After a week full of central bank’s announcement it’s time to shift down and observe ‘boring’ economic indicators.

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Monday, Tuesday - Japan And South Africa

Bank of Japan released its monetary policy statement the previous week.

The following Monday is a day free for both Japanese and South Africa’s people.

Wednesday - Great Britain, Germany And The USA

On Wednesday British CPI is released (prev. 5.5%). One and a half an hour later German Manufacturing PMI goes public. After midday (12:30 p.m.) Annual Budget Release is published and followed by the releases of US New Home Sales. At 2:30 p.m. many investors might follow the release of Crude Oil Inventories.

Thursday – Switzerland, Germany And The USA

At 8:30 SNB Interest Rate Decision (Q1) is released. What is not so usual – the current interest rate in Switzerland amounts to… -0.75%. At the same time German Manufacturing PMI is released. Four hours later important news comes from

ATVI and MSFT - Ones To Watch After The Transaction

ATVI and MSFT - Ones To Watch After The Transaction

FXStreet News FXStreet News 19.01.2022 16:02
Activision stock surges as Microsoft gets game. ATVI to be bought for $95 a share or nearly $69 billion in all-cash deal. Microsoft to pay a $3 billion break fee if the deal does not go ahead. Activision (ATVI) shares surged to $90 early yesterday as news broke of a deal with Microsoft (MSFT). The Wall Street Journal appears to have first broken the story, which saw ATVI stock surge straight to $90 or up nearly 40% on the previous close. The story was soon confirmed as Microsoft released a press statement. Activision Stock News Microsoft would pay $95 a share, which puts the deal down at $68.7 billion. The deal is all cash and is due to close in 2023. Activision CEO Bobby Kotick is likely to leave the company in 2023 once the deal closes, according to reports. Activision has been under intense scrutiny after accusations of sexual harassment surfaced. The company has reportedly confirmed the exit of 37 employees since the news broke back in July, and Activision has taken action against 44 other employees, according to the WSJ. The situation with regard to Sony gets interesting as Sony shares dropped sharply yesterday once the rumour was confirmed. Sony was Activision's's largest customer in 2020, accounting for nearly 20% of its revenue. Sony Playstation boss Jim Ryan had expressed "deep concern" at the harrassment allegations and said, "We do not believe their statements of response properly address the situation." Sony now finds itself staring down the possibility that some major Activision titles such as Call of Duty and Candy Crush will no longer be available on the Sony Playstation platform. It appears from the latest reports that Microsoft took advantage of the timing to negotiate the deal. According to Bloomberg, Microsoft senior executives suggested that PlayStation head Phil Spencer contact Activision and make it clear that Microsoft had concerns. Microsoft also wanted to keep an eye on the fallout and see if a potential deal could be done. The company had been on the lookout for acquisitions in the gaming space. Activision Stock Forecast The deal is set at $95 and given that Microsoft has agreed to pay $3 billion if the deal falls through it must be fairly confident of getting it completed. Currently, ATVI shares are trading at $82.53 in Wednesday's premarket. As is usually the case in a merger, the shares of the target company usually trade at a lower price than the takeover price due to risk premium. Occasionally, they can trade above the takeover price if investors believe the offer is too low or they anticipate a bidding war from another pursuer. In this case, there cannot be too many companies with $69 billion in cash waiting in the wings. Activision (ATVI) chart, daily Microsoft Stock News By comparison Microsoft stock fell on the news. The deal will immediately be accretive to earnigs on completion. MSFT shares closed just over 2% lower on Tuesday after the announcement. Technically, the stock looks to be under pressure with $318.23 the bullish pivot and the next key support coming from the 200-day moving average at $292. Microsoft (MSFT) stock chart, daily
UK inflation reaches 30 year high

UK inflation reaches 30 year high

Walid Koudmani Walid Koudmani 19.01.2022 12:08
While the government and Bank of England have attempted to deal with the rise in prices and creeping inflation, today's figures continue to show that the path forward may be longer than expected. While a slight adjustment in monetary policy may contribute, today’s data showed the highest level in 30 years as the economy is still recovering from the pandemic and could take a significant amount of time to return to normal levels. Ultimately, this situation continues to impact everyday consumers who may see some very noticeable changes to their lifestyle and expenses if the ongoing trend continues. Crypto markets retreat as investors worry about increased regulation and central bank decisions Crypto markets along with other traditional risk assets continue to feel the pressure of incoming fiscal and monetary policy changes from central banks which is due to remove some of the excess liquidity from markets after the unprecedented support received by them, However, crypto is currently dealing a wide variety of negative news and potential increases in regulations which have contributed to the recent pullback across assets as Ethereum continues to hover above the key $3000 psychological level. While fundamental factors may have changed slightly, the second biggest coin is trading at the lowest level in several months and as traders await a catalyst, the situation remains potentially quite volatile. Activision Blizzard acquisition by Microsoft could be a game changer This $68,7 Billion deal could prove to be a turning point for Activision Blizzard, who has seen its share price drop more than 44% in the last year on the back of disappointing results and a number of corporate as well as internal issues. Microsoft announced it will be offering as many Activision Blizzard games as possible within Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass, which just reached 25 million subscribers, and might provide the much needed boost in player base. Furthermore, a more direct input in general operations decisions could aim to rectify decisional issues and bring a more united direction for the company moving forward. Investors already reacted to this news favourably with Activision Blizzard stock price gaining over 30% on Tuesday while Sony stock actually fell as shareholders consider the risks associated with this acquisition.  
(ADA) Cardano Price - ADA To USD Chart Shows It's a Little Above $1

(ADA) Cardano Price - ADA To USD Chart Shows It's a Little Above $1

FXStreet News FXStreet News 24.01.2022 16:12
Cardano's price action is slipping below the monthly S1 and crucial historical support. Once broken below this vital support, an area of 30% losses could be triggered. Expect bulls to await the FED meeting later this week before engaging in the market. Cardano (ADA) price action is not seeing the turn in sentiment that was expected with the start of a new trading week. Geopolitical talks are ramping up again this Monday regarding Russia, and investors are awaiting details of monetary tightening by the FED later this week, making investors an absent party in the cryptocurrency market for the first few days of the week. As $1.01 is under fire, expect a break below to open the next leg lower towards $0.69, shedding another 30% of the price value for the altcoin. Cardano price sees investors absent in the build up to the FED rate decision Cardano participants seem to be split in half, with only sellers and bears present in the market, while bulls and investors remain on the sideline. The biggest reasons for this are the political rhetoric on Russia that is ramping up again this morning after statements that NATO and the US would send in more military material and troops. Financial markets, meanwhile, are awaiting the outcome of the FED monetary policy meeting Wednesday. These two tail risks keep price action muted or further to the downside, with investors sidelined. ADA this morning is drilling down on the monthly S1 support level and the historical $1.01 level that goes back to March 05. Once this breaks, expect not much support to be present until $0.69 where the monthly S2 support level kicks in at around $0.75, but the most significant historical level is at $0.69 from February 06. Expect buyers to come in there as that would mean that ADA price action is back at 0% on a Year-To-Date (YTD) performance. ADA/USD daily chart As the FED holds the keys for a turn in sentiment short-term, expect a pop higher to unfold very quickly. A knee jerk reaction would wash out many short positions and bring price action quickly back towards $1.40, at the level of the monthly pivot and the green ascending trend line. Should the message from the FED by Wednesday be very dovish and in favour of risk-on sentiment, expect a possible test of $1.68 further to the upside for this week.
MSFT, Johnson&Johnson and More Companies With Reports to be Released shortly

MSFT, Johnson&Johnson and More Companies With Reports to be Released shortly

Walid Koudmani Walid Koudmani 25.01.2022 14:11
While there have been a number of factors impacting the markets in the last few days, investors are now beginning to focus on earnings reports coming from some of the biggest companies in the US after the slight disappointments seen in the past couple of weeks. Today's focus will likely be Microsoft's report, which could shed some light on the performance of the tech giant that has recently been in the news for the substantial acquisition deal made with Activision Blizzard that shook markets last week. While there will also be other major earnings from companies such as Johnson & Johnson as well as General Electric, investors are still trying to adjust to the significant volatility seen in markets recently. As tensions rise in eastern Europe and as many await the key FOMC decision tomorrow, we could be seeing a continuation of said volatility along with widespread uncertainty.    UK public sector borrowing report  The public sector borrowing report showed a slight increase in December on a monthly basis after pulling back slightly in October. While this may not seem like a significant issue for the time being, government spending has been one of the key topics related to the post pandemic recovery since if unchecked, it would add significant pressure on future expenses and limit potential economic growth. As investors await upcoming central bank decisions and as inflation concerns continue to rise, today's report could shift the markets perspective slightly regarding the state of public finances in the UK as it once again begins to show signs of weakness.  
Swissquote MarketTalk: A Look At XAUUSD, Swiss Secrets, Tesla And More

APPL and MSFT and Their Reports, What About Nasdaq and S&P 500?

Swissquote Bank Swissquote Bank 25.01.2022 14:19
The S&P500 and Nasdaq dived 4% before reversing losses and closing the session in the green. But yesterday’s rebound doesn’t mean the equity markets are out of the woods just yet. On the contrary, the rising volatility hints at further market turbulence ahead, as investors are worried about the Fed tightening, the Ukrainian war threat, and some unachieved goals on Biden’s political agenda as the Build Back Better & Chinese trade deficit. The FOMC starts its two-day meeting today, yet given the bloodbath in equity markets, the policymakers could refrain from reviving the Fed hawks. But even with an eventually softer Fed statement, and some market correction, there is a slim chance we see meme stocks, SPAC deals, or highly speculative names doing well in an environment of tighter Fed liquidity. There is, on the other hand, a better chance for companies like Apple and Microsoft to navigate through a high turbulence market. So, the Fed tightening will certainly support the reflation trade, but it will more importantly trigger a flight to quality. Watch the full episode to find out more! 0:00 Intro 0:21 Market update: S&P500, Nasdaq shattered 2:47 … but UBS is positive 4:39 If you buy the dip, make sure to buy the right stocks 6:01 Fed meeting 7:09 Microsoft, Apple earnings 7:37 Challenges beyond the Fed tightening 8:53 Safe haven roundup: USD, gold & Swiss franc Ipek Ozkardeskaya has begun her financial career in 2010 in the structured products desk of the Swiss Banque Cantonale Vaudoise. She worked at HSBC Private Bank in Geneva in relation to high and ultra-high net worth clients. In 2012, she started as FX Strategist at Swissquote Bank. She worked as a Senior Market Analyst in London Capital Group in London and in Shanghai. She returned to Swissquote Bank as Senior Analyst in 2020.
Decentralized Autonomous Organisation - Another Addition To Our Personal Dictionaries

MATIC Price Prediction: Polygon hints at a retest of $1.95

FXStreet News FXStreet News 03.02.2022 16:35
MATIC price is hovering above the weekly support level at $1.44, hinting at a move higher. Investors can expect Polygon to rally at least 15% before encountering a tough hurdle. A breakdown of the $1.41 support level will invalidate the bullish thesis. MATIC price recovery after the January flash crash was good but is slowing down. The ongoing consolidation will likely result in an uptrend ( that propels Polygon to revisit crucial levels. MATIC price sets the stage MATIC price has been teetering above the $1.44 support level and will likely retest it soon. A bounce off this barrier could be the key to triggering an uptrend. In some cases, the rally could even begin before the initial pullback. Regardless, investors can expect a minimum 15% ascent from MATIC price that tags the supply zone’s lower limit at $1.75. In a highly bullish scenario, Polygon could pierce this hurdle and make a run for the weekly resistance barrier at $1.95. This move would bring total gains from 15% to 27%, from the current level at $1.53. Investors willing to go long could enter a pilot position at the current level and wait for a retest of the $1.44 barrier. If the latter does not arrive, market participants can book profits following a retest of $1.75 and $1.95. MATIC/USDT 4-hour chart While things seem straightforward for MATIC price, a breakdown of the $1.44 support level could dent their optimism. A four-hour candlestick close below $1.41, however, will create a lower low and invalidate the bullish thesis, making an ideal place to enter a stop-loss. A bearish turn could see MATIC price crashing 13% before retesting the $1.23 weekly support level.
Bullish momentum remains strong

Bullish momentum remains strong

Florian Grummes Florian Grummes 20.02.2022 17:36
Even at the last important low (US$$1,750) on December 15th, 2021, the sentiment was still awful as the sector had become the most hated asset class. Now fast-forward, gold has been successfully breaking out of its multi month triangle and keeps sprinting higher. The bulls currently are bending the daily and weekly Bollinger Bands to the upside, and seasonality is still supportive.Gold in US-Dollar, weekly chart as of February 20th, 2022.Gold in US-Dollar, weekly chart as of February 20th, 2022.Looking at the weekly chart, it appears that gold not only broke out of a triangle consolidation pattern, but also out of a large inverse head and shoulder pattern. It’s not a textbook head and shoulder, but worthwhile noting. A measured move projection could theoretically take gold towards US$2,125! However, the monthly Bollinger Band, sitting at around US$ 1,975, might be a much more realistic target for the ongoing move. As you might remember, the zone between US$1,950 to US$1,975 is very strong resistance. We would not rule out a short-lived overshoot towards US$,2000, though.Overall, the weekly chart is not yet overbought and looks bullish. Hence, the rally has very good chances to continue for a few more weeks.Gold in US-Dollar, daily chart as of February 20th, 2022.Gold in US-Dollar, daily chart as of February 20th, 2022.As expected, the breakout above US$1,840 to US$1,850 has unleashed enough energy to quickly push gold prices towards the round psychological number of US$1,900. Fortunately, the daily stochastic has transformed its overboughtness into the rare “embedded status”, where both signal lines are sitting above 80 for more than three days in a row. Hence, the uptrend is locked-in and shorting this market would be fighting the uptrend.Of course, given the uncertain and complex geopolitical situation, events can and likely will strongly influence gold over the coming days and weeks. Speaking from a technical point of you, any pullback towards the breakout zone around US$1,845 would be a buying opportunity. However, prices below US$1,875 would already be a surprise in the short-term. On the contrary, it’s much more likely that gold will continue its run to at least US$1,930 over the coming days.In summary, the daily chart is bullish. Especially the bullish embedded stochastic oscillator likely will not allow any larger pullback, but rather a consolidation around US$1,900. Watch those two signal lines. Only if one of them would be dropping below 80on a daily close, the bull run might be over!GDX (VanEck Gold Miners ETF) in US-Dollar, daily chart as of February 20th, 2022.GDX, daily chart as of February 20th, 2022.Gold & gold related mining stocks often stabilize your portfolio during uncertain times and do act as a hedge. While the stock market continued its dive due to the crisis in Ukraine and the potential interest rate turnaround in the US, the GDX VanEck Gold Miners ETF is up more than 21.5% since its low in mid of December. Over the last two weeks, the leading gold mining stocks recorded some of their best days in the last 12 months. Last week, Barrick Gold ($GOLD) jumped up more than 7% due to good earnings, a dividend increase, and a new share repurchase program. Some smaller gold stocks like Sabina Gold & Silver ($SGSVF) went up even more (+15% Friday, 11th).Now that gold is on the rise, it’s time for the beaten down and undervalued mining stocks to catch up. Usually, it starts with the big senior produces like Barrick Gold, Agnico Eagle Mines ($AEM) and Newmont Corporation ($NEM), then the juniors like for example Victoria Gold Corp. ($VITFF) join and finally, the explorer and developers literally explode higher.However, the GDX has nearly reached its downtrend line as well as the 38.2% retracement of the whole corrective wave since August 2020. Hence, the big miners are running into string resistance and might need to consolidate soon.At the same time, note, that silver has been lagging. Silver always lags most of the time, but in the final stage of sector wide rally it suddenly passes all the other metals and shots up nearly vertically. That also typically is the sign that the rally in the sector is coming to an end. Obviously, we have not yet seen any strong silver days. Therefore, silver actually confirms that the sector has more room and time to run higher!Conclusion: Bullish momentum remains strongOverall, gold continues to look promising here as the bullish momentum remains strong. Hence, Gold is probably on the way towards US$1,950 and US$1,975, with a slight chance for an overshot to US$2,000. But of course, given the rather overbought daily chart, the risk/reward is not that good anymore. Silver and many of the smaller mining stocks, however, might still offer a chance to play the ongoing rally over the next few weeks. Once gold tops out in spring, expect a big pullback. Maybe even back towards the higher trending 200-day moving average (currently at US$1,808) at some point in midsummer. But that is all somewhere in the future. For now, the bullish momentum remains strong.Feel free to join us in our free Telegram channel for daily real time data and a great community. If you like to get regular updates on our gold model, precious metals and cryptocurrencies you can also subscribe to our free newsletter.Disclosure: Midas Touch Consulting and members of our team are invested in Reyna Gold Corp. These statements are intended to disclose any conflict of interest. They should not be misconstrued as a recommendation to purchase any share. This article and the content are for informational purposes only and do not contain investment advice or recommendations. Every investment and trading move involves risk, and readers should conduct their own research when making a decision. The views, thoughts and opinions expressed here are the author’s alone. They do not necessarily reflect or represent the views and opinions of Midas Touch Consulting.By Florian Grummes|February 20th, 2022|Tags: $GDXJ, Barrick Gold, GDX, Gold, Gold Analysis, Gold bullish, gold chartbook, gold fundamentals, Newmont Corporation, precious metals, Reyna Gold, Sabina Gold & Silver, Silver, silver bull, US-Dollar, Victoria Gold|0 CommentsAbout the Author: Florian GrummesFlorian Grummes is an independent financial analyst, advisor, consultant, trader & investor as well as an international speaker with more than 20 years of experience in financial markets. He is specialized in precious metals, cryptocurrencies and technical analysis. He is publishing weekly gold, silver & cryptocurrency analysis for his numerous international readers. He is also running a large telegram Channel and a Crypto Signal Service. Florian is well known for combining technical, fundamental and sentiment analysis into one accurate conclusion about the markets. Since April 2019 he is chief editor of the cashkurs-gold newsletter focusing on gold and silver mining stocks. Besides all that, Florian is a music producer and composer. Since more than 25 years he has been professionally creating, writing & producing more than 300 songs. He is also running his own record label Cryon Music & Art Productions. His artist name is Florzinho.
Intraday Market Analysis – The Canadian Dollar Recovers

Intraday Market Analysis – The Canadian Dollar Recovers

Jing Ren Jing Ren 14.03.2022 07:50
USDCAD struggles for supportThe Canadian dollar surged after a sharp drop in February’s unemployment rate. A break above the recent peak at 1.2875 has consolidated the US dollar’s lead.The RSI’s repeatedly overbought condition has led to some profit-taking. As the indicator swung into the oversold area, a pullback attracted bargain hunters in the demand zone between 61.8% (1.2700) Fibonacci retracement level and 1.2680.A rally above 1.2840 may resume the rally and send the pair to December’s high at 1.2960.EURJPY attempts reversalThe euro continues upward after the ECB left the door open to an interest rate hike. A pop above 128.60 has prompted sellers to reconsider their bets.However, traders can expect strong bearish pressure in the supply zone around 129.20. This level overlays with the 20-day moving average, making it a congestion area.An overbought RSI has tempered the initial comeback and the bulls need to consolidate their positions before they could push further. 126.50 is key support and 124.40 a second line of defense to keep the pair afloat.UK 100 bounces backThe FTSE 100 recoups losses as Britain’s GDP beat expectations in January. The rebound has gained traction after it broke above 7200.After a brief pause, the index met buying interest over 7050 and a bullish MA cross indicates an acceleration to the upside. Sentiment remains cautious from the daily chart perspective though and the bears could be waiting to sell into strength.7450 at the origin of the latest sell-off is a major hurdle as its breach could turn the mood around. Otherwise, there could be a revision of 6800 soon.
German inflation comes down as government measures bite

The Following Week: Only One (!) Interest Rate Decision, British CPI And US Crude Oil Inventories – Economic Calendar By FXMAG.COM

Mikołaj Marcinowski Mikołaj Marcinowski 18.03.2022 19:51
After a week full of central bank’s announcement it’s time to shift down and observe ‘boring’ economic indicators. Data: courtesy of Monday, Tuesday - Japan And South Africa Bank of Japan released its monetary policy statement the previous week. The following Monday is a day free for both Japanese and South Africa’s people. Wednesday - Great Britain, Germany And The USA On Wednesday British CPI is released (prev. 5.5%). One and a half an hour later German Manufacturing PMI goes public. After midday (12:30 p.m.) Annual Budget Release is published and followed by the releases of US New Home Sales. At 2:30 p.m. many investors might follow the release of Crude Oil Inventories. Thursday – Switzerland, Germany And The USA At 8:30 SNB Interest Rate Decision (Q1) is released. What is not so usual – the current interest rate in Switzerland amounts to… -0.75%. At the same time German Manufacturing PMI is released. Four hours later important news comes from the USA where Core Durable Goods Orders are presented (0.7%). Friday – Great Britain, Germany And The USA Friday’s morning might be important for British people as Retail Sales indicator is published. The previously announced value was 1.9%. At 9 a.m. we head to Germany for the last time the following week, because German Ifo Business Climate is released (prev. 98.9). The last important event of the week 21/03-25/03 is the US Pending Home Sales (MoM) released at 2 p.m. Source: Economic Calendar Time: GMT