On the 4-hour chart the GBP/CHF cross currency pair appears to be stuck at the RBS (Resistance Become Support) level at 1.1353 where currently GBP/CHF seems to be getting ready to appreciate rising up to the 1.1463 level as its first target and 1.1575 as its second target however, with deviations between price movements and the CCI indicator, as long as there is no significant downward correction to below the 1.1327 level, the upward rally scenario described earlier will remain valid.

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USDCAD Nears Tuesday's Level, GBPCHF Doesn't Fluctate Much And USOIL With A Small Hike After A Significant Decrease

USDCAD Nears Tuesday's Level, GBPCHF Doesn't Fluctate Much And USOIL With A Small Hike After A Significant Decrease

John Benjamin John Benjamin 17.02.2022 08:46
USDCAD struggles for support The Canadian dollar rose after January’s CPI exceeded expectations. The recent triple top near 1.2800 at the origin of the January sell-off is a sign of strong bearish pressure. A combination of profit-taking and new selling means that sentiment is yet to make a decisive turnaround. The bulls will need to push past this major daily resistance before the US dollar could recover to 1.2960. Failing that, a drop below the lower band (1.2640) of the current consolidation range would bring the pair to 1.2560. GBPCHF attempts breakout The sterling finds support from upbeat readings in the UK’s CPI and retail sales. The rally came under pressure in the supply zone around 1.2600. A retreat below 1.2500 has shaken out some weak hands but the sentiment remains upbeat. A subsequent bounce off the demand zone (1.2470) suggests solid interest in keeping the pound afloat. A break above the said resistance would trigger momentum buying and open the door to last October’s high at 1.2760. On the downside, a deeper retracement would test the next support at 1.2380. USOIL shows signs of overextension Oil prices faltered after a surprise rise in US inventories. WTI hits resistance at September 2014’s high (95.50). The RSI’s repeated overbought situation on the daily chart may restrain the bullish fever. A bearish RSI divergence on the hourly time frame indicates a loss of momentum in the short term. 89.10 is the closest support that sits along the 20-day moving average. Buyers could be waiting to enter at pullbacks. A deeper retreat could trigger a sell-off towards 84.00, which is a demand zone from January’s breakout.
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US Dollar Is Likely To Experience Volatility In The Coming Weeks (EUR/USD), UK Retail Data Exceeds Market Expectations (EUR/GBP), SNB Turns Hawkish Causing the CHF To Rally (EUR/CHF) - Good Morning Forex!

Rebecca Duthie Rebecca Duthie 20.05.2022 15:22
Summary: Euro showing upside potential. UK economic data exceeds market expectations. SNB turns hawkish, which acts in favour of the CHF. Investors turning to JPY in times of market uncertainty. Read next: (EUR/USD, EUR/GBP) Market Participants Betting On A More Hawkish ECB, A Dovish BoJ Weighs On The Safe-Haven Currency (USD/JPY) - Good Morning Forex!  The US Dollar is likely to experience volatility during the next trading week. Market sentiment for this major currency pair is reflecting a bullish market sentiment. The next trading week is full of economic data releases which are likely to impact the US Dollar, on Thursday the Fed’s preferred inflation reading PCE will give the market an indication of the growing pressures in the U.S. The Euro is also showing upside potential as investors expect the European Central Bank (ECB) will tighten their monetary policy during the summer. EUR/USD Price Chart UK retail data exceeds market expectations. Market sentiment for this currency pair is showing mixed signals. The GBP saw a positive market turn around on Friday after a positive market turnaround. UK sales volume data raised by 1.4% in April following a fall of 1.2% during March. The data release exceeded the market expectation of -0.2%. The data shows that UK households are showing resilience in the current economic environment. EUR/GBP Price Chart CHF rallies on Friday Market sentiment is showing bearish signals for this currency pair. On Thursday the Swiss Franc began to rally after the president of the Swiss National Bank (SNB) announced that they are ready to act on the rising inflation which is currently at 2.5%. EUR/CHF Price Chart GBP/JPY currency pair Market sentiment is showing bearish signals for this currency pair. This currency pair is sensitive to risk appetite, as investors begin to turn away from risky investments, the JPY tends to strengthen due to its safe-haven asset. GBP/JPY Price Chart Read next:Major Index NASDAQ (IXIC) Sell Off After Equities Fall, Will the ECB Turn Hawkish?  Sources:,,
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EUR Falls To US Dollar (EUR/USD), Pound Sterling Due To Weaken As UK Recession Looms (EUR/GBP), Market Awaits Fed Meeting Minutes (USD/CHF, GBP/USD)

Rebecca Duthie Rebecca Duthie 25.05.2022 18:27
Summary: EU PPI inflation data caused the Euro to weaken on Wednesday. Investor sentiment looks poor towards the GBP going into summer. Pound Sterling recovers against the US Dollar. Read next: Hawkish ECB Bodes Well For The Euro, UK PMI Data Disappoints (EUR/GBP), Hawkish SNB Offers Swiss Franc Still Support (USD/CHF), AUD/JPY - Good Morning Forex!  A rise in PPI inflation data causes Euro weaken Market sentiment is reflecting mixed signals for this currency pair. Looking at the value of the Euro in terms of PPI and CPI data: the rise in PPI inflation in the euro area reduced the Euros fair value estimate, whereas the European CPI inflation data remains close to that of the US CPI inflation. Therefore, it is the release of PPI inflation data that has caused the Euro to lose more than 0.6% to the US Dollar on Wednesday. EUR/USD Price Chart GBP weakens as concerns of a recession looms The market is reflecting mixed market sentiment for this currency pair. Investors expect the Pound Sterling to have a tough summer period. The slowing UK economy and disappointing PMI data are both aspects that will likely cause the GBP to weaken not only against the Euro but against other currencies too. The market is defaulting to buying Euros and selling Great British Pounds in the wake of changing European Central Bank (ECB) policy. EUR/GBP Price Chart Swiss Franc The market sentiment for this currency pair is reflecting mixed market signals. During the trading week last week, the US Dollar weakened against the Swiss Franc due to the hawkish attitude shown by the Swiss National Bank (SNB) and investors desire for safe-haven assets. This sentiment has continued into the current trading week. USD/CHF Price Chart GBP recovers against the USD The GBP strengthened against the US Dollar on Wednesday as the market awaited the Federal Reserve’s latest meeting minutes. Investors are eager to see how aggressively the Fed will raise interest rates going forward in an attempt to tackle rising inflation. Investor sentiment is negative toward the US Dollar at the moment, which has given some currencies, such as the GBP, an opportunity to recover. The market sentiment for this currency pair is reflecting bullish signals. GBP/USD Price Chart Read next: ECB Offering The Euro Support (EUR/USD), Strengthening Of The Renminbi Supporting The EUR and GBP, SNB Turns Hawkish (EUR/CHF) - Good Morning Forex!  Sources:,,

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