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I usually keep an eye on TOTAL to get a feeling about the overall crypto market bias. Just like I keep an eye on DXY when it comes to Forex

The bulls are clearly pushing the past 2 weeks, after rejecting our lower bound/brown trendline and green support.

Then the bulls took control from a short-term and medium-term perspectives by breaking above the last minor highs, the upper red trendline, and the upper orange trendline.

As mentioned in my previous posts many times, for the bulls to take over from a long-term perspective, we need a momentum Daily candle close above the last major high marked in gray.

TOTAL Price Chart

" One More CheckPoint To Go!"

Interesting Times Indeed!

Always follow your trading plan regarding entry, risk management, and trade management.

Which scenario do you think is more likely to happen? and Why?

All Strategies Are Good; If Managed Properly!


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