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  • Bitcoin prices struggle below the $20,000 mark, but still above June low.

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Bitcoin prices rose more than 2% on Monday

The price of the largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC) has consistently struggled to break above the $20,000 mark since it dropped below last Tuesday. BTC has risen around 2% in the past 24 hours, however the fall in price since the start of the 2022 year could largely be attributed to the wider market sell-off in the wake of depressed market conditions.

Bitcoin’s price is trading at less than a third of its all-time high price of $69,000 reached in November of 2021, but has managed to stay above its lowest of $18,000, the bottom it hit during a wide sell-off in mid June.

Bitcoin Prices Struggling To Break Above $20,000 Mark - 1 BTC Price Chart


(BTC) Bitcoin Price Prediction 2022: $100K!? Stocks Swapped For Crypto!?

(BTC) Bitcoin Price Prediction 2022: $100K!? Stocks Swapped For Crypto!?

Alex Kuptsikevich Alex Kuptsikevich 14.04.2022 09:03
Bitcoin rose 4.3% on Wednesday to end the day around $41,300, Ethereum added 4% to reach 3100, and both remain near those levels early Thursday. The leading altcoins from the top ten have risen in price over the past day from 0.7% (Binance Coin) to 5.4% (Avalanche). Demand on BTC According to CoinMarketCap, the total capitalization of the crypto market has grown over the past 24 hours by 2.3% per day, to $1.92 trillion. The Bitcoin Dominance Index rose 0.3% to 41.0%. Cryptocurrency index of fear and greed added to Thursday added 3 more points to 28 and moved into a state of "fear". Bitcoin was in demand in the US session amid a rebound in stock indices and a decline in the US dollar. The US currency began to correct downwards after a 9-day growth, which contributed to the revival of all risky assets. World's first crypto credit card Alex Mashinsky, CEO of the Celsius Network crypto-lending platform, said that Bitcoin will soar above $100,000 as early as 2022 as a result of capital flight from the stock market to cryptocurrencies. According to him, bitcoin began to behave as a protective asset against the backdrop of a deterioration in the general situation in the world. Crypto lending platform Nexo has announced the release of the world's first credit card secured in cryptocurrency based on the Mastercard payment system. The card will allow you to spend funds without having to sell crypto assets. They will be used as collateral to secure the loan. According to IntoTheBlock, the number of long-term investors in the Shiba Inu token has grown 20 times since the beginning of the year. However, hodlers hold only 5% of the total capitalization of the meme token.
Global Markets Shaken as Yields Soar: Dollar Surges, Stocks Slump, and Gold Holds Ground Amid Debt Concerns and Rate Hike Expectations

Bitcoin Price Back on The Rise, Consumer Spending In The UK Falls In Light Of Inflation And The US Dollar Continues to Strengthen

Rebecca Duthie Rebecca Duthie 26.04.2022 10:48
Summary: Bitcoin prices are increasing today after breaking support levels overnight. With consumer spending decreasing in the UK, the GBP is struggling to fight against the US dollar strengthening. With Australian inflation continuing to rise, the currency is weakening against and already strong USD. BTC/USD prices are increasing despite bearish market sentiment. We know that Bitcoin was the world's first digital currency and that its price is very volatile, making it historically popular for speculating traders. On Friday the price of Bitcoin dropped below $40 000, this reflected the midpoint of a 3 month long trade range. The price of bitcoin has increased by 5.55% since this morning. While market sentiment remains uncertain, current rises in the price of Bitcoin will likely be limited. As of this morning news broke that U.S Fidelity will allow employees to put Bitcoin into their 401(k) retirement savings accounts starting later this year, giving more people access to cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Price Chart Read next: US Dollar (USD) Continues To Trump Euro (EUR) And British Pound (GBP). EUR Fails To Get Boost Post Macron Election Victory - Good Morning Forex!  GBP Weakening against the USD. Market sentiment for this currency pair is bearish at the moment, the USD has been strengthening against the GBP over the past week. This strengthening comes with investor confidence being restored in the US dollar as a result of the Fed increasing yields for the 7th week in a row. The GBP inflation is causing a problem for this currency, as consumer spending decreases, the economy can expect a knock. GBP/USD Price Chart AUD Weakens against the USD. Since the market opened this morning, investor sentiment for the AUD/USD pair is bearish. Yesterday the price of the AUD/USD pair hit its lowest since March. This comes with the USD strengthening, once again thanks to rising U.S yields as well as the negative news out of China causing investors to short riskier assets. In addition, the AUD is struggling post inflation expectation announcements, the inflation is expected to increase for 2 consecutive quarters. Inlight of this, the USD is benefiting hugely from the AUD weakening. AUD/USD Price Chart Read next: U.S Yields Expecting Further Increases!?, Announcement Of PMIs Prelims For The Private Sector - FOREX Today  Sources:,
Altcoins: What Is Student Coin (STC)? The First Of Its Kind! "Easily Design, Create And Manage Personal, Start-up, NFT and DeFi Tokens"! What Will The Future Hold For This Polish Crypto?

Altcoins: What Is Student Coin (STC)? The First Of Its Kind! "Easily Design, Create And Manage Personal, Start-up, NFT and DeFi Tokens"! What Will The Future Hold For This Polish Crypto?

Rebecca Duthie Rebecca Duthie 29.04.2022 12:30
Summary: A look into Student Coin, what is it, how does it work? Tokenization for the future. Advantages of Student Coin. Future of Student Coin Student Coin was founded in 2018 for a student investors club that was called “Kapitalni” that was operating at Kozminski University, in Warsaw Poland. STC is an official partner of TEDxWarsaw. According to the Student coin is the first crypto coin that allows users to easily design, create and manage personal, start-up, NFT and DeFi tokens. The mission of Student Coin is to allow organizations and people to create, manage and develop their own tokens, they hope that through this platform they will achieve a concept called tokenization. “Tokenization” in this context is when every person and company has its own token. The founders of Student coin believe that tokenization is the future of the economy. The platform allows for custom tokens to be made, these tokens can be used for crowdfunding, trading, governing, voting or payments. These tokens are stored on the STC exchange and in the STC wallet. The aim of Student Coin is to “enable scalability of startups in their early stages by creating an opportunity for numerous investors to engage through tokenization, which also contributes to increased visibility, customers, and the fundamental values.” Read next: What Is SFM? Does The Altcoin SafeMoon (SFM) Have A Bright Future?  Student Coins products, STC Terminal, STC Wallet, STC Staking, STC Voting, STC Academy, STC Exchange. The Student Coin platform offers many products. STC Terminal: this is the first “one-stop tool” for creating a custom token, with various utilities - no programming background is needed. The tokens created using the STC Terminal will be added to the STC Exchange and STC Wallet. STC Wallet: this platform allows for storing and trading the STC tokens. This wallet allows the users to stake, vote and transfer assets at low fees. STC Staking: when investors hold tokens in their STC wallets, they have the opportunity to earn flexible interest in STC tokens and receive seasonal STC-based token airdrops. STC voting: the users are encouraged to influence the Student Coin’s strategic decisions, this can be done through voting polls. Whilst the voting is free, the amount of influence a user has depends on the amount of investment the user has in Student Coin. STC Academy: Student Coin knows of the importance of creating an educational role when it comes to adopting the new technology process. This STC Academy “assists in building the cryptocurrency market relevance, security rules and is community-friendly for every user.” The academy courses are of high-quality and cover topics in blockchain, crypto assets, new technologies, and investing. The Student Coin founders are certain that this educational platform will promote both the concept of tokenization and the use of crypto assets. STC Exchange: This platform has not yet been fully launched, but it is hoped that the platform will be used for connecting STC users with the rest of the finance world. The exchange is being designed to be user friendly and available worldwide, whilst having the highest standards of Market-Making API and trading features. Advantages of STC coin: Student Coin prides themselves as a reliable, fundamental, long-term product that is based on academic values. Allows for the creation of a coin that can be personalized by an individual or organization. Token holders will receive a cyclical payment that will be generated on the STC Exchange from token trading fees and crowd funding. STC will try to create a global community that will connect token holders and students , similar to social media in the beginning. STC believes in the importance of academic learning and will attempt to help users all over the world. Below is a chart taken from, it represents the price of the STC token since it went to market in July 2021. This past week STC has seen prices. In the past 7 days the price of Student Coin has declined by 4.8%, The current price is 0.0043, down by almost 3.5% today. The Student Coin is more than 94% below its all time high of €0.066252. The current circulating supply of the coin is 5,322,747,502 STC. STC Crypto Price Chart Read next: Meme coins: (SHIB) What Is Shiba Inu Token? Shiba Inu Coin Price. What Makes This Altcoin So Special? Clever Methods Used To Give High Crypto Returns  The Future of Student Coin looks bright if investors weather the 2022 storm. Although the price predictions according to for 2022 are showing sell signals, the same platform is showing strong buy signals up until 2030, indicating that the future for this coin may be bright. Sources:,,,
Bitcoin's Volatility Continues: Failed Breakout and Accumulation Signal Positive Outlook

(BTC) Bitcoins Price Crashes, Could The Nasdaq Be In Recovery Mode?, (GBP/USD) Bullish Market Sentiment For The Pound Sterling Against The USD

Rebecca Duthie Rebecca Duthie 12.05.2022 17:31
Summary: Rising inflation and hawkish reserve banks left investors risk averse. No particular news driving the stock price turn around for the market. Read next: Stock Market Showing Signs Of Slight Recovery Amidst U.S CPI Report Release  Bitcoins prices crashing The price of Bitcoin crashed almost 7% during the trading day on Thursday. The reason for this seems to be the same as what is happening with investors on the wider financial market, investors are turning risk averse and selling off their Bitcoin holdings in the wake of economic insecurity. The current crash is dropped lower than the value during the crash in July 2021. Read next: Altcoins: What Is Polkadot (DOT)? Cross-Chain Transfers Of Any Type Of Asset Or Data. A Deeper Look Into Polkadot Protocol | FXMAG.COM The Fed’s increasing interest rates was an initial driver for investor sentiment to change bearish, the increasing interest rates made it more expensive to make bets on the financial markets. Investors are less confident in the ability of cryptocurrencies to hold their value as regulators battle rising inflation. Bitcoin USD Price Chart GBP likely to weaken further According to, investors are betting on the Pound Sterling to strengthen against the US Dollar. The information the market has right now is that the UK economy is slowing, and likely to enter into a period of stagflation, this will likely cause the value of the GBP to weaken further. The future value of the GBP is not looking too bright. Nasdaq turns around. The Nasdaq has seen poor market performance during the trading week. However, during trading on Thursday, we have seen the stock price for the Nasdaq turn around. According to, there does not seem to be any particular news driving this stock turn around. Nasdaq Price Chart Read next: Tech Stocks Plunging!? Trade Desk Earnings Announcement Pushes Tech Giant Stock Down, Russian Ruble Strengthening and Ford Motor Co.  Sources:,,

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