NetEase is a Chinese technology company that operates in three segments - online games, search engine (Youdao) and online music (Cloud Music). The company operates both in China and internationally. It is famous for games such as 'The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War', 'Vikingard', 'Lifeafter' and 'Knives Out'.

Its shares have fallen more than 10% since the beginning of the year, along with other companies in the Chinese technology sector, by the Chinese government's ambiguous action in the area of interference in their operations, fears of delisting in the US and deteriorating economic indicators in China. However, it is fair to say that its price has still proved to be far more resilient to the issues mentioned above than those of Tencent, Alibaba and Baidu.

The company's revenue was 23.2 billion renminbi (US$3.5 billion) in the second quarter, growing 12.8 % year-on-year, slightly beating Wall Street analysts' expectations. Cloud Music revenue grew the most to 2.2 billion renminbi (

Chip Shortage: My iPhone Won’t Arrive in Time for Christmas – are Bitcoin Miners to Blame?

Chip Shortage: My iPhone Won’t Arrive in Time for Christmas – are Bitcoin Miners to Blame?

BeInCrypto (BeIn News Academy Ltd), we're writing about crypto. BeInCrypto (BeIn News Academy Ltd), we're writing about crypto. 22.12.2021 22:36
The chip shortage affects many industries. But are Bitcoin miners the scapegoat we are all looking for? Cars, smartphones, gaming: the chip shortage is affecting many industries. For example, the Playstation 5 has already been on the market for about a year, but some customers are still waiting for their devices to this day. The same holds for Apple products, such as the new iPhone. Here, too, customers have to brace themselves for higher prices. Those who want to buy a new car must also expect longer waiting times. “Depending on the make and model, the delivery time for a large proportion has leveled off at three to six months,” says Marcus Weller, a market expert at the German Association of Motor Trades and Repairs. Where does the chip shortage come from? The global chip shortage is due to two factors: an intense increase in demand and an inflexible and complicated microchip supply structure. For example, the increase in demand is characterized by car manufacturers investing in the expansion of electric vehicles. Similarly, the demand for electronic devices increased sharply as a result of the global pandemic. This was driven by more home offices being created, and homeschooling. The supply of microchips is inflexible mainly due to the complexity of manufacturing. “In fact, chips today have structures that are often only a few atomic layers thick. Highly sensitive clean rooms are required to produce them. This makes manufacturing facilities enormously expensive and complex. It can cost several billion euros to build a semiconductor plant,” says FHTW expert Peter Rössler. It seems the chip shortage will continue. Chip production is even more time-consuming. A microchip consists of a ‘wafer.’ In semiconductor manufacturing, ‘wafers’ are the disks on which the integrated circuits, the microchips, are produced. Such wafers have a lead time of six weeks to three months in a semiconductor factory. What role does crypto mining play in the chip shortage? What impact crypto mining companies have on the global chip shortage is debatable. Clearly, it can be stated that it makes a difference what type of crypto mining is involved. Bitcoin miners use 5nm or 7nm chips, which are mainly needed for the production of smartphones. Currently, there’s no scientific data or study that reliably sheds light on Bitcoin mining’s share of the microchip shortage. Projections assume that Bitcoin mining takes up about 4-6% of 5nm to 7nm chip production. Ethereum mining relies on graphics cards that are also used for gaming. Estimates suggest that 19% of graphics processing units produced in 2020 were purchased by Ethereum miners. This has led to computing power on the Ethereum network being at an all-time high, currently >900 tH/second. Conclusion The impact of crypto mining on chip shortages is thus industry and currency-specific. While gaming PCs are strongly competing with Ethereum miners, the impact of Bitcoin mining on smartphone production seems to be rather limited. So, if the new iPhone is not found under the Christmas tree in time this year, Bitcoin is probably only partly to blame. Do you think Bitcoin miners are responsible for the chip shortage? Let us know here. The post Chip Shortage: My iPhone Won’t Arrive in Time for Christmas – are Bitcoin Miners to Blame? appeared first on BeInCrypto.
Gamestop (GME) Stock Price and Forecast: Any pop from Activision (ATVI), Microsoft (MSFT) deal?

Gamestop (GME) Stock Price and Forecast: Any pop from Activision (ATVI), Microsoft (MSFT) deal?

FXStreet News FXStreet News 20.01.2022 15:58
GameStop stock fails to ignite despite the gaming sector being in play. GameStop is a bystander retailer, while the big activity is game makers. GME stock remains bearish in our view despite a mid-week short squeeze attempt. GameStop (GME) stock surged in early January but has since slumped consistently. At least some volatility returned to the name. GameStop was the original meme stock but has been suffering of late as investors turn their backs on high growth and high-risk names. GameStop Stock News A pop of 7% on January 7 has been about as good as it gets so far this year for GameStop (GME) holders as the stock exhibits more signs of dwindling interest in the meme stock space. The Wall Street Journal did report on January 7 that GameStop was entering the NFT and cryptocurrency market. This has echoes of another meme stock, AMC. It may smack of desperation or even bad timing given the crypto and NFT craze has also retreated in line with meme stocks. Or it may be a shrewd move. Time will tell, but so far the shares have not given the news much traction. Interest did spike in GME on the back of the mega-deal from Microsoft (MSFT) offering up $69 billion in cash to buy Activision (ATVI), but GameStop is merely a powerless bystander in the acquisition fervor sweeping the gaming sector. GameStop (GME) jumped to the top of WallStreetBets mentions, but this has not seen the correlated share price uptick. In fact, GME shares are down 17% in a week. That takes losses so far for 2022 to nearly 30%. One year on and it does not look like history is going to repeat itself. Video game sales data out yesterday was not exactly comforting with the figure in December down 1% following November's 10% fall. GameStop Stock Forecast The chart is still highly bearish, which was triggered after the double-top formation. This played out and reached our $150 target and then some. Now GME has broken the $118 level, which brings $86 firmly into focus as the next major target. Obviously, $100 along the way will generate headlines, but this is purely psychological. We also note the volume gap from $110 to $70 that could accelerate the move. Bearish unless $160 is broken. GameStop (GME) chart, daily
Tech Stocks: (MSFT) Microsoft Stock, Facts About Microsoft

Tech Stocks: (MSFT) Microsoft Stock, Facts About Microsoft

Dividend Power Dividend Power 24.01.2022 15:51
As stocks have trended higher, especially the tech stocks, soared in 2021, we must be reminded that Microsoft is once again one of the top companies in the world by market cap. Apple is number one in the world by market cap, and Microsoft continues to be right behind them. In October of 2021, Microsoft had bypassed Apple as the largest company by market cap globally, but Apple soon passed them once again. Microsoft is not the same old company we had known back when Bill Gates was in charge. They have changed and have created a more diverse brand and product portfolio leading that change. Bill Gates stepped down as CEO in 2000 and officially left his full-time role in Microsoft in 2008. Since then, Microsoft has diversified its portfolio to include many more products, including gaming, cloud services, and making Office more business-friendly. Microsoft under Gates was known for two big things: Microsoft Office and Windows; that was the entire portfolio. Satya Nadella, the current CEO of Microsoft, has revolutionized the software company and has made it a software company with a vision of working with businesses, making gaming a priority, and expanding Azure, its cloud network. How Does Microsoft Make Money? A diverse portfolio of many more products allowed Microsoft to branch out from only MS Office and Windows software and adapt to software technology's future. Microsoft has adapted to the world of sales in its subscription-based software model. They sell their Microsoft Office products to businesses and consumers, creating a pay-as-you-go subscription-based business model. Productivity and Business In 2020, Microsoft Office made a significant amount of their revenue from subscription-based software compared to 0% in 2000. MS Office at one point brought close to half of the revenue in 2000, but Office is not even 25% of the revenue that Microsoft takes in now, having over $35 billion in revenue each year. The new software has been revolutionizing businesses. First, they pay for Microsoft Office, and with that, they get Microsoft OneDrive, Teams, and Dynamics. Teams is just a fancy business video chat software like Zoom Video Communications (ZM), but you can only have Teams with Microsoft business accounts. Dynamics is another software that helps with business computing. It helps with business efficiency and works with customer relationship management or CRM, but it is not one of the top competitors to Salesforce (CRM). However, it has over $3 billion in revenue. Windows continues to be one of the most widely used software globally. That domination is starting to penetrate other parts of their customers giving them opportunities to dominate other businesses. With the subscription-based model, they will continue to bring in significant revenue, earnings, and cash flow. Before the proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard (ATVI), LinkedIn was Microsoft's largest acquisition. It came in at $26 billion in 2016. Today, LinkedIn makes over $8 billion annually in revenue, up from the $3 billion pre-acquisition. LinkedIn has no major competitors and creates most of its money from job offer advertisements, other advertisements, and cash for LinkedIn premium. The Cloud Cloud software has become a bigger space for companies. It has led Microsoft to enter the space and business opportunities through the Azure Cloud system. Microsoft has thus gained a foothold in the cloud space. Azure Cloud system by Microsoft came out in 2009, and in 2021 the platform had become the second-largest cloud-based service in the world behind Amazon Web Services (AWS). With the cloud service, Microsoft's revenue grew by 48% in quarter 3 of 2021. It has reached a 21% market share and continues to gain more traction in the cloud space.   Azure consists of public, private, and hybrid cloud service products that help to power modern businesses. Dynamics and Azure are contributing to over 31% of Microsoft's revenue. In addition, customers are reaping many benefits through the cloud as it enhances the user experience with Microsoft products. The Gaming Industry Microsoft is becoming one of the leaders in the gaming industry. The Xbox is leading the charge with gaming, and Microsoft just made a deal to acquire Activision Blizzard for $69 Billion; if government regulators approve the sale, this acquisition will occur in 2023. The purchase would make Microsoft one of the largest gaming companies in the world. They would then own games like Call of Duty, War of Warcraft, and Candy Crush. In addition, making the deal would put them behind Sony and China's Tencent as a top-three gaming company globally. Microsoft is putting their company in a position to take on the Metaverse. Apple (APPL), Google (GOOG), Meta (FB), and Microsoft are creating technologies for the Metaverse. Satya Nadalla has emphasized that gaming technologies are part of the Metaverse. Is Microsoft a Good Stock to Buy? If we look at the price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio, we end up with an overvalued stock compared to Apple and Google. The P/E ratio is 32.0X, making it a bit more overvalued than Apple, which is trading at a valuation of 28.5X, as of this writing. They are close in the P/E ratio, but you would like to see the P/E ratio lower as an investor. Microsoft is a dividend growth stock that has raised the dividend for 19 consecutive years. The most recent quarterly dividend increase was $0.62 per share from $0.56 per share. The forward annual payout is now $2.48 per share with a conservative payout ratio of about 27%. The question is whether the hype of Microsoft is worth a buy as this company continues to create a diverse portfolio moving from one business to another. You can see the company dominating competitive markets like gaming and cloud systems. It has also innovated different types of software to help other businesses. Microsoft's future looks excellent if you are an investor, but the stock is likely overvalued based on the P/E ratio. In addition, the dividend yield is low at 0.84%. This value is less than the average dividend yield of the S&P 500 Index. Suppose individual stocks are too risky for you. In that case, an alternative is to try an excellent ETF or even a tech ETF to gain exposure to Microsoft and other overvalued tech companies. In many cases, ETFs are market cap-weighted, and Microsoft is one of the top holdings. You can always own a piece of Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Meta through an excellent ETF like an S&P 500 ETF. Microsoft is also a top 10 holding in some of the best dividend growth ETFs. These index funds will help you own a selection of some of the most profitable and most prominent companies in the US. Author Bio: Dividend Power is a self-taught investor and blogger on dividend growth stocks and financial independence. Some of his writings can be found on Seeking Alpha, TalkMarkets, ValueWalk, The Money Show, Forbes, Yahoo Finance, Entrepreneur, FXMag, and leading financial blogs. He also works as a part-time freelance equity analyst with a leading newsletter on dividend stocks. He was recently in the top 1.5% (126 out of over 8,212) of financial bloggers as tracked by TipRanks (an independent analyst tracking site) for his articles on Seeking Alpha. Disclaimer: Dividend Power is not a licensed or registered investment adviser or broker/dealer. He is not providing you with individual investment advice. Please consult with a licensed investment professional before you invest your money. 
OVR – innovative Metaverse platform. Virtual lands and treasure hunt. Augmented Reality conquers the world

OVR – innovative Metaverse platform. Virtual lands and treasure hunt. Augmented Reality conquers the world

Finance Press Release Finance Press Release 23.02.2022 09:10
OVR is the Metaverse platform which combines blockchain technology and augmented reality. It allows to buy virtual lands and provides unusual experiences at the junction of two worlds. About OVR OVR is Metaverse platform for gaming, virtual retail, tourism, education and more. It is open-source, AR platform powered by Ethereum Blockchain. At the end of January OVR has informed about the beginning of migration on Polygon Blockchain. OVR platform is based on two kinds of tokens. OVR tokens are utility tokens based on ERC-20 standard. Unique, non-fungible OVRLands tokens are based on ERC-721 standard. OVRLands represent parcels stored inside a blockchain-based ledger. Every land has standard dimension of 300 square meters. They divide our planet into hexagons in virtual world. The total number of OVRLands is 1.660.954.464.112. Every land has precise geographical localization. Users can participate in OVRLand auctions with OVR fungible tokens. Every auction closes 24 hours after the last bid. If you are the winner, an NFT representing the OVRLand will be minted and sent to your wallet. Until now on the platform over 700 000 auctions have been closed and over 1800 are lasting. These values are still changing. On the platform we can buy virtual lands located on all the world. ŹródÅ‚o: OVR The OVR platform has also many another features and is still developed. Users can create avatars, explore various spaces in augmented reality and play games in play-to-earn model. Augmented Reality Augmented Reality (AR) is technology, which can add any type of content to the surrounding environment, creating the illusion that the real and the virtual elements coexist in the same space. It’s dimension, where everything is possible. Since 2018 there has been dynamic growth of Augmented Reality technologies. Technological giants such as Apple, Facebook and Google made major investments in this industry. According to the forecast published by IDC, augmented reality will play an important role in consumer industry and retail in the near future. The growing popularity of augmented reality is connected with the development of smartphones which can support this technology and smart glasses technologies, which can add information to what the wearer sees. According to data from IDC, the augmented reality market reached $11 billion in 2020 and can even reach $137 billion by the end of 2024. The graph below shows past and estimated future revenues of this industry. Source: IDC ( AR experiences can range from static 3D content to interactive highly complex and hyper real scenes, which engage the user to an interaction with the surrounding world. OVR Tokens Users can buy OVR tokens from IBCO (Initial Bonding Curve Offering). Starting price is 0.07$ per one token. The more tokens are minted, the higher the price. The IBCO is both a primary and a secondary market, where you can buy and sell tokens. Buying is creating tokens, selling is burning tokens. The IBCO will never ends. It’s the warranty of liquidity for OVR token holders who can sell it in every moment. Users can also buy OVR tokens on Uniswap, MXC, Bitmart, Bilaxy or Loopring. It’s also possible by credit card, but this option is not available for China and US citizens. OVRLands Tokens If we have OVR tokens, we can participate in an OVRLand auction. The base price for an OVRLand auction is 10$ paid in OVR Tokens. OVR Tokens have a floor purchasing power of 0.10$, so regardless of the OVR Tokens price on the market, 100 OVR tokens will always have a minimum value of 10$ for buying OVRLand. Auctions last 24 hours, and the minimum price increase for consecutive bids on the same land is 2x. What is IBCO and how does it differ from ICO? Similarly as ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings), IBCOs also are used to finance crypto projects. IBCO is the solution to many problems of ICO, such as lack of transparency, liquidity and the prices of tokens established arbitrarily by the project promoters. Not always was also clear, if a promoter who has raised funds has actually spent them to finance the proposed project. This method of financing was high risk for investors. IBCOs are created with the aim of solving these problems. Nowadays a project can issue its token directly on a decentralized crypto exchange (DEX), such as Uniswap. Token can be issued by creating an exchange pair on a DEX or basing on customer solutions. This method of financing is often used by projects based on DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations) that are controlled by token holders. In traditional ICO tokens are issued before being released on the market. In case of IBCO tokens will be minted if someone buys them or will be burned if someone sells them, so creating and burning of tokens depends on demand and supply. An example of such a project is OVR. How to buy a virtual land? Before users can participate in an OVRLand auction, they need to have a Metamask or Imtoken wallet with OVR tokens. If we don’t have it, we can buy OVR tokens through the OVR IBCO or swap it on Uniswap. The next step is to visit the OVR marketplace and click “connect wallet” on top. If it is our first time participating in the land auction, we need to register with our email address and nationality information. Then we need to check our inbox to confirm the email address. The next step – to increase the auction allowance - we only need to do once for the first time. It permits the smart contract to take the OVR tokens as payment from our wallet if we win the auction. After clicking on “Increase” a prompt from our wallet will ask for a confirmation. After a few minutes we should see the auction allowance number becoming 10000000. That means we can participate in auctions. The next step is to click Marketplace and select the land that we want on the map. We can also zoom in the map. Then we need to click on a point on the map or search the place by entering the name of the location). The next step is to open the bidding panel clicking on Init Auction or Place Bid. Then we insert the amount we want to bid for and confirm by clicking on Place Bid. Next we wait for 24 hours. If there is no other user with a better offer, we own our OVRLand NFT and will see the status of this auction as “closed”. If someone placed a higher bid, the auction would stay open for another 24 hours. We can always check our assets, clicking “My Assets”, where we can see the status of our ongoing land auction and our own OVRLands. Treasures in the virtual world The OVR platform can attract enthusiasts of games. “Treasure Hunt” is play to earn game. If we find treasure chest, we will earn OVR tokens. To play the game, we need to download the smartphone app and give the permission to use the camera. The app must find some key points in the environment to anchor the scene, in which the action takes place. OVRLive OVRLive allows to combine the user’s face photo with the selected avatar body. In this case the app also must find some key points in the environment to anchor the 3D scene, in which user can move and create interactions with friends. OVR Live Events Thanks to Augmented Reality, fans will be able to attend a live events, especially concerts and see their favourite artists perform at their home. The artist will be visualized through his hyper-realistic 3D avatar. His movements will be recorded and reproduced in real-time to recreate a live performance. Augmented reality will enable also interactions between the artists and another users. Polygon migration has started At the end of January OVR has informed about the beginning of migration on Polygon Blockchain. Polygon network payments have been added to the Ethereum and BSC payments options in the primary market. It allows to decrease transaction costs. When the migration is completed the changes will also be introduced on the secondary market. The changes include: batch minting of all the light minted OVRLands generation of a personal custoded wallet for users who registered without declaring one direct NFT minting of new primary market sales- NFT bridge from Ethereum to Polygon fully decentralized secondary market. About company OVRGLOBAL OÜ is a company based in Tallinn managing the issuing of OVR utility token. The company is regulated by the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit and has a valid virtual currency services license FVT000345. OVR Team consists of Visionaries, Builders and Coders. The founder and CEO of the team is Davide Cuttini, who has wide experience in augmented reality, deep learning and blockchain technology. The team consists of over 20 people. Each of them makes a contribution to the development of the project. For more details of the project you can contact Telegram group:
Nvidia Stock News and Forecast: NVDA shares up after unveiling $1 trillion market opportunity

Nvidia Stock News and Forecast: NVDA shares up after unveiling $1 trillion market opportunity

FXStreet News FXStreet News 24.03.2022 16:22
NVDA stock dropped 3.4% on Wednesday trading.Nvidia CEO says focus on software gives chipmaker $1 trillion market.Nvidia could reshore chip fabrication using Intel.Nvidia stock (NVDA) is up 3.2% to $264.42 on Wednesday after management announced a broader focus on software that could give Nvidia a total addressable market of $1 trillion. Additionally, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang told Reuters on Wednesday that he was in discussion with Intel to use the legacy chipmaker's semiconductor foundries to produce Nvidia's chips in the United States.Nvidia Stock News: $1 trillion opportunityAt an investor day presentation earlier this week, Nvidia executives walked analysts through a much larger strategy that entailed a total addressable market (TAM) for Nvidia's various business segments of $1 trillion per year. The larger market for Nvidia products than earlier estimates stems from Nvidia's new focus on software platform offerings. The bigger TAM breaks down to $150 billion from omniverse enterprise software, $150 billion from artificial intelligence software, $100 billion from gaming, $300 billion from the existing semiconductor chip business, and $300 billion from the automotive segment. A solid section of the automotive opportunity also comes from software.Evercore ISI's C.J. Muse found the large figures hard to fathom but said his investment colleagues are, “firm believers in the company’s hardware and software strategies that should deliver world-class organic growth for years to come.”Evercore and Bernstein both have recently reiterated outperform ratings for Nvidia stock. Evercore has a $375 price target on NVDA shares, a solid 44% upside, while Bernstein has a price target of $350. Bernstein pointed out in a letter to clients that Nvidia only makes a few hundred million dollars in annual revenue now from software but sees well over $300 billion in opportunity for that segment.In separate news, CEO Jensen Huang said he was quite willing to work with Intel to produce Nvidia chips onshore in the US. Currently, the company has Taiwan Semiconductor (TSM) producing much of its catalog. He told reporters that it could take years of discussions to finalize a fabrication deal, however, as it is an extremely detailed process. Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger was on Capitol Hill on Wednesday to brief the US Senate's Commerce Committee on his company's plans to utilize funding from the $52 billion CHIPS Act to reshore and expand US semiconductor fabrication.Nvidia Stock Forecast: NVDA bulls hope for $284Monday and Tuesday of this week both saw Nvidia stock break above the February 10 swing high at $269.25. Right now in the $264s, Nvidia is at support. If it falls below $255.50, volume pressure may push NVDA down to $240, where there is support from both February and the 50-day moving average. To keep the rally going, bulls will try to make a play for $284.22. This level acted as resistance in early to mid-January.Back on March 16, Nvidia shares broke out of a descending trend that began on November 22, 2021. For the rally to continue, the 20-day moving average needs to break above the 50-day moving average fairly soon, possibly by the end of next week at the latest. Long-term support continues to sit at $208.90.NVDA 1-day chart
Drug Dealer Manager announced! New tycoon from Movie Games will make you the cartel king

Drug Dealer Manager announced! New tycoon from Movie Games will make you the cartel king

Finance Press Release Finance Press Release 01.04.2022 12:13
31 March 2022 - Drug Dealer Manager, a 3D crime tycoon from Movie Games, was just announced on Steam with a gameplay trailer. The game, developed by Movie Games' internal studio Exiles Studio, will let you take over an American metropolis and become the cartel king. Drug Dealer Manager is planned to be released in 2022.Claw your way to the top in the ruthless world of gangs. Hire carriers, dealers, triggermen, and spies. Establish routes for your couriers. Buy or take over buildings and set up your bases of operations. Drug Dealer Manager will let you in on the business side of crime.        The game's unique mechanics use information as one of the available weapons. Collect dirt on the people who threaten your operation. Use your knowledge as leverage in negotiations. Pay off the cops so they look the other way and shape your public image as a paragon of the local community.  Grow your reputation and become a brand among the city's nightlifers. But remember: the more powerful you become, the more people will want to take you down.     Drug Dealer Manager is the second crime game from Movie Games, following the 2020 hit Drug Dealer Simulator. This expanding Drug Dealer universe lets you taste the life of crime from unique and fascinating angles. Drug Dealer Manager is set for a 2022 release. Check Drug Dealer Manager's Steam Page Features Comprehensive tycoon gameplay with unique criminal mechanics Huge and detailed custom-designed 3D map of the city More than 2000 interactive buildings realized in a unique art style Information as a resource: collect rumours and dig in the past to get rid of your competitors Complex police mechanics: be a subject of investigations and give favors to build relations
CD PROJEKT looks back at 2021

New Card Drop Now Available in GWENT!

Finance Press Release Finance Press Release 05.04.2022 19:14
CD PROJEKT RED today announced that a new card drop for GWENT: The Witcher Card Game is now available across all supported platforms, alongside the latest update for the game.   Dubbed Forgotten Treasures, the card drop features 21 new cards — 16 golds and 5 bronzes of various types, including artifacts, special cards, and units. All new cards utilize and expand existing game mechanics currently in use in GWENT, with card imagery inspired by the Golden Nekker Project — the currently in-development, upcoming single player spin-off based around the core gameplay and mechanics of The Witcher Card Game. The card drop is available for free as part of the game's latest update, which also features regular gameplay balance changes.   Learn more about the Forgotten Treasures card drop and Update 10.4     Also starting today, the GWENT in-game store is hosting a special, limited-time offer. The Forgotten Treasures Pack contains all of the new cards from the Forgotten Treasures card drop in their premium animated versions, as well as the all-new Abandoned Laboratory game board. The pack will be available until May 10th, 10:00 AM CEST.   GWENT: The Witcher Card Game, along with update 10.4 and the Forgotten Treasures card drop, is available for free on PC via GOG.COM and Steam, Apple M1 Macs running macOS, as well as on Android and iOS. For more information on GWENT, visit Source: CD Projekt
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Complete Edition Slays Its Way Onto Next Gen!

Movie Games invites all gamers to playtest MythBusters: The Game & Fire Commander. Now, and free!

Finance Press Release Finance Press Release 08.04.2022 13:48
31 March 2022 – Movie Games would like to invite all gamers for free pre-release playtests of MythBusters: The Game and Fire Commander. The tests start today and will last for approx. 2 weeks. Anyone can join on each game's Steam page. Both games are scheduled to release in Q2 2022. MythBusters: The Game - PlaytestsBe a MythBuster in front of and behind the camera! The game is a first-person sim that adapts the famous Discovery show. Run crazy experiments and manage the production of episodes.  Join playtests on SteamAfter playing, please fill out the short questionnaire that you will find in the latest Steam post. Join the playtests for MythBuster: The Game today!     Fire Commander - PlaytestsSee what it means to face the fire. Command a firefighting unit in an exciting tactical RTS. Save lives and care for your team in 30+ missions. Be a real hero!  Join playtests on SteamAfter playing, please fill out the short questionnaire that you will find in the latest Steam post. Join the playtests for Fire Commander and play today! For more information, or an interview with the creators, please contact    Follow Movie Games Movie Games on Twitter Movie Games on Instagram Movie Games on LinkedIn  About Movie Games Movie Games is a Polish game developer and publisher, listed on NewConnect, the Warsaw Stock Exchange's alternative investment market. The company was founded by game enthusiasts with experience in the financial, gaming, and media sectors. It consists of new talents and industry veterans, including Maciej Miasik, the key developer behind The Witcher, and David Jaffe, the creator of God of War, Piotr Gnyp, a longtime video game jouranlist and the creator of, and Tobiasz Piatkowski, one of Poland's most acclaimed art directors and comic book writers.Movie Games' portfolio includes adventure games (the Lust series) and simulators (Drug Dealer Simulator, Gas Station Simulator, MythBusters: The Game, and Alaskan Truck Simulator).  In 2021, Movie Games together with the production and post-production house Platige Image established Image Games, an indie premium developer focused on producing AA role-playing games.
Being Paid Money For Playing A Game!? When it's hard to break yourself away from the screen – P2E analysis. Play To Earn Games; RoboHero (ROBO)

Being Paid Money For Playing A Game!? When it's hard to break yourself away from the screen – P2E analysis. Play To Earn Games; RoboHero (ROBO)

Finance Press Release Finance Press Release 29.04.2022 14:39
Games are an excellent way to escape from the daily routine and enter the new world. Gaming has many faces, it could be your biggest passion, Sunday fun, or earning method. The latter mentioned is a relatively fresh concept for the world of digital entertainment. It is worth taking a closer look at it to understand what makes us unable to tear ourselves from the computer or smartphone’s screen for hours. Would you like to know what elements should have the quality Play-to-Earn (P2E) title? We invite you to the text! Refined business model P2E is from the financial perspective a moneymaking tool. It's driven by a game token and provides users with diverse and effective ways to collect funds, some of which will be used to develop the game. It provides an effective model, from which the income will be divided between investors – gamers, the project’s team, and the product – itself. It is a recipe for motivation to keep playing and product development. The possibility of making a steady income that could be your second salary sounds very attractive, especially when we're talking about passive income.  Read next: Play To Earn Games: Revolution On The Games Market – Let's Talk About P2E. What Is Play To Earn? RoboHero (ROBO)| FXMAG.COM As we mentioned before, the fuel that powers the game is token, which value depends on many factors. These include development plans (roadmap), burning part of the supply to increase the price, utility token scope (e.g., internal metaverse economics), etc. It is crucial to reach different clients groups – long-run investors, people who just like to click around and make a few dollars after work, and people who will make it a regular income. Nowadays, we have considerable possibilities, a dozen years ago we wouldn't even consider farming gold in World of Warcraft.  Diverse ways to get funds P2E games offer a wide range of possibilities to claim tokens. It depends on the characteristics of the game. However, the most common theme is a fight in which the winner receives funds from the pot. They are coming from the game’s treasury when the battle is in PvE mode or the players are allocating tokens for the common pool for the winner in PvP. There are also mechanics that we already know from MMO games, such as selling acquired items on the marketplace and trading characters, etc. However, these are ways of active income, which require completing certain tasks to collect a reward.  The real potential of Play-to-Earn is hidden in passive income. At this point, we can use the example of the RoboHero mobile game. In addition to the extensive opportunities to generate active income, we have vast opportunities to earn passively. You can rent your character to another player, lend an advertising billboard in the game and get a lease payment or become the NFT landowner, where the robot fights and get a commission from each battle. This gives many possibilities, from which you can create a superb plan for profit.  Read next: (ADA) Cardano Coin Has The Potential To Compete With Larger Coins - Watch Out Ethereum (ETH)| FXMAG.COM In the world of blockchain entertainment, some issues are appearing, foremost – the game’s entry barrier. Usually, you need to pay a minimum of several hundred dollars for a character that you will perform tasks. Here, it is worth mentioning again the example of RoboHero, which came out to meet the community and offered a Watch-to-Earn application. It allows you to raise funds for your first robot by watching ads. This is an excellent practice that can become an inspiration for other game developers.  Engaging gameplay We don't forget how crucial is the user experience itself. The high-quality P2E game features the proper balance between earning and playability. If there will appear a deficit of one factor, it can't be made up with more of the other. Playability is a set of rules and game mechanics that contribute to the enjoyment of the game. The real essence of game success is the level of positive emotions you draw from a title. It consists of elements like among others metaverse design, graphics, idea, and plot. Authors need to find a golden proportion in composing these elements. Sometimes less is better. Do you remember Heroes III? An outstandingly playable game that was a tremendous success. Although the graphics and story were in second place, it was the gameplay mechanics that made this title extremely popular until now.  Different recipes for the game As a curiosity, we can introduce to you a distinguished mechanics we can meet in Play-to-Earn titles. We have to admit that authors’ creativity is limitless. Take a look at the gaming models' examples: CryptoCars - earning tokens by driving the car through the road, avoiding obstacles. Pegaxy - taking part in horse races, in which the best contestants are rewarded with tokens CryptoBomb - Escaping from the bomb field on 2D boards. If you survive, you win. Farmers World – you buy in-game NFT land, where you grow certain resources, harvest, and sell them The very friendly gameplay and refined economics of such titles make earning straightforward and fun. In that industry, everyone can find a title that fits them. Different recipes for the game. Summarizing Creating a good Play-to-Earn title is an art. It’s a huge challenge from the technical, financial, organizational, and marketing points of view. This is a young branch of the market, so we are now seeing its wonderful innovative beginnings. It’s worth being interested in this industry and bringing as much enjoyment and funds out of it as possible. Sometimes it's better to change the approach and give a chance to modern earning methods. Being landlord and billboard in-game tenant sounds fantastic. It’s simple – you get tokens and exchange them for fiat money.  After all, who in their youth didn't dream of making money from playing?
New Card Drop Now Available in GWENT! - 06.10.2022

The Witcher (CD PROJEKT RED): Journey 1 & 2 Return to GWENT!

Finance Press Release Finance Press Release 12.05.2022 16:30
Journey 1 & 2 Return to GWENT! CD PROJEKT RED today announced that both the first and second season of the Journey progression mode have returned to GWENT: The Witcher Card Game, featuring brand new rewards, on a permanent basis. This reintroduction coincides with Patch 10.5, also available now. Read next: Altcoins: What Is Polkadot (DOT)? Cross-Chain Transfers Of Any Type Of Asset Or Data. A Deeper Look Into Polkadot Protocol | FXMAG.COM   As with their original releases, both Season 1 'Geralt' and Season 2 'Ciri' will be available to players for free as well as via an optional Premium tier. All originally included vanities come part and parcel with both Journeys, but they will also be joined by brand-new unlockable rewards such as auras, cardbacks, trinkets, music, and trophies. Players who did not previously purchase or play these seasons will be able to unlock all items — old and new — by completing contracts. Those who previously purchased or played Journeys 1 & 2 can unlock new items by completing contracts, without needing to make any additional purchases, and will also be able to pick up right where they left off during their first playthrough.     When originally launched, the first and second season of Journey were available for a limited period of three months. With their reintroduction, both seasons will be available permanently, giving players an infinite amount of time to see all they have to offer. The character-specific stories will also be returning, available in their entirety from the start — so players who missed out on the stories of Geralt & Dandelion, as well as Ciri & Vesemir, will be able to discover each one for themselves this time around.   Read next: Stablecoins In Times Of Crypto Crash. What is Terra (UST)? A Deep Look Into Terra Altcoin. Terra - Leading Decentralised And Open-Source Public Blockchain Protocol | FXMAG.COM Alongside the return of the first two Journeys, Patch 10.5 was also introduced to GWENT, which features general balance changes and is available for free on all supported platforms. You can find out more details by reading the official patch notes.   GWENT: The Witcher Card Game is available for free on PC via GOG.COM and Steam, Apple M1 Macs running macOS, as well as on Android and iOS. For more information on GWENT, visit Source: CD Projekt
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NFT & Metaverse: Playing Chess In Metaverse!? canVERSE Is Working On Tabletop Games | BeInCrypto

BeInCrypto (BeIn News Academy Ltd), we're writing about crypto. BeInCrypto (BeIn News Academy Ltd), we're writing about crypto. 31.05.2022 08:51
Chess fan? Then this metaverse will pretty much blow your brain. If this virtual world succeeds, it will be the metaverse we all dreamed of. A London-based Extended Reality (XR) development studio is on the cusp of releasing a life-like tabletop metaverse. If you are a chess nerd, this is your metaverse. And it is free, which is everyone’s favourite price. In development for over a year, canVERSE say they have used cutting-edge rendering technology to produce a hyper-realistic tabletop gaming experience. Charlie Hasdell is the CPO of canVERSE. “We set out to create not only the greatest-looking version of chess but also the first piece in our roadmap to the Metaverse.” The first offering is Chess. The “Early Access” Beta is available to wishlist on Steam. On canVERSE’s Community Discord server, they are asking their community to help sculpt their developmental roadmap. So now is the time to get involved if you love games like chess, backgammon and mah-jongg. Barn Cleave is the CEO of canVERSE. “We’re delighted to be developing Metaverse content, that’s interoperable, open and built with the community.” canVERSE says they hope that their “hyper-realistic tabletop gaming space will not only entertain on numerous platforms, but will be the beginning of larger discussions around how the gaming landscape is moving closer to the decentralized nature of Web 3.0 and the Metaverse.” Chess and Other Games In the canVERSE metaverse, up to 64 players are seamlessly connected for tournaments. This can be accessed via desktop, AR & VR. Players can also voice-chat in real time. While the games look realistic, the company say that their aim is connection. “Whilst at heart canVERSE aims to host really good-looking table-top games, its true purpose is to connect friends and communities globally in an immersive, totally interoperable shared environment.” Other boardgames are coming, after chess. The company say they have focused on games that have been a fundamental pastime and have continued being popular for generations. Their first offering, chess, is an “ancient and unchanging game. It transcends language and locale and has become almost culturally ubiquitous. With chess we found the perfect starting block for canVERSE and utilizing bleeding edge technology… we are able to deliver an almost- lifelike game.” NFT Ownership Developers working on the canVERSE Metaverse have designed and generated 10,000 unique NFT Chess Sets. “NFT Chess Set owners will be rewarded with future NFTs and in-game content as canVERSE grows.” The NFT chess sets can be classically styled, ornate timeless pieces. Or you can go hardcore high tech and have sleek hyper-modern pieces. Your own chess set will be unique to you, and unlike any other chess players’ sets. But also, when you buy the chess set NFTs, you can unlock an environment and board. Chess Board: Minting the NFT Players can mint all NFTs on the site. Any other site offering the NFTs will be scams. Once you own the NFT, you can hold community roles, and get pre-sale access for future NFTs, among other benefits. Checkers Another game the metaverse plans to offer is checkers. The game has been played for thousands of years. Pharaohs even loved it. It was first brought to PC in 1951. If only the pharaohs could see the metaverse version. They would never want to go back to their pyramid life. Backgammon This game is also on the way. This is one of the oldest board games still actively played. CanVERSE say that it is “a seemingly simple game to master, however, its mysteries are deep and complex with over 3 billion possible end game scenarios.” Chess nerds? Your time in the sun has arrived. Got something to say about chess in the metaverse or anything else? Write to us or join the discussion in our Telegram channel. You can also catch us on Tik Tok, Facebook, or Twitter. Disclaimer All the information contained on our website is published in good faith and for general information purposes only. Any action the reader takes upon the information found on our website is strictly at their own risk.   Source: BeInCrypto
Alaskan Truck Simulator: the demo is out on Steam! Watch the extended gameplay trailer

Alaskan Truck Simulator: the demo is out on Steam! Watch the extended gameplay trailer

Finance Press Release Finance Press Release 13.06.2022 08:31
10 June 2022 – The demo for Alaskan Truck Simulator debuted today on Steam, while a gameplay trailer was showcn on Future Games Show. The game is developed by Road Studio and published by Movie Games. The target release window for PC is late 2022, with PS and Xbox ports to come later. This long-awaited simulator, May's #98 most wishlisted game on Steam, lets you be a trucker, not a truck. Step out of the vehicle and live in a huge, open world of Alaska. Download the demo on Steam Demo features Ca. 45-minute opening haul World interactivity in and out of the truck Available map inspired by the Cantwell area (approx. 10% of the full game map) Winter setting (all seasons available in the full game) Scripted weather & day/night cycle (dynamic conditions available in the full game) Selected demo locations Be a trucker, not a truck! You are a real person behind the wheel. Explore the basic needs of both man and machine. You will need to pay attention to the stats management and the condition of your vehicle. You can become hungry or tired – so you need to eat and sleep. Your truck needs maintenance too – fuel it, change oil, put on chains in winter. Take care of all the difficulties you can encounter on the road!Alaskan Truck Simulator is planned to release on PC, and later on PlayStation and Xbox. The target release window is late 2022. Play the demo on Steam
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Flow Token Grew 44%! Vitalik Buterin Tweets How To Anonymise NFT Using Accelerate the... Accelerate the... 12.08.2022 12:15
Meta integrates with Flow, rolling out Instagram’s NFT feature in 100 countries. Vitalik Buterin proposes a new privacy solution for NFT ownership. Axie Infinity looks to double down in South Korea. AUG 12, 2022 Key Takeaways Minted, the multi-chain NFT platform across Cronos and Ethereum incubated by Cronos Labs, launched on Thursday. It also announced its partnership with NFT: Every collection launched on NFT and minted on Cronos will also be available for secondary trading on Minted. Tech conglomerate Meta integrates with Flow blockchain and rolls out its Instagram NFT support feature in 100 countries, allowing collectors to display their verified Flow-minted NFTs in the photo-sharing app. Following the announcement, FLOW token soared by almost 44%. Ethereum Co-founder Vitalik Buterin proposes in a tweet a new way to stealth addresses for anonymous NFT ownership and transactions. This was in response to Ethereum researcher Anton Wahrstätter’s fresh proposal, and suggests a “much lighter-weight” solution on how to hide the identities of NFT owners without the need for Merkle trees or zk-SNARKs. Axie Infinity plans to expand and “double down” in South Korea, a market the company considers to be one of its most important. Sky Mavis Co-founder Jeffrey Zerlin announced this during the recent Korean Blockchain Week event, and in spite of a major blanket ban on P2E games in the country in December 2021. X2Y2 recorded a -6% decrease in sales and a +129% increase in transactions. Meanwhile, OpenSea‘s sales were positive at +32%, and its transaction count also increased +27%. The total market cap for GameFi tokens now stands at US$10.83 billion, up +4.6% from last week. NFT in the Spotlight NFT recently launched a new feature that lets users browse and buy LooksRare listings directly from the platform. On top of this, rarity scores were added for all Chain collections, and the platform is now also available in 17 languages. Visit the Blog for more updates.  “Kaiju Legends” is a colourful multiverse where art, story, toys, and gaming come together. Created by illustrator Jordy te Braak and game developer Roel Weber, it’s a community-driven NFT project that will feature a multiplayer P2E game, a native token, and exclusive toys and merchandise. The first wave is a collection of 7,777 algorithmically-generated collectibles with over 500 individual traits. Christian Whiticar’s new drop, “OKTṒPOUS”, is a fresh take on fine art. Using spellbinding loops, he tastefully captures the essence of the octopus. With an imaginative mind and years of work, Whiticar brings “OKTṒPOUS” to life, hypnotising the viewer. This will be the artist’s fourth drop in a series of sold-out collections in collaboration with NFT Highlights Okay Bears to airdrop NFTs attached with actual gold Fractional NFT markets slide 76% in value in 7 months, diced-up DOGE NFT still leads the pack ApeCoin deal with fashion giant Gucci boosts Bored Ape Yacht Club token APE Sudoswap, a decentralised NFT marketplace hit all-time high daily trade volumes yesterday at ~900 ETH reNFT partners with Unlockd to bridge tradFi with NFT rentals CryptoDickbutts Ethereum NFTs surge 690% in daily sales volume NFT global sales hit 2022 low in July, sinking more than $4 billion GameFi Highlights Blockchain Games Report #6: Blockchain games are the least affected by the economic certainty STEPN launches GMT earning plans VisionsDao exits Stealth Mode and Presents a Modular Stack for GameFi Game on for Bybit-backed GameFi platform, Yeeha Games Polygon, Neowiz join forces to build new Web3 gaming platform Intella X NFT Transaction Benchmark     The following chart shows selected top NFTs and their historical floor prices. Top Collections The following table shows select top artists (by sales volume on each platform) and a sample of their art. PlatformArtistSales Volume (USD)Sample NFT Loaded Lions $300,700 Magic Eden Vandals $743,400 OpenSea CryptoPunks $8,364,160 GameFi Top Gainers & Losers     *Gaming Infrastructure tokens: ENJ, FLOW, WAXP, UOS, MBOX, DAWN, GALA, IMX*Gaming Utility tokens: AXS, MANA, SAND, ALICE, ILV, ATLAS, POLIS, GODS, GMT, DAR, AURY, APE, PYR*Gaming Guild tokens: YGG, MC, UNIX, GGG, AGV Top Games Metrics     * Week-on-Week (WoW) % change is calculated based on the differences between two consecutive seven-day periods* Users refer to the number of unique wallet addresses interacting with the dApp’s smart contracts* Weekly Volume refers to the total amount of incoming value to the dApp’s smart contracts during the seven-day period* Weekly Transactions refer to the no. of transactions made on the dApp’s smart contracts during the seven-day period* Stickiness refers to the ratio of daily active users (DAU) to monthly active users (MAU). A high stickiness means users consistently return to the dApp.* Weekly volume using Splinterlands data is approx US$424K.* Alien Worlds, Splinterlands, MOBOX, Sunflower Land, Pegaxy, SecondLive, Axie Infinity, DeFi Kingdoms data from DappRadar* STEPN data from Dune Analytics Daily Gamers by Blockchain Authors Research and Insights Team Get fresh market updates delivered straight to your inbox: Subscribe to newsletters    Be the first to hear about new insights: Follow us on Twitter Tags CRYPTO CRYPTO RESEARCH CRYPTOCURRENCIES GAMEFI NFT Share with Friends Source: NFT & GameFi (Week 31, 05/08/2022 – 11/08/2022)
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Online Gaming Is Still The Biggest Source Of Income. Diablo Immortal Is The Most Downoloaded Game On The IOS

Conotoxia Comments Conotoxia Comments 18.08.2022 17:14
NetEase is a Chinese technology company that operates in three segments - online games, search engine (Youdao) and online music (Cloud Music). The company operates both in China and internationally. It is famous for games such as 'The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War', 'Vikingard', 'Lifeafter' and 'Knives Out'. Its shares have fallen more than 10% since the beginning of the year, along with other companies in the Chinese technology sector, by the Chinese government's ambiguous action in the area of interference in their operations, fears of delisting in the US and deteriorating economic indicators in China. However, it is fair to say that its price has still proved to be far more resilient to the issues mentioned above than those of Tencent, Alibaba and Baidu. The company's revenue was 23.2 billion renminbi (US$3.5 billion) in the second quarter, growing 12.8 % year-on-year, slightly beating Wall Street analysts' expectations. Cloud Music revenue grew the most to 2.2 billion renminbi ($327.2 million), rising 29.5% year on year. Online gaming remains the most important revenue stream, with Q2 revenue of 18.1 billion renminbi ($2.7 billion). This increased by 15% compared to the same period a year ago. This was mainly due to the debut of Diablo Immortal, co-developed by NetEase with Blizzard Entertainment. According to the company's report, it became the most downloaded game on the IOS platform in some regions. Major franchise titles had their longevity extended, including the fantasy series Westward Journey and Westward Journey Online, as well as Identity V and Infinite Lagrange. "Players continued to gravitate to our longstanding games in the second quarter, highlighting our strength in game operations longevity. Moreover, the launch of Diablo® Immortal™ attracted the attention of gamers around the world, showcasing our exceptional mobile game development capabilities" - stated CEO William Ding. Revenue fell sharply in the Youdao area, down 29.5% year on year. However, this is the smallest source of revenue and only amounted to 956.2 million renminbi ($142.8 million) in the quarter. Q2 saw a net profit of $790 million, due to lower costs of player retention costs compared to new player acquisitions. Earnings per share (EPS) for those listed in New York were $1.22 on an adjusted basis, beating analysts' estimates by 17 cents. NetEase shares gained almost 3% before the market opened. Rafał Tworkowski, Junior Market Analyst, Conotoxia Ltd. (Conotoxia investment service) Materials, analysis and opinions contained, referenced or provided herein are intended solely for informational and educational purposes. Personal opinion of the author does not represent and should not be constructed as a statement or an investment advice made by Conotoxia Ltd. All indiscriminate reliance on illustrative or informational materials may lead to losses. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 82.59% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.   Source: NetEase increases profits despite declining revenues

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