After the sharp drop in the first half of June and a tenacious sideways bottoming out, the gold price recovered to US$1,834 and thus reached its 200-day moving average (US$ 1,827) again. Gold – Has the summer rally already begun?


Since gold prices reached a new all-time high at US$2,075 on August 7th, 2020, the entire precious metal sector has been in a multi-month correction. After eight months within this correction, gold fell back to an important double low at around US$1,676 in mid and late March. From there, prices recovered strongly in April and May. This wave up ended at US$1,916 (+14.3% in eight and a half weeks). Subsequently, gold prices came under strong selling pressure once again. A quick and steep sell off took prices down by US$142 within just one week between June 11th and 18th. But it was not until June 29th that the gold market finally found its turning point at US$1,750. From here, an initially tenacious but step by step more dynamic recovery towards US$1,834

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