cash savings, mainly because it's dead money when adjusted for inflation. An online savings account is a good option for those who are looking for a profit but need regular access to this money. Whether this option is the best can be found out from this tweet. 66% Up Reuters Business in its tweet recalls Musk's words. WATCH: Elon Musk said new user signups to Twitter were at an 'all time high,' averaging over two million per day in the last seven days as of November 16, up 66% compared to the same week last year — Reuters Business (@ReutersBiz) November 28, 2022 Ever since Elon Musk took over Twitter, there's been a lot of talk about it in the media. This time, information about new user signups to Twitter appeared in the media. They turned out to be high, which is why the new CEO boasts about it.
India’s Investing In Program For The Green Hydrogen Industry | Covid Situation In China Is Getting Serious

China stocks weighed down by COVID-19, shaky recession predictions, Goldman Sachs predictions for the U.S stock market

Rebecca Duthie Rebecca Duthie 28.11.2022 13:30
Summary: Since the start of the epidemic, China has struggled with its deadliest coronavirus outbreak. The argument that this recession will be "brief and shallow" risks complacency. The stock market had a poor year, and U.S. equities investors may not have much to look forward to in 2023. China’s latest COVID-19 outbreak Since the start of the epidemic, China has struggled with its deadliest coronavirus outbreak. Large-scale demonstrations have been provoked by the lockdowns Beijing ordered to stop the spread of disease. Market movements on Monday indicated escalating financial concerns due to political unpredictability. This past weekend saw protests start in a number of cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, and Wuhan. In Xinjiang, a fatal residential fire fueled protesters' rage against the government's policies. Party officials have been hesitant to import large quantities of foreign vaccines that are superior to the domestically produced Sinovac jab. Instead, they have turned to strict lockdowns. The effect on china’s stock market The commodities markets were initially affected by public unrest. Copper, iron ore, crude oil, and coal prices all increased last week's severe declines. This indicated a decline in demand from China, the biggest importer in the globe. Local stocks experienced a steep dip in early trading before partially recovering. The few equities that did increase made the situation even worse. One of the largest manufacturers of ventilators and oxygen inhalers, Jiangsu Yuyue Medical Equipment, increased by more than 5% on Monday, adding to gains of more than 50% over the previous six months. That was a reflection of the high infection rates and the anticipated demand for numerous additional hospital beds and intensive care units. Performance deviates from fundamentals when unpredictably political decisions are made in stock markets. Then, investors should hold off on adding more money and think about selling. That category has included Chinese tech firms for a while. Whether the Chinese market as a whole is becoming uninvestable is the current question. China: stocks becoming uninvestable amid lockdowns and protests | opinion — Financial Times (@FT) November 28, 2022 Recession complacency You would think that consensus forecasters would be more flexible in how they define the US recession they expect to occur in 2023 after the chastening delivered by last year's temporary inflation call. However, they assert with assurance that this recession will be "brief and shallow" and urge us once more to "see through" a significant development. There are concerns that this could be a repetition of the cognitive and behavioral fallacies that were present in the disastrous inflation call made last year, the effects of which we are still dealing with. The populace as a whole does not necessarily agree with what is true for the economy as a whole. The most vulnerable individuals and businesses have already depleted their funds, have fewer possibilities for employment and less access to low-cost financing. They have a negative influence on growth that is difficult for the wealthy to make up for. While inflation will decline over the coming months, rate stickiness of around 4% is likely to continue. There are numerous causes for this, including changes in wages, the evolving nature of globalization, the long-term effects of rewiring supply chains, and the energy transition. The consensus forecast on recession risks complacency — Financial Times (@FT) November 28, 2022 US Stocks as predicted by Golman Sachs The stock market had a poor year, and U.S. equities investors may not have much to look forward to in 2023, according to Goldman Sachs strategists. The analysts described a scenario in which there will likely be no change in the benchmark S&P 500 next year due to little earnings growth in Corporate America. The top investment bank on Wall Street forecasts that S&P 500 earnings per share will remain steady in 2023 at $224 and that the index will close the year at 4,000. The S&P 500's closing price on Friday was 4,026.12. The index's three-month target from Goldman is 3,600, down about 10% from where it was as of Friday's close, and its six-month target is somewhere around 3,900, down about 3%. The firm's ideal situation is for there to be no stock market gain. The S&P 500 could experience a "hard landing" in 2023 and drop to 3,150 in early '23, a 20% decline from current levels, if the Fed's interest rate hikes cause a sharp decline in the U.S. economy. Goldman Sachs sees stocks enduring 'less pain but also no gain' in 2023 by @alexandraandnyc — Yahoo Finance (@YahooFinance) November 28, 2022 Sources:,,
RBA Governor Announces Major Changes at RBA Board as US Inflation Expected to Decline

Limiting The Availability Of Elon Musk's App In The App Store Could Be A Significant Blow For Twitter

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Elon Musk wrote on the platform he owns: "Apple has mostly stopped advertising on Twitter. Do they hate free speech in America?" and "Apple has also threatened to withhold Twitter from its App Store, but won't tell us why". In response to presenter Liz Wheeler's tweet, he in turn announced: "I certainly hope it doesn't come to that, but yes, if there is no other choice, I will make an alternative phone." What can Tesla afford to do? Elon Musk is famous for accomplishing things that seem impossible. From launching rockets into space that still return to earth on their own, to creating the Starlink internet, to buying Twitter shares for more than $40 billion. Wouldit now actually challenge the iPhone maker? Let's try to come down to earth and compare the capabilities of the billionaire Tesla's biggest company (Tesla) and Apple (Apple). There is no denying the tremendous growth rate of the electric car manufacturer. The company's revenue growth was 55.9% year-on-year and operating profit rose by 84% in the same period. The manufacturer's net margin now stands at 14.95%, with an average of 7.5%. - according to Statista. The company additionally has as much as US$21.1 billion in cash and cash equivalents to spend on research and development. However, it seems that producing another smartphone with its own system (independent of Apple or Google) would not happen overnight. Therefore, even if the decision had already been taken, we would have seen the results, as with electric cars, after a few years. It seems that investors have recently become pessimistic about the future of Tesla's shares, which have fallen by more than 55% since their peaks. Source: Conotoxia MT5, Tesla, Weekly Apple still with no official response The company of the smartphone manufacturer, among others, has not yet issued an official response. However, it seems that the action limiting the availability of Elon Musk's app in the App Store could be due to the company's policy regarding the quality of Twitter's verified content. Excluding the app from access to iPhone users and reducing advertising spend on that platform could be a significant blow. According to ad management firm Pathmatics, Apple was the top advertiser on Twitter in the first quarter of this year, spending around US$48 million on advertising here, which accounted for around 4% of the company's total revenue. Source: Conotoxia MT5, Apple, Weekly Apple is currently the world's highest valued company with a capitalisation of US$2.25 trillion. It also boasts satisfactory results. Revenues are up 8% year-on-year and operating profit is up 4.66%. The company appears to be leveraging its competitive advantage with a high net margin of 25.31%. Meanwhile, according to the Gurufocus platform, the average for the technology sector is 19.6%. An additional advantage for the manufacturer with the bitten apple symbol is USD 48.3 billion in cash and cash equivalents. Looking at the data presented, it seems that creating a new smartphone that enters mass production, maintains standards and gains global popularity may be even more challenging than producing an electric car. Therefore, it seems possible that the conflict would be resolved in the coming weeks. Otherwise, Twitter could be the biggest casualty. Grzegorz Dróżdż, Junior Market Analyst of Conotoxia Ltd. (Conotoxia investment service) Materials, analysis and opinions contained, referenced or provided herein are intended solely for informational and educational purposes. Personal opinion of the author does not represent and should not be constructed as a statement or an investment advice made by Conotoxia Ltd. All indiscriminate reliance on illustrative or informational materials may lead to losses. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 75,21% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.
Twitter And Elon Musk Faced A Growing List Of Claims

Unconventional Measures Taken By Musk In Managing Twitter

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Elon Musk surprises once again with his actions against Twitter management. Investors are looking a little more positively at Europe, spurring a revival in the region's downward equities. Read next: The Australian Dollar Failed To Hold Its Gains, The Pound Strengthened Against The US Dollar| FXMAG.COM Sharing internal messages Elon Musk bought Twitter for $44 billion more than six weeks ago. Since then, there has been a lot of talk about his actions towards this social networking site. Employees faced weeks of unrest, including the firing of half of Twitter's staff and sudden decisions on product plans. Musk said he thinks of Twitter as a digital urban market. Since taking over the platform, he has pulled a few levers to ensure that the Twitter conversation is also about Twitter. One of Twitter Inc.'s top lawyers "was exited," part of the fallout from the billionaire's unusual efforts to release internal communications to criticize prior practices. On Tuesday, Musk's tweets linked the departure to a project he dubbed "Twitter Files" - a disclosure of internal communications he characterized as showing partisan decisions by the previous leadership to the benefit of Democrats, for example. The documents are being published as evidence of claims that major social media platforms are biased against the political right. Twitter's own researchers said in a report last year that the platform's algorithms boosted the voices of the political right in several countries, including the US. Musk said he gave journalists Matt Taibbi and Bari Weiss access to company documents in order to rebuild public trust in Twitter. Sharing internal messages with outside control is another example of unconventional measures taken by Musk in managing Twitter. Prior to Elon Musk's share of Twitter, the stock fell, but has been on the rise since then. Currently, the TWTR share price is 53.35. Positive sentiment The benchmark Euro Stoxx 50 index gained nearly 19% this quarter, putting it on track to achieve its best quarterly results. Sentiment has improved after a period of extreme pessimism towards Europe sparked by the invasion of Ukraine, the subsequent spike in energy prices and the highest inflation in decades. Investors and analysts say market sentiment is improving thanks to early signs of easing inflation in the eurozone and hopes that the fight for alternatives for Russian natural gas reduced the risk of an energy crisis this winter. Russia was the European Union's largest energy supplier, exposing the region to the upheavals caused by Western sanctions. Some of Europe's best-performing companies this quarter are in the industrials sector. These companies were among the hardest hit by gas supply disruptions and energy price spikes, with many companies temporarily closing factories or reducing production. France's Alstom SA shares rose 43% this quarter, while Siemens Energy AG shares in Germany rose 42%. Chart: Alstom SA Chart: Siemens Energy AG Source:,
Amazon, Google, Microsoft And Oracle Received A Cloud Deal From The Pentagon

Amazon, Google, Microsoft And Oracle Received A Cloud Deal From The Pentagon

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Using the cloud is better when there are multiple providers of remotely hosted infrastructure technology, as opposed to relying on one company according to the U.S. Defense Department. What's more, there is a lot of information about the Chinese economy, as well as about QFII.  Read next: Nigeria Bans Cash Withdrawal Higher Than 225$ To Encourage CBDC Use | FXMAG.COM In this article: Money Talks podcast Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor One of the greatest transformations in retail A cloud deal The potential impact of China’s reopening China is once again struggling with the problem of growing infections. To this end, they have closed their economy under the zero-covid policy. As the second largest economy in the world, it has a significant impact on smaller economies and markets. Recently, there has been information about the easing of restrictions, and thus the financial markets, especially those in Asia, have experienced a revival. In a podcast hosted by APAC Chief Economist Andrew Tilton, you can learn about other impacts of reopening the Chinese economy. Listen to our Chief APAC Economist Andrew Tilton discuss the potential impact of China’s reopening on this week’s Money Talks podcast from The Economist: — Goldman Sachs (@GoldmanSachs) December 8, 2022   Opening-up of China's qualified foreign institutional investor program Foreign financial institutions expect further reform and opening-up of China's qualified foreign institutional investor program. Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor (QFII) is a term used to describe a program launched by the Chinese government in 2002 that enables foreign institutional investors to gain direct access to trade “A-shares” of Chinese stocks, denominated in China's renminbi/yuan (RMB), on Chinese stock exchanges. Over the past 20 years, the number of participants in the program has expanded. Currently, the types of investments that can be traded under the QFII system include listed equities, government bonds, corporate bonds, convertible bonds, commodity futures and other financial instruments. With the development and changes in the markets, it is required to introduce references also in QFII. Deutsche Bank’s Li Zhan says that as China opens up its #QFII programme even more, it will help enrich the structure of China’s capital market. Read more: #SecuritiesServices @DBCorporateBank — Deutsche Bank (@DeutscheBank) December 8, 2022 One of the greatest transformations in retail Today, shoppers have much more choice in what they buy, how they buy and where. It still matters to belong to a given brand. Companies have to compete much more to get a customer. Walmart is now the world's largest retailer - with more than 10,000 stores in 24 countries - but its growth story continues. You can learn about the vision and goals of CEO Of Walmart from the conversation about which the author of the tweet writes. Walmart pulled off one of the greatest transformations in retail. Morgan Stanley speaks with CEO, Doug McMillon, about his vision for future growth. Watch the full episode at — Morgan Stanley (@MorganStanley) December 7, 2022 Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Oracle received a cloud-computing contract Of the four companies receiving cloud-computing contracts from the Pentagon. Last year, the Pentagon changed its approach, asking for bids from Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Oracle to meet its cloud needs. The purpose of this agreement is to provide the Department of Defense with globally available enterprise-wide cloud services across all security domains and classification levels. Having more than one cloud can make organizations more confident that they can withstand service disruptions caused by downtime. Correction: Google, Oracle, Amazon and Microsoft awarded Pentagon cloud deal of up to $9 billion combined — CNBC Now (@CNBCnow) December 8, 2022  
Bank of England: Falling Corporate Price Expectations May Signal Peak in Rate Hike Cycle

US Government Scientists Have Made A Breakthrough | Elon Musk And Shutting Down IP Addresses Of Known Bad Actors On Twitter

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A new week has begun and the markets already know it's going to be a busy week. With economic events, there was information about breakthrough scientists, in addition, topics that are observed from the place, i.e. the development of events in Ukraine, and in recent weeks, the subject of arousing a lot of emotions, i.e. Twitter management by Elon Musk. Read next: NASA’s Orion Spacecraft Splashed Down. Situation Of European Food Delivery| FXMAG.COM In this article: Clean power hopes The war in Ukraine news Twitter news US scientists boost clean power hopes This year has shown that nothing is certain. Countries dependent on Russia for energy are struggling with problems, an energy crisis. US government scientists have made a breakthrough in the quest for unlimited, zero-carbon energy by achieving a net energy gain in a fusion reaction for the first time. The breakthrough in the United States comes as the world grapples with high energy prices and the need to quickly phase out the burning of fossil fuels to prevent global average temperatures from reaching dangerous levels. Although many scientists believe that fusion power plants are still decades away, the potential of the technology is hard to ignore. Nuclear energy has recently become more popular. According to scientists, it can be cheaper, available to every country (not becoming dependent on others as in the case of gas), and also environmentally friendly. This breakthrough is only the beginning of the road, but it indicates that it may be closer than further. US scientists boost clean power hopes with fusion energy breakthrough | Financial Times — Bespoke (@bespokeinvest) December 11, 2022 Heavy losses reported among Russian mercenaries in Luhansk The war in Ukraine has been ongoing for 10 months. Fighting in eastern and southern Ukraine remains intense. Ukraine proves that it is not weak and continues to fight despite difficult conditions. Large parts of Ukraine continue to face power shortages over the weekend after successive Russian attacks on energy infrastructure. Heavy fighting in the east and south of the country continued uninterrupted as drone and missile attacks hit key energy infrastructure. Drone attack on Odessa left 1.5 million people without power. One Ukrainian official claimed over the weekend that Russian mercenaries belonging to the suspected "Wagner Group" suffered heavy casualties after Ukrainian forces attacked the hotel they used as their headquarters. There are no peace talks and no end to what Moscow describes as a "special military operation" in Europe's deadliest conflict since World War II. Russia's ostensible military goals of "liberating" eastern Ukraine and extending its control over the southern regions of Zaporizhia and Kherson are unlikely to succeed as recent events show. Heavy losses reported among Russian mercenaries in Luhansk; global leaders to discuss more sanctions — CNBC (@CNBC) December 12, 2022 Turning off the ip addresses of known "bad actors" on twitter Ever since Elon Musk took over Twitter, his name has been constantly in the news. His unique methods of managing the social network arouse a lot of emotions. Recently, there has been a lot of talk about "Twitter Files", i.e. The documents are being published as evidence of claims that major social media platforms are biased against the political right. The published post about turning off the ip addresses of known "bad actors" on twitter bots also has two sides. There are people who think that this action is pointless and restricts freedom of speech, but there is another side of this coin who believes it is a step in the right direction . MUSK SAYS "SHUTTING DOWN IP ADDRESSES OF KNOWN BAD ACTORS TODAY" ON BOTS ON TWITTER — *Walter Bloomberg (@DeItaone) December 11, 2022
Twitter And Elon Musk Faced A Growing List Of Claims

Elon Musk Has Reinstated The Twitter Accounts Of Several Journalists | According To Jim Cramer, Caterpillar Stocks, Illinois Tool Works And CSX Are Noteworthy

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With the end of the year, I look at what may happen in 2023. JP Morgan looks at finance from the economic side and what affects it, and Jim Cramer traditionally focuses on the stock market. In this article: Outlook Of 2023 by JP Morgan Jim Cramer’s look at stock market Elon Musk And Twitter Outlook 2023 Most of the things that could go wrong for investors happened in 2022, driven by high inflation, an aggressive cycle of interest rate hikes around the world, and the war in Ukraine. Remarkably, both stocks and bonds suffered heavy losses in 2022 – one of the worst years in the history of a balanced portfolio. Lower stock valuations and higher bond yields offer investors the most attractive entry point into a traditional portfolio in more than a decade. All this will be reflected in the new year. JP Morgan takes into account key economic and market factors in this year's forecast - the consequences of monetary policy tightening, the weakening of the global economy, market prices and valuation resets Higher rates. Weaker growth. Valuation resets. Explore what these key economic and market forces may mean for investors. — J.P. Morgan (@jpmorgan) December 16, 2022 Read next: Rise Of The Attractiveness Of Living In Cities – Urbanization| FXMAG.COM Jim Cramer’s look at stock market Jim Cramer looks at market action, this time specifically industrial stocks. The specialist looks at the situations of individual companies and assesses their attractiveness. His tips can be helpful for investors, especially those who are starting their adventure with this market. Jim Cramer on Friday identified three industrial stocks that he believes are worth owning next year “CAT has much more exposure to infrastructure, and I think they’ve got a boost from the oil and gas industry coming,” Cramer said. According to a specialist, companies such as Caterpillar, Illinois Tool Works and rail operator CSX are noteworthy. Here is why @JimCramer sees more upside ahead for Caterpillar in 2023. — Mad Money On CNBC (@MadMoneyOnCNBC) December 17, 2022 Elon Musk And Twitter For the past two months, Elon Musk's attention has been focused on the development of Twitter, which he purchased in late October. Since then, his activities on this social networking site have been watched with special attention. Not only on Twitter, but also after it. One such action was blocking the accounts of journalists. The suspensions stemmed from disagreements over a Twitter account called ElonJet that tracked Musk's private jet using publicly available information. On Wednesday, Twitter suspended the account and others that tracked private jets, despite Musk's earlier tweet saying he would not suspend ElonJet in the name of free speech. Soon after, Twitter changed its privacy policy to prohibit the sharing of "live location information." Then on Thursday night, several journalists, including those from the New York Times, CNN and the Washington Post, were suspended from Twitter without notice. The episode, which one high-profile security researcher called a "Thursday night massacre," is regarded by critics as new evidence that Musk considers himself a "free speech absolutist," eliminating speech and users he personally dislikes. Now it has been reported that Elon Musk has reinstated the Twitter accounts of several journalists who had been suspended for a day in connection with the controversy over publishing public data about the billionaire's plane. The reinstatement came after unprecedented suspensions prompted heavy criticism on Friday from government officials, advocacy groups and journalistic organizations in several parts of the world, with some saying the microblogging platform threatened press freedom. Elon Musk reinstated the Twitter accounts of several journalists that were suspended in a controversy over publishing public data about the billionaire' s plane — Reuters Business (@ReutersBiz) December 18, 2022
Now you can view Bitcoin and Ethereum (ETH) prices on Twitter

Now you can view Bitcoin and Ethereum (ETH) prices on Twitter

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Daily Top Mover — Mask Network (MASK)   U.S. equities whipsawed, reversing all their gains on Wednesday, with tech stocks such as Tesla and Nvidia being the loss leaders. No significant economic data were released overnight, while investors are waiting for the Personal Consumption Expenditure Price Index out on Friday. Meanwhile, the broader cryptocurrency market has experienced extraordinarily low volatilities recently, with Bitcoin and Ether moving sideways and up 0.1% and 0.74%, respectively, in the past 24 hours. The top mover for today, MASK, which registered an 8.7% increase in the past 24 hours, has clearly underperformed the market in the wake of its acquisition of Mastodon Server,     MASK is the native token of Mask Network, a software to allow users to encrypt their messages on Twitter and other Web2 social media platforms. Mask Network, founded in 2018, rose to fame following Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter. MASK was included in the Bluebird Index, which consists of tokens that may benefit from Twitter’s acquisition. On this note, Elon’s friendly attitude towards crypto and Web3 may likely lead to more integration in the future, spurring investors’ interest in the lesser-known MASK. Furthermore, Mask’s acquisition of, a server on the decentralized social media platform Mastodian, has likely contributed to the recent outperformance, as has 800k users, the vertical integration between Pawwo and Mask may create positive synergy.     Market Check   Check Out the Latest Prices, Charts, and Data for MASK/USDT!   Talk of the Town     Twitter has added Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) price indexes to its search function, allowing users to easily check the current prices of these two popular cryptocurrencies. This update was announced on Dec 22, 2022, by the Twitter Business account and is one of the latest moves by the social media platform to expand its crypto features on the platform. This function is not only limited to crypto, and users will also be able to see price support charts for other major listed assets. The social platform’s account also revealed that they would be refining their user experience and coverage of symbols in the coming weeks.    Check out what else is buzzing in the crypto scene today:   U.S. Senate introduces a new stablecoin bill. (Link)   Former Alameda Research CEO Caroline Ellison and FTX co-founder Gary Wang have pleaded guilty to criminal charges. Sam Bankman-Fried is now in FBI custody. (Link)   Brazil’s crypto regulation takes effect. (Link)   SEC Chair Gary Gensler claims the crypto crackdown is just getting started. (Link) Source: Bybit Blog | MASK Rises Following Pawoo's Aquisition; Twitter Expands Twitter Features
RBA Governor Announces Major Changes at RBA Board as US Inflation Expected to Decline

The First Technical Problems Of Twitter Under The Leadership Of Elon Musk, Tesla Shares Worst Of The Year

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The companies of a business magnate and investor Elon Musk have been struggling with problems lately. Tesla has a problem with listing on the stock exchange and Twitter with technical problems. Around 10,000 people reported Twitter going down Wednesday night. Twitter Twitter's performance has been under scrutiny since Musk completed his takeover of the company in late October. He then downsized the company's workforce, leading some former employees and outside observers to question whether the cutbacks would hamper Twitter's operations. Users who tried to log in via their desktop browsers on Wednesday received an error message. The Twitter Spaces tab, which allows users to join real-time conversations with others, also did not work on the platform's mobile app version. Other aspects of the Twitter app seemed to work well for users, including the ability to tweet. The problems were solved after about two hours. Musk, when asked on Twitter if there had been a service disruption, tweeted "It's working for me." It wasn't clear from which Twitter function Musk sent the message. Twitter, like many online platforms, has had occasional outages in the past due to technical glitches, including one in July. The outage occurs amidst a brawl between Twitter and Elon Musk, the world's richest man. Internet outages are quite common and have affected many tech companies over the years, although the length of the outages can vary greatly. They can affect people's ability to do business or connect with friends and family. Twitter shares hold their level above 50.0. Thus, they have the best month of the year. Read next: The US Will Require PCR Testing For Travelers From China, BRF Agree To Pay $111 Million To The Government| FXMAG.COM Tesla Elon Musk's electric vehicle maker is nearing its worst December stock performance and endured a seven-day streak after Tuesday's close. It was Tesla's longest streak since September 2018, when the company struggled to get its new Model 3 into the hands of customers. Tesla has lost almost a third of its value in the past seven days of losses, returning to August 2020 levels. The stock rebounded slightly on Wednesday, closing 3.3% higher. Musk Twitter call Spaces signaled that he would not be selling any Tesla stock for at least 18 to 24 months. The chief executive has liquidated more than $39 billion in the company's stock since the stock peaked in November 2021. The billionaire's comments on Twitter Spaces were among his most expansive responses to Tesla investor concerns that he had been distracted since he bought Twitter in October in a $44 billion deal. Tesla shares have fallen more than 60% this year, underperforming the broader market. Some of Musk's actions on Twitter and his political comments on the platform have raised concerns that Tesla's brand could suffer. The company's image has deteriorated in recent months, in part because of Musk's Twitter involvement, according to brand surveys. The Tesla boss also said the car company will continue to invest as part of its growth plans. He said the company was "close to choosing a location for its next Gigafactory", without giving details. He said Tesla also plans to start refining lithium for batteries at its Corpus Christi, Texas facility in about two years to help the electric vehicle maker meet demand for materials needed for power cells. As mentioned above, Tesla shares are the worst of the year. Such low levels of the electric car manufacturer has been recorded since 2020. Source:,
Twitter And Elon Musk Faced A Growing List Of Claims

Twitter Did Not Pay $136,260 Rent, Microsoft Reported Its Worst Quarterly Results In Years

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Twitter has been struggling with new problems since the beginning of the year. This time he was accused of not paying the rent. Other tech companies are also having problems. 2022 was not the best year for Meta or Mircrosoft stocks. Twitter has another problem While Elon Musk has been working to cut costs on Twitter since he took over the company in October. More problems arise. Recently there has been an inflromation that the social platform will experience technical difficulties in using the computer version. Today there was information about financial problems. The owner, Columbia Reit-650 California LLC, says the social media company failed to pay $136,260 in owed rent for office space at 650 California St. The lawsuit alleging breach of contract was filed in the California Supreme Court in San Francisco. Other companies, including a software provider and a transportation company, have also sued Twitter in recent weeks in an effort to recover overdue payments. Can this prove that under the leadership of a businessman, Twitter is struggling with serious financial problems. What's more, according to Twitter data, hasn't booked an annual profit since 2019. Even though the new year has brought some shocking news about Twitter, its shares are above 50 and thus are the highest. Read next: Walmart Has Ambitions To Become An E-Commerce Leader| FXMAG.COM It was a tough time for tech stocks The future outlook is an important aspect when buying stocks, especially if you are an investor looking for growth in your portfolio. For most of the past decade, investors have focused on high-growth tech stocks whose strong year-over-year returns have convinced them they have no choice but to grow. Soaring stocks like Facebook's parent company Meta Platforms Inc., Inc., Apple Inc., Netflix Inc. and owner of Google Alphabet Inc. caused the major indices to hit dozens of new highs. The trade has become so popular that it has its own acronym: FAANG. Meta dropped 64% in 2022; Netflix dropped 51%; the other three shares fell at least 27%. Together, FAANG shares have lost more than $3 trillion in market value, helping to pull the wider stock market down with it. As consumers and businesses tighten their belts to prepare for a potential recession, tech companies that seemed immune to the economic woes of the pandemic have seen their revenues plummet. Companies like Microsoft reported their worst quarterly results in years. Amazon and Meta announced layoffs. When interest rates were close to zero, investors were more willing to pay for growth stocks and risky assets in search of higher returns. However, with the Fed raising interest rates at the fastest pace since the 1980s, the market environment began to favor investments, which now generate cash for the holder. Even after tech stocks ran out last year, the sector still looks expensive compared to the wider market. Although the tech stock market has not been positive lately, MSFT prices have kept their prices above 200. The second half of last year was quite weak for this company's stock and mostly in a downtrend, but prices remained mostly above 225. MSFT share price Meta shares also had their worst period recently, with the price mostly staying around 120. Meta share price Source:,
Tesla Is Expected A Temporary Rally

New Record For Electric Car Manufacturer - Tesla Deliveries Increased By 40% Year-On-Year

Kamila Szypuła Kamila Szypuła 03.01.2023 11:58
Tesla survived a difficult year, losing about $ 675 billion in market valuation. Car sales The company expected to "sell every car we make as far in the future as possible," Musk said as Tesla posted a near-record quarterly profit. Elon Musk's electric vehicle maker said Monday it delivered about 1.31 million vehicles last year, about 40% more than in 2021. The company would need to deliver more than 1.4 million vehicles to meet its initial target of increasing deliveries by 50% or more. From analyst estimates compiled by FactSet, as of December 31, 2022, Wall Street expected Tesla to report deliveries of around 427,000 in the final quarter of the year. Estimates updated in December and included in the FactSet consensus ranged from 409,000 to 433,000. Tesla said changes to manufacturing and distribution practices to help lower vehicle costs led to more cars in transit at the end of the quarter. Tesla car prices Strong vehicle prices helped Tesla generate nearly $3.3 billion in quarterly profit for the three months ended September, beating the expectations of analysts surveyed by FactSet. That's not much compared to the company's record quarterly profit of over $3.3 billion, set in the first quarter. Tesla has repeatedly raised the price of its vehicles as parts have become more expensive and new cars hard to come by due to supply chain bottlenecks. Tesla cars averaged about $57,000 in the third quarter, up from about $49,000 a year earlier, analysts polled by FactSet estimated, boosting company revenue and mitigating lower-than-expected third-quarter deliveries. Moreover, the automaker may have to cut vehicle prices by $1,800 to $4,500 from Q3 2022 levels. Shareholders Musk, Tesla's largest shareholder, sold over $15 billion in Tesla stock this year, indicating that at least some of the proceeds will be used to fund his $44 billion Twitter deal. Some investors fear he may have to sell more to close the deal. The billionaire entrepreneur said the company's board of directors is considering the idea of buying back Tesla shares and it is likely that the company will pursue a "significant buyout". He put forward the idea of a buyout of around $5 billion to $10 billion in 2023. Read next: The Korea Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) Will Impose A Fine Of $2.2 Million On Tesla Inc| FXMAG.COM Problems The company idled its car factory in Shanghai on multiple occasions, early on because of local pandemic restrictions, then again in December as it faced a wave of Covid-19 infections among workers and suppliers. In October, Musk characterized Tesla as "recession-proof", saying, "We're going to pedal to the metal whether it's raining or shining. So we're not reducing our production in any significant way, whether in a recession or not." But now, Musk suggested exacly last month that the higher interest-rate environment was hurting vehicle demand. In a year-end sales push, Tesla offered discounts to many buyers who agreed to take delivery of vehicles before January. Demand problems will continue until Tesla introduces a cheaper vehicle in large numbers, which is not on the horizon any time soon. Tesla share price Shares have been falling since December 9. The biggest decrease in the month and the beginning of the year was recorded on December 27, 110, at the level of 109.10. It then surged to above 120. The new year started with Tesla stock price below 120 (118.93). So the trade will be on the tenth day around 120. Source:,
Lagarde's Dilemma: Balancing Eurozone's Slowdown and Inflation Pressure

Who is David Einhorn? His fund gained over 35% in 2022 regaining its losses. Twitter, Greenbrick Partners and more – let's have a look at Einhorn's portfolio

Pawel Zapolski Pawel Zapolski 10.01.2023 13:52
One year was enough for David Einhorn's Greenlight Capital fund, incurred since 2015, to recover. David Einhorn was once called young Warren Buffett . He had a great start to his career, but then things went wrong. However, 2022 will be successful. He made money on Twitter and the bear market Einhorn Fund Greenlight Capital in 2022 earned - despite the slump on the stock exchanges - as much as 36.6%. In this way, he made up for the losses he suffered after 2015. Then it was time to buy growth companies, and the value companies in which Einhorn invests stood still. In 2015, the fund unit lost 20.4% on valuation, and in 2018 as much as 34%. In January 2022, Einhorn took a defensive stance, which he informed about in letters to investors. And thus he showed an extraordinary investment nose. What does David Einhorn currently have in his wallet ? The state of his portfolio at the end of September 2022 is known. The value of assets reached USD 1.4 billion, and the 10 largest positions accounted for 78.46%. By far the largest item in his portfolio was the shares of Green Brick Partners - a developer operating mainly in Texas. He certainly made a lot of money from Twitter shares - he took a position at an average price of $37 per share, Elon Musk bought all the shares at $54.20. Top 10 items in D. Einhorn 's portfolio Source : Who is David M. Einhorn? Einhorn is one of the most followed investors on Wall Street due to his bold moves and deep knowledge of value investing. According to Forbes, the value of his fortune is USD 1.4 billion (at its peak, in March 2015, it was USD 1.9 billion). The founder of Greenlight Capital was born in New Jersey and moved to Wisconsin with his family at a young age. After graduating from Nicolet High School in Glendale , Wisconsin in 1987, he graduated from Cornell University in 1991. Read next: Global stocks lost over 18% in 2022, Barclays Global Aggregate Bond Index decreased by 14% | FXMAG.COM At the age of 27, Einhorn founded Greenlight Capital. He had $900,000 from family and friends to start with. The fund is known for its value-oriented long-short investments and has had great success with short selling positions. Einhorn rose to fame in 2002 when he successfully challenged the accounting practices of a mid-cap finance company called Allied Capital and exposed his short position on its shares. A five-year investigation by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) confirmed Einhorn 's position and revealed that Allied had indeed violated accounting standards related to securities law and the valuation of illiquid instruments. After this event, Einhorn wrote the book Fooling in 2010 Some of the People All of the Time ", in which he revealed every minute detail about the Allied case. Another success for Einhorn was the shorting of Lehman Brothers shares in July 2007 based on the company's high exposure to the real estate market. While questioning Lehman Brothers ' accounting practices , Einhorn also found inaccuracies in their financial statements. He went short in April 2008, and Lehman filed for bankruptcy a few months later. There are also dark pages in Einhorn's career. In 2012, Einhorn was fined £7.2 million by the UK securities watchdog FSA for engaging in market manipulation.
Earnings season: Tesla stock price slipped after yesterday's news. The best selling car in Q1 was Model Y

Elon Musk Was Found Not Guilty In The Tweets Case

Kamila Szypuła Kamila Szypuła 05.02.2023 18:52
Elon Musk is popular not only because of Tesla or recently Twitter, but also because of the events that concern him. Musk, together with his company SpaceX, is trying to create a rocket for interplanetary travel, and in the meantime, another of his companies - Tesla - is found not guilty. In this article: Starship is a future Musk and tweets case Cryptocurrency regulation is coming Starship is a future Visions of the future of humanity beyond the Change appeared as early as the 1980s. With progress, it seems that humanity is on the verge of achieving this goal. That's why SpaceX created Starship. Elon Musk is known for such visions, and has opined that the "holy grail" in making human life multiplanet lies in our ability to create a completely reusable rocket. System that can carry vast amounts of equipment, supplies - and people - deep into space. The Starship project can be attractive to investors. Some experts have estimated that if SpaceX succeeds with Starship along with Starlink's global satellite internet venture, the company's valuation could soar into the trillions of dollars. In addition to a success for the company, it may also be a success for the future of space travel. Here's why Starship is indispensable for the future of SpaceX. Watch the video to learn more. — CNBC (@CNBC) February 5, 2023 Read next: Difficult Decision Ahead Of The RBA, The Market Expects A 25bp Rate Hike| FXMAG.COM Musk and tweets case The topic of Elon Musk does not go away. Musk's attention has been split between Tesla, his rocket company SpaceX and now Twitter in recent months. Tesla investors have expressed concerns that running the social media company has taken up too much of his attention. Beyond visions of the future at SpaceX, Musk has struggled with a lawsuit over his sometimes impulsive use of Twitter, the social media company he bought for $44 billion in October. Tesla shareholders said Musk misled them when he tweeted on August 7, 2018 that he was considering buying the company at $420 a share, which is a premium. A US jury on Friday found that Tesla CEO Elon Musk and his company were not responsible for misleading investors. Plaintiffs sought billions of dollars in damages, and the decision was also seen as important to Musk himself, who often expresses his views on Twitter. 'Thank goodness, the wisdom of the people has prevailed,' Elon Musk tweeted, adding that he was 'deeply appreciative' of a U.S. jury's decision that Musk and Tesla were not liable for his 'funding secured' tweets from 2018 — Reuters Business (@ReutersBiz) February 5, 2023 Cryptocurrency regulation is coming After countless outbursts, scams, and manipulations throughout 2022, 2023 will be the year of cryptocurrency regulation in the US. It meant it was time to hold the American public accountable and push for sensible regulation. What's more, there is a lot of interest and demand for it, but will the regulation of cryptocurrencies in the US be reasonable? What can you confess? How will the market and other countries react? #Crypto regulation in the U.S. is like having spicy Mexican food: you know something bad's coming soon, but you don't want to think about it now. 😉 — CoinMarketCap (@CoinMarketCap) February 5, 2023
Visa is experimenting on Ethereum's Goerli testnet, Tether to purchase bitcoin

Twitter getting closer to digital payments support. Indonesia's Ministry of Trade may roll out a national crypto exchange Accelerate the... Accelerate the... 06.02.2023 14:07
Cronos Labs opens applications for second cohort of the Cronos Accelerator Program. Indonesia’s Ministry of Trade to roll out a national crypto exchange. Ethereum launches test network, Zhejiang, for staked ETH withdrawal testing. Weekly Market Index Last week’s crypto market prices were flat at -0.97%. Volume dropped slightly by -1.79% and volatility increased by +50.83%.     Weekly Performance Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) were down -3.2% and -0.5% in the past seven days, respectively. Shiba Inu (SHIB) was the top performer among selected top-cap tokens. The team behind Shiba Inu recently announced the upcoming beta release of Shibarium, a layer-2 network that will operate on top of Ethereum. Read next: Adani Group Company's Crisis Is Gaining Momentum, Finland Is The Happiest Country| FXMAG.COM     News Highlights Blockchain startup accelerator Cronos Labs announced the opening of applications for its second cohort of the US$100 million-backed Cronos Accelerator Program. The program aims to provide selected projects with upfront seed funding of US$30,000 in addition to mentoring, masterclasses, and support from industry experts. The U.S. Federal Reserve raised target interest rates by 0.25% to the 4.50% to 4.75% range, in line with market expectations. Indonesia’s Ministry of Trade is reportedly aiming to roll out a national crypto exchange by June this year. This exchange would act as a clearing house and custodian in the local crypto market. Ethereum developers opened a new test network called “Zhejiang,” where users can start testing staked ether withdrawals, which will be included in the protocol’s upcoming “Shanghai” upgrade. Twitter has started applying for licenses in the United States to allow the social media giant to support digital payments. Currently, the main focus revolves around enabling fiat payments, although anticipation for crypto functionality is building. Recent Research Reports AI-Generated Content and Applications in Web3: Artificial Intelligence-Generated Content (AIGC) has taken the world by storm recently, with popular applications like ChatGPT and DALL-E. We analyse its potential applications in Web3. Crypto Market Sizing Report: Global crypto owners reached 425 million by the end of 2022. Bitcoin and Ethereum owners grew by 20% and 263%, respectively. 2022 Year Review & 2023 Year Ahead: 2022 has been a ride for the crypto industry. In this report, we curate the top ten crypto events and trends of 2022, followed by our outlook for 2023. Catalyst Calendar             Disclaimer: The information in this report is provided as general market commentary by and its affiliates, and does not constitute any financial, investment, legal, tax, or any other advice. This report is not intended to offer or recommend any access to products and/or services. While we endeavour to publish and maintain accurate information, we do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information in this report nor do we adopt nor endorse, nor are we responsible for, the accuracy or reliability of any information submitted by other parties. This report is not directed or intended for distribution to, or use by, any person or entity who is a citizen or resident of, or located in a jurisdiction, where such distribution or use would be contrary to applicable law or that would subject and/or its affiliates to any registration or licensing requirement. The brands and the logos appearing in this report are registered trademarks of their respective owners. Author Research and Insights Team Get fresh market updates delivered straight to your inbox: Subscribe to newsletters   Be the first to hear about new insights: Follow us on Twitter Tags CRYPTO RESEARCH CRYPTOCURRENCIES MARKET Source: Crypto Market Pulse (06/02/2023)
TikTok Bans Are Gathering Momentum In The US

Twitter Co-Founder Jack Dorsey Comments New Twitter's Owner

Kamila Szypuła Kamila Szypuła 10.02.2023 10:13
When hours of technical glitches occurred on Twitter on Wednesday, Dorsey expressed frustration on Nostr. Dorsey's comments Dorsey has been posting frequently in Nostr. Twitter Inc. co-founder Jack Dorsey has joined a new social network and is using it to target Twitter's new owner Elon Musk. “Used to be when anything went down, people went to Twitter to talk about it. Now look,”. Dorsey posted on his Nostr profile, which is identifiable by information he posted on his Twitter bio. He added later: “Twitter went from real time to 1 minute delay,” an apparent reference to a glitch that briefly prevented users from tweeting normally but allowed scheduling a tweet to post later. Dorsey's comments are notable as the two businessmen appear to have had a friendly relationship, with Dorsey initially rooting for Musk's takeover. Dorsey has largely not publicly criticized Musk's tenure on Twitter. He only tweeted critically about the renaming of Twitter's fact-checking feature to Community Notes, which Dorsey said was "the most boring Facebook name ever" from Birdwatch. Last year, Dorsey tried to facilitate Musk's takeover of Twitter, according to court documents released as part of a lawsuit over a planned billionaire takeover. Documents show that Dorsey exchanged text messages with Musk and helped arrange a phone call between Musk and Parag Agrawal, who was Twitter's chief executive at the time. Nostra and more Dorsey Nostr's interest is consistent with his recent statements about making social media more decentralized and immune to what he called corporate and government control. In a December blog post, Dorsey said he blamed himself for giving Twitter too much power to regulate speech. Nostr is not the only project recently promoted by Dorsey. He said in a December blog post that he plans to donate $1 million a year to Signal, a messaging app, and will be giving grants to projects focused on open internet and protocol work. Twitter share price Twitter shares have recently gone up and closed at $53.70, Read next: Credit Suisse Reported Its Biggest Annual Loss Since The 2008, Ukrainian President Is Asking For Help And More Weapons In Brussels| FXMAG.COM Ford Ford CEO Jim Farley said in a virtual meeting at City Hall on Thursday morning that he was working to simplify targets and performance metrics for employees, according to those present. Farley told the meeting that tackling broader issues at Ford could not be done on one level and that clearer ways were needed to help individual employees understand what they needed. do to contribute to the overarching objectives of the car manufacturer. Directors said supply chain issues and structural inefficiencies continued to hold back the company's progress. Executives said last week that the automaker plans to tighten its belt more this year and wants to cut costs by more than $3 billion, which it previously tried to cut by mid-decade. Farley also pointed to vehicle quality issues that cost Ford warranty claims and recalls, and said that in some areas the company was employing too many people for the number of cars it produced. In an attempt to streamline the business, Ford laid off thousands of white-collar workers last year, and Ford's chief financial officer, John Lawler, signaled last week in a pay talk that more job cuts could follow. Ford also shut down its Argo AI autonomous driving venture last year, a project that was initiated years ago by another CEO. Ford share price At the beginning of this week, Ford shares fell to 13.14, but in the following days they rose slightly and are now trading at 13.49. Source:,
Twitter And Elon Musk Faced A Growing List Of Claims

Twitter And Elon Musk Face A Growing List Of Claims

Kamila Szypuła Kamila Szypuła 20.02.2023 10:54
Tesla and Twitter CEO Elon Musk is struggling with more problems. From the side of Twitter with financial arrears, and from the side of Tesla - from the driver assistance system. List of claims Ever since Elon Musk took over, Twitter Inc. faced a growing list of claims. Owners, consultants and retailers have sought payment in at least nine lawsuits in recent months, with their complaints totaling more than $14 million plus interest. Among the alleged overdue notifications is an invoice for nearly $7,000 for a "gift box for Elon" ordered by Twitter's marketing department days before the $44 billion deal closed on October 27. Twitter obligation Twitter, which is now private, no longer publicly discloses its financial details. The company said last year it owed $239 million mostly for office space and data center facilities in 2023. In a January lawsuit, Canary LLC, a marketing firm that specializes in making items embellished with logos that are ubiquitous among Silicon Valley tech companies, alleged that Twitter owed nearly $400,000 for various Twitter-branded merchandise. Career on Twitter  Musk's pre-Twitter career involved navigating near financial doom, including Tesla Inc. who almost ran out of money. It overcame previous financial challenges by partly putting pressure on suppliers and vendors while saving cash was paramount. Musk inherited the bills when he took over more than three months ago and quickly introduced a more austere spending style as part of his trademark intensity. Twitter has undergone dramatic changes since late October as Musk raced to rework the company's product, which has suffered financial losses and cost-cutting from advertiser withdrawals and transaction-related debt costs. He cut staff sharply and countered spending tweets, including $13 million a year for employee meals at company headquarters. Early on, Musk complained that the company was losing more than $4 million a day and hinted bankruptcy was possible. Since then, he said the company is making progress. Read next: Meta Introduces Paid Verification Subscription Service| FXMAG.COM Twitter share price Twitter shares are trading at $53.70 Tesla Tesla, where Musk is also chief executive, worried its suppliers in 2018 as it struggled to ramp up production of the Model 3 compact car. During this time, the company extended payment terms from 60 days to 90 days. Tesla critical accident US auto safety regulators have stepped up investigations into accidents at the scene involving Tesla. A Tesla driver crashed into a Contra Costa County Fire Protection District truck that was parked in two lanes to block traffic while police officers assisted in towing the vehicle. A Tesla spokeswoman said the Tesla driver died at the scene. A passenger in the Tesla was transported to the hospital in critical condition. The condition of this person could not be immediately determined. The cause of the crash is still being investigated. It is unknown if the vehicle had Tesla's advanced driver assistance systems, known as Autopilot, activated at the time of the accident. Autopilot may be a problem The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the auto industry's primary regulator, has been investigating Tesla's advanced driver assistance system for more than a year after multiple crashes in emergency scenes. The NHTSA said Thursday that some Teslas may in rare circumstances violate local traffic laws, potentially increasing the risk of a collision if the driver does not intervene. The agency said it informed Tesla late last month of potential concerns about the system's characteristics specific to certain road environments. Autopilot is designed to help drivers with tasks such as steering and keeping a safe distance from other vehicles on the road. The electric car maker said features like Autopilot are meant to be used by a fully attentive driver. Tesla share price After Tesla's stock fell to 202.41, it bounced back to 208.31. Source:,
Pfizer Is In The Early Stages Of An Acquisition Of Biotech Company Seagen, Twitter's Staff Has Shrunk Since Elon Musk Took Over

Pfizer Is In The Early Stages Of An Acquisition Of Biotech Company Seagen, Twitter's Staff Has Shrunk Since Elon Musk Took Over

Kamila Szypuła Kamila Szypuła 27.02.2023 09:26
After talks between Seagen and Merck & Co fail, Pfizer tries to acquire Seagen. Musk is cutting jobs and other costs at the social media company, which has suffered financial losses since it acquired Twitter in a $44 billion deal in late October. Pfizer and Seagen Pfizer is in talks to acquire Seagen. Talks are in the early stages and there is no guarantee there will be an agreement, people said. A number of hurdles would need to be overcome, including the ability to carry out a rigorous antitrust assessment of each proposal. If a deal were to be struck, it would be a big one: Seagen has a market value of around $30 billion and is expected to earn a premium on top of that. Benefits for Pfizer The deal would help Pfizer, one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies with $100 billion in sales last year, add a class of agents to its cancer drug portfolio that has shown promise in so-called immunotherapies against some of the most common cancers. It could also help Pfizer offset the $17 billion in sales the company predicts it could lose due to patent lapses by 2030. Pfizer has set a goal of adding $25 billion in revenue by the end of the decade from business development activities, including acquisitions. Seagen had nearly $2 billion in sales last year. Read next: The Effect Of Shifting The Aggregate Demand Curve - Demand Shocks| FXMAG.COM Pfizer's situation New York Pfizer is full of cash. The drugmaker makes about $22.7 billion from sales of its Covid-19 vaccines, drugs, and other products. Last year, Pfizer acquired sickle drug maker Global Blood Therapeutics Inc. for over $5 billion, and the rest Biohaven Pharmaceutical Holdings Co. for over $10 billion. Seagen and Merck & Co Seagen was in advanced talks last year for a takeover by Merck & Co., in a deal that would be worth $40 billion or more, The Wall Street Journal reported at the time, but the two sides failed to reach an agreement. Pfizer share price After reaching 54.48 in mid-December last year, Pfizer's share price dropped significantly. Stock prices recently closed at 41.75. Seagen share price Seagen shares rose to 162.53 after Feb. 10, then fell. After another slight increase, stock prices closed at 161.37. Twitter’s layoff Twitter Inc. carried out another round of job cuts over the weekend, the latest among thousands of staff cuts under new owner Elon Musk. The cuts come as billionaire Mr. Musk makes sweeping changes to the platform, including lowering costs, releasing new features and changing content moderation policies. Musk said in November that the layoffs were necessary because Twitter was losing more than $4 million a day. Around this time, many major advertisers stopped spending on the platform. Major changes Elon Musk adds and enhances Twitter Inc platform features. at a rapid pace since the acquisition . Significant changes so far include Twitter Blue's new subscription service and a new version of the algorithm-driven feed, renamed TikTok "For You," which recommends content to users beyond the accounts they follow. Other changes include allowing US subscribers to write tweets of up to 4,000 characters; golden checkmarks for corporate accounts and gray checkmarks for government accounts, and closing popular third-party apps such as Tweetbot and Twitterrific, which some users have used to get other features not offered by the typical Twitter platform. Twitter has added a view count to tweets, which Musk said helps users know their tweets are being seen. Source:,
TikTok Bans Are Gathering Momentum In The US

Twitter Employees Are Overburdened As Elon Musk Tries To Run Twitter With Fewer Staff

Kamila Szypuła Kamila Szypuła 02.03.2023 10:30
Across the tech industry and many other companies, companies are trying to do more with less. Tech companies that have laid off recently include Google Alphabet Inc., Meta Platforms Inc. and Salesforce Inc. More layoffs Elon Musk tries to run Twitter Inc. with fewer and fewer staff the company handled when it took over. Silicon Valley is watching to see if he succeeds. Twitter's staff fell to around 2,000 from close to 8,000. It carried out more layoffs over the weekend. There is a difference between running Twitter with 2,000 people now and running it with 2,000 people in 2013 or earlier, said Jason Goldman, one of Twitter's early executives who served on its board from 2007 to 2010. Some of the bigger tech giants have cut more jobs in terms of total numbers, but Twitter's cuts, as a percentage of staff, are staggering by comparison. Twitter's workforce is the smallest in a decade and below the 2,712 employees it had in 2013 when it went public. Other employees said they were trying to replace laid-off colleagues and were tasked with working on aspects of the platform they had never done before, as their colleagues who knew the tools well were no longer with the company. As a result, they said, it's harder to troubleshoot technical issues when they arise. Financially loss-making Twitter reported a net loss of $221.4 million in 2021, the last full year it publicly reported financial results before going private. Musk said he believes Twitter will break even this year. Slack issues For many employees, a confusing moment came last week when employees said they were unexpectedly logged out of the Slack workplace messaging tool. Staff was informed that Slack was down for maintenance. Losing Slack is a significant hit to productivity, said one employee. One employee said it was frustrating as searching through old Slack messages was a way to find answers to technical issues, especially after so many engineers left and weren't around to help. Twitter informed employees on Monday that maintenance had been completed and Slack would be restored. History of technical errors The social media company has a history of technical glitches that preceded Musk's acquisition. Almost three years ago, it was hit by an attack that allowed hackers to take over a number of accounts, including those of celebrities, politicians and billionaires. A year earlier, the account of Twitter co-founder and then CEO Jack Dorsey had been hacked to send misguided and racist tweets. Recently, many Twitter users were unable to access the social media platform for about two hours. The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the matter. This followed an incident three weeks ago when users were unable to tweet and glitches during the Super Bowl halftime. Current and former Twitter engineers say the continued operation of the platform is at least partly a testament to years of prior engineering work. Read next: Euro Is Rising, USD/JPY Falls Below 136.00, The Aussie Pair Also Gains| FXMAG.COM Twitter share price Twitter's last stock quote was at 53.70 SpaceX On the other hand, from other Elon Musk companies SpaceX launched a crew to the International Space Station early Thursday, a mission make-up flight that the company and NASA scrubbed off earlier this week due to a technical problem. SpaceX and NASA canceled the launch attempt on Monday shortly before the flight was scheduled to begin. On Wednesday, the space agency said a clogged filter caused a problem that led to the flight being postponed. The latest mission launched just after 12:30 p.m. EST Thursday, when the company's rocket blasted off from the Kennedy Space Center. Kennedy, Florida, according to a NASA live broadcast. Source:,
Elon Musk said he was open to the idea of buying Silicon Valley Bank

Elon Musk said he was open to the idea of buying Silicon Valley Bank

Alex Kuptsikevich Alex Kuptsikevich 13.03.2023 12:48
The crypto market is now showing increased volatility. On Monday morning, the price climbed from Friday's low of $19.5K up to $22.7K. There are more fundamental factors behind bitcoin's decline, while we see tech behind the rebound in recent days. The problems at Silicon Valley Bank triggered a sell-off in risky assets, including bitcoin. At one point, it fell below its 200-day average, although it was higher at Friday's close, attracting buyers. Later, the RSI on the daily timeframe moved out of the oversold territory - another early bullish signal. However, the upside amplitude was provided by reduced liquidity. On Monday, Bitcoin faces an important test of market sentiment. During the day, we must watch closely to see if we have a clean sell-off by the hawks. If so, it's an important signal that the recent rally was false and that the big players are still selling at better prices. Potential buyers would still be better off waiting for a fix above $23,000 to confirm a bullish reversal. Read next: Total cryptocurrency market capitalization has increased, so has BTC market share| FXMAG.COM According to CoinMarketCap, the total capitalisation of the crypto market passed $1 trillion on Monday morning. Stablecoin USD Coin (USDC) lost its peg to the US dollar on Saturday, falling below $0.88 amid the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), which held $3.3 billion of its reserves. DAI is also in trouble, falling below $0.90 as USDC partially backs the token. At the same time, many other stablecoins have crossed the $1.01 mark. The US Treasury unveiled plans for the 2024 budget replenishment and said it intends to impose a 30% excise tax on mining companies' electricity use Tron founder Justin Sun proposed the creation of a bank for the needs of the crypto industry amid the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank. Michael Barr, deputy head of the US Federal Reserve, has proposed creating a group to develop the regulation of crypto assets. According to him, if the Fed fails to regulate stablecoins, their widespread adoption could threaten the US economy. The US Treasury unveiled plans for the 2024 budget replenishment and said it intends to impose a 30% excise tax on mining companies' electricity use. Renowned economist and cryptocurrency sceptic Peter Schiff called for cryptocurrencies to be sold as the industry is "about to see more bankruptcies". He pointed to the collapse of Silvergate Bank and US economic data that would force the Fed to raise interest rates. Twitter CEO Elon Musk said he was "open to the idea" of buying the troubled Silicon Valley Bank to turn the social network into a financial hub and digital bank.
GBP: Softer Ahead of CPI Risk Event

Central Banks Tread Cautiously as RBA Pauses, Markets Anticipate Tightening, Musk and Zuckerberg Head for Showdown

Craig Erlam Craig Erlam 05.07.2023 08:30
It’s been a relatively quiet session with the US bank holiday naturally weighing on activity and those remaining having an eye on Friday’s jobs report but the day hasn’t been without interest as the RBA opted against hiking interest rates again. The central bank surprised last time out in raising rates another 25 basis points but this time around, policymakers opted for a hawkish pause. Like many other major central banks – BoE excluded – it has reached a point at which every decision could swing either way depending on recent developments. Central banks are keen not to overtighten due to the immense pressure past tightening has already put on households and businesses but after being so late to start the process, they desperately don’t want to pause too soon and risk inflicting higher rates for longer which could be much more damaging again. It would obviously be easier if they had seen more progress to this point but inflation is proving stubborn and economies, so far, very resilient. Further tightening still looks likely at this stage, with markets pricing in a 75% chance that we see that by the August meeting.   Things are going to get more heated between Musk and Zuckerberg Elon Musk may be aggravating his userbase at just the wrong time, with Meta announcing that it will launch its version of the platform, Threads, on Thursday. It will be a direct competitor to Twitter and, based on released screenshots, look and behave in a very similar fashion. With Musk desperately trying to push people to pay a subscription fee for Twitter, Threads may offer a simple alternative that may force a rethink of that strategy. Given the userbase Meta already has, Musk can’t afford to underestimate the threat that the new platform poses and it may be very hard to win the audience back if they rapidly switch en masse.
Smart Investors Analysis: Weighing the Future of SPCT, DOT, and ARB

Smart Investors Analysis: Weighing the Future of SPCT, DOT, and ARB

FXMAG Team FXMAG Team 24.11.2023 13:14
In a recent move, crypto analysts conducted an in-depth analysis of VC Spectra (SPCT), Polkadot (DOT), and Arbitrum (ARB) to determine what the future holds for these top altcoins. This in-depth analysis will serve as a pointer for investors looking to position themselves as opportunities arise for maximum gains. Let’s explore what is in store for these top crypto coins. >>BUY SPCT TOKENS NOW<< Summary: Analysts believe VC Spectra will surpass its target presale price due to the massive rate of SPCT adoption. Experts held a bullish stance in their Polkadot price prediction, expecting DOT to reach $10.   Arbitrum welcomes Ethereum layer-2 network Kinto aboard, leading experts to pronounce bullishness on ARB. VC Spectra Price Prediction: Future Price Of SPCT VC Spectra (SPCT) is a new DeFi project that has taken the financial world by storm. It seeks to proffer an avenue for the average investor to generate maximum returns from minimum capital with little to no risk. VC Spectra enables users to benefit from the potential buoyancy of blockchain projects by unlocking access to new ICOs. VC Spectra leads the DeFi landscape as a decentralized hedge fund and an investment vehicle. The platform rewards SPCT holders with quarterly dividends and buybacks. Users also get to participate in activities in the VC Spectra ecosystem through the voting rights they are awarded. The native token of VC Spectra, SPCT, is now trading for $0.077 in the fifth stage of its public presale. This price level indicates early adopters of SPCT have scooped 862.5% of the projected 900% growth for this phase. Experts, however, posit that VC Spectra (SPCT) will surpass the 900% projection. >>BUY SPCT TOKENS NOW<< Experts Say Polkadot (DOT) Could Hit $10 Different analysts have forecasted levels Polkadot (DOT) could attain in posterity. While the figure varies, the popular opinion remains that the future is bullish for Polkadot (DOT). One of the entities that gave a Polkadot price prediction is Rekt Capital. Rekt Capital first alluded to the price situation of Polkadot (DOT), reflecting on the October downside reversal. According to Rekt Capital, the four bullish candles that followed in November indicate that DOT is bullish and will remain bullish in December. In his Polkadot price prediction, Crypto Tony, another commentator, noted that DOT has a short-term bullish outlook. He asserted that overcoming resistance at the $5.50 region will see DOT rallying to $10. Polkadot is exchanging hands at $5.16, dropping 4.80% from $5.43 to $5.16 between November 20 and November 22. Based on Crypto Tony’s Polkadot price forecast, DOT requires a 93.79% increase to hit the predicted level. Kinto Onboard Arbitrum Kinto, Ethereum’s Layer 2 solution, has transitioned to the Arbitrum ecosystem utilizing the Arbitrum Nitro technology stack. This move comes after launching its testnet with Optimism’s OP Stack in May. Kinto announced this strategic move on November 22 via its official website. Changes in the Arbitrum ecosystem structure brought about this migration. The idea was to enable the Arbitrum Foundation to manage layer-2 deployment independently. Kinto seeks to serve as a bridge between traditional finance and decentralized finance. In response, Arbitrum (ARB) continued declining from the previous week. ARB decreased from $1.15 to $1.04 between November 13 and November 19, marking a 9.51% decrease in the Arbitrum price. Based on ARB’s outlook, experts shared their Arbitrum price prediction. They expect ARB to fall below the $1 threshold in the coming days as sellers continue to offload. This ARB projection will see the Arbitrum price drop by 1.2% from the current price of $1.02.     Learn more about the VC Spectra presale here: Presale: Website:  Telegram: Twitter:           

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