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January 11, 2023
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Netflix Stock Price Falls Down, Bitcoin - As Well, What About Nasdaq 100? - Swissquote's MarketTalk

Swissquote Bank Swissquote Bank 21.01.2022 10:40
We saw a second day of gains then losses in major US indices. The stocks first rallied on the idea that the Federal Reserve (Fed) hawks may have gone ahead of themselves with the pricing of a 50bp rate hike in March, then gave in to the bad thoughts. Nasdaq was trading almost 2% higher when the wind turned direction abruptly, sending the index below its 200-DMA. Is this the beginning of a further dive? Possible… What’s sure is Netflix will feel the pinch of lower subscription growth forecast at the open as the stock price dived 20% in the afterhours trading. Zooming out. The Fed must fight back inflation because it’s gone just too far to threaten the economic health of the country, but they can’t do it with heavily hemorrhaging financial markets. Therefore, the idea of 50bp is certainly far stretched, and the corresponding pricing should be scaled back, which should give a certain relief to the risk assets in the coming sessions. But of course, the corporate earnings must be strong, as the actual Big Tech pricing reflects a fantastic earnings growth for the coming quarters, and investors won’t settle with anything less than fireworks. Elsewhere, Bitcoin fell below $40K on the back of an overall lack of risk appetite, and the news that Russia wants to ban the use and the mining of cryptocurrencies. Are they right, are they wrong and more importantly, are we mistaken on the potential purpose of use of cryptocurrencies? Brainstorm with me! Watch the full episode to find out more! 0:00 Intro 0:29 Netflix dives 20% after earnings announcement 2:40 Major US indices remain under selling pressure 6:59 Bitcoin falls below $40K on news Russia would ban cryptocurrencies 7:43 My way of seeing the future of cryptocurrencies (tell me yours!) Ipek Ozkardeskaya has begun her financial career in 2010 in the structured products desk of the Swiss Banque Cantonale Vaudoise. She worked at HSBC Private Bank in Geneva in relation to high and ultra-high net worth clients. In 2012, she started as FX Strategist at Swissquote Bank. She worked as a Senior Market Analyst in London Capital Group in London and in Shanghai. She returned to Swissquote Bank as Senior Analyst in 2020.
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Netflix Crashing!? Netflix Stock Price (NFLX) Falls More Than 35%? Subscribers Fled!

Rebecca Duthie Rebecca Duthie 20.04.2022 21:27
Since the market opened this morning Netflix stock price has fallen by more than 35%, the price fall came shortly after the company announced it had lost more than 200 000 subscribers in the first quarter of 2022 and are forecasting losing a further 2 000 000 subscribers in the coming quarter. The drop in value comes hand-in-hand with investor sentiment and the post-covid world. In addition, subscribers are seeming to be rethinking their subscription commitments to the streaming service. Related article: Japanese Yen (JPY) Weakens Against The Dollar, USD/CAD Stable And The Inevitable Strengthening Of The USD, IMF/World Bank Events The current market sentiment, Elon Musk and other factors causing Netflix stock price to dive. The price of Netflix’s stock has also been affected by more competitors entering the market, the loss of 700 000 Russian subscribers as a result of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, consumer budget tightening as a result of the current market conditions and Elon Musk’s opinion on Netflix’s shares being affected by the ‘woke mind virus’. Related article: Monetary Policy Drives EUR/USD, The Future of the EUR/GBP Awaits the Bank Of England's Speech - Good Morning Forex| FXMAG.COM Given the forecast for the next quarter, the stock price of streaming service is unlikely to see any large increases anytime soon. Netflix Price Chart Sources:,,
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Cheaper Netflix Is Here!| Jim Cramer Comments On The Shares

Kamila Szypuła Kamila Szypuła 14.10.2022 10:02
Today we take a look at real estate risk in UBS the 2022 Global Real Estate Bubble Index, the ecosystem situation and other news. We will also look at the expert commentary Head of Global Thematic and Public Policy Research Michael Zezas and U.S. Equity Strategist Michelle Weaver.  In this article: Companies' stocks rising Biodiversity Situation 2022 Global Real Estate Bubble Index Thoughts by Jim Cramer New Netflix's plan Post-pandemic problems of companies Morgan Stanley tweets about companies' inventory rising. The discussion was attended by Head of Global Thematic and Public Policy Research Michael Zezas and U.S. Equity Strategist Michelle Weaver.   As consumption of goods slows post COVID, companies are experiencing a build up in inventory that could have far reaching implications. Head of Global Thematic and Public Policy Research Michael Zezas and U.S. Equity Strategist Michelle Weaver discuss. — Morgan Stanley (@MorganStanley) October 13, 2022 The pandemic situation negatively affected many industries, individuals and the entire economy. Also, the current post-pademic situation is not positive. Currently, the global problem is blowing inflation, which negatively affects the situation of companies. Another problem is the increase in inventories in warehouses. Product stored for a long time may lose its substance, and the inability to travel causes a reduction in production. Firms will begin to struggle with higher maintenance costs, which can result in job cuts and, in the worst case, even closings. Eyes on biodiversity Credit Suisse in its last tweet addresses the topic of the poor condition of the biosphere.   Biodiversity is being increasingly threatened, with up to one million species at risk of extinction. The reasons include climate change, pollution and deforestation. Read more about why climate change matters for biodiversity: — Credit Suisse (@CreditSuisse) October 13, 2022 Biodiversity is important to the entire ecosystem. This ensures that the float chain is in balance and that the ecosystem situation is also stable. We have been struggling with a significant climate change for several decades, many species are already extinct. Humanity that has caused this must take action to prevent an ecological catastrophe. Raising awareness about this is very important, because making individuals aware that action, even small, can save the ecosystem. Which cities may be at risk of a real estate bubble UBS in its tweet informs about the 2022 Global Real Estate Bubble Index.   Our 2022 Global Real Estate Bubble Index is out. Read the full report and find out if your city is at risk of a property bubble. #GREBI #ShareUBS — UBS (@UBS) October 13, 2022 The economic situation in the world is tense. Inflation causes economies to lighten or fall into recession. The staggering state of economies affects individual industries, sectors including the real estate sector. Indeed, the property market has long been supported by central banks. Ultra-low financing conditions and demand outpacing construction have led to increasingly optimistic price expectations among buyers. Current rise of Interest rates—and in turn, financing costs—have climbed in recent months to combat elevated inflation. Consequently, the willingness to pay for owner-occupied homes is likely to take a hit. In its report, UBS makes it possible to get acquainted with the situation on the real estate market in individual cities. Expert opinion on several shares Mad Money On CNBC tweets Jim Cramer's thoughts on Tellurian, Zoetis, and more.   .@JimCramer also gave his thoughts on Tellurian, Zoetis and more. — Mad Money On CNBC (@MadMoneyOnCNBC) October 13, 2022 The expert looks at the shares of several companies and expresses his opinions. Knowing an expert's opinion on share prices is important for investors in the current climate. This allows you to give a fresh perspective on these companies. Netflix's plan with ad FXMAG on its Twitter feed informs about CNBC's comment about the ad-powered Netflix's plan.   @CNBC has just commented on the “ad-powered” $6.99/mo @netflix’s plan #StockMarkets — (@FXMAG24) October 13, 2022 Netflix is very popular. It offers three possible plans. Recently, he announced that there will be a plan powered by advertisements. This plan may turn out to be cheaper. The question arises whether it will enjoy popularity, whether people will opt for the cheaper version of the ad, and whether they prefer to pay more to avoid advertising. Doing so can also be a trick for subscribers to decide to pay more for ad-free viewing comfort, but it can also be an option for people who prefer to save money and watch their favorite games on a platform.
Netflix Stock Price May Tumble Tomorrow! What Can We Expect From NFLX Earnings?

Netflix Stock Price May Tumble Tomorrow! What Can We Expect From NFLX Earnings?

FXStreet News FXStreet News 17.10.2022 16:02
Follow us on Google News Netflix is due to launch its advertising tier shortly for $6.99 per month. Netflix reports earnings on Tuesday after the close. NFLX stock is down over 60% year to date. Everyone loves a bargain, and Netflix (NFLX) is certainly offering a discount to investors. A reduction to the tune of 60% would usually be snapped up by shoppers, but in the case of NFLX stock, the large discount is still failing to attract much buying interest. Will the imminent release of earnings and the launch of its advertising tier change the investment thesis in the minds of investors? With the market backdrop remaining challenging, that may prove difficult, but there may be a short-term bounce to end the year as we approach earnings season to be followed by midterm elections. Stocks tend to like midterms and historically perform well following them. Netflix stock news Netflix will report earnings on Thursday after the close. Consensus earnings per share (EPS) forecasts are at $2.17, while revenue is expected to reach $7.85 billion. Earnings releases have not been kind to NFLX stock of late. Last time out was good with the stock bouncing higher, but in April Netflix stock collapsed 35% following earnings. As long-time critics of just how optimistic Wall Street analysts are, we note a report from Seeking Alpha. Netflix has been downgraded 29 times for EPS and 36 times for revenue, but those optimistic analysts still have a buy rating on the stock. Investors will also look for more info on the new advertising tier during the earnings conference call. We now know that the tier will cost $6.99, and guidance for subscriber growth from this new tier will be key. Netflix is expected to show subscriber growth of 1 million for the period. The streaming giant has certainly rerated as investors are no longer willing to pay such a premium when the explosive growth phase is over. This stock has seen its P/E collapse in line with price this year. Netflix (NFLX) P/E ratio Netflix stock forecast Netflix has been trying to bottom and has traded in a sideways range since August, so earnings could provide the catalysts for a breakout. As mentioned I believe the risk-reward lies in an upside surprise. Netflix has suffered this year already, and a lot of bad news can be assumed to already be in the price. Technically, a break higher would target $333, the earnings gap from April. There is a natural volume gap as a result. Breaking $214 will lead Netflix toward $165.90 and likely see a move to make a fresh yearly low. Netflix daily chart
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Earnings Season Gains Momentum! Commodities Prices Linked To US Dollar

Walid Koudmani Walid Koudmani 18.10.2022 23:58
Indices trading higher as US earnings season ramps up European indices started the day with upbeat moods and are trading higher following the positive performance by US and Asian markets which saw Nasdaq reach the highest level in ten days after breaking through a previous resistance area. Despite this, the situation remains quite volatile and we could see a major shift in moods as investors follow macroeconomic data and major Wall Street earnings reports with Netflix expected to publish their report today. Furthermore, investors continue to monitor the political and economic turbulence surrounding the UK which saw the new chancellor announce a U-turn on the majority of measures previously announced by this newly formed government in an attempt to stabilize currency and stock markets. Despite a lack of major economic data today, investors will certainly have a lot to keep an eye on as the geopolitical and economic situations continue to develop and as uncertainty continues to dominate the market.  Read next: Commotion Around Ethereum. "Most Favorable Crypto Economies" - Germany, Switzerland And Australia| FXMAG.COM Commodities remain stuck in consolidation range as dollar attempts to rebound While the recent weakness seen from the US dollar has led to a recovery in commodity prices and cryptocurrencies, it appears that today might see some unexpected movements across markets while the greenback is attempting to rebound from the lowest levels in around ten days as general market moods showed signs of improvement. Oil prices remain stuck in their recent trading range and while they appear to be slightly pulling back at the beginning of the European session, there is still room for a potential recovery as they test an important support which has managed to hold the price for the last several days and as concerns about supply remain. Meanwhile, gold prices are also struggling to initiate a significant upward move as they continue to hover in the $1650 area after retreating slightly and as they await a catalyst for significant momentum shift. The situation appears to be similar when it comes to cryptocurrencies with Bitcoin still hovering under the key $20,000 level as it trades about 2,70% below that while Ethereum trades around the $1320 mark after testing the highest level since the end of last week. It seems clear that commodity prices continue to be highly related to the US dollar's performance and any major shakeup in sentiment towards the greenback may lead to a cascading effect across asset classes. Read next: JP Morgan Net Income Over $9B | Kanye West Is Buying Parler| FXMAG.COM
EUR: Persistent Pressure from Back-End Yield Premium

NetFlix (NFLX) gained 3.92%. Goldman Sachs raised its price target on the stock to $225 from $220 while keeping a "sell" rating on it

Intertrader Market News Intertrader Market News 11.01.2023 15:00
DAILY MARKET NEWSLETTER January 11, 2023               Pre-Market Session News Sentiment Technical Views           EUR/USD   Euro Stoxx 50 (Eurex)   Brent (ICE)                 Please note that due to market volatility, some of the key levels may have already been reached and scenarios played out.                     Price Movement Analyst Views Target Pivot   Dax (Eurex) 14,911.00 +77.00 (+0.52%) Read the analysis 14,860.00 14,960.00     FTSE 100 (ICE Europe) 0.00 0.00 (0.00%) Read the analysis 7,685.00 7,725.00     S&P 500 (CME) 3,941.00 +0.25 (+0.01%) Read the analysis 3,970.00 3,907.00     Nasdaq 100 (CME) 11,276.25 -5.75 (-0.05%) Read the analysis 11,370.00 11,150.00     Dow Jones (CME) 33,862.00 +13.00 (+0.04%) Read the analysis 34,060.00 33,620.00     Crude Oil (WTI) 74.49 -0.63 (-0.84%) Read the analysis 74.00 75.30     Gold 1,875.29 -1.745 (-0.09%) Read the analysis 1,890.00 1,872.00                     MARKET WRAP           Market Wrap: Stocks, Bonds, CommoditiesOn Tuesday, U.S. stocks closed higher. The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 186 points (+0.56%) to 33,704, the S&P 500 increased 27 points (+0.70%) to 3,919, and the Nasdaq 100 gained 97 points (+0.88%) to 11,205.Investors were relieved to see that Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell avoided commenting on interest rates in his first speech in 2023. Retailing (+1.74%), telecoms services (+1.53%), and semiconductors (+1.26%) sectors gained the most.Coinbase Global (COIN) surged 12.96% after the crypto-currency exchange announced plans to cut 950 (AMZN) rose 2.87%. The company said that it will shut down three warehouses in the U.K. this year.NetFlix (NFLX) gained 3.92%. Goldman Sachs raised its price target on the stock to $225 from $220 while keeping a "sell" rating on it.Jefferies Financial Group (JEF) climbed 3.76%. The financial services firm reported that fourth-quarter earnings fell 53% on year.The U.S. 10-year Treasury yield rebounded 7.7 basis points to 3.610%.Regarding U.S. economic data, wholesale inventories increased 1.0% on month in November (vs expected).European stocks closed lower. The DAX 40 declined 0.12%, the CAC 40 fell 0.55%, and the FTSE 100 was down 0.39%.U.S. WTI crude futures settled flat at $74.87 a barrel.Gold price advanced a further $5 to $1,877 an ounce.Market Wrap: ForexThe U.S. dollar was stable against other major currencies. The dollar index climbed to 103.27.EUR/USD added 5 pips to 1.0735. France's industrial production grew 2.0% on month in November (vs +0.6% expected).GBP/USD dropped 32 pips to 1.2152.USD/JPY climbed 38 pips to 132.26.AUD/USD declined 20 pips to 0.6892.USD/CHF gained 17 pips to 0.9230, and USD/CAD rose 37 pips to 1.3426.Bitcoin remained firm and traded higher to $17,460.Morning TradingIn Asian trading hours, AUD/USD was little changed at 0.6890. This morning, Australia's data showed that the inflation rate rose to 7.4% on year in November (vs +7.5% expected), and retail sales grew 1.4% on month in November (vs +0.3% expected).Meanwhile, EUR/USD was broadly flat at 1.0733 while GBP/USD remained subdued at 1.2150.USD/JPY rose further to 132.50.Gold was stable at $1,876.Bitcoin fell to $17,403.Expected TodayNo major economic data expected.           UK MARKET NEWS           Sainsbury, a chain of supermarkets, said full-year underlying profit before tax is now expected to be towards the upper end of the guidance range of 630 - 690 million pounds, as it posted 3Q like-for-like sales growth of 5.9%.JD Sports Fashion, a sports-fashion retail company, said it now expects full-year profit before tax and exceptional items will be towards the top end of current market expectations of 933 - 985 million pounds. The company reported total revenue growth for the 22 weeks to December 31 of more than 10%, compared with growth of 5% in the prior-year period.Auto & Parts, travel & leisure and basic resources shares gained most in London on Monday.From a relative strength vs FTSE 100 point of view, Ashtead Group (-0.9% to 5064p) crossed under its 50-day moving average.From a technical point of view, BP (-0.88% to 475.1p) crossed under its 50-day moving average.           ECONOMIC CALENDAR           Time Event Forecast Importance   07:00 MBA 30-Year Mortgage Rate (Jan/06)   MEDIUM     07:00 MBA Mortgage Applications (Jan/06)   LOW     07:00 MBA Mortgage Refinance Index (Jan/06)   LOW     07:00 MBA Mortgage Market Index (Jan/06)   LOW     07:00 MBA Purchase Index (Jan/06)   LOW     10:30 EIA Gasoline Stocks Change (Jan/06) 1.186M MEDIUM     10:30 EIA Crude Oil Stocks Change (Jan/06) -2.243M MEDIUM     10:30 EIA Refinery Crude Runs Change (Jan/06)   LOW     10:30 EIA Distillate Stocks Change (Jan/06) -472k LOW     10:30 EIA Heating Oil Stocks Change (Jan/06)   LOW     10:30 EIA Gasoline Production Change (Jan/06)   LOW     10:30 EIA Cushing Crude Oil Stocks Change (Jan/06)   LOW     10:30 EIA Distillate Fuel Production Change (Jan/06)   LOW     10:30 EIA Crude Oil Imports Change (Jan/06)   LOW     11:30 17-Week Bill Auction   LOW     13:00 10-Year Note Auction   LOW                                     NEWS SENTIMENT           BioNTech SE BNTX : NASDAQ 153.67 USD +5.16% In the last 5 days         NEWS SENTIMENT (24H) Very Positive       TECHNICAL SCORE Short-Term Medium-Term Long-Term                                   Bayerische Motoren Werke AG BMW : XETRA 90.52 EUR +3.00% In the last 5 days         NEWS SENTIMENT (24H) Positive       TECHNICAL SCORE Short-Term Medium-Term Long-Term                                   BHP Group PLC BHP : LSE 2,708.50 GBp +4.76% In the last 5 days         NEWS SENTIMENT (24H) Very Positive       TECHNICAL SCORE Short-Term Medium-Term Long-Term                                   Bayer AG BAYN : XETRA 53.96 EUR +8.96% In the last 5 days         NEWS SENTIMENT (24H) Very Positive       TECHNICAL SCORE Short-Term Medium-Term Long-Term                                   Infineon Technologies AG IFX : XETRA 30.82 EUR +3.01% In the last 5 days         NEWS SENTIMENT (24H) Very Positive       TECHNICAL SCORE Short-Term Medium-Term Long-Term                           TECHNICAL VIEWS           EUR/USD Intraday: range.   Pivot: 1.0760   Our preference: Short positions below 1.0760 with targets at 1.0725 & 1.0710 in extension.   Alternative scenario: Above 1.0760 look for further upside with 1.0780 & 1.0800 as targets.   Comment: The RSI lacks upward momentum.                     Euro Stoxx 50 (Eurex)‎ (H3)‎ Intraday: key resistance at 4096.00.   Pivot: 4096.00   Our preference: Short positions below 4096.00 with targets at 4071.00 & 4055.00 in extension.   Alternative scenario: Above 4096.00 look for further upside with 4114.00 & 4130.00 as targets.   Comment: The index currently faces a challenging resistance area at 4096.00.                     Brent (ICE)‎ (H3)‎ Intraday: under pressure.   Pivot: 80.25   Our preference: Short positions below 80.25 with targets at 78.95 & 78.15 in extension.   Alternative scenario: Above 80.25 look for further upside with 80.90 & 81.35 as targets.   Comment: The RSI is bearish and calls for further downside.        

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