Cryptocurrency market capitalisation little changed over the past 24 hours, losing 0.4% to $2.27 trillion. This can hardly be called a move for such a volatile crypto market.

The cryptocurrency fear and greed index lost 11 points, dropping to 34, returning to fear territory. However, this comeback should be attributed more to the failure to develop growth rather than the price fall.

Bitcoin and Ether knocked after rise - 1

However, we must admit that the currencies are not catching up with the optimism of the stock indices, and there is no sign of a Christmas rally.

Bitcoin stalled on Wednesday at the $50K area and is trading again at $48.3K on Thursday morning. Ether was once again below $4K, another sign that too many traders are looking to lock in profits on the eve of a very successful year for cryptocurrencies. The relative share of Ether and Bitcoin has been falling over the past couple of days.

Bitcoin and Ether knocked after rise - 2

The divergence between the equity market and the leading cryptocurrencies may be nothing more than a temporary phenome

Polkastarter to Launch Polkacover DeFi Insurance and IDO

Polkastarter to Launch Polkacover DeFi Insurance and IDO

BeInCrypto (BeIn News Academy Ltd), we're writing about crypto. BeInCrypto (BeIn News Academy Ltd), we're writing about crypto. 04.01.2021 08:19
The decentralized exchange built upon the Polkadot network is now launching its own DeFi insurance products and an Initial DEX Offering. Polkastarter has been touted as an Ethereum and Uniswap-rivalling automated market maker and dApp platform. It was launched on Dec. 15 with the purpose of enabling projects to raise capital on the Polkadot network. There have been a few minor partnerships but the new DEX has yet to gain much traction in an already crowded market place. It has now announced the Jan. 21 launch date of a new Polkacover DeFi insurance product and associated token. The day is coming !! We are ecstatic to announce that the PolkaCover #IDO will take place on the rockstar @Polkastarter DEX on Jan21st Join the whitelist on the Date!#Polkadot #Bitcoin #polkastarter #DeFi— Polkacover (@Polkacover) January 3, 2021More DeFi Insurance 2020 has been rife for hacks, scams, smart contract exploits, rug pulls, and flash loan attacks in the DeFi sector so insurance products are in big demand. Polkacover touts itself as the ‘first DeFi insurance marketplace for the global crypto ecosystem’, however, there are already a couple of insurance providers doing something similar. Nexus Mutual offers DeFi insurance and something called ‘shield farming’ to incentivize liquidity providers. The Cover Protocol is another decentralized insurance marketplace, but it was recently exploited in late December. Polkacover aims to collaborate with multi-national insurance providers that offer global insurance products such as crypto-related protection, health, life, education, and family insurance plans. It also aims to provide a fully comprehensive cover that is not currently available with current crypto-insurance offerings. The whitepaper explains; “Presently, the crypto insurance options are mainly either to niche in their coverage or too complex to understand for mass market adoption. This has resulted in a substandard experience for customer and policy management who are faced with a low penetration rate of adopting customers.” It does mention the Binance Security Asset Fund for Users (SAFU) which allocates 10% of trading fees to be used to cover extreme cases. The Polkacover platform will have four development phases; crypto insurance products, a global marketplace, peer-to-peer cover, and decentralized administration and arbitration. It will also offer cover from losses involving company negligence such as the recent Ledger data breach which resulted in a wave of phishing and physical attacks on its unfortunate customers. A New Insurance DAO Token In addition to the POLS DEX token, there will be a new CVR token for the governance of the Insurance DAO and liquidity purposes to create the P2P DeFi insurance platform. Users will be able to provide liquidity to insurance pools for different products, with the investments being allocated in the Polkadot DOT token and redeemable for CVR tokens. There is currently a private sale in process and according to the whitepaper, a total supply has been set at 135 million CVR. It intends a final circulation of 70 million and will buy back and burn tokens quarterly. The post Polkastarter to Launch Polkacover DeFi Insurance and IDO appeared first on BeInCrypto.
DeFi Total Value Locked Nears $20 Billion as ETH Price Increases

DeFi Total Value Locked Nears $20 Billion as ETH Price Increases

BeInCrypto (BeIn News Academy Ltd), we're writing about crypto. BeInCrypto (BeIn News Academy Ltd), we're writing about crypto. 04.01.2021 13:30
Institutional investors may still have their eyes on Bitcoin, but Ethereum has been attracting a great deal of attention so far in 2021. Ethereum has followed the meteoric price growth that Bitcoin has recently seen, smashing through $1,000 per ETH and eclipsing a $100 billion market cap. With these increases in price, we are also seeing a coinciding increase in total value locked in decentralized finance (DeFi) applications. As evident from a tweet by Quantum Economics founder, Mati Greenspan, “When Ethereum pumps it takes all the markets built on top of it along for the ride.” When #Ethereum pumps it takes all the markets built on top of it along for the ride.— Mati Greenspan (tweets ≠ financial advice) (@MatiGreenspan) January 4, 2021Is 2021 the ‘Year of DeFi?’ 2020 was a huge year for decentralized applications. At the beginning of January, there was less than $1 billion in total locked value (TVL) across all DeFi apps. Now, just one year later, that number is closing in on $20 billion. With the majority of the DeFi system built on Etheruem, the rise in Ethereum prices after increased usage of applications on its platform was not a coincidence. The more value that is locked into DeFi applications, the more underlying value that the Ethereum ecosystem captures. This also works for the increase in total locked value in DeFi increasing alongside the rise in Ethereum prices. Greenspan explains why this happens, “The TVL figure is measured in US Dollars while much of the value is locked in Ethereum. So when the price per ETH rises, the TVL goes up with it.” Finance in the Digital Age DeFi, short for decentralized finance, is the implementation of traditional financial systems on decentralized platforms. DeFi applications allow users to conduct financial transactions without oversight from a third party, such as a bank or exchange. These applications allow for transactions such as the issuance or receiving of loans, exchanging of assets, providing or receiving insurance, and more. Usually, these applications are peer-to-peer, meaning two users are directly interacting with each other. Without the oversight and charges from third parties, users get to benefit by recapturing the value that was previously profit for financial firms This has led to massive innovations in the financial industry and is allowing for financial interactions to take place that were not possible before. The post DeFi Total Value Locked Nears $20 Billion as ETH Price Increases appeared first on BeInCrypto.
On-chain Metrics Suggest Ethereum Could Still be Undervalued

On-chain Metrics Suggest Ethereum Could Still be Undervalued

BeInCrypto (BeIn News Academy Ltd), we're writing about crypto. BeInCrypto (BeIn News Academy Ltd), we're writing about crypto. 05.01.2021 06:43
Ethereum prices revisited the four-figure territory again this morning following a minor pullback that threatened heavier losses. Some on-chain metrics are suggesting it is still undervalued even after its recent rally. After hitting $1,150 on some exchanges on Jan. 4, Ethereum prices retreated sharply following Bitcoin as the CME gap closed resulting in a 10% correction for BTC. ETH prices slid back to $850 within six hours but did not remain there long. At the time of press, Ethereum prices were battling to hold on to the $1,000 level. Industry commentator Alex Saunders tweeted his bullish prospects for Ethereum making new all-time highs. Record high for $ETH was on @coinbase at $1500. Currently trading at $1050 puts us 45% away. But after everything we've witnessed in the past 12 months, would it really surprise you to see a 50% sling shot over this weekend or even a day? I feel it's about to shock us all.— Alex Saunders (@AlexSaundersAU) January 4, 2021Other analysts and observers have suggested that the real monetary fundamentals for Ethereum have yet to kick in. Additionally, one metric is also suggesting that the asset has further to go. Ethereum Still Undervalued According to the latest Glassnode Insights report, Ethereum spent less than one month in the four-figure territory before entering a painful bear market that lasted two and a half years. “However, on-chain signals suggest that we are still in the earlier stages of a bull market, relative to the same price levels in 2018.” The report analyzed the Market Value to Realized Value (MVRV) ratio which is the relationship between market capitalization and realized capitalization. The metric, created by David Puell and Murad Muhmudov, gives an indication of when the traded price is below a ‘fair value.’ Glassnode stated that the MVRV ratio is still extremely low relative to early 2018 when the price was equivalent to current levels. When the ratio was this low previously, in the lead-up to the 2017 bull run, ETH prices were still below $25. “This indicates that in the current market, there is room for significant further growth before ETH becomes overvalued.” New Highs in Sight As we’ve seen countless times before, Ethereum has yet to fully decouple from the movements of Bitcoin, so its next move is likely to follow along. On the downside, there is immediate support in the mid-$800 range and even heavier support around $725 where ETH consolidated for nearly a week. Another leg up could meet resistance at $1,230 where previous weekly candles closed. At current levels, Ethereum is just under 40% away from a new all-time high. The post On-chain Metrics Suggest Ethereum Could Still be Undervalued appeared first on BeInCrypto.
DeFi TVL Reaches $20 Billion While ETH Locked Dwindles

DeFi TVL Reaches $20 Billion While ETH Locked Dwindles

BeInCrypto (BeIn News Academy Ltd), we're writing about crypto. BeInCrypto (BeIn News Academy Ltd), we're writing about crypto. 06.01.2021 07:50
The total value locked (TVL) figure for the decentralized finance ecosystem has reached a record level just shy of $20 billion. However, more and more Ethereum is being withdrawn from the space. Decentralized finance (DeFi) has hit another milestone in terms of total value locked according to metrics provider DeFi Pulse. On Jan. 6, the figure hit $19.87 billion, an all-time high and an increase of 2,800% since the same time last year. Many have questioned this method of measuring market sentiment and performance since numbers can be duplicated from the same asset being farmed or wrapped for use on different protocols.  However, it’s one of the few DeFi metrics we have and does provide some insight on the overall performance of the fledgling financial ecosystem. DeFi TVL Chart – DeFi PulseDeFi Positive Feedback Loop Writing in the latest Defiant newsletter, researcher Owen Fernau labeled the TVL growth a “positive feedback loop,” noting that it should also serve to push the price of ETH higher as has happened in recent weeks; “TVL’s growth serves as a positive feedback loop: increases in value locked suggest increased utility of Ethereum,” Ethereum currently constitutes around 35% of the TVL which is measured in USD. Its price surge and other metrics suggest ETH is still undervalued. So while TVL is increasing, it doesn’t necessarily mean that more ETH is being locked in DeFi. In fact, the opposite is occurring. The amount of ETH locked in DeFi has fallen by 26% since its peak of 9.5 million ETH in October 2020. Today, that figure stands at just below 7 million ETH. Where is the ETH Going? There could be a number of reasons for this exodus of ETH. speculation on spot markets could be driving Ethereum holders to trade the asset since its volatility has increased along with the price. Arbitraging could also be occurring, but this is likely to be done by the whales since smaller trades and swaps would be eaten up in gas fees at the moment. The amount of the asset locked in the Beacon Chain deposit contract also continues to climb and has now reached 2.27 million ETH, or roughly 2% of the total supply. This is a third of the 6% that is currently locked in DeFi. At today’s prices, the amount of ETH staked and locked for at least another year is valued at $2.45 billion. According to the ETH 2.0 Launchpad, it’s currently yielding just over 10% for investors. The numbers are all bullish for Ethereum which is proving its versatility time and time again despite the exorbitant current cost of using it. The post DeFi TVL Reaches $20 Billion While ETH Locked Dwindles appeared first on BeInCrypto.
Uniswap Liquidity Surges to $3 Billion Amid Gas Price Crisis

Uniswap Liquidity Surges to $3 Billion Amid Gas Price Crisis

BeInCrypto (BeIn News Academy Ltd), we're writing about crypto. BeInCrypto (BeIn News Academy Ltd), we're writing about crypto. 07.01.2021 06:52
Liquidity on the world’s most popular decentralized exchange, Uniswap, has skyrocketed despite a massive surge in gas prices. It seems that cryptocurrency traders can’t get enough of token swapping as decentralized exchange popularity continues to grow and eat the market share of their centralized cousins. Uniswap suffered a major liquidity decline when yield farming incentives ended in mid-November 2020. A governance vote was carried out and the decision was not to extend them, resulting in an exodus from the DEX. Fast forward six weeks and that liquidity has returned despite the lack of yield farming pools on the platform. Uniswap Liquidity Tops $3 Billion Uniswap founder Hayden Adams noted the achievement stating that liquidity had surpassed $3 billion and was approaching its all-time high. According to the exchange’s own analytics, that number was $3.36 billion on Nov. 13.   Liquidity on @UniswapProtocol just passed $3.1b, approaching an all time high This time without any UNI liquidity mining incentives Just hundreds of thousands of real users generating millions of dollars in daily trading fees ($14.1M this week)— Hayden Adams (@haydenzadams) January 6, 2021The liquidity spike began on Jan. 2 and a billion dollars was added over the next five days according to those charts. The top pair on the DEX is wBTC/ETH generating $43 million in volume and $129,000 in trading fees over the past 24 hours. Without any token farming incentives, liquidity providers only get a share of the 0.3% trading fee for their respective pools. 24-hour trading volumes are currently around $750 million according to Uniswap. Better yields can be found elsewhere, but Uniswap still appears to be the preferred choice for token swaps. DeFi Pulse reports slightly different figures with a total value locked of $2.65 billion, but the trend and chart pattern is similar. It also reports that the TVL figure has increased by 7.6% over the past 24 hours but the amount of ETH locked continues to decline. The surge in DeFi activity, and Ethereum’s pumping prices, has added to the gas crisis as average transaction fees hit a record high of $16 on Jan. 4 according to BitInfoCharts. Fee costs have retreated a bit since and the analytics website is currently reporting the average fee at around $9, which is still very painful for anyone not shifting large quantities. UNI Price Update Uniswap’s native UNI token has been flying recently, along with the rest of the cryptocurrency market. UNI prices are flat on the day at $6.24 according to Coingecko but have made an impressive 50% over the past seven days. Prices for the DEX governance token are now not far off its all-time high of just over $7 which came in mid-September when its token farming incentives were launched. The post Uniswap Liquidity Surges to $3 Billion Amid Gas Price Crisis appeared first on BeInCrypto.
Gold & the USDX: Correlations

Grayscale Dives Deeper Into DeFi with Yearn, SushiSwap Trust Filings

BeInCrypto (BeIn News Academy Ltd), we're writing about crypto. BeInCrypto (BeIn News Academy Ltd), we're writing about crypto. 12.02.2021 06:18
Less than a month after institutional crypto fund giant Grayscale first pivoted to decentralized finance (DeFi), it has filed a number of new trust filings, including Yearn Finance and SushiSwap. The world’s largest crypto asset trust for institutional investors, Grayscale, is diving deeper into the DeFi sector, with more trust flings in addition to Aave and Polkadot which it filed last month. The Delaware corporate registry, Grayscale’s statutory trustee for the state, received the filings on Feb. 10, following six filings on Jan. 27. In addition to the two above, uniswap (UNI), cosmos (ATOM), monero (XMR), and cardano (ADA) trust filings were added and on Feb. 1 it registered a theta (THETA) trust. The new filings include DeFi aggregator Yearn Finance, Uniswap clone SushiSwap, Compound Finance, crypto lending stalwart MakerDAO, synthetic asset platform Synthetix, and decentralized storage platform Blockstack. In late 2020, Grayscale also registered trusts for chainlink (LINK), basic attention token (BAT), decentraland (MANA), tezos (XTZ), filecoin (FIL), and livepeer (LPT). Grayscale now has 33 registered trusts in the state, however just nine are currently active. In mid-January 2021, the firm dissolved its XRP trust following Ripple’s ongoing legal battle with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The filings do not mean that these trusts will definitely be launched, they have just been registered as limited liability companies in preparation. AUM Hits $36.8 Billion The firm’s latest assets under management figure is a whopping $36.8 billion, an increase of 47%, since BeInCrypto reported Grayscale’s first DeFi trust filings on Jan. 29. 02/11/21 UPDATE: Net Assets Under Management, Holdings per Share, and Market Price per Share for our Investment Products.Total AUM: $36.8 billion$BTC $BCH $ETH $ETC $ZEN $LTC $XLM $ZEC— Grayscale (@Grayscale) February 11, 2021Grayscale’s current trusts are dominated by bitcoin (BTC), which represents about 82% of the total with $30.2 billion. The ethereum (ETH) trust has around 15%, with $5.5 billion, and the rest is distributed between a number of smaller crypto trusts including litecoin (LTC), bitcoin cash (BCH), stellar lumens (XLM), ethereum classic (ETC), and zcash (ZEC). DeFi Tokens Hit ATHs The news appears to have given a boost to these DeFi-related tokens, as YFI has skyrocketed 26% to reach a new all-time high of $47,400, according to CoinGecko. Following somewhat lackluster price action, YFI has finally awoken and is moving upwards again. SUSHI also hit an ATH a couple of hours ago of $17.30, while COMP is close to its own trading just below $500, at the time of writing. MKR is trading flat on the day just over $2,500, while SNX has also made an all-time high of $27. DeFiPulse is reporting the total TVL across the DeFi sector at a record $40 billion, but it is likely to be higher since some listings are omitted. The post Grayscale Dives Deeper Into DeFi with Yearn, SushiSwap Trust Filings appeared first on BeInCrypto.
Microsoft and Enjin Roll Out NFT-Based Reward System to Praise Women in Science

Microsoft and Enjin Roll Out NFT-Based Reward System to Praise Women in Science

BeInCrypto (BeIn News Academy Ltd), we're writing about crypto. BeInCrypto (BeIn News Academy Ltd), we're writing about crypto. 12.02.2021 10:26
Microsoft has teamed up with gaming-based blockchain platform Enjin to roll out customizable non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The tokens will be compatible and transferrable with sandbox-adventure video game Minecraft. According to an announcement made on Feb. 11, the initiative, the brainchild of both companies, has been launched to mark International Day of Women and Girls in Science. To mark the occasion, Microsoft has unveiled Enjin’s blockchain-based Azure Space Mystery mini-game which distributes exclusive NFTs as rewards among the community for performing learning tasks. “Players will work to save the International Space Station, while learning from and celebrating prominent European female scientists, including Caroline Herschel, Mary Somerville, Hypatia and Raymonde de Laroche,” the announcement reads. Following Azure Mystery Mansion and Azure Maya Mystery we present to you: #AzureSpaceMystery Complete this text-based game and get to know amazing women in (space) technology— Microsoft Developer Western Europe (@Msdev_WE) February 11, 2021Enjin’s Other Recent Developments In recent months, Enjin has been actively partnering with tech companies around the world. Last December, the blockchain firm revealed a collaboration with Atari, one of the oldest names in the video game industry. The partnership is set to bring the development of a decentralized gaming ecosystem, wherein Enjin will be creating Atari-based NFTs usable in its gaming portfolio. Last month, the world saw the partnership between Enjin and Kizuna and Miss Bitcoin to launch an NFT charity program. Kizuna is a hub for bitcoin (BTC) donations with no handling fees, and Miss Bitcoin is a popular blockchain entrepreneur. As BeInCrypto previously reported, the first campaign of the philanthropic program will involve tokenized art created by Japanese artists. Funds raised from the campaign will be directed to the Dream Possibility (DxP), a non-profit organization providing help for teenagers facing coronavirus-related issues. Moreover, in January, Enjin gained approval from the Japanese Virtual Currency Exchange Association to have its native ENJ token approved in Japan. To receive it, Enjin went through a year-and-a-half regulatory due diligence. NFTs Have Become Increasingly Popular NFTs are indeed gaining traction these days. On Feb. 10, for example, Pokemon-inspired blockchain gaming platform Axie Infinity reported the largest NFT sale in history. A user going by the moniker “Flying Falcon” doled out 888.25 ethereum (ETH) (approximately $1.5 million, at the time). The new owner of the NFT set commented: “We’re witnessing a historic moment; the rise of digital nations with their own system of clearly delineated, irrevocable property rights. Axie land has entertainment value, social value, and economic value in the form of future resource flows.” As DeFi researcher Cooper Turley outlined in his recent blog post, there are already almost 50 different platforms to mint NFTs. The post Microsoft and Enjin Roll Out NFT-Based Reward System to Praise Women in Science appeared first on BeInCrypto.
Grayscale Purchases 53,000 ETH in One Day

Grayscale Purchases 53,000 ETH in One Day

BeInCrypto (BeIn News Academy Ltd), we're writing about crypto. BeInCrypto (BeIn News Academy Ltd), we're writing about crypto. 13.02.2021 17:30
Cryptocurrency analytics company Glassnode points out that Grayscale has bought 195,000 ETH in February. Grayscale continues to have an appetite for cryptocurrency, according to Glassnode. Since the beginning of 2021, the value of Grayscale’s Ethereum under management has doubled. Glassnode tweeted that the ETH under Grayscale’s management now equals $5.5 billion. Some of this increase, no doubt, is due to the token’s new all-time-high prices. However, Grayscale made a series of purchases as well. One of these purchases, on Feb. 11, included 53,000 ETH. Since the Grayscale #Ethereum Trust reopened in February, at total of 195,000 ETH have flown into the trust.53,000 #ETH were added yesterday alone.The current AUM of the ETHE Trust is $5.5B – more than double since the beginning of the year.Chart— glassnode (@glassnode) February 12, 2021Grayscale itself posted a tweet on Feb. 11 regarding its holdings. 02/11/21 UPDATE: Net Assets Under Management, Holdings per Share, and Market Price per Share for our Investment Products.Total AUM: $36.8 billion$BTC $BCH $ETH $ETC $ZEN $LTC $XLM $ZEC— Grayscale (@Grayscale) February 11, 2021February Reopening The Ethereum purchases come after Grayscale reopened its Ethereum trust to qualified investors on Feb. 1. The fund had been closed over the winter holidays, and so institutional investors wanting to ride the ETH rising tide had to sit it out. Also in the first week, Grayscale purchased 83,678 ETH for a total of $139 million.This brought the company’s total Assets Under Management to $30 billion at then-current prices. Grayscale Diversifying The tweet from Grayscale also shows how much the company has diversified since bursting onto the scene in 2020. There are now trusts for Litecoin, Stellar, and ZCash. An XRP fund has been delisted, however. This is due to the potential exposure to (not to mention lack of demand for) XRP because of the SEC lawsuits against Ripple and two of its CEOs. In spite of the XRP removal, the company continues to grow. It filed with the State of Delaware for a variety of trusts related to DeFi projects. These include Aave, Polkadot, Uniswap (UNI), Cosmos (ATOM), Monero (XMR), Theta, (THETA) and Cardano (ADA). In total, Grayscale has filed for 33 registered trusts with the State of Delaware. Nine are currently live. Is this the End? Grayscale is by far the biggest active participant in the cryptocurrency market at the moment. However, it is possible that this will change over the course of 2021. On Feb. 11, the Canadian firm Purpose Investments launched North America’s first Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund (ETF). The Purpose Bitcoin ETF will trade on the Toronto Exchange.  As ETFs have been the holy grail of institutional investment into cryptocurrency since 2017, when Gemini Trust applied for a bitcoin ETF, this news could shake the institutional investment world. If an American bitcoin ETF is approved by the SEC, the future flow of money to Grayscale by institutions who cannot or will not directly hold BTC is no longer guaranteed. The post Grayscale Purchases 53,000 ETH in One Day appeared first on BeInCrypto.
Mark Cuban: Ethereum Better Than Bitcoin as Store of Value

Mark Cuban: Ethereum Better Than Bitcoin as Store of Value

BeInCrypto (BeIn News Academy Ltd), we're writing about crypto. BeInCrypto (BeIn News Academy Ltd), we're writing about crypto. 14.02.2021 19:54
TV personality and investor Mark Cuban thinks Ethereum might be a better store of value than Bitcoin. Shark Tank: Ethereum vs Bitcoin In a recent podcast with DeFi blog The Defiant, billionaire investor Mark Cuban suggests Ethereum (ETH) could be the future of stores of value. Cuban, famous for his appearance on the television series Shark Tank, says cryptocurrency’s second token could even outdo Bitcoin (BTC) in that area. Cuban’s comments surprise few who know him. He questioned BTC in the past, and called its price surges bubble-like. Moreover, the sports billionaire also made clear in the podcast his excitement for smart contracts. More generally, however, Cuban is a fan of cryptocurrency. He instructed his basketball team, the Dallas Mavericks, to accept cryptocurrency payments. Moreover, in a recent ask-me-anything (AMA) on Reddit, Cuban revealed his cryptocurrency holdings, which include decentralized finance project Aave (AAVE). The Celebrity Effect Cuban isn’t the only celebrity or billionaire for that matter with a keen interest in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. As has been thoroughly covered, Tesla’s Elon Musk is an enthusiastic participant in the cryptocurrency world. The eccentric billionaire owner of SpaceX tweets on cryptocurrency’s own everlasting meme, Dogecoin (DOGE). Last year, when Musk tweeted “One word: Doge”, the canine-themed cryptocurrency leapt over 1000%. Indeed, the continuous tweeting by the billionaire on the topic of cryptocurrencies led to a study that looked at the effects of those tweets on crypto-prices. Unsurprisingly, the study found a significant “abnormal effect” by Musk on both DOGE and BTC. Musk’s popularization of cryptocurrencies on Twitter even led to a number of other celebrities, Snoop Dogg among them, endorsing DOGE, approving its mainstream meme status. A New Class Although celebrities potentially treat cryptocurrency space as a vehicle for entertainment, a new class of cryptocurrency owning business is seriously investing in the space. Take MicroStrategy, for example. The business analytics firm made headlines in December for its bid to raise $600 million, all of which was destined for BTC. Recently, it purchased $10 million worth of the top-cryptocurrency in one go. Moreover, Musk’s own Tesla recently revealed in a filing that it scooped up $1.5 billion worth of BTC in January. Celebrities tend to follow the popular culture and vice versa. When Cuban, Musk and Snoop Dogg show interest in the industry, investment advice aside, they reflect public interest. As Bitcoin currently hovers under $50,000, more will likely have something to say. The post Mark Cuban: Ethereum Better Than Bitcoin as Store of Value appeared first on BeInCrypto.
Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) take the Limelight at Ethereum Conference

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) take the Limelight at Ethereum Conference

BeInCrypto (BeIn News Academy Ltd), we're writing about crypto. BeInCrypto (BeIn News Academy Ltd), we're writing about crypto. 15.02.2021 06:00
Non-fungible tokens have been gaining momentum over the past few months. Plenty of new projects were showcased at last week’s Ethereum Denver hackathon event. This year’s ETHDenver event ran from Feb. 5 to 12 but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was hosted online. This year, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have been all the rage and industry data provider DeFiPrime has been looking into what has been grabbing the attention. The hackathon brings the Ethereum community together and allows developers to showcase new projects, some of which end up integrating themselves into the Ethereum ecosystem Most interesting #defi and NFT projects from @EthereumDenver hackathon in this thread(in no particular order)— defiprime (@defiprime) February 14, 2021NFTs Making an Impact In essence, non-fungible tokens are uniquely distinguishable digital assets which means no two are the same. They are usually issued on the Ethereum ERC-721 standard which creates verifiable digital scarcity. An NFT for a virtual plot of land recently sold for a record $1.5 million. Masterfile is a new platform that ties digital rights management to an NFT, securing it against copyright infringement. Its native MFT token is focused on Digital Rights Management (DRM) and the team hopes to enable permission-based NFT experiences. Another interesting platform is NFTea Room which is a DAO for determining accurate prices and information for NFTs. Currently, there are several different marketplaces such as OpenSea and Rarible but no platform offering accurate pricing information. A platform called HEATDEX aims to track the ‘hype’ and social sentiment of popular NFTs. Crypto artists can then use this to gauge what is hot and what is not in the world of digital art. Multiple prizes were also awarded to the winners of a number of bug bounties and competitions held over the week-long event. Cheers to another amazing year Spork Marmots! And congratulations to all who BUIDLed Here is our list of bounty, track & quadratic funding winners for #ETHDenver & #ColoradoJam 2021 #putasporkinit— ETHDenver (@EthereumDenver) February 13, 2021DeFi and Gas Savings In addition to the big NFT presence were a number of DeFi-oriented projects and proposals. Sublimate.Finance is one that lets users accept continuous financial support from anyone, paid automatically over time in ERC-20 tokens per block. FreeFund is a similar project that provides a decentralized crowdfunding platform that accepts crypto to kickstart projects. A project called Gasless Wallet allows users to pay transaction fees in any ERC-20 tokens, which means they do not have to buy ETH to interact with smart contracts. The Gasless Chain Agnostic Minter also helps improve the NFT minting process by offering gasless transaction and cross-chain compatibility. A protocol called Verager was introduced, allowing traders to use leverage without having to worry about liquidation. Another called JamBot works as a collective intelligence platform for DeFi education. It’s likely that many of these projects and proposals will disappear into the digital dust, but one or two could become the next big thing in the ever-evolving crypto and DeFi landscape. The post Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) take the Limelight at Ethereum Conference appeared first on BeInCrypto.
Intraday Market Analysis – Gold Attempts To Rebound

Inflation Peaked Again, Right?

Monica Kingsley Monica Kingsley 19.10.2021 08:32
S&P 500 upswing continues, and is dealing with the 4,470 resistance – but the credit markets don‘t confirm. Still, that‘s rather a sign of stock market strength than of pending doom. The break back above the 50-day moving average has very good odds of sticking, and the sectoral performance bodes well for further advances. Financials and consumer discretionaries liked the daily upswing in yields while tech and real estates fared well regardless. VIX is likely to probe even lower values, it seems. So, the open S&P 500 long position is working out well, and will likely continue to do so as higher yields just can‘t help the dollar rise. Inflation expectations are again turning up as we have moved from 1H 2021 Fed saying that inflation was transitory to the current phrase that inflation is transitory, but would last longer than we though. The next stage (arriving latest in Q1 2022) will likely be that inflation is sticky but we have tools to deal with it, followed by putting up a happy face that it‘s a good thing we have inflation after all. Silver will likely keep leading gold, and the nearest target for the gold to silver ratio is 73. Crucially, miners keep confirming the upswing, and the copper example bodes well for silver as both metals are essential for the green economy, talking which means that crude oil is also likely to keep rising. Time to extend the commodity profits even more at a time when crypto gains keep doing great. Reflation is slowly giving way to stagflation – GDP growth is slowing down while inflation isn‘t disappearing, to put it mildly. The copper upswing isn‘t so much a function of improving economy prospects but of record low stockpiles. Anyway, much more to look for in the commodities and precious metals bull markets that are likely to appreciate much more than stocks this decade. Let‘s move right into the charts (all courtesy of S&P 500 and Nasdaq Outlook   S&P 500 again gapped up and closed at daily highs – the path of least resistance remains up. Credit Markets Debt instruments declined across the board, showing that adjusting to unyielding inflation takes precedence over raging approval of growth prospects. Gold, Silver and Miners Gold is having trouble overcoming $1,800, but I‘m looking for it to reverse Friday‘s decline before too long if silver and miners are any clue. Crude Oil Crude oil again continues extending gains while oil stocks confirm – dips are to be bought as $90 look to be taken on still this year. Copper Copper steep upswing was finally sold into, a little. Sideways consolidation of the high gained ground looks to be most probable next, followed by even higher prices. Bitcoin and Ethereum Weekend consolidation of crypto gains continues today, and is likely to give way to the bulls reasserting themselves – further gains are ahead. Summary Stock market rebound is likely to continue once HYG kicks in, and overcome 4,520 as the Fed‘s perceptions management regarding inflation seems to be working – Treasuries have mostly bought it, but I‘m looking for the long end of the curve to do particularly poorly. At the same time, inflation isn‘t yet breaking the stock bull run – new highs are ahead this year still, but the same goes for spending some time then in a trading range. Commodities and precious metals led by silver are best positioned to rise once the Fed moves to the above described fresh rationalization as to why inflation is running so hot. Thank you for having read today‘s free analysis, which is available in full at my homesite. There, you can subscribe to the free Monica‘s Insider Club, which features real-time trade calls and intraday updates for all the five publications: Stock Trading Signals, Gold Trading Signals, Oil Trading Signals, Copper Trading Signals and Bitcoin Trading Signals. Thank you,   Monica Kingsley Stock Trading Signals Gold Trading Signals Oil Trading Signals Copper Trading Signals Bitcoin Trading Signals   * * * * * All essays, research and information represent analyses and opinions of Monica Kingsley that are based on available and latest data. Despite careful research and best efforts, it may prove wrong and be subject to change with or without notice. Monica Kingsley does not guarantee the accuracy or thoroughness of the data or information reported. Her content serves educational purposes and should not be relied upon as advice or construed as providing recommendations of any kind. Futures, stocks and options are financial instruments not suitable for every investor. Please be advised that you invest at your own risk. Monica Kingsley is not a Registered Securities Advisor. By reading her writings, you agree that she will not be held responsible or liable for any decisions you make. Investing, trading and speculating in financial markets may involve high risk of loss. Monica Kingsley may have a short or long position in any securities, including those mentioned in her writings, and may make additional purchases and/or sales of those securities without notice.
Ever More Risk-On

Ever More Risk-On

Monica Kingsley Monica Kingsley 20.10.2021 16:12
S&P 500 keeps grinding higher, beyond 4,520 towards fresh ATHs. The VIX is approaching 15, and that means some volatility is likely to return as the current lull won‘t last indefinitely. Yields are steadily rising again, in line with my prior thesis of a summer lull followed by renewed march higher – the 10-year is at 1.65% already, but inflation expectations aren‘t as raging yet as in May when a similar rate was hit (this is part of the explanation why gold is lagging behind currently – it‘s not about hot present inflation figures only). Tech stocks couldn‘t care less – long gone seem the Mar and late Apr woes accompanied by similar Treasury moves. Value is similarly catching fire, and the improving market breadth bodes well for the stock market bulls. Credit markets have turned more constructive since these yesterday‘s words: (…) So far so good, and the stock market run continues without marked credit markets confirmation as the risk-on turn there isn‘t complete (yet). Treasury yields aren‘t retreating, yet tech is the driver of the S&P 500 upswing while value keeps treading water. Encouragingly, financials do well – it‘s cyclicals‘ time, and the open S&P 500 long position is very solidly profitable already. Not only that stock market profits are growing, I‘ve cashed some nice long copper profits before the overnight dive well below 4.70. Both crude oil and natural gas look like taking a breather – shallow one in case of black gold, and one probably more protracted around the 5.00 level (50-day moving average essentially) in case of its more volatile cousin. Cryptos open profits also keep doing great – there is no correction attempt to speak of really. Coming full circle to precious metals, all that‘s needed is one serious Fed policy misstep. Just imagine if they didn‘t deliver on Nov taper, or if the rate raising speculation was promptly snuffed while inflation fires just kept burning (no, this can‘t be blamed on supply chains really). The Fed is though well aware of market expectations that they themselves had been feeding since Jun. Still, they‘ll in my view easily make the Monday discussed intentional „mistake“: (…) we have moved from 1H 2021 Fed saying that inflation was transitory to the current phrase that inflation is transitory, but would last longer than we though. The next stage (arriving latest in Q1 2022) will likely be that inflation is sticky but we have tools to deal with it, followed by putting up a happy face that it‘s a good thing we have inflation after all. Reflation is slowly giving way to stagflation – GDP growth is slowing down while inflation isn‘t disappearing, to put it mildly. The copper upswing isn‘t so much a function of improving economy prospects but of record low stockpiles. Anyway, much more to look for in the commodities and precious metals bull markets that are likely to appreciate much more than stocks this decade. Let‘s move right into the charts (all courtesy of S&P 500 and Nasdaq Outlook S&P 500 gapped again higher, and the steady move upwards continues – still without obstacles. Credit Markets Debt instruments have turned to risk-on, confirming the stock market advance. Rising yields don‘t look to be a problem for now. Gold, Silver and Miners Gold upswing hasn‘t been dashed, but merely delayed – the rest of the precious metals sector isn‘t as weak, and that‘s to be expected. Crude Oil Crude oil again didn‘t correct, and oil stocks didn‘t even pause yesterday – but as the pace of price increases is slowing down, the shallow downswing looks very much approaching (if not here already). Copper Copper is ready to consolidate prior steep gains, and its correction would likely be a sideways one not reaching overly far. Then, even higher prices await. Bitcoin and Ethereum Crypto gains consolidation with an upward bias continues today, and further gains are ahead – just like I wrote yesterday. Summary Stock market rebound goes on, practically nibbling at 4,520. Fresh ATHs are approaching, but given the ascent‘s pace and VIX, aren‘t probably a matter of a few short days. Still, the overall momentum is on the bulls‘ side as credit markets have also turned risk-on yesterday. Commodities aren‘t selling off in the least, but a brief oil and copper consolidation is likely now. Gold seems waiting for a dual confirmation of declining dollar and nominal yields, while silver isn‘t waiting – and it shouldn‘t as the white metal would be leading this unfolding upswing. Cryptos aren‘t hesitating either. Thank you for having read today‘s free analysis, which is available in full at my homesite. There, you can subscribe to the free Monica‘s Insider Club, which features real-time trade calls and intraday updates for all the five publications: Stock Trading Signals, Gold Trading Signals, Oil Trading Signals, Copper Trading Signals and Bitcoin Trading Signals. Thank you, Monica Kingsley Stock Trading Signals Gold Trading Signals Oil Trading Signals Copper Trading Signals Bitcoin Trading Signals   * * * * * All essays, research and information represent analyses and opinions of Monica Kingsley that are based on available and latest data. Despite careful research and best efforts, it may prove wrong and be subject to change with or without notice. Monica Kingsley does not guarantee the accuracy or thoroughness of the data or information reported. Her content serves educational purposes and should not be relied upon as advice or construed as providing recommendations of any kind. Futures, stocks and options are financial instruments not suitable for every investor. Please be advised that you invest at your own risk. Monica Kingsley is not a Registered Securities Advisor. By reading her writings, you agree that she will not be held responsible or liable for any decisions you make. Investing, trading and speculating in financial markets may involve high risk of loss. Monica Kingsley may have a short or long position in any securities, including those mentioned in her writings, and may make additional purchases and/or sales of those securities without notice.
This Is When Risk-On Returns

Whiff of Risk-Off Next

Finance Press Release Finance Press Release 22.10.2021 09:01
S&P 500 indeed overcame 4,520, but wavered at the same time – tech didn‘t rise. Volatility though remained meek, inching ever closer to 15, and the option traders also look a bit too complacent at the moment. A modest correction of recent sharp gains is the most likely scenario, especially since rising yields didn‘t sink tech even on a daily basis. Inflation expectations though have risen again, and that‘s tailwind for precious metals, which have taken advantage thereof just as much as of the declining dollar. The yesterday discussed dynamic of yields – inflation – inflation expectations and by extension the dollar, is playing out. So, the open S&P 500 long position remains solidly profitable while precious metals posture is improving, and commodities are entering a brief consolidation. Still, the yesterday open oil position is nicely in the black too, let alone crypto ones. Remembering yesterday‘s words: (…) Coming full circle to precious metals, all that‘s needed is one serious Fed policy misstep. Just imagine if they didn‘t deliver on Nov taper, or if the rate raising speculation was promptly snuffed while inflation fires just kept burning (no, this can‘t be blamed on supply chains really). The Fed is though well aware of market expectations that they themselves had been feeding since Jun. Still, they‘ll in my view easily make the Monday discussed intentional „mistake“ of attempting to pretend readiness to deploy tools to fight it (pretend is the key word), and finally spin inflation as something good. Let‘s move right into the charts (all courtesy of S&P 500 and Nasdaq Outlook S&P 500 gapped a little higher again, but has met some selling into the close – consolidation looks to be ahead. Credit Markets Credit markets are still risk-on, but likely to take a breather, and that‘s likely to entail a pause in rising yields. Gold, Silver and Miners Gold and silver are swinging higher, and miners are on the move too – $1,800 awaits again. Should a whiff of risk-off indeed arrive, look for silver to waver more than gold. Crude Oil Crude oil intraday dip was again bought – too much and lasting downside isn‘t yet to be expected really. It‘s likely to remain a primarily sideways move before another upswing. Copper Copper smartly recovered, but perhaps a bit too fast – the prior two days‘ hesitation though means it won‘t likely keep the downside in check as well as oil did. Bitcoin and Ethereum Crypto gains are being consolidated, and the bears are finally stepping in – the lower knot shows that a downswing targeting $62-60K in Bitcoin might very well develop. Summary Stocks are likely to consolidate prior sharp gains before taking on the ATHs. Depending upon the credit markets risk-off breather I anticipate, the S&P 500 might retreat noticeably below 4,520, but this wouldn‘t mean the end of the upswing. The overall momentum remains on the bulls‘ side, including in commodities undergoing a brief (oil and copper) consolidation. Gold was indeed waiting for a dual confirmation of declining dollar and nominal yields, while silver wasn‘t cautious – and it shouldn‘t as the white metal would be leading this unfolding upswing. Finally, cryptos daily hesitation is adding to the mounting risk-off move odds.   Thank you for having read today‘s free analysis, which is available in full at my homesite. There, you can subscribe to the free Monica‘s Insider Club, which features real-time trade calls and intraday updates for all the five publications: Stock Trading Signals, Gold Trading Signals, Oil Trading Signals, Copper Trading Signals and Bitcoin Trading Signals.   Thank you,   Monica Kingsley Stock Trading Signals Gold Trading Signals Oil Trading Signals Copper Trading Signals Bitcoin Trading Signals   * * * * * All essays, research and information represent analyses and opinions of Monica Kingsley that are based on available and latest data. Despite careful research and best efforts, it may prove wrong and be subject to change with or without notice. Monica Kingsley does not guarantee the accuracy or thoroughness of the data or information reported. Her content serves educational purposes and should not be relied upon as advice or construed as providing recommendations of any kind. Futures, stocks and options are financial instruments not suitable for every investor. Please be advised that you invest at your own risk. Monica Kingsley is not a Registered Securities Advisor. By reading her writings, you agree that she will not be held responsible or liable for any decisions you make. Investing, trading and speculating in financial markets may involve high risk of loss. Monica Kingsley may have a short or long position in any securities, including those mentioned in her writings, and may make additional purchases and/or sales of those securities without notice.
Top 3 Price Prediction Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple: ETH outperforming its peers, BTC struggles and XRP bearish

Top 3 Price Prediction Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple: ETH outperforming its peers, BTC struggles and XRP bearish

FXStreet News FXStreet News 02.12.2021 17:11
Bitcoin refrains from making new highs as Tuesday’s gap-fill kills uptrend continuation. Ethereum outpaces its peers by barely hitting new all-time highs. XRP price again looking for direction as investors interest wanes. The Bitcoin bull rally got stopped in its tracks this week after BTC price came under more pressure from the Omicron story, and the resulting market turmoil. Ethereum price, however, came just $16 away from making a new record high, making gains in contrast to the other two majors. XRP saw investors buying the dip, but the uptrend hit a wall and got stopped in its tracks. Bitcoin price on the backfoot after a slowdown that made it lose bullish momentum Bitcoin (BTC) price popped higher at the beginning of the week, shrugging off investors' concerns about the new Covid variant. On Monday, BTC price opened up much higher than where it closed on Sunday, forming a gap in the chart. As a general rule, gaps get filled sooner rather than later, and this was the case on Monday, when bulls saw their early gains lost as BTC price retraced to fill the gap. Bears have seized the opportunity to defend the new monthly pivot for December at $59,586, which coincides with the start of a Fibonacci retracement.. Evidence of this weakening can be found in the Relative Strength Index (RSI), dipping back below 50, showing that bullish demand is starting to wane. BTC/USD daily chart As a result of current market uncertainty, expect potential investors to stay on the sidelines. Although the red descending trend line has been broken a little, it still holds importance and investors will probably only step in following a break back above it, helped, perhaps, by breaking news about vaccine effectiveness against the new strain. Either that or investors will sit on their hands and wait for another bounce off $53.350. Should that level fail to hold, however, and there is more bad news, expect a quick 6% drop towards the $50,000 psychological level and previous historical support. At that level bulls will likely mount a defence against a further downturn. Ethereum price outpaces its peers and could make new highs by the end of this week Ethereum (ETH) price, unlike Bitcoin and XRP, saw bulls run a tight and steep rally from $4,000 towards $4,936 in just five days. That was in a troubled market-facing considerable headwinds. That said, bulls now need to keep a tight stop on current ETH price action in order for a bull trap not to form, after the pull-back on profit-taking that occurred in the wake of price barely hitting an all-time high. ETH quickly reversed from its highs on Wednesday and tested the December pivot at $4,481. That is just $16 above the historical technical level marked up on the chart from November 12. This is a level of great importance and it will be very interesting to see if bulls can maintain price action above it, perhaps, helped by a possible bounce off the red top line that has so far been successfully capping price action to the upside. ETH/USD daily chart That red descending trend line, on the other hand, should support a break below $4,465, but if bulls flee the scene, expect a bull trap to form and price to run down lower. The first support tested in that decline is the historical double top at $4,060, with the monthly S1 support level at $4,000 just below there. The correction could already hold 18% of accrued losses from the highs of Wednesday, which would attract investors interested in the buying opportunity at those levels. Ethereum prices breaks all resistance barriers, with $5,000 within sight XRP price sees bulls rejected at $1.05, pushing price back towards $0.88 Ripple (XRP) price saw sparks fly in a nice uptrend on Wednesday, but then hit a bump in the road after the $1.05 level held firmly, following two failed tests to the upside. The rejection that squeezed prices to the downside on Tuesday, probably washed out quite a lot of investors and technical traders, and caused the lack of momentum and drive in XRP price action to tackle that $1.05 resistance. As the price fades further to the downside today, expect current market uncertainty to weigh further on XRP and see a possible retest of the short-term double bottom at $0.88. XRP/USD daily chart On a retest of that double bottom, a break looks more than likely, as the level holds no historical or other significance. That would hand bears the opportunity to push XRP price down towards either $0.84, for the third test of support at that level, or breakthrough and run down to $0.80, which is a prominent figure and the level of the monthly S1 pivot support level, combined with a historical significant support level at $0.78, originating from June 8. This would provide the perfect zone for a fade-in trade for XRP traders. XRP price appears to develop nasty bear trap
Top 3 Price Prediction Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple: Crypto markets recover, but BTC could ruin the party

Top 3 Price Prediction Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple: Crypto markets recover, but BTC could ruin the party

FXStreet News FXStreet News 09.12.2021 09:24
Akash Girimath Bitcoin price continues to stride with $53,687 and $56,276 as its short-term targets. Ethereum price pauses before retesting the $4,659, followed by the $4,777 hurdles. Ripple price to face a declining resistance level before it retests $0.956. Bitcoin price has been on a steady recovery phase after the recent flash crash. Ethereum and Ripple follow big crypto and are on their trajectories of retracement. The upswing for BTC is likely to continue, but investors need to note that a downswing might emerge such that a range forms. Bitcoin price eyes higher highs Bitcoin price is recovery from its December 4 crash and is currently hovering around $50,000 psychological level. This ascent comes as BTC tries to flip the inefficiency left by the bears during the recent sell-off. While $53,687 is still the short-term resistance barrier BTC wants to tag, investors need to know that BTC might sweep the swing low at $46,698 and set a trading range. Although this might result in a brief correction, it can serve as an opportunity to accumulate for sidelined buyers. Clearing $53,687 will open the path for Bitcoin price to tag the next level at $56,276. In total, this run-up would constitute an 11% ascent from the current position. BTC/USD 4-hour chart On the other hand, if Bitcoin price retraces to the extent that it produces a lower low below the December 4 swing low at $40,867, it will invalidate the bullish thesis. Ethereum price promptly follows BTC Ethereum price has rallied roughly 30% from its December 4 swing low at $3,370 and shows signs that it wants to go higher. The $4,493 resistance barrier is the first level ETH will encounter. Clearing this level will place $4,659 and $4,777 hurdles in its path. Ethereum will easily tag these levels, but the holders should keep a close eye on the all-time high at $4,878, as ETH might revisit. In a highly bullish case, Ethereum price could extend beyond its record level and set up a new one at $5,000. ETH/USD 4-hour chart While things are looking up for Ethereum price, a failure to breach through the $4,493 hurdle could indicate a weakness among buyers. If ETH retraces lower and produces a lower low below $3,890, it will invalidate the bullish thesis. Ripple price faces two hurdles Ripple price has seen a considerable recovery, similar to Bitcoin and Ethereum. As it stands, the XRP price looks ready to tackle the bear trend line extending from November. Any uptick in buying pressure pushes the remittance token toward this barrier. A decisive 4-hour candlestick close above this trend line at roughly $0.87 will set a higher high and confirm an uptrend. This move could attract sidelined buyers and propel XRP price to retest the $0.956 barrier. In total, this climb would represent a 15% gain from the current position. XRP/USD 4-hour chart On the contrary, if Ripple price fails to slice through the declining trend line, it will suggest that the sellers are not done offloading. In this situation, the XRP price will knock on the $0.764 support level. A breakdown of this barrier that produces a lower low will invalidate the bullish thesis for XRP.  
The 10 Public Companies With the Biggest Bitcoin Portfolios

FOMC helped Cryptos to hold important levels

Alex Kuptsikevich Alex Kuptsikevich 16.12.2021 08:33
Over the past 24 hours, total crypto market capitalisation rose by 2.1% to $2.24 trillion, recovering to the levels at the start of the week. Yesterday, the figure was close to the $2.0 trillion mark, but demand for risk assets recovery supported cryptos, providing around a 12% rise from the bottom to peak in the following four hours. On balance, the cryptocurrency fear and greed index reclaimed another point, rising to 29. The bulls seem to be putting in the necessary minimum effort to keep the positive picture on the charts of the major cryptocurrencies. But there isn’t much more to do now. Bitcoin is up 1.2% in the last 24 hours, trading at $48.7K. The bulls managed to push BTCUSD into the area above the 200-day moving average but are not getting away from it. Etherereum is adding 3.5%, clinging to the $4K. The strong market reaction after the FOMC pushed ETHUSD above this round level, but we saw some selling pressure in the morning. Short-term traders should closely watch whether the former support has turned into resistance. The pair of major cryptocurrencies appear to have been supported by a general increase in risk appetite in the markets following the FOMC announcements. However, investors should keep in mind that this upward move in traditional financial markets was more of a “buy the rumours, sell the facts” style reaction. Fundamentally, news about the faster QE tapering and greater willingness to raise rates has already been priced in during previous weeks. But at the same time, long-term investors should not lose sight of the natural tightening of financial conditions because of these moves, which will slowly but persistently reduce demand for risky assets. The main risk for the crypto market is that we have seen a monetary regime switch in the last couple of months, which promises to take some of the demand for crypto away..
(WETH) Wrapped Ether Explained. What Is It?

This hedge fund poured over $456 million into Ethereum in a week as ETH price dipped

FXStreet News FXStreet News 15.12.2021 16:08
A hedge fund has reaped the opportunity to buy the recent Ethereum price dip. Ether has recently dropped to a swing low of $3,675. Speculators believe the fund’s CEO caused fear, uncertainty and doubt to drive ETH price lower. While Ethereum price has risen significantly this year, the token has recently suffered several periods of volatility lately, reaching a swing low at $3,675. Ethereum fear and greed index is displaying a reading of 34, indicating fear which suggests that the token may be slightly oversold. A hedge fund has taken the opportunity to buy the ETH dip, pouring over $456 million into the cryptocurrency in less than two weeks. Hedge fund buys the Ethereum dip Cryptocurrency hedge fund Three Arrows Capital has purchased $56 million worth of Ether earlier on December 14. Etherscan shows that the firm, founded by Su Zhu, has transferred 14,833 ETH from Binance and Coinbase to its wallet. This is not the first time the hedge fund has purchased a large amount of Ethereum. Last week, Three Arrows Capital transferred $400 million in ETH from crypto exchanges FTX, Binance and Coinbase to its wallet. Crypto reporter Colin Wu first spotted the transactions and Zhu stated that he will continue to “bid hard on any panic dump,” and that purchasing 100,000 ETH is “dust,” suggesting that more purchases in Ether are yet to be made. However, the founder of the crypto hedge fund has been involved in controversy in the crypto community, as he revealed in November that he “abandoned Ethereum despite supporting it in the past.” His statement attracted attention from the crypto industry, and he has since softened his stance and even turned it around and said, “I love Ethereum and what it stands for.” Speculators in the crypto market suggested that Zhu tried to create fear, uncertainty and doubt to drive Ethereum price down to buy more ETH at a lower price. Ethereum price struggles with major headwind at $3,900 Ethereum price has rebounded slightly after a major drop toward the swing low at $3,675 on December 13. ETH continues to be sealed within a symmetrical triangle but is struggling to battle with resistance at the 200 twelve-hour Simple Moving Average (SMA) at $3,900 as buyers are slowly entering the market. An additional obstacle may appear at the 38.2% Fibonacci retracement level at $3,989, then at the 21 twelve-hour SMA at $4,112. A spike in buy orders may see Ethereum price tag the 50% retracement level at $4,139 then head toward the upper boundary of the prevailing chart pattern, coinciding with the 61.8% Fibonacci retracement level at $4,289. ETH/USDT 12-hour chart If Ethereum price slices above the aforementioned line of resistance, a 26% bounce toward $5,404 is on the radar. If selling pressure increases, Ethereum price may discover immediate support at the lower boundary of the governing technical pattern at $3,712 before sliding toward the swing low at $3,675.
SEC Rejects Valkyrie, Kryptoin Spot Bitcoin ETF Applications

The crypto market is melting before our eyes

Alex Kuptsikevich Alex Kuptsikevich 20.12.2021 08:53
The crypto market's capitalisation has fallen 2.8% in the last 24 hours to $2.166 trillion. Methodical pressure on the significant coins persists along with wary trading in traditional equity markets. The bitcoin price has been losing 2.5% in the last 24 hours and is 5.6% lower than it was exactly a week ago. Ether is down 3.4% and 4%, respectively. Some other top coins are also under severe pressure, but we cannot say that the dynamics are unambiguous. For example, XRP is up 5.5%, AVAX is up 22%, and Luna is up 30.7% in the last seven days. At the beginning of the year, institutional and investment bank interest provided cryptocurrencies with overperformance but now lowered demand for safety is becoming their Achilles' heel. The most methodical, albeit relatively measured, pressure has been seen in Bitcoin and Ether, which have been under bearish control for the past month and a half. According to equity and commodity market definitions, BTCUSD and ETHUSD have crossed the bear market threshold, having lost more than 20% of their peaks in early November. Bitcoin, meanwhile, is not gaining meaningful support on the decline towards the 200-day average. These are all signs that the bear market is entering its rights, as enthusiasts can no longer buy out any drawdowns. Generally speaking, a modest downside amplitude is not typical of cryptocurrencies, so short-term traders should be prepared for an explosion of volatility on a decline below meaningful levels. We assume that crucial support is concentrated near $40K for Bitcoin, a resistance level in January and a support level in October. Falling below this level could dramatically increase the coin's volatility and affect the entire market. For Ether, relatively measured volatility could continue up to the level of the 200-day moving average (just above 3300), which coincides with the area of extended consolidation in August and September and the start of the latest rally in October. Suppose Ether and Bitcoin fail to find strong buying below these levels as well. In that case, we risk seeing a true capitulation of the entire cryptocurrency market and a revision of the outlook to a more bearish one.
Bitcoin and Ethereum are staging a daily comeback

Bitcoin and Ethereum are staging a daily comeback

Monica Kingsley Monica Kingsley 30.12.2021 15:49
S&P 500 bulls stood their ground nicely, and the key sectors confirmed little willingness to turn the very short-term outlook more bearish than fits the little flag we‘re trading in currently – it‘s a bullish flag. Given the continued risk-off turn in bonds, the stock market setback could have been more than a tad deeper – that would be the conclusion at first glance. However, high yield corporate bonds held up much better than quality debt instruments, and that means the superficial look would have been misleading. Likewise as regards my other 2 signs out of the 3 yesterday presented ones – tech held up fine, and cryptos have practically erased yesterday‘s hesitation during today‘s premarket. The Santa Claus rally indeed hasn‘t yet run its course, and the slighly better than a coin toss odds of us not facing more than a very shallow correction, look to be materializing. As I wrote 2 days ago – What‘s Not to Love Here – we‘re entering 2022 with great open profits in both S&P 500 (entered aggressively at 4,672) and crude oil (entered with full force at $67.60). Both rides aren‘t yet over, copper is primed to catch up in the short run to the other commodities, gold is well bid at current levels, and together with silver waiting for a Fed misstep (market risk reappreciation) and inflation to start biting still some more while the real economy undergoes a soft patch (note however the very solid manufacturing data) with global liquidity remaining constrained even though the Fed didn‘t exactly taper much in Dec, and nominal yields taking a cautious and slow path towards my 2022 year end target of 1.80-2.00% on the 10-year Treasury. As I wrote prior Monday, we‘re looking at still positive 2022 returns in stocks – of course joined by commodities and precious metals. The path would be though probably a more turbulent one than was the case in 2021. We had a good year of strong gains, and I hope you have benefited. Thank you for all your appreciation and best wishes sent my way throughout all of 2021 and now by email or via Twitter – I would love to wish you a very Happy New Year – may 2022 keep bringing you happiness, success and good health. Enjoy the New Year‘s Eve celebrations, and see you again on Jan 03, 2022! Let‘s move right into the charts (all courtesy of S&P 500 and Nasdaq Outlook S&P 500 consolidation is still shaping up finely – and does so on solid internals. Particularly the tech resilience is a good omen. Credit Markets HYG could have indeed declined some more, but didn‘t. While I‘m not reading all too much into this signal individually, it fits the (still bullish) mozaic completed by other markets on my watch. That‘s the strength of intermarket analysis. Gold, Silver and Miners Gold and silver got on the defensive, but the bears didn‘t get too far – and the chance they could have, wasn‘t too bad. Rising yields were though countered by the declining dollar. Crude Oil Crude oil is likely to pause today, and will rally again once risk-on returns broadly, including into credit markets. For now, backing and filling above $76 is my leading very short-term scenario – Monday though will be a fresh day. Copper Copper is pausing, but the downswing didn‘t reach far, and was bought relatively fast. More consolidation above $4.40 looks likely, and it would come with a generally bullish bias that‘s apt to surprise on the upside. Similarly to precious metals though, patience. Bitcoin and Ethereum Bitcoin and Ethereum are staging a daily comeback, and as long as mid-Dec lows don‘t come in sight again, crypto prices can muddle through with a gently bullish bias. Summary Santa Claus isn‘t willing to give much ground, and the table is set for this nice rally to modestly continue today – somewhere more pronouncedly (S&P 500, cryptos) than elsewhere (commodities and precious metals). I‘m still looking for a positive first day of 2022 trading to help make up for end of this week‘s headwinds – it has been great that the bears couldn‘t find more strength yesterday. Thank you for having read today‘s free analysis, which is available in full at my homesite. There, you can subscribe to the free Monica‘s Insider Club, which features real-time trade calls and intraday updates for all the five publications: Stock Trading Signals, Gold Trading Signals, Oil Trading Signals, Copper Trading Signals and Bitcoin Trading Signals.
The 10 Public Companies With the Biggest Bitcoin Portfolios

At the moment, contrary to ETHUSD and other altcoins, BTCUSD isn't increasing that much

Alex Kuptsikevich Alex Kuptsikevich 12.01.2022 09:02
The crypto market has again surpassed $2 trillion, adding almost 2.7% in the last 24 hours. Bitcoin, meanwhile, has not kept pace with the rise in altcoin prices: BTC strengthened by 1.45% against a 4% rise in ETH, while other leading coins added between 3% and 7%. The purchase of altcoins has intensified after the first cryptocurrency defended the $40K mark. This was like a sign of faith in the sector's short-term prospects, which again allowed enthusiasts to invest in potentially more undervalued coins and projects. The crypto Fear and Greed Index added 1 point to 22 overnight, but we can see that investors took the recent plunge as a buying opportunity. On the chart, bitcoin rebounded from a psychologically important support level for the second time since September. In addition, the RSI indicator on the daily charts came out of the oversold area, signalling a pause in the bearish momentum. However, it is too early to say that we are seeing the beginning of a new growth wave. There are several reasons for that. In this wave of decline, the RSI indicator reached lower lows than earlier in December and markedly lower levels in September and July, marking more persistent and prolonged selling than in previous episodes. Bitcoin's consolidation attempts this week is only a wobble near the bottom. A bullish reversal will be indicated by solid upward momentum in July or September. The mini rebound in December was quickly eaten away by the bears. BTCUSD is consolidating near the lower boundary of the descending channel. To say that we see more than just a bounce within this trend is only possible if it grew above 45k - where the previous local lows and the downside resistance line are concentrated. If bitcoin fails to develop an uptrend, it will seriously spoil sentiment for cryptocurrency traders, creating a toxic environment in the sector and putting selling back on the agenda, despite the prospects of individual projects.
(WETH) Wrapped Ether Explained. What Is It?

ETH Price (ETH To USD) To Decrease Even More Than Recently?

FXStreet News FXStreet News 19.01.2022 16:02
Ethereum price is still under pressure from the red descending trend line. ETH price is set to break $3,018, bringing the price below $3,000. Expect a further continuation to go hand-in-hand with current financial market sentiment. Ethereum (ETH) price is cracking under the strain and targeting $3,000, with the last line of defense at $3,018 under tremendous pressure from bears. The overall downtrend, dictated by the red descending trend line, and current global market headwinds are only contributing further to downside momentum. Expect a break towards $2,695 before analysts start to speak about a break below $2,000. Ethereum price needs to defend $2,695 to avert a 45% decline Ethereum price is flashing red warning lights all over the place as bears prepare to bomb the $3,000 barrier and price action starts to drill down on the last line of defense at $3,018. Although the area is a historical level and the monthly S1 support level falls in line with this area, it is set to probably break anyway as the mix of the established downtrend and global market headwinds is likely to be too much to bear. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is close to being oversold; it could still firmly push beyond this level as it already traded around the area back on January 08. The next level of interest for bulls, which they are likely to defend tooth-and-claw, is $2,695, which provided support around September 21 and acted as entry-level for a 75% rally. With the RSI firmly in the oversold area, this should see some pickup in demand on the buy-side. If demand is not there and bulls are reluctant to engage with large demand sizes, expect a break that would see a rapid flood of selling pressure, with the target set to $2,000 as not many elements are in between to provide solid support. ETH/USD daily chart Bulls could sweat out the current market correction and easily make a U-turn once global markets start to return green numbers. A shift in sentiment would easily see Ethereum price bounce off $3,018 and touchback at $3,391. In case ETH should close above that level, it would be set to break out of the red descending trendline, reversing the downtrend, with even more investors and bulls then joining the rally, back up towards $4,000.00.
UK inflation reaches 30 year high

UK inflation reaches 30 year high

Walid Koudmani Walid Koudmani 19.01.2022 12:08
While the government and Bank of England have attempted to deal with the rise in prices and creeping inflation, today's figures continue to show that the path forward may be longer than expected. While a slight adjustment in monetary policy may contribute, today’s data showed the highest level in 30 years as the economy is still recovering from the pandemic and could take a significant amount of time to return to normal levels. Ultimately, this situation continues to impact everyday consumers who may see some very noticeable changes to their lifestyle and expenses if the ongoing trend continues. Crypto markets retreat as investors worry about increased regulation and central bank decisions Crypto markets along with other traditional risk assets continue to feel the pressure of incoming fiscal and monetary policy changes from central banks which is due to remove some of the excess liquidity from markets after the unprecedented support received by them, However, crypto is currently dealing a wide variety of negative news and potential increases in regulations which have contributed to the recent pullback across assets as Ethereum continues to hover above the key $3000 psychological level. While fundamental factors may have changed slightly, the second biggest coin is trading at the lowest level in several months and as traders await a catalyst, the situation remains potentially quite volatile. Activision Blizzard acquisition by Microsoft could be a game changer This $68,7 Billion deal could prove to be a turning point for Activision Blizzard, who has seen its share price drop more than 44% in the last year on the back of disappointing results and a number of corporate as well as internal issues. Microsoft announced it will be offering as many Activision Blizzard games as possible within Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass, which just reached 25 million subscribers, and might provide the much needed boost in player base. Furthermore, a more direct input in general operations decisions could aim to rectify decisional issues and bring a more united direction for the company moving forward. Investors already reacted to this news favourably with Activision Blizzard stock price gaining over 30% on Tuesday while Sony stock actually fell as shareholders consider the risks associated with this acquisition.  
Binance Coin price bound for 15% upswing as bulls make a comeback

Binance Coin price bound for 15% upswing as bulls make a comeback

FXStreet News FXStreet News 26.01.2022 16:40
Binance Coin has been range trading for the past four days between $335 and $389. BNB price shows bulls pushing bears against the high of this week, ready for a breakout. Expect bears to be stopped out and open momentum for bulls to run the price up to $452. Binance Coin (BNB) price was able to find a floor at $335 with the monthly S2 monthly support level as an area where bulls were interested in getting involved in the price action. BNB price is now quickly ramping up and squeezing bears out of their entries at $389, which is acting as the weekly high. With the squeeze, a pop is set to unfold towards $452, the first significant level of resistance that could halt the rally near-term. BNB price set for a bullish breakout Binance Coin sees bulls trading away from the monthly S2 support level at $335 tested twice and bulls jumping on the buying volume to get involved in the price action. Backed by the green ascending trendline, a bullish entry makes sense as the Relative Strength Index (RSI) has just exited oversold territory. As such, sellers do not have much incentive to stay further in their short positions as further gains look limited for now. BNB price thus offers a solid entry point, and bulls are now ready to break above $389, the weekly high and short-term cap that has kept BNB price limited to the upside this week. As bears are being pushed against that level, expect their stops to be run once bulls break above it, which will trigger a massive demand for buying volume and squeeze price action even higher. The monthly S1 does not hold much historical reference, so $452 makes the most sense with the 200-day Simple Moving Average just above as a cap, that needs to be broken to start speaking of an uptrend. BNB/USD daily chart In the wake of the Fed meeting later today, most investors will be holding their breath further into the afternoon. If the Fed delivers a hawkish tone or even hike today, that will set a negative tone for global markets and see a sharp decline in risk assets led by equities and cryptocurrencies. Expect BNB price action to result in bulls being pushed against the monthly S2 support and the green ascending trend line around $320-$335.
Ethereum Price Prediction: ETH targets $3,000

Ethereum Price Prediction: ETH targets $3,000

FXStreet News FXStreet News 04.02.2022 16:06
Ethereum price made a false break below a short-term trend line yesterday.ETH price breaks above $2,695 and is set for a run towards $3,018.This would mean 13% gains for ETH and a more favourable outlook for next week.Ethereum (ETH) price is set to book the best gains it has made for the whole of 2022, as a bullish candle has now formed on the back of a significant support level. With that move, many bears are getting hurt as they probably fell in the bear trap with the false break below the supportive short-term trend line. Expect more upside to come with global markets enjoying the rally in Amazon shares, which is spilling over into cryptocurrencies and lifting sentiment in ETH towards $3,018.ETH bulls are stabbing bears in the back with a trapEthereum price was dangling below a short-term trend line and looked quite heavy after the slippage ( from META earnings. But that markets can change their minds overnight is proven yet again, after Amazon’s earnings fueled a booster rally which we are seeing today. This has spilled over into cryptocurrencies and is lifting sentiment in ETH prices with a firm break above $2,695, squeezing out bears in the process, who went short on the false break of the trend line, and it is now just a matter of time before they close out and take their losses.ETH price is thus set for a second rally today as those bears will need to revert to the buy-side volume ( to close and cut their losses. This will add a boost to ETH prices and could see Ethereum bulls hitting the price target at $3,018, taking out the $3,000 level, and setting the stage for next week. With that move, the red descending trend line could be broken, and with that, the downturn since December, finally ( breaking the chances for bears and setting the stage for a possible longer-term uptrend.ETH/USD daily chartNevertheless, there are still some earnings on the docket for today that could surprise to the downside and see those tailwinds ( as quickly fade as they came. Expect that with that lack of support, ETH price will collapse back to $2,695 and start to weigh further on the bulls. Should that spiral into equities, pushing them firmly in the red, and impacting safe haven flow – expect a dip back towards $2,600.
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Metaverse Tokens Sink After Holiday Crypto Rally

Top 3 Price Prediction Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple: BTC bears to go extinct beyond $53,000

FXStreet News FXStreet News 07.02.2022 16:06
Bitcoin price looks overextended as it grapples with the 50-day SMA and the weekly resistance barrier at $42,816. Ethereum price pierces through the bearish breaker and approaches the 50-day SMA at $3,242. Ripple price approaches the $0.757 to $0.807 supply zone that could cut the uptrend short. Bitcoin price has seen tremendous gains over the past three days as it attempts to overcome a massive hurdle. While altcoins like Ethereum and Ripple have corresponded to this bullishness, investors need to exercise caution with fresh investments as a retracement could be around the corner. Bitcoin price faces a decisive moment Bitcoin price has risen 18% over the past four days and is currently hovering below the 50-day Simple Moving Average (SMA) and the weekly resistance barrier confluence at $42,816. If this uptrend is a bull trap, BTC is likely to see rejection followed by a retracement to the immediate support level at $8,481. A breakdown of the said barrier will knock the big crypto down to $34,752. In an extremely bearish case, Bitcoin price could revisit the $30,000 psychological barrier and collect the liquidity resting below it. BTC/USD 1-day chart If BTC produces a daily candlestick close above the breaker’s upper limit at $44,387, however, it will invalidate the bearish thesis. While this development will alleviate the sell-side pressure, it does not mean that Bitcoin price has flipped bullish. A daily candlestick close above $52,000 will produce a higher high and suggest the possible start of an uptrend. Ethereum price slithers close to bearish thesis invalidation Ethereum price has followed the big crypto and pierced the bearish breaker, ranging from $2,789 to $3,167. Any further bullish momentum will push ETH to climb higher and retest the 50-day SMA at $3,242. Assuming BTC retraces, investors can expect Ethereum price to face rejection at $3,242, leading to a 25% pullback to the weekly support level at $2,324. In a highly bearish case, Ethereum price could revisit the $1,730 weekly support level and collect the sell-side liquidity resting below it. ETH/USD 1-day chart Regardless of the bearish outlook, the Ethereum price can invalidate the short-term bearish outlook if it produces a daily candlestick close above the $3,167 resistance zone. A bullish scenario could be kick-started, however, if buyers push ETH to produce a swing high at $3,413. Ethereum price gains momentum to breakout to $3,300 Ripple price faces a blockade Ripple price broke out of its consolidation and rallied 25% from $0.604 to $0.754. This impressive move is currently retesting the weekly resistance barrier at $0.740, which rests below another hurdle that extends from $0.757 to $0.807. Rejection at this multi-resistance zone seems likely considering the situation in which Bitcoin is in, and investors can expect the Ripple price to retrace 16%, returning to the consolidation zone at $0.628. XRP/USD 1-day chart A daily candlestick close above the supply zone’s upper limit at $0.807 will signal a resurgence of buyers and indicate their willingness to move higher. In this case, Ripple price could set up a higher high by rallying 12% to $0.911.    
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Top 3 Price Prediction Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple: Cryptos to retrace before the bull run

FXStreet News FXStreet News 09.02.2022 16:19
Bitcoin price slows down its ascent after flipping the $42,748 hurdle into a foothold. Ethereum price contemplates a retracement after facing the 50-day SMA at $3,208. Ripple price looks ready for consolidation after a 51% ascent over the past four days. Bitcoin price rally is slowing, allowing bulls to take a breather before the next leg-up. While some might argue the short-term outlook looks bearish – due to the flash crash in January, the bigger picture reveals cryptocurrency ( markets still have the potential to go higher. A Wells Fargo report published in February reveals that cryptocurrency adoption is growing exponentially and, in many cases, resembles the growth curve of internet adoption. The American financial corporation even goes on to state the crypto sector could soon exit the initial phases of adoption and enter “an inflection point of hyper-adoption.” Wells Fargo Report: Internet usage history vs crypto users Bitcoin price at a decisive moment Bitcoin price rallied 25% in the last four days and set up a swing high at $45,539.( The rally rippled out, triggering copycat moves in other altcoins and the cryptocurrency market in general. Yet BTC failed to produce a daily candlestick close above the breaker’s upper limit at $44,387. So, as a result, the bearish outlook is still in play. Investors should be prepared for anything between a minor retracement and a full-blow bear trap. An optimistic scenario will likely see BTC retest the weekly support level at $39,481 before triggering the next leg-up. A more pessimistic scenario, however, would speculate that Bitcoin price could crash to $34,752. A breakdown of this support floor could be the key to triggering a crash to $30,000 or lower. BTC/USD 1-day chart While things look on the fence for Bitcoin price, ( a daily candlestick close above $44,387 will invalidate the bearish thesis. A bullish regime, however, will only kick-start if BTC produces a daily candlestick ( close above $52,000.   Ethereum price takes a breather Ethereum ( price seems to be undergoing a pullback ( as it faces off with the 50-day Simple Moving Average (SMA) at $3,208 while still hovering inside a bearish breaker, extending from $2,789 to $3,167. A rejection here could lead to a retracement to $2,812, where buyers have a chance at restarting the uptrend. Assuming the bullish momentum picks up, there is a good chance ETH could slice through the $3,208 and make a run for the $3,413 hurdle. The local top for Ethereum price could be capped around the convergence of the 50-day and 100-day SMAs at roughly $3,600. ETH/USD 1-day chart On the other hand, if Ethereum price fails to stay above $2,812, it will indicate that buyers are taking a backseat. This development will invalidate the bullish scenario and trigger a crash to the weekly support level at $2,324. Ethereum price could liquidate bulls if ETH falls below $3,000 Ripple price to reestablish directional bias Ripple price broke out of its ten-day consolidation ( and rallied 51% in just four days. This run-up sliced through the $0.740 and $0.817 hurdles, flipping them into support levels. While this climb was impressive, XRP price is likely to retrace as investors begin to book profits. The resulting selling pressure could push Ripple price down to the $0.740 support level where buyers can band together for a comeback. In some cases, the U-turn might not arrive until a retest of the $0.595 to $0.632 demand zone. Regardless, investors can expect XRP price to run up to $1 and collect the liquidity resting above it. XRP/USD 1-day chart On the contrary, if the Ripple price fails to stay above the $0.595 to $0.632 demand zone, it will reveal the lack of bullish momentum and hint that a further descent is likely. In this case, XRP price will sweep below the $0.518 support level to collect the sell-side liquidity resting beneath. XRP price could easily return to $1 under one condition
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Top 3 Price Prediction Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple: Investors spooked by renewed geopolitical tensions

FXStreet News FXStreet News 17.02.2022 16:10
Bitcoin price gets caught in a bearish triangle as tensions in Ukraine flare up again. Ethereum price returns to pivotal support, money repatriation goes into the second day. XRP price in pennant ready for a bearish breakout under the current sentiment. Cryptocurrencies are on the back foot as investors are getting worried about the escalating situation between Ukraine and Russia, as more reports come in from shots in the Donbas region near Luhansk. As the situation does not seem to de-escalate, investors are pulling their money out of what was believed to be the start of a solid and longer-term relief rally that is stalling at the moment. With more downside pressure to come, expect all significant cryptocurrencies to fall back to supportive pivotal levels. Bitcoin price falls into a bearish triangle, set to dip back below $40,000 Bitcoin (BTC) price is getting battered on Thursday after a fade on Wednesday that could still be attributed to some short-term profit-taking. The extension of the falls seems to confirm that sentiment is yet again dipping below zero towards risk-off. Investors pulling out their funds preemptively is reflected with the sharp decline in the Relative Strength Index, where the sell-side demand is outpacing the buy-side demand. In this context, Bitcoin price will remain under pressure for the rest of the week and could be set to slip below $40,000 in the coming days as the situation in Ukraine is set to deteriorate again, potentially inflicting further damage to the market mood. BTC price sees bulls unable to hold price action above $44,088 and in the process is forming a descending trend line that, together with the base at $41,756, is forming a bearish triangle. Expect Bitcoin valuation to decline further as the tensions around Luhansk increase by the hour. Once the $41,756 support is broken, the road is open for a nosedive towards $39,780 with the $40,000 psychological level broken yet again to the downside. BTC/USD daily chart A hail mary could be provided by the 55-day Simple Moving Average at $42,340, which already provided support on February 9 and February 15. With that move, a sudden breakthrough in the peace talks could become the needed catalyst to improve the situation and dislocate Bitcoin price action from the drag of the geopolitical news that is weighing. Bitcoin would see the demand on the buy-side blow up and see a big pop above $44,088. Ethereum bulls are breaking their jaws on the 55-day SMA as the price fades further Ethereum (ETH) price is getting crushed against the 55-day Simple Moving Average (SMA) around $3,143, with bulls unfit to push and try to close price action above it. After three failed attempts in a row, it is becoming clear that the bullish support is wearing thin as, on Tuesday, the daily candle closed above there, and even if the next day ETH price opened above again, it closed below the 55-day SMA. On Wednesday, finally, both the open and the closing price were below the 55-day SMA. This proves that sentiment has shifted in just three trading days and looks set to fade further away from the 55-day SMA on Friday. Expect going forward in the next coming hours that bulls will get squeezed against the wall at $3,018 with both a pivotal level and the $3,000 marker a few dollars below there. As tensions mount, expect some more negative headlines, a breach in defense of the bulls with even the monthly pivot at $2,929 getting involved in the crosshairs. Depending on the severity and the further deterioration of the political situation in Ukraine and the correction in the stock markets, it is possible to see a nosedive towards $2,695. ETH/USD daily chart Global market sentiment is hanging on the lips of Ukraine and the geopolitical situation. With that, it is clear that once the situation gets resolved or de-escalates, markets can shift 180 degrees in a matter of seconds. That same rule applies to cryptocurrencies where Ethereum could pop back above the 55-day SMA and even set sail for $3,391, breaking the high of February and flirting with new highs for 2022. Bulls joining the rally will want to keep a close eye and be mindful of the RSI, as that would start to flirt with being overbought and, from there on, limiting any further big moves in the hours or next trading days to come. Ethereum short squeeze could trigger a spike to $4,000 XRP price set to lose 10% of market value as headline news breaks down relief rally Ripple (XRP) price is stuck in a pennant and is close to a breakout that looks set to be a bearish one. As global markets are continuing the fade from Wednesday, XRP price is breaking below the recent low and sees bears hammering down on the ascending side of the pennant. As more negative headlines cross the wires, expect this to add ammunition for bears to continue and start breaking the pennant to the downside. XRP price will look for support on the next support at hand, which comes in at $0.78, and depending on the severity of the news flow, that level should hold again as it did on February 14. If that is not the caseany further downside will be cut short by the double bottom around $0.75 from February 12 and 13 and the 55-day SMA coming in at or around that area. With that move, the RSI will be triggering some "oversold" red flags and see bears booking profit. XRP/USD daily chart A false bearish breakout could easily see bears trapped on entering on the break to the downside out of the pennant as bulls go in for the squeeze. That would mean that price shoots up towards $0.88 and takes out this week's high. Bears would be forced to change sides and join the buy-side demand to close their losing positions, adding to even more demand and possibly hitting $0.90 in the process. XRP set to explode towards $1.00, bulls hopeful over SEC vs Ripple case
Terra (LUNA) Price Went Up And The Most Popular Crypto Increased By 3.6% On Tuesday

Terra (LUNA) Price Went Up And The Most Popular Crypto Increased By 3.6% On Tuesday

Alex Kuptsikevich Alex Kuptsikevich 23.02.2022 08:35
The rebound of bitcoin began along with the growth of European stock indices at the beginning of the day. They corrected up after three days of decline on the crisis around Ukraine. Futures for the S&P 500 and Nasdaq, with which BTC has been highly correlated lately, also showed gains on Tuesday. So far, the rebound of risky assets, which includes cryptocurrencies, can be considered as a movement within a downtrend. Bitcoin has been trying to correct from levels close to the lows of February, but this is probably not the bottom yet. Expectations of a rate hike by the US Federal Reserve and rising geopolitical tensions are putting pressure on all risky assets. Despite the rather low levels of the Cryptocurrency Fear Index, the history of the indicator suggests that the best moments to enter were periods of falling into the 10 area. Meanwhile, Ricardo Salinas Pliego, one of the richest Mexican billionaires, called for not selling bitcoin during the fall. In his opinion, BTC will rise in the long term. Overall, Bitcoin is up 3.6% over the past day to 38,100, closing Tuesday higher after five days of decline. Ethereum gained 6.1% over the same time period, while other leading altcoins from the top ten showed mixed dynamics: from 4% growth in XRP to 13% in Terra. The total capitalization of the crypto market, according to CoinGecko, decreased by 1.5% over the day to $1.79 trillion. Altcoins grew worse than the first cryptocurrency, which led to an increase in the Bitcoin dominance index by 0.4%, to 40.3%. The index of fear and greed turned back again, losing 5 points to 25 and remaining in a state of "extreme fear".
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Crypto Update: Ethereum returns to support after a horror day

8 eightcap 8 eightcap 24.02.2022 11:34
Today the worst-case scenario happened, Russia invaded Ukraine. This set off another round of heavy selling on the Crypto markets. The top 10 suffered badly with just over 11% taken off their value at the day’s low. Ethereum was one of the worst-hit in the top 10, price plunged just over 12% to its new low. Currently, we’re watching the 2,350 support as this level did show plenty of demand back in January on the last key low set by sellers. Price so far, for now, has continued to see some demand at this point but let’s be honest these are not normal times. Crypto at this point is far from an alternative store of wealth. Coins are not in a safe-haven class at the moment, they’re flat out risk assets and are being treated that way. Gold on the other hand has resumed its safe-haven status. This is not a knock or attack on Crypto just the reality of the situation. Back to the Ethereum d1 chart. While I’d love to back in the current support level it’s hard under the current circumstances. Escalations could send prices lower and a break of support could set up a move back to the Jan low and a move through that point could suggest 2,000. If support can hold and things in Europe start to stabilize a little we could see a recovery rally. We will be looking for long tails showing exhaustion and fresh demand emerging. But we stress any longs will need to be quick-thinking if sellers return en masse. Ethereum D1 (ETHUSD) The post Crypto Update: Ethereum returns to support after a horror day appeared first on Eightcap.
Another Avalanche (AVAX) drawdown? | Crypto Market Talk | Swissquote - 25/05/22

Ethereum, AVAX, Terra, Solana And Other Layers 1 & 2 Projects Updates - Week 22/03-28/03/22 Accelerate the... Accelerate the... 30.03.2022 08:50
ETH’s Shanghai upgrade will boost EVM, reduce Layer-2 fees. BTC’s Lightning network completes it first stablecoin transaction. Polygon unveils a new token burn mechanism. MAR 29, 2022     Key Takeaways Ethereum (ETH)’s latest AllCoreDevs updates talked about the highly anticipated next upgrade named Shanghai, which will incorporate Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) upgrades, Beacon Chain withdrawals, L2 Fee reductions, and more.  Bitcoin (BTC)’s Lightning network completed its first stablecoin transaction. Layer 2 solution Polygon (MATIC) introduced a new token burn mechanism called ‘Mobile burn’ to move towards deflationary tokenomics and more predictable gas prices. Cronos (CRO) saw a +8.07% increase in total transactions to 25.04M, while its TVL grew to US$3.67B (+12.83% week-on-week). The total number of wallet addresses now stands at 489,967, up +6.31% from last week. Highlights BNB Chain to launch application-specific sidechains to reduce network strain Top 10 Ethereum wallets now hold 23.7% of total ETH supply: Santiment Bitcoin miner Iris Energy secures $71 million in equipment financing Avalanche bridge to add native support for Bitcoin, expanding opportunities for BTC in Avalanche DeFi Introducing Core: the new operating system for Web3 users Tether (USDT) Issued on Avalanche (AVAX) hits $351 Million Avalanche Foundation, OP3N launch $100M Web3 culture fund Terra’s LFG among largest new Bitcoin (BTC) holders: IntoTheBlock Algorand upgrades will boost speed and privacy, founder says Axie Infinity launches fee reform to scale transactions on Ronin sidechain Cardano set to hit major interoperability milestone as EVM compatible Layer 2 launches Blockchain middleware Pocket Network adds support for L2 solution Boba Layer 1 Project Metrics     Layer 2 Project Metrics    
Ethereum Co-Founder Buterin Has Urged Zcash To Switch To PoS

Is There Any Chance Of A Positive Ethereum Price Prediction? Cryptocurrency Ripple (XRP) Price Has Plunged!

Jason Sen Jason Sen 01.04.2022 12:27
Bitcoin bulls held prices above the 500 day moving average at 43600 for a buy signal targeting 46600/800 & the 200 day moving average at 48100/300. A high for the day exactly here & shorts here worked perfectly on the collapse from 48226 to 45800/600 & support at 44200/44000 for an easy 4000 pips. Ripple collapsed from just below very strong resistance at 9140/9160 & broke first support at 8450/00 yesterday to hit the next target of 8050/8000 before a low just 100 pips above support at 7700/7650. Ethereum made a high for the week exactly at key resistance 3450/3500. Shorts worked perfectly on the collapsed as far as support at 3210/3190. Longs need stops below 3150. Update daily by 06:00 GMT Today’s Analysis Bitcoin tests the best support for today at 44200/44000. Longs need stops below 43500. A break lower is a sell signal targeting 42000/41500. This is the last line of defence for bulls – a break below 41000 is a medium term sell signal, initially targeting 40000 & the March low at 37500/37000. Strong resistance at the 200 day moving average at 48100/300 over the weekend. Obviously bulls need a break above 48700 for a buy signal. Ripple holding above 8100 today allows a recovery to first resistance at 8400/8500. If we break higher look for 8730/50, perhaps as far as 8850. Further gains retest very strong resistance at 8950/90. Holding below 8050 tests support at 7700/7650. Longs need stops below 7600. A break lower is a sell signal targeting 7400/7350 then 7000/6950. Ethereum tests support at 3210/3190. Longs need stops below 3150. A break lower targets 312010 then very strong support at 3050/10. :ns 2950. A break below 2850 is a medium term sell signal. Key resistance at 3450/3500. Shorts need stops above 3550. A break higher is another buy signal targeting 3620/30 & 3710/40. Please email me if you need this report updated or Whatsapp: +66971910019 – To subscribe to this report please visit or email
Can BTCUSD Reach Ca. $5M!? It's Approaching $50k At The Moment...

Can BTCUSD Reach Ca. $5M!? It's Approaching $50k At The Moment...

Alex Kuptsikevich Alex Kuptsikevich 04.04.2022 08:43
Bitcoin rose 0.6% over the past week, ending it at around $46,400. Ethereum added 8%, while other leading altcoins from the top ten rose in price from 0.1% (XRP) to 30% (Solana). BTC found a balance According to CoinMarketCap, the total capitalization of the crypto market increased by 1.3% over the week, to $2.15 trillion. The Bitcoin dominance index over the same period of time sank by 1.5% points, to 40.7% due to the growth of altcoins. At the beginning of the new week, the cryptocurrency index of fear and greed rose from 48 to 52, remaining within the neutral range. Bitcoin has corrected down since Thursday along with the decline in stock indices. Noticeable resistance was provided by the $48K level with the 200-day moving average passing close to it. Over the weekend, the first cryptocurrency found a balance near $46K. Bulls are preventing Bitcoin from falling The FxPro Analyst Team emphasised that buyers manage to keep bitcoin from falling to the area of previous peaks near $45, turning the former resistance into effective support. However, a breakout of the 200-day moving average is still required to confirm bullish sentiment. Breaking out of the $45-48K range could signal the start of a broader trend in the direction of the breakout. In early April, the commemorative 19 millionth coin was mined in the bitcoin network. At the moment, more than 90% of the total emission of the first cryptocurrency has been mined, which is limited to 21 million coins. Bitcoin can reach $4.8 million if it acquires the status of a global reserve asset, according to VanEck investment company. However, this scenario is unlikely. The top contender for the status of world reserve currency is now the Chinese yuan.
Ethereum Co-Founder Buterin Has Urged Zcash To Switch To PoS

Crypto Market Capitalization Update. Bitcoin, ETH And Solana News And Prices Accelerate the... Accelerate the... 04.04.2022 12:08
Nearly $200M flowed into crypto the last 3 months, with BTC, SOL and ETH as the biggest gainers. Axie Infinity experienced a $625M hack. Trezor cold wallet users targeted with phishing emails. APR 04, 2022     Key Takeaways Crypto funds saw US$ 193M of capital inflow – the largest in 3 months. The top 3 cryptocurrencies according to the CoinShares report, were Bitcoin (BTC) at US$ 97.8M, Solana (SOL) at US$ 87.1M, and Ethereum (ETH) at US$ 10.2M. Popular Play-to-Earn blockchain game Axie Infinity saw its layer 2 bridge compromised and hacked totalling over US$ 625M worth in ETH and USDC. A detailed breakdown of the hack can be found on Ronin network’s substack. The hacked funds are being held at this address. Cold wallet provider Trezor is looking into a potential data breach which targeted users with phishing emails. Trezor followed with a Twitter update citing the breach could have been from a newsletter hosted on MailChimp. TradFi Gold Industry participants are looking to utilise blockchain technology to create an immutable record for physical deliverable gold across the globe. The Gold Bar Integrity Programme is aimed at improving transparency for consumers, investors and market participants. The general price, volume, and volatility indices were positive at +5.17%, +24.44%, and +105.07% respectively. Highlights Fed’s preferred inflation gauge up 6.4% in February to four-decade high US adds 431K jobs in March, as unemployment rate nears pre-pandemic level From taxes to electricity, blockchain adoption is growing in Austria CME group ‘looking at’ offering Solana, Cardano futures Tesla taps MakerDAO-powered lender for $7.8M real estate deal New funding round values at $14B South Korea’s SK Square will spend $1.6B on semiconductors, blockchain Eldridge, A16z lead $620M financing round for fintech Cross River Bank Nasdaq-listed Microstrategy obtains $205M Bitcoin-backed loan to buy more BTC Sequoia, FTX Ventures and A16z lead $135M investment in LayerZero labs breaking down barriers between blockchains Blockchain security firm CertiK just raised $88M, SEC docs show Check the latest prices on Market Index Tokens   Metrics Price Volume Volatility Top Gainers ATOM (+12.83%)LINK (+10.73%)ETH (+9.86%) ATOM (+64.66%)EOS (+48.68%)XLM (+39.71%) ATOM (+154.73%)ETH (+136.16%)EOS (+93.54%) Top Losers – ADA (-21.85%) ADA (-40.58%)XMR (-9.99%) Benchmark BTC (+3.22%) BTC (+24.71%) BTC (+63.39%)       * Market index tokens: BTC, ETH, XMR, LINK, EOS, XLM, XTZ, ATOM, ADA, DOT DeFi Tokens   Metrics Price Volume Volatility Top Gainers FXS (+99.42%)AAVE (+48.80%)JOE (+42.89%) FXS (+694.82%)AAVE (+240.63%)COMP (+222.87%) FXS (+364.18%)ANC (+318.18%)YFI (+294.64%) Top Losers – SPELL (-12.32%)LDO (-0.07%) SPELL (-39.24%)LDO (-11.80%)LINK (-6.74%) Benchmark ETH (+9.86%) ETH (+28.81%) ETH (+136.16%)       *DeFI index tokens: AAVE, ANC, BAL, CAKE, COMP, CRV, CVX, FXS, JOE, LDO, LINK, MKR, OSMO, REN, SNX, SPELL, SUSHI, UNI, VVS, YFI Other Tokens   Price Change (%) NFT Gaming Meme Top Gainers THETA (+10.16%)FLOW (+8.32%)WAXP (+7.8%) MBOX (+53.96%)POLIS (+12.21%)DAWN (+8.54%) SHIB (+3.9%)DOGE (+0.1%) Top Losers OGN (-3.82%) ATLAS (-3.59%)AXS (-3.44%)SAND (-1.55%) HOGE (-18.67%)MONA (-3.54%)       *NFT tokens: THETA, CHZ, ENJ, FLOW, FET, WAX, OGN, UOS, OMI*Gaming tokens: AXS, MANA, SAND, ALICE, YGG, MBOX, ILV, ATLAS, POLIS, DAWN*Meme tokens: DOGE, SHIB, MONA, HOGE, PEPECASH
ETHER Hitting $5000!? Altcoins: (ETH) Ethereum - Five bullish signals that suggest Ethereum price could hit $5,000

ETHER Hitting $5000!? Altcoins: (ETH) Ethereum - Five bullish signals that suggest Ethereum price could hit $5,000

FXStreet News FXStreet News 19.04.2022 16:36
Ethereum price is stuck trading between the 50-, 100- and 200-day SMAs, lacking volatility. A triple bottom setup around $2,652 could be the key to triggering an 85% upswing to retest the all-time high at $4,868. A three-day candlestick close below $2,439 will invalidate this outlook and potentially trigger a crash to $1,706 or lower. Ethereum price has been on a downswing since its all-time high in November 2021, but the development of recent events suggests that a change is coming. While there could be a temporary drop, a massive upswing is likely to begin afterward.   Article on Crypto: Binance Academy: Immutable X Token (IMX) - What Is It? IMX Explained. How To Buy IMX?| FXMAG.COM Ethereum price at a junction Ethereum price set a swing low at $2,652 on September 19 and rallied 83% in under two months to set an all-time high of $4,868. This impressive upswing was followed by a 55% downswing that pierced the $2,652 swing low. These two touches around the same level could be foreshadowing a triple bottom setup. For this technical formation to be complete, ETH needs to slide lower by 13% and tag the $2,652 support level again. This move will complete the pattern and reverse the trend favoring bulls. In such a case, Ethereum price is likely to make a run at the 50% retracement level at $3,287. However, investors need to exercise caution around the 200-day Simple Moving Average (SMA) at $3,492 and the $4,000 psychological level, as Ethereum price might face headwinds there Clearing the midpoint and flipping it into a support level will open the path for a move toward the range high at $4,868. In total, this run-up would constitute an 85% ascent and is likely to extend to the $5,000 psychological barrier.   Article on Crypto: Altcoins Showing Promising Growth - Take a Look at Solana (SOL), POLKADOT (DOT) and SHIBA INU (SHIB-USD)| FXMAG.COM However, investors need to exercise caution around the 200-day Simple Moving Average (SMA) at $3,492 and the $4,000 psychological level, as Ethereum price might face headwinds there. Such a move is likely to push the Relative Strength Index (RSI) lower to the 38.16 level. The last two times RSI tagged this level was in June and July 2021, when ETH was forming a base that would eventually lead to a 185% gain. Therefore, the retracement forecasted by the technical perspective also supports a retest of the 38.16 level for RSI, hinting at a bullish outlook. ETH/USDT 1-day chart Supporting this optimistic outlook for Ethereum price is the exchange net position change indicator that tracks the 30-day outflow of ETH. Currently, this index shows that nearly 94,000 ETH has moved out of centralized entities’ wallets, suggesting a reduction in the sell-side pressure. Interestingly, this is the sixth time such a massive outflow has occurred, which in turn reveals the importance of this metric. ETH exchange net position flow.   Read next: (UKOIL) Brent Crude Oil Spikes to Highest Price For April, (NGAS) Natural Gas Hitting Pre-2008 Prices, Cotton Planting Has Begun Furthermore, the number of one-hour active addresses on the Ethereum blockchain has hit a new all-time high at 60,330. This uptick suggests that new users or investors are interacting with the ETH blockchain and is considered a bullish indication. ETH 1-hour active addresses Lastly, the long-term bullish outlook for Ethereum price is perfectly portrayed by the supply of ETH present on exchanges. This level has been in a downtrend since July 2020 and has slumped from 29.69 million to 14.96 million, representing an 11.73 million outflow of ETH in less than two years. This development suggests that more investors are disinclined to sell and are moving their holdings to cold wallets or to DeFi platforms to earn interest, which indicates that they are optimistic about the performance of Ethereum price. ETH supply on exchanges A three-day candlestick close below $2,439 will invalidate this outlook by producing a lower low. In such a case, ETH bears could seize control and trigger a 30% crash to $1,706, which will allow market makers to collect the sell-stop liquidity.
BTC rises to Pivot level and trades sideways

(BTC) Bitcoin Priceslips To The Lows Of The Year. Crypto Regulations: Confusing Discussion In The US And The EU. Ether (ETH) And Monero (XMR) Highlighted

Alex Kuptsikevich Alex Kuptsikevich 25.04.2022 08:43
Bitcoin declined by 2.3% over the past week, ending it at around $39.5K. Ethereum lost 3.9%, while other leading altcoins in the top 10 fell from 2.2% (Solana) to 10.5% (XRP). The exception was Terra (+12.9%). On Monday, the pressure on cryptocurrencies continued, taking another 1.3% off bitcoin to 38.9k, sending it to test March lows. The bitcoin dominance index rose 0.2% to 41.2% over the same period. Total crypto market capitalisation, according to CoinMarketCap, changed little over the week, remaining at 1.8 trillion, as a wave of buying in the first half of the week turned into a strong sell-off in the second. The bitcoin dominance index rose 0.2% to 41.2% over the same period. Read next (by FXPro): What Moves Forex Rates? Strong US Dollar Affects British Pound (GBP), Japanese Yen (JPY) And CNH | FXMAG.COM Crypto Fear and Greed Index rose from 24 to 27 and returned to its starting point during the week. By Monday, the index had lost another point to 23, remaining in the extreme fear territory. Bitcoin has declined for the third consecutive week, along with stock indices. BTC tried to rise, renewing its highs in a week and a half, around $43,000. Thursday and Friday saw a sharp pullback along with the stock market, and bitcoin fell below the circular $40,000 level. Changpeng Zhao, the Binance's chief executive, said the adoption of cryptocurrencies would rise as geopolitical tensions escalate and the use of the dollar as a sanctions tool grows. He believes the US will lose out to the rest of the world if it continues to suppress bitcoin. Read next (by FXPro): Want To Exchange 100 GBP To USD? GBP/USD Below 1.3000! (GBP) British Pound Weakens! GBP To USD - 17-Months-Low! | FXMAG.COM A group of US congressmen have spoken out against mining cryptocurrencies using the environmentally damaging Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus algorithm. They said that cryptocurrencies of particular concern are BTC, ETH, XMR and ZEC. The EU has discussed banning BTC trading because of its energy and environmental impact. Bitcoin's energy consumption continues to increase and is attracting the attention of environmental organisations and regulators.
Bitcoin Is Still Under Strong Pressure From The Downward Trend

Top 3 Price Prediction (BTC) Bitcoin, (ETH) Ethereum, (XRP) Ripple: Official start to recovery rally

FXStreet News FXStreet News 04.05.2022 16:23
Bitcoin price prepares for its ascent to $42,100 after bouncing off a stable support level. Ethereum price needs to overcome the $3,000 barrier to have any chance at revisiting $3,500 or $4,000. Ripple price begins its journey to $0.70 after a recovery above the $0.60 support level. Bitcoin price has kick-started its attempt to move higher, picking up Ethereum and Ripple along with it. Investors can expect BTC to revisit Monday’s high and reevaluate directional bias from there. Bitcoin price begins its journey higher Bitcoin price bounces off the lower trend line of the ascending parallel channel, which is formed after drawing trendlines above and below three sets of higher highs and higher lows. Investors can expect BTC to slice through the 100-day Simple Moving Average (SMA) at $41,009, which is the first major hurdle. Doing so, will allow it to retest the 50-day SMA at $41,921, which coincides with the daily supply zone, extending from $43,981 to $41,921. This area of confluence is where the upside will be capped for the big crypto and would represent a 10% gain. BTC/USDT 3-day chart Regardless of the bullish outlook, a daily candlestick close below the $34,752 support level will invalidate the bullish thesis and trigger a crash to $30,000 or lower. Ethereum price to reverse the trend Ethereum price is in a medium-term ascending channel created by connecting its two higher highs and three higher lows since January 28. The third retest of the lower trend line has shown a bullish reaction – lead cryptocurrency BTC is recovering and influencing the rest of the market. Regardless of the bullishness, ETH needs to flip the 100-day SMA at $2,914 followed by the 50-day SMA at $3,069 to continue rising. This development is key to triggering a move that tags the 200-day SMA at $3,443. While a move to $3,500 is likely, a surge in buying pressure could extend the run-up to the $4,000 psychological level. ETH/USD 1-day chart On the other hand, a daily candlestick close below the weekly support level at $2,541 will indicate a resurgence of selling pressure and invalidate the bullish thesis. This could trigger a further crash to the $2,000 psychological level. Ripple price purges sell-side pressure Ripple price purged the downside pressure by collecting the liquidity resting below the $0.60 support after a 30% crash. XRP price has since moved back above the said foothold, indicating that buyers are in control. A resurgence of buying pressure is likely to propel XRP price up to the immediate hurdle at $0.696. Clearing this barrier will present two further resistance levels for Ripple bulls to overcome - the 50% retracement level at $0.735 and the 2022 volume point of control at $0.768. For now, the market structure looks uncertain due to the choppiness of Bitcoin. Therefore, investors can expect a local top to form around $0.768, representing a 25% ascent from the current position at $0.615. XRP/USD 1-day chart A daily candlestick close below the $0.601 support level will produce a lower low and invalidate the bullish thesis. In such a case, XRP price is likely to crash to the $0.548 support level.
Crypto: How To Estimate A Risk And Take A Profit?

What Is (DYDX)? dYdX Cryptocurrency Supporting Perpetual Trading - Altcoins of Interest

Rebecca Duthie Rebecca Duthie 09.05.2022 13:54
Summary: How does dYdX work? A look into what a perpetual cryptocurrency trading exchange is. Advantages of investing in the dYdX crypto exchange. Past and future price performance. Read next: ($GARI) Gari Network's Future Looks Bright As Investors Await New Advancements.  dYdD is a decentralised trading platform that is used for cryptocurrency margin trading. Dydx is a decentralised trading platform that is used for cryptocurrency margin trading for assets such as ETH, BTC, SOL, DOT and more. The bulk of the trading happens on the Ethereum blockchain, however, with the recent launch of layer 2, the Dydx exchange can be used for inexpensive, instantly settled trades. Dydx has successfully filled a niche market in the world of cryptocurrencies. Since the launch of this platform in September 2021, they have added many features, including lending and borrowing services to decentralise the trading experience. The exchange has a market cap of $258.2 million, a circulating supply of 65569295 with a max of 1 billion. dYdX is a leading crypto exchange that supports perpetual trading. Dydx is a leading crypto exchange that supports perpetual trading. It trades on the ethereum block chain using smart contracts and no intermediaries. Perpetual trading on cryptocurrencies are financial derivatives that enable traders to bet on crypto asset price movements, using leverage without owning the underlying asset. Some advantages of using this method are: Increased flexibility of trades by allowing both long and short trades. Increased leverage. Dydx is aiming at trading for everyone. They are building an open platform for crypto financial products, which is powered by the Ethereum blockchain. dYdX works in the following way: The creation of smart contracts has allowed for cryptocurrency exchanges to create decentralised liquidity pools, collateralisation and lending across popular protocols like Uniswap, Sushi and Compound. dYdX took all of the best decentralised financial technologies and combined them to form a first-of-its-kind cryptocurrency derivatives exchange using crowd sourced liquidity only. To explain this concept more, it means that when you deposit collateral to open a leveraged trading position, you are borrowing from a decentralised liquidity pool that is funded entirely by other traders. Dydx Layer 1 blockchain: Layer 1 is a highly liquid, decentralised exchange for both crypto margin trading and for spot trading. On this layer it is possible to leverage up to 5x your position. As long as users collateralise correctly, it is fast and efficient to borrow funds for your positions. dYdX claims to have built the fastest and most powerful decentralised exchange ever through their layer 2 blockchain. Advantages of layer 2: No gas cost and lower fees: when users deposit to layer 2, the user will no longer be required to pay fees to miners. Fast withdrawals: layer 2 does not have a waiting period to withdraw funds. Security and privacy: increased security and privacy via zero-knowledge rollups*. Very fast: trades are instantly executed and confirmed on the blockchain within hours. Mobile friendly: can be used on any device thanks to upgrades. Cross-margining : users are able to access leverage across positions in multiple markets from a single account. USDC collateral: dYdX allows users to provide USDC as collateral in their trades. *Zero-knowledge rollups is a Layer 2 scalability solution that allows blockchains to validate transactions faster whilst ensuring gas fees remain low. How to trade perpetually with Dydx: Download the dYdX trading app and open it. Connect your crypto wallet to the app. Deposit funds into the wallet and then select the “trade” option. Open a trading position with selected leverage and limits. Use the app to track your position's performance. Read next: (SOL) Solana Coin Continues to Grow - Popular Altcoins, SOL: What Is It & How Does It Work?  The dYdX token, the platform gives dYdX tokens to its users in the form of generous rewards. Advantages of the dYdX token: dYdX liquidity staking pool: this feature is important for keeping the exchange alive and financially supported. Trading rewards: it is possible to earn dYdX tokens just by trading on the platform. Discounted trading fees: if users hold dYdX tokens in their wallet, they can receive a 3% discount on trading fees. Governance token: dydx is also used for governance of the protocol, which gives holders voting rights. PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE PRICE When the token was first launched the price spiked and showed promise, since then the price has been on a consistent downward trend. In general the crypto market is volatile, this is shown in the price changes for this cryptocurrency. Currently with the negative global investor sentiment, the price of cryptos have been falling in general over the past months, which could be a reason this tokens value is currently trading so low. The coin price is forecasted to increase in the future. In 2022, the price is expected to increase by 78% and is expected to continue on this upward trend for the next 5 years. dYdx cryptocurrency Price Chart Sources:,,
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Is Crypto Market Crash Coming? Where to exit (ETH) Ethereum before it crashes to $1,700

FXStreet News FXStreet News 10.05.2022 16:50
Ethereum price bounces off the $2,200 support level after a 12% crash over the last three days. Investors can expect a retest of $2,541 before ETH crashes to $1,730 to collect the sell-stop liquidity. A three-day candlestick close above $3,079 will invalidate the bearish thesis by producing a higher high. Ethereum price has sealed its bearish fate after breaching the consolidation pattern’s lower trend line on May 6. This development has worsened the situation and caused a steep correction for ETH. Ethereum price provides an opportunity Ethereum price set three distinctive higher lows and two higher highs since the January 22 crash. Connecting the swing points using trend lines reveals an ascending parallel channel. This technical formation ideally results in a bearish breakout On May 6, Ethereum price breached the ascending parallel channel’s lower trend line, indicating a breakout. This downswing move caught traction and led to an 18% drop in ETH price in less than a week. At the time of writing, Ethereum price is trading around the $2,199 support level, where buyers seem to be scooping ETH up at a discount. However, considering where Bitcoin price stands, further downside seems more likely. Hence, investors need to be cautious and smart in buying the dips. There might, however, be a minor uptick in buying pressure that could push Ethereum price up to the $2,541 hurdle. This level is likely where the upside is capped for ETH before sellers take control. ETH/USDT 1-day chart Supporting this downswing in Ethereum price is the 30-day intraday Market Value to Realized Value (MVRV). This on-chain metric is used to determine the average profit/loss of investors that purchased ETH over the past month. Based on Santiment’s research, a value ranging from -10% to -15% is termed an “opportunity zone,” since the short-term holders are at a loss and are less likely to sell. However, for ETH, the local base was formed around -16%, which is where the MVRV is currently at and also explains the recent uptick in buying pressure. However, there is another potential base around -30%, where ETH stabilized after crashes in May 2021 and January 2022. Therefore, the chances of Ethereum price heading to $1,730 are high as portrayed by the MVRV 30-day chart. ETH 30-day MVRV intraday Further worsening the situation for bulls is the supply distribution seen across whales holding between 100,000 to 10 million ETH. The first set of wallets – those holding between 100,000 and 1,000,000 ETH – has dropped from 1,452 to 135 over the past three months. For the other group, these numbers have dipped from eight to five. The generalized decline in institutions holding Ethereum indicates that they are not confident in the performance of ETH price in the near future. ETH supply distribution Driving the bearish thesis home is the recent uptick in the supply of ETH on exchanges from 14.86 million to 15.37 million since April 20. This 3.4% surge indicates that investors are moving their tokens to centralized platforms to potentially sell and also adds credence to the outlook described in the supply distribution chart above. ETH supply on exchanges While the bearish outlook seems plausible, a spike in bullish momentum could alleviate the sell-side pressure. However, a three-day candlestick close above $3,079 will invalidate the bearish thesis by recovering its losses. In such a case, Ethereum price could further rally to $3,703 and set a higher high, confirming the start of an uptrend.
Bitcoin Price (BTC/USD) Lost $13K Reaching $42K Less Than In November 2021. Ether (ETH) Lost 52% Among April And May's Beginning. Is this not the end of the cryptocurrency bear market? |

Bitcoin Price (BTC/USD) Lost $13K Reaching $42K Less Than In November 2021. Ether (ETH) Lost 52% Among April And May's Beginning. Is this not the end of the cryptocurrency bear market? |

Geco One Geco One 16.05.2022 15:12
Between 5 and 12 May 2022, Bitcoin fell by over $13,000, i.e. over 33%. It increased Bitcoin depreciation which started on 28 March, to over $21,000, i.e. 44%. In turn, counting from the peaks of November 2021, BTC decreased by over $42,000, i.e. 61%. Such a significant sale caused the exchange of the oldest virtual currency to drop from $69,000 to below $27,000, which was the lowest level since December 2020. It is noteworthy that this trend did not stop around the critical level of support of $29,000, where various types of demand reactions have occurred many times in the past. However, considering that the demand reaction that appeared last weekend was much more modest than the previous ones around this support, it seems highly probable that it will be only a temporary correction, after which the BTC rate will return to losing value. Read next: Altcoins: What Is Polkadot (DOT)? Cross-Chain Transfers Of Any Type Of Asset Or Data. A Deeper Look Into Polkadot Protocol | FXMAG.COM If this sell-off leads to a sustained drop below $24,000, we will have to prepare for a further depreciation towards $24,000 or even below $20,000. The current situation on the Ethereum quotes is also identical. The price of this cryptocurrency fell between 3 April and 12 May this year by 52%, dropping to the Tech Support area of $1,750, the lowest level since July 2021. The demand reaction that appeared last weekend was much more modest than the rebound observed in this region in May, June and July 2021. We assume that it will be only a correction, after which ETH will return to around $1,750. A permanent drop below this price level could open the door for further declines to $1,400 — around this price is another significant support around which we could expect a greater demand response. Solana (SOL) Loses Ca. 77% Looking at the Solana quotes, we notice that the price of this cryptocurrency fell between 2 April and 12 May this year by almost 77%, dropping to the area of technical support of $37, which was the lowest level since August 2021. Read next: Stablecoins In Times Of Crypto Crash. What is Terra (UST)? A Deep Look Into Terra Altcoin. Terra - Leading Decentralised And Open-Source Public Blockchain Protocol | FXMAG.COM In the second half of last week, the demand reaction appeared. Although it could signal a potential rebound towards the previously defeated support (now resistance) of $78, taking into account the general pessimism currently observed in the broad cryptocurrency market, it seems that the increases can end much earlier. The SOL rate could return to around $37 or even fall below this support if this happens. It would indicate a potential for further depreciation towards $23. The current situation on the Cardano quotes is also very interesting. The price fell between 4 April and 12 May this year by 69%, dropping to the area of technical support of $0.40, which was the lowest level since the beginning of February 2021. It is where the demand response appeared, and if the several-day increases continued, the ADA rate could even return to the area of previously defeated support (now resistance) of $0.75. However, there are many indications that this rebound will ultimately turn out to be only a correction, after which Cardano’s quotations will return to the area of $0.40, or they will drop even lower. Start your trading adventure with
Crypto Market Crash: Can (BTC/USD) Bitcoin Price Reach Less Than $10K!? Dogecoin (DOGE) Hasn't Fluctuated Much! ETH Has Decreased By 1.2% | FxPro

Crypto Market Crash: Can (BTC/USD) Bitcoin Price Reach Less Than $10K!? Dogecoin (DOGE) Hasn't Fluctuated Much! ETH Has Decreased By 1.2% | FxPro

Alex Kuptsikevich Alex Kuptsikevich 18.05.2022 08:37
Bitcoin has been hovering around the 30K mark for a second day, forcing the rest of the crypto market to balance declines and gains. Ethereum has lost 1.2% in 24 hours but remains near 2,000. Altcoins from the top ten are mostly declining, losing between 0.7% (DogeCoin) and 3.8% (Polkadot). Tron is gaining 1.7% but has been little changed since the end of last week. Total crypto market capitalisation, according to CoinMarketCap, declined 1.1% overnight to $1.29 trillion. Bitcoin’s dominance index remained unchanged at 44.3%. Bitcoin has stalled at the psychologically significant 30K level The Cryptocurrency Fear and Greed Index was up 4 points to 12 by Wednesday and remains in “extreme fear”. The index’s recovery from lows since 2019 is due to a waning selloff but not a market reversal to growth. Bitcoin has stalled at the psychologically significant 30K level and has also lost the momentum of the rebound at the 76.4% Fibonacci line from the downward move from late March to last Thursday’s lows. This is a typical shallow counter-trend correction. The inability of the market to develop the offensive from the current levels would raise the question that the final target for the downtrend would be the 161.8% area of that move, which is near $11.3K. Such a setback would cancel out all upside momentum from October 2020. So far, this scenario looks exceptionally pessimistic and needs to converge the disappointment of crypto-neophytes on top of an actual collapse of the global economy and stock market. Such a dip would leave Bitcoin’s price at only 16% of its peak, which has happened several times in its history. Read next: Altcoins: What Is Monero? Explaining XMR. Untraceable Cryptocurrency!? | FXMAG.COM However, a significant drop below previous cyclical highs ($20K) would be unusual, although Bitcoin was previously repurchased on similar drawdowns. Perhaps a more cautious scenario would be a dip into the $20-23K area to close the gap at the end of 2020 or a return to the 2017 highs. The realist-optimistic scenario points to the possibility of cautious buying by long-term investors from current levels. Following TerraUSD, another stable coin - DEI - lost its peg to the US dollar However, it does not suggest a new wave of explosive growth, as financial conditions and a return to the area at the start of 2021 are disappointing for those investors who have been buying cryptocurrencies as a way to make a quick buck. Moreover, inflation has weaned 10% off the dollar’s purchasing power over this period. Among the news that caught our eye were: According to CoinShares, institutional investors invested $274 million in crypto funds last week, a record since the start of the year. Following TerraUSD, another stable coin - DEI - lost its peg to the US dollar. According to the Congressional Research Service (CRS), the stable coin market needs strict regulation. Because of the speculative nature of cryptocurrencies, investors need more protection, or they could lose confidence in the markets, SEC chief Gary Gensler said. Read next: (TRX) TRON USD Decentralised Blockchain Platform That Focuses On Entertainment And Content Sharing. Altcoins: A Deep Look Into The TRON Network | FXMAG.COM The Portuguese authorities are considering introducing a tax on income earned from investments in digital assets. Dogecoin co-founder Billy Marcus called 95% of crypto-assets “trash” and suggested that 70% of investors don’t even understand the fundamentals of the crypto market.
Will The Dollar's (USD) Situation Change And Start Falling?

End Of Tornado Cash? Nvidia Stock Drops As Ethereum Merge Is Expected To Be Introduced Shortly

Saxo Bank Saxo Bank 10.08.2022 11:00
Summary:  The U.S. Department of Treasury has blacklisted the largest mixer on Ethereum used in hiding blockchain traces. On to companies, Coinbase and BlackRock have announced a partnership in trading and custody of Bitcoin, while Nvidia feels the heat of the upcoming Ethereum merge. U.S. Sanctioned Tornado Cash Yesterday, the U.S. Department of Treasury blacklisted every smart contract and address connected to Ethereum-based mixer Tornado Cash for its use in money laundering. The latter is a popular decentralized protocol used to hide the blockchain trace of Ether and Ethereum-based tokens. It has allegedly been used by North Korean state-backed hacking group Lazarus Group in a $615mn hack earlier this year, however, the protocol is also used by ordinary people wanting to interact on Ethereum with a higher degree of privacy. Elliptic, a blockchain analytics company, has estimated that over $1.5bn has been laundered through Tornado Cash out of a total amount of $7bn. The blacklisting bans American citizens alongside American entities such as exchanges from engaging with clients depositing funds from Tornado Cash. Since the protocol is fully decentralized, governments cannot disable the protocol itself. However, since many crypto users and exchanges are based in the US, the blacklisting might be enough to remove sufficient liquidity from the protocol for it to work properly. This was somewhat the case some hours after the announcement yesterday, as the issuer behind the second-largest stablecoin Circle froze every USDC in Tornado Cash’s smart contracts, meaning users are not able to transfer them out of Tornado Cash anymore. Coinbase and BlackRock announce partnership Coinbase announced a partnership with the world’s largest asset manager BlackRock last week. The partnership enables institutional clients of BlackRock to access Bitcoin brokerage and custody facilitated by Coinbase but handled through their existing portfolio management. Even though we are in a bear market it does genuinely not seem that institutions are shy to interact with crypto, as also both Morgan Stanley and Citigroup have announced positions concerning crypto in the past week to strengthen their internal crypto resources. On another note, Coinbase is set to announce its Q2 earnings later today. Nvidia stock drops. Ethereum got involved As Ethereum miners generated a record-high revenue of $16.5bn in 2021 by validating blocks on the network, there was an equal demand for GPUs utilized in mining operations. Nvidia has for years been the main supplier of GPUs to Ethereum miners. Although Nvidia does not directly state its revenue from providing GPUs to mainly Ethereum miners, it is anticipated that the company generates an appreciable part of its revenue from miners. However, that may soon come to an end, since the Ethereum merge is expected to happen sometime next month, completely taking miners off the equation. Since miners have known this for some time, it seems few acquire new equipment, as it will be challenging to break even in such a short period. It seems Nvidia felt this in its second quarter (ended 31st July). The company cut its expected revenue to $6.7bn from $8.1bn yesterday while simultaneously writing down its inventory by $1.3bn, mainly since the secondary market of GPUs has been flooded by cheap GPUs. If the merge occurs successfully in September, then the market of GPUs used in Ethereum mining will by default never exist again. Bitcoin/USD - Source: Saxo Group Ethereum/USD - Source: Saxo Group Souce:
Ethereum Co-Founder Buterin Has Urged Zcash To Switch To PoS

Crypto: A Breakthrough!? Ethereum: What Is Merge? The Future Is Now?

Kucoin Blog Kucoin Blog 10.08.2022 14:20
Table of Contents: · What is the Merge? · When is the Merge happening? · Why does the Merge matter? · What is the impact of the Merge? · What might happen in the future? · Closing thoughts The Merge is the most significant upgrade in the history of Ethereum. On August 10, KuCoin launches the ‘ETH Merge Gold Rush’ event for the upgrade of Ethereum. In this event, users can know more about the latest Merge-related updates and get the best crypto earning opportunities during the Merge.   This ‘ETH Merge Gold Rush’ event includes the following core segments: · Learn more about the ETH Merge countdown and get the latest Merge news. · Convenient Spot/Futures trading that supports assets associated with Merge such as ETH, ETC, Matic, Op, etc. · Participate in ETH PoS mining for earnings. Staking promotions will be available soon, including ETH PoS mining and other staking products. · Join KuCoin communities to participate in Merge-related discussions.   For more details about this event, please visit here. Now, let’s get started with what ETH Merge is.   What is the Merge? Ethereum, the blockchain network that supports the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, is inching closer to implementing a significant upgrade. Dubbed the “Merge,” while this sounds grandiose and dramatic, in fact, it signifies an upgrade that will see Ethereum transition from a Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus mechanism to a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) model.  Specifically, the Merge will mark the joining of Ethereum’s execution layer, which runs on a PoW model, and the Beacon Chain, which is Ethereum’s consensus layer, which is based on a PoS model. The mainnet currently holds all Ethereum accounts, balances, and smart contracts.  On the other hand, the Beacon chain shipped separately from the mainnet, and it currently runs parallel to the mainnet. After the two layers merge, Ethereum will become a PoS network. As such, validator nodes will take over the role of generating blocks, replacing miners who use energy-intensive rigs.   When is the Merge Happening? The Merge is set to ship between Q3/Q4 2022. Ethereum developers are working with a soft deadline of September 19. However, this date could change depending on the success of the final testnet merge, which is dubbed ‘Goerli.’ Goerli is set for mid-August.   Why Does the Merge Matter? The Merge will introduce significant changes to the Ethereum network. For instance, the Merge will reduce Ethereum’s energy consumption by 99.95%, making the network eco-friendly and sustainable. Furthermore, considering ESG concerns have limited Ethereum’s adoption, the Merge will play a massive role in boosting the network’s adoption.  Additionally, the Merge will make Ethereum more scalable. At the moment, the Ethereum network handles around 30 transactions per second. Once the network transitions to a PoS consensus model, it will set the stage for the four additional phases. At their completion, the Ethereum blockchain will be able to process 100,000 transactions per second, according to co-founder Vitalik Buterin.  After the Merge, validators will secure the Ethereum network by staking ETH. Validators will get rewards from the network’s transaction fees. To prevent malicious activities, Ethereum will cut a portion of a validator’s stake ETH if they accept invalid blocks.  Moreover, the Merge will prepare Ethereum for sharding, splitting the network into small bits to increase transaction speeds and cut costs. This development will help Ethereum cement its position as the largest network for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and decentralized finance (DeFi).   What is the Impact of the Merge? After the Merge, Ethereum might introduce triple halving. Specifically, the triple halving will reduce ETH’s supply by approximately 80% - 90%, which is almost equal to halving the Bitcoin system three times.  By transitioning to a PoS model, most ETH will go to staking, effectively minimizing the amount of ETH in the market.   What Might Happen in the Future? By upgrading to a PoS consensus model, Ethereum will address its energy-consumption issues, proving that an energy-efficient and sustainable blockchain can operate on a massive scale. Additionally, the network will eventually introduce upgrades that might introduce fast transactions and lower gas fees. These changes will likely attract more institutions and Web 3.0 projects to build on the network.  While a PoS model might introduce some level of centralization in Ethereum, the same model will lower the entry barrier for validators. The PoS model will only require validators to stake ETH and earn rewards. Users with low amounts of ETH can pool their tokens in a staking pool and earn block rewards. To this end, Ethereum is set to attract more users, making it more decentralized.   Closing Thoughts Ethereum’s transition to a PoS consensus model comes with numerous benefits. Post Merge, the network will allow ETH holders to stake their holdings and earn rewards by validating transactions. Additionally, the Merge will prepare Ethereum for future upgrades that might make the network more scalable, secure, and sustainable.   Find The Next Crypto Gem On KuCoin! Download KuCoin App>>> Sign up on KuCoin now>>> Follow us on Twitter>>> Join us on Telegram>>> Join the KuCoin Global Communities>>> Subscribe to YouTube Channel>>>     Source:
Soulbound Token (SBT) : An Online Soul. How Can You Use It?

Soulbound Token (SBT) : An Online Soul. How Can You Use It?

Binance Academy Binance Academy 17.08.2022 09:50
TL;DR Soulbound Tokens (SBTs) are digital identity tokens that represent the traits, features, and achievements that make up a person or entity. SBTs are issued by “Souls,” which represent blockchain accounts or wallets, and cannot be transferred.  Introduction Soulbound Tokens (SBT) is a concept proposed in May 2022 by Ethereum cofounder Vitalik Buterin, lawyer Puja Ohlhaver, and E. Glen Weyl, an economist and social technologist. The whitepaper, entitled “Decentralized Society: Finding Web3’s Soul,” lays out the foundation of a fully-decentralized society (DeSoc) governed by its users and how Soulbound tokens (SBTs) can function as the credentials we use in everyday life.  What are SBTs? Soulbound tokens (SBTs) are non-transferable tokens representing a person’s identity using blockchain technology. This could include medical records, work history, and any type of information that makes up a person or entity. The wallets that hold or issue these records are called “Souls.” People could have multiple wallets (or Souls) representing different parts of their lives. For example, someone could have a “Credentials Soul” for their work history and a “Medical Soul” for their health records. Souls and SBTs would allow people to build a verifiable, digital Web3 reputation based on their past actions and experiences. On the other hand, Souls can represent an entity that allocates SBTs. For example, companies can be Souls, issuing SBTs to each employee. A digital country club could issue SBTs to verify membership status. The logic behind soulbound originates from the popular online game World of Warcraft.  Players cannot sell or transfer soulbound items. Once picked up, soulbound items are forever “bound” to the player’s “soul.” Now, imagine this idea but applied to non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Today, most NFTs are ownership certificates for digital art or collectibles, such as Bored Ape Yacht Club. People will buy, trade, or show off NFTs as a symbol of status and wealth. SBTs aim to turn the NFT concept into something beyond money and bragging rights, a token that is both one-of-a-kind and non-transferable. While NFTs represent assets and property, an SBT represents a person or entity’s reputation. And unlike an NFT, SBTs hold zero monetary value and cannot be traded once issued to someone’s wallet.  How can SBTs be used? SBTs have a wide range of potential use cases. Here are some examples that could potentially find use in everyday life. 1. Education history – When people graduate from university, they receive a certificate proving completion of the required courses. The university could be a Soul issuing the SBTs, and the students would be Souls on the receiving end. The SBT would store the student’s credentials, proving they hold the relevant qualifications and are a member of the university. Simply put, the SBT would function as proof of attendance. 2. Job applications – In theory, job applicants could submit all their prior work history and professional certificates using official SBTs issued by previous companies and institutions. The SBTs would function as proof of skill certificates. 3. Health records – Switching doctors or healthcare providers could be accelerated using an SBT that holds a person’s medical records. Hypothetically, the SBT would replace the often slow process of filling out paperwork, verifying your medical history, and going back and forth with someone on the phone. How do SBTs work in Web3? Trust is one of the main challenges affecting the Web3 industry. How can you trust a person’s reputation in a system designed to be trustless? Let’s use lending money as an example. Similar to traditional bank credit scores, SBTs could track a user’s DeFi borrowing history as well as other metrics that determine their risk profile. SBTs are also a proposed alternative for decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) voting. Instead of the current governance model, which is based on how many tokens a member holds, DAOs could issue SBTs that assign voting power based on users’ interactions with the community. This model would prioritize voting power for the most dedicated users with a strong reputation. Besides creating a reputation-based voting system, SBTs may potentially improve the integrity of DAO voting — namely, defending against Sybil attacks — one of the biggest threats to the current DAO governance model. During a Sybil attack, an individual or a group of bad actors overthrow a DAO by purchasing the majority of governance tokens. Those with majority voting power can manipulate voting proposals and steer the project’s direction in their favor. The public and verifiable nature of SBTs could help detect and prevent bad actors from entering the DAO and, in turn, deter corruption and Sybil attacks from occurring.  What are examples of SBTs in action? As of August 2022, SBTs only exist on paper. Glen Weyl, one of the co-authors who contributed to the original SBT whitepaper, believes there will be early SBT use cases by the end of 2022. Binance also recently announced its own SBT called Binance Account Bound (BAB). The BAB token is non-transferable, has no monetary value, and is the first-ever SBT issued on the BNB Chain. BAB aims to tackle identity verification issues in Web3, serving as a digital verification tool for Binance users who have completed KYC. In addition to the Binance ecosystem, third-party protocols will be able to use BAB tokens to airdrop NFTs, prevent bot activity, and facilitate DAO governance voting, among other use cases. Closing thoughts SBTs have become a hot topic in Web3. In theory, SBTs could allow people to establish their own digital reputation and assess someone else’s on the blockchain. It remains to be seen if an SBT can function as Web3’s version of the “identity card.”   Source: What Are Soulbound Tokens (SBT)?
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Crypto Market Is Dependent On Stock Market. The Correlation Between Nasdaq 100 And BTC

Conotoxia Comments Conotoxia Comments 17.08.2022 15:27
Michael Burry is a well-known US investor who became famous for betting on the collapse of the US real estate market and the burst of the bubble in 2008. On 15 August, he filed a 13F form with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), revealing the positions of his fund, Scion Asset Management. To the surprise of many, the investment portfolio turned out to be almost completely empty. Burry held shares worth 165 million at the end of the first quarter. These included companies such as Google, Meta and Stellantis. However, the latest report filed with the regulator revealed that all of it had been sold and the glorified investor's only long position is in GeoGroup, a company involved in running private prisons, but the value of the position is negligible at just under $3.31 million. The investor has recently been posting a number of tweets suggesting the end of the bear market rally. This has sent shock waves across the market, as the investment manager has usually been successful in predicting the market moves, famous for his incisiveness. If there were to be large declines in the broad traditional market, e.g. equities, what could this mean for crypto? The correlation between BTC and the Nasdaq 100 seems to be apparent, but after the last all-time high reading of 0.84 in May, it dropped to around 0.48 at the end of June. What is unfortunate, however, is that the correlation has been rising with subsequent waves of declines and peaked near local lows. If the stock market were to actually experience a crash, a strong reaction from the crypto market can be expected. The recent increase in correlation may be due to the increasing participation of token trading institutions. Michael Burry's attitude was addressed by Mati Greenspan CEO of Quantum Economic, stating that predicting the timing and scale of a crash is almost impossible. "Predicting a stock crash is a lot like predicting an earthquake. You know one will happen every so often but you can never tell exactly when or how severe it will be" - Greenspan said. On the Conotoxia MT5 platform, BTC is seeing its fourth day of decline, losing more than 0.7% at 10:30 GMT+3, while ETH is gaining less than 0.3%, drawing its first upward candle in three days. Rafał Tworkowski, Junior Market Analyst, Conotoxia Ltd. (Conotoxia investment service) Materials, analysis and opinions contained, referenced or provided herein are intended solely for informational and educational purposes. Personal opinion of the author does not represent and should not be constructed as a statement or an investment advice made by Conotoxia Ltd. All indiscriminate reliance on illustrative or informational materials may lead to losses. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 82.59% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.   Source: Michael Burry closed almost all his positions - what could another stock market crash mean for crypto?