From Avalanche and Compound to VC Spectra: A Strategic Investment Shift

While Avalanche (AVAX) shows signs of the end of the bull run, Compound (COMP) remains stagnant after rallying in the first week of July. All these factors attract investors to VC Spectra (SPCT), which is gaining traction as a brand-new decentralized hedge fund. 

Let’s learn more about how VC Spectra (SPCT) leads the way in the upcoming crypto market.




Avalanche (AVAX) Foundation Commits $50 Million to Buy Tokenized Assets

On July 25, 2023, Avalanche (AVAX) Foundation announced that AVAX blockchain will purchase $50 million of tokenized assets minted on the network. This program is called Avalanche (AVAX) Vista. The AVAX foundation’s vow to purchase tokenized assets is a noteworthy example of the growing recognition of the benefits of tokenization across different asset types.

Tokenization has become a dominant force in the crypto market this year, capturing the attention o

Crypto Airdrop - Explanation - How Does It Work?

Ripple (XRP) Increases By 1.7%, AVAX By 12%, (BTC) Bitcoin Gains 4.4%

Alex Kuptsikevich Alex Kuptsikevich 16.02.2022 08:40
Cryptocurrencies rose on Tuesday on the back of strengthening stock indices and falling protective assets like gold, the yen, and treasuries. Bitcoin started its rise before the news about Russia and Ukraine hit the wires and sparked risk-on sentiments. Technical factors may have influenced the first cryptocurrency's strengthening, with BTC pushing back from its 50-day moving average, which has been acting as a support level for the past week. Russia has proposed allowing cryptocurrency mining in specific regions and imposing taxes on the conversion of crypto assets into fiat and is making progress in testing the digital rouble with the first interbank transfers. Bitcoin rose on Tuesday to its highest level in the past week (+4.4%), ending the day around $44,100, where it is trading on Wednesday morning. Ethereum jumped 7.3% on Tuesday, settling at $3100, while other leading altcoins from the top 10 also added: from 1.7% (XRP) to 12% (Avalanche). Overnight, crypto market capitalisation rose 2% to $1.98 trillion, according to CoinMarketCap estimates. Since early January, the market has not been consistently above the 2 trillion mark, and consolidation above could be an essential signal for bulls to move from observation to active buying. Since the end of January, there has been a notable uptrend support line that can be drawn through the local lows, which sets up optimism in the short term. The two largest cryptocurrencies, BTC and ETH, are attempting to consolidate above their 50-day averages, which previously signalled the end of a bearish phase. This was primarily made possible by optimism on Wall Street, where investors continue to buy out drawdowns. Altcoins showed outperformance, which led to a 0.3 percentage point decline in the Bitcoin Dominance Index to 40.4%. The Fear & Greed Index climbed from 46 to 51, moving into the Neutral from the Fear territory.
Wednesday Wasn't A Big Gain Day For BTC (+0.1%), ETH Added More (+1.4%)

Wednesday Wasn't A Big Gain Day For BTC (+0.1%), ETH Added More (+1.4%)

Alex Kuptsikevich Alex Kuptsikevich 17.02.2022 09:15
Bitcoin ended Wednesday with symbolic gains, gaining 0.1% to stay around $44,100. Ethereum rose 1.4%, and the other leading altcoins in the top ten also showed mostly upward momentum, from 0.3% (Binance Coin) to 5.5% (Avalanche). The total capitalization of the crypto market, according to CoinGecko, grew by 0.9% over the day, to $2.09 trillion. Altcoins were in high demand, which led to a decrease in the Bitcoin dominance index by 0.3%, to 40.1%. The Fear and Greed Index rose another 1 point to 52 (neutral). For the second time this month, Bitcoin's growth is interrupted by attempts to gain a foothold above $45,000. In the event of a pullback, traders should monitor the dynamics near 42,000, where Bitcoin found support at the beginning of the week. Consolidation between 42,000 and 45,000 can be regarded as a positive signal, as it will consolidate confidence that the downtrend of recent months will not resume after a pause. The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has launched an audit of the US representative office of the Binance crypto exchange. The Canadian authorities intend to track transactions in cryptocurrencies and block bank accounts in order to cut off funding for the Freedom Convoy truckers' protest movement. Twitter has added support for Ethereum addresses to the money transfer service within its application. The Bank of Russia plans to start the second stage of testing the cryptoruble in autumn. On Thursday morning, the markets and bitcoin experienced a downward momentum due to news of shelling in Ukraine. Cryptocurrencies reacted impulsively as a risk asset, but last week's example shows that they can also act as safe havens, as some investors may try to save capital using Bitcoin, Ethereum and a number of other large altcoins.
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Metaverse Tokens Sink After Holiday Crypto Rally

Crypto: On Thursday Morning Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Terra (LUNA) And AVAX Trades Lower Than At The Same Time The Day Before

Alex Kuptsikevich Alex Kuptsikevich 03.03.2022 08:29
Bitcoin slowed down ahead of strong mid-February resistance at $45,000, which then turned the move down. The first cryptocurrency in recent days has not paid too much attention to stock indices, which rose on Wednesday. The technical picture continues to point to a break in the downtrend, although to confirm the reversal, the rate must first fix above 45K. It must be said that bitcoin trading volumes have increased markedly in the last week due to the events in Ukraine. On February 28th, immediately after the Bank of Russia asset freeze, BTC jumped by 11%, showing the highest growth in many months. Due to new sanctions, the Russians withdrew depreciating ruble assets and invested them in cryptocurrencies. In the EU, it was previously discussed that since Bitcoin and Ethereum use the Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism, which consumes a lot of electricity and has a negative impact on the environment, it's time to ban the mining of these cryptocurrencies. However, it was decided to abandon this idea following the new version of the bill on digital assets. Technically, Bitcoin slowed down on Wednesday after two days of active strengthening, and on Thursday morning, it rolled back to 43.1K, losing 2.2% in the last 24 hours. Ethereum is down 3.3% 0.6% in the same period. Leading altcoins from the top ten lose from 1% (Terra, XRP) to more than 5% (Avalanche). The total capitalization of the crypto market, according to CoinMarketCap, decreased by 2.5% to $1.09 trillion. The Bitcoin Dominance Index is hovering around 43.1%. The Cryptocurrency Fear and Greed Index fell 13 points to 29, once again ending up in the fear zone.
Can Price Of Avalanche (AVAX) Hit $76? AVAX Interaction With USD

Can Price Of Avalanche (AVAX) Hit $76? AVAX Interaction With USD

FXStreet News FXStreet News 07.03.2022 15:42
Avalanche price action sees bulls dipping toes in to buy stakes. AVAX price is up for today, but a bull trap and longer-term downtrend are set to be triggered by an extensive technical event. Should more dollar strength come into the equation, expect to see AVAX drop below $50. Avalanche (AVAX) is set to shed around 36% of its market cap as, although being on the front foot at the moment, a broader technical bearish signal is set to be triggered. A death cross is when the 55-day Simple Moving Average crosses below the 200-day SMA – as is currently happening on AVAX. Expect Avalanche price to hit $76 sometime today and then eventually drop to the downside as dollar strength will outweigh the current uptick. Greenback is no match for AVAX bulls and sets the stage for a further pullback Avalanche price action is under pressure after another weekend of losses, with the price dropping below $70 intermediary support at the open. Although AVAXis bouncing a bit at the moment, a very bearish signal is just ahead as the 55-day SMA is on the cusp of dropping below the 200-day SMA, triggering a massive inflow of bears that will look to short-sell AVAX across the board, possible resulting in price action being slashed by 36%. Add to that the dollar strength, and expect bulls to be outmatched each time by the weight of the dollar, overpowering investors that look to enter too soon so as to preposition for the relief rally. AVAX/USD compared with DXY daily chart Levels mean AVAX price action could range between $76 to the upside and $70 to the downside. Expect with the dollar on the front foot, more dollar strength to be poured into the AVAX/USD cross and see AVAX dip towards either the monthly S1 at $66.47 or $61.62, a pivotal historical level. Should there be more dollar strength with EUR/USD going to 1.05 or even parity, expect AVAX price to dip towards $46, breaking below $50. AVAX/USD daily chart In the event of some relief headlines AVAX price could shift in direction, squeezing some short-term bears out of their positions and triggering a pullback to $81. The 200-day SMA and the 55-day SMA are in the way, so expect some early profit-taking when price hits those two, before reaching the actual $81-marker. Following that, the rally will probably have slowed down to such an extent that a break of the longer-term red descending trend line looks highly unlikely.
Price Of (SHIB) Shiba Inu In Times Of Inflation And The Conflict

Price Of (SHIB) Shiba Inu In Times Of Inflation And The Conflict

FXStreet News FXStreet News 11.03.2022 13:37
Shiba Inu price action sees volume wearing thinner due to investors remaining sidelined as peace talks in Ukraine stall. SHIB bulls are a bit puzzled about what to do next as global worries on inflation and Ukraine are dampening any upward potential in SHIB price action. Expect to see the price go sideways to lower today, heading into the weekend. Shiba Inu (SHIB) price action has not been in a sweet spot for investors this week. With whipsawing price action and bears still sitting on lucrative gains, investors got burned several times on false breakouts and mixed signals coming from both the markets and price action in SHIB. Expect a large number of funds to stay sidelined as more peace talks get underway, but Russia’s stance of not wanting to meet Ukraine halfway, suggest those talks are likely to end in failure rather than success. Shiba Inu price reveals that bulls are not taking chances as new peace talks have no chance of succeeding Shiba Inu price action is on a slow downward burn after bulls got tempted in to what looked like a relief rally but instead turned out to be a full-fledged bull trap, squeezing bulls out of their positions, paring back all the gains accrued, and even making a new low for the week this morning. With the Relative Strength Index flatlining, it looks as if SHIB’s balance between bears and bulls is in gridlock as bulls do not want to engage without a clear positive catalyst, and bears are sitting on a pile of profits that they do not want to offload at the current levels. It will take either a breakthrough in peace talks or another catalyst to form some counterweight against the forecast of stagflation and further deterioration in Ukraine that is at the moment directing price action in Shiba Inu. SHIB price will test the new lows for this week and looks set to drop to the green ascending trend line near $0.00002108, which falls roughly in line with the low of February 24. Depending on how the US dollar behaves, expect to see some movement to the upside, but nowhere near the high of yesterday, so relatively muted below $0.00002400. Expect SHIB price action to go into the weekend within that price range, awaiting any headlines that could set the tone for next week. SHIB/USD daily chart If a breakthrough is made on some front, or some economic data opens a window of relief, expect to see a pop above $0.00002400, breaking the high of yesterday and opening up more upside towards $0.00002533, which is the 55-day Simple Moving Average (SMA). SHIB price action would print a new high for the week with this. As the red descending trend line is in the near vicinity, expect possible bulls to try and reach out to that level, near $0.00002636, for a test and possible break to the upside if the positive sentiment only gains traction going into the weekend.
Natural Gas: When A Trade Plan Provides Consecutive Wins

Natural Gas: When A Trade Plan Provides Consecutive Wins

Finance Press Release Finance Press Release 11.03.2022 16:24
From time to time, we may want to consider volatility as an ally. After all, why would highly volatile markets necessarily mean more losing trades?The first target was hit – BOOM! Today – just before the weekend – it is time to bank some profits from my recent trade projections (provided on March 2). Since then, the trade plan has provided our dear subscribers with multiple bounces to trade the NYMEX Natural Gas Futures (April contract) in various ways, always depending on each one’s personal risk profile.The first possibility is the swing trading with trailing stop method explained in my famous risk management article.Trade entry triggered on Tuesday, March 8 (firm rebound on yellow band), stop lifted once price extends beyond mid-point (median) price between first target and entry, thus ending at $4.607 (black dotted line), given the market closed at its daily high of $4.704 (purple dotted line) that same day and assuming you entered that long trade at $4.550 (top of the yellow band). That was a quick one that lasted only a couple hours for the day traders who closed their trades at the regular market close (two candles later, see below chart). For the swing traders, the win-stop was triggered the next day (Wednesday) on the following pull-back. Henry Hub Natural Gas (NGJ22) Futures (April contract, hourly chart)The second option is to scale the rebounds with fixed targets (active or experienced traders).This method consists of “riding the tails” (or the shadows). To get a better grasp of this concept, let’s zoom out on a 4H-chart so you can see the multiple rebounds of the price characterized by the shadows (or tails) of candlesticks, where a crowd of bulls are placing buy orders around that yellow support zone, therefore squeezing bears by pushing prices towards the upside (like some sort of rope pulling game). This trading style often requires stops to be tighter with some profit-to-risk ratio greater than 1.5 (with usually fixed targets). Henry Hub Natural Gas (NGJ22) Futures (April contract, 4H chart)Third possibility: position trading. This is probably the most passive trading style, as it would suit everyone’s busy timetable (and be the most rewarding). This is usually the one we privilege at Sunshine Profits since it allows us to provide trade projections some time in advance for our patient sniper traders to lock in their trading targets and take sufficient time to assess the associated risk with each projection as part of a full trade plan (or flying map).Let’s zoom out again to spot our first target getting hit today on a daily chart so we can have an overall view of the next target to be locked in while lifting our stop to breakeven (entry), previous swing low ($4.450) or using an Average True Range (ATR) ratio as some of you may like to use:Henry Hub Natural Gas (NGJ22) Futures (April contract, daily chart)That’s all folks for today. Have a great weekend!Like what you’ve read? Subscribe for our daily newsletter today, and you'll get 7 days of FREE access to our premium daily Oil Trading Alerts as well as our other Alerts. Sign up for the free newsletter today!Thank you.Sebastien BischeriOil & Gas Trading Strategist* * * * *The information above represents analyses and opinions of Sebastien Bischeri, & Sunshine Profits' associates only. As such, it may prove wrong and be subject to change without notice. At the time of writing, we base our opinions and analyses on facts and data sourced from respective essays and their authors. Although formed on top of careful research and reputably accurate sources, Sebastien Bischeri and his associates cannot guarantee the reported data's accuracy and thoroughness. The opinions published above neither recommend nor offer any securities transaction. Mr. Bischeri is not a Registered Securities Advisor. By reading Sebastien Bischeri’s reports you fully agree that he will not be held responsible or liable for any decisions you make regarding any information provided in these reports. Investing, trading and speculation in any financial markets may involve high risk of loss. Sebastien Bischeri, Sunshine Profits' employees, affiliates as well as their family members may have a short or long position in any securities, including those mentioned in any of the reports or essays, and may make additional purchases and/or sales of those securities without notice.
Binance Academy summarise year 2022 featuring The Merge, FTX and more

Ether (ETH), AVAX, Solana (SOL) And Other Layer 1&2 Projects - Weekly Update

Crypto.com Accelerate the... Crypto.com Accelerate the... 16.03.2022 15:27
ETH investment funds reach record-high inflows in 13 weeks. EU parliament votes against ban on Proof-of-Work consensus. Layer 2 solution developer StarkWareLtd raises $100M at $6B valuation. Key Takeaways Ethereum (ETH) investment funds recorded their largest inflows in 13 weeks against a discouraging investment backdrop. In addition, the Eth 2.0 deposit contract crossed the 10M ETH mark as the community continues to support the network’s transition. The European Parliament voted against a proposed ban on proof-of-work (PoW) mining under the Markets in Crypto-Assets (MiCA) legislation, which would have blocked member states from mining PoW cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC). Layer 2 solution developer StarkWare raised USD 100M at a $6B valuation. StarkWare provides two layer 2 solutions, StarkEx and StarkNet. Recently, the developer launched StarkNet at the end of February. Cronos (CRO) saw a +8.07% increase in total transactions to 21.55M, while its TVL grew to $2.73B (+14.51% week-on-week). The total number of wallet addresses now stands at 442,534, up +3.94% from last week. Highlights Ethereum ‘Merge’ edging closer with final Kiln testnet launch Ethereum gas fees drop to lowest levels since August 2021 Block’s wallet will have a fingerprint sensor, not a screen Now You can try ‘teleporting’ bitcoin for greater privacy with CoinSwaps How El Salvador is fixing Chivo Wallet, trying to get Bitcoin adoption back on track Polygon network back up with a ‘temporary fix’ after eight-hour stoppage Cosmos’ Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC) surpassed 11 million transfers in February Fantom Foundation issues clarification statement about departure of Andre Cronje and Anton Nell         Tags CRYPTO CRYPTO RESEARCH CRYPTO.COM WEEKLY REPORTS CRYPTOCURRENCIES LAYER 1 LAYER 2 MARKET Source: crypto.com
Another Avalanche (AVAX) drawdown? | Crypto Market Talk | Swissquote - 25/05/22

Analysis: Layer 1 And Layer 2 Projects: Avalanche (AVAX), Ether (ETH), Optimism And More

Crypto.com Accelerate the... Crypto.com Accelerate the... 22.03.2022 10:53
ETH merges on Kiln testnet ahead of its change to proof-of-stake; Vitalik makes sharding-related proposal EIP-4844. Aptos blockchain from ex-Diem members raises $200M. Layer 2 solution Optimism raises $150M at $1.65B valuation. MAR 22, 2022     Key Takeaways Ethereum (ETH) merged on Kiln, its public testnet, ahead of its eventual change to a proof-of-stake (PoS) network. Meanwhile, Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin introduced EIP-4844, which proposes an upgrade known as Proto-Danksharding. This introduces a new “blob-carrying” transaction type and lays the initial technical groundwork for ETH’s transition to sharding.  Former members of Meta’s defunct stablecoin project Diem raised USD 200M to build a new layer 1 blockchain called Aptos. The team launched their public Devnet, welcomed developers, and made their codebase open source.  Layer 2 solution Optimism raised $150M in Series B funding at a $1.65B valuation from Paradigm and Andreessen Horowitz.  Cronos (CRO) saw a +7.52% increase in total transaction to 23.17M, while its TVL grew to $3.27B (+20.75% week-on-week). The total number of wallet addresses now stands at 460,891, up +4.15% from last week. Highlights Bitcoin mining difficulty drops for second time in March Number of Bitcoin holders hits an all-time record at almost 40 million addresses Bitmain says new liquid cooling miner is its most power efficient model to date Nearly $6 Billion in ETH Burned as Ethereum 2.0 Edges Closer Almost 10% of the Total Ethereum Supply Staked in ETH2 Deposit Contract LayerZero blog : The omnichain future is here LayerZero gears up for launch of cross-chain protocol Stargate Equilibrium to become Polkadot’s (DOT) 12th Parachain Cardano developers propose increasing Plutus script memory Fantom’s FTM token rises 10% on upcoming protocol upgrades Stellar Development Foundation launches $30M investment fund Mina Foundation raises $92M to accelerate adoption of Zero-Knowledge proofs         Source: Crypto.com
Another Avalanche (AVAX) drawdown? | Crypto Market Talk | Swissquote - 25/05/22

Ethereum, AVAX, Terra, Solana And Other Layers 1 & 2 Projects Updates - Week 22/03-28/03/22

Crypto.com Accelerate the... Crypto.com Accelerate the... 30.03.2022 08:50
ETH’s Shanghai upgrade will boost EVM, reduce Layer-2 fees. BTC’s Lightning network completes it first stablecoin transaction. Polygon unveils a new token burn mechanism. MAR 29, 2022     Key Takeaways Ethereum (ETH)’s latest AllCoreDevs updates talked about the highly anticipated next upgrade named Shanghai, which will incorporate Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) upgrades, Beacon Chain withdrawals, L2 Fee reductions, and more.  Bitcoin (BTC)’s Lightning network completed its first stablecoin transaction. Layer 2 solution Polygon (MATIC) introduced a new token burn mechanism called ‘Mobile burn’ to move towards deflationary tokenomics and more predictable gas prices. Cronos (CRO) saw a +8.07% increase in total transactions to 25.04M, while its TVL grew to US$3.67B (+12.83% week-on-week). The total number of wallet addresses now stands at 489,967, up +6.31% from last week. Highlights BNB Chain to launch application-specific sidechains to reduce network strain Top 10 Ethereum wallets now hold 23.7% of total ETH supply: Santiment Bitcoin miner Iris Energy secures $71 million in equipment financing Avalanche bridge to add native support for Bitcoin, expanding opportunities for BTC in Avalanche DeFi Introducing Core: the new operating system for Web3 users Tether (USDT) Issued on Avalanche (AVAX) hits $351 Million Avalanche Foundation, OP3N launch $100M Web3 culture fund Terra’s LFG among largest new Bitcoin (BTC) holders: IntoTheBlock Algorand upgrades will boost speed and privacy, founder says Axie Infinity launches fee reform to scale transactions on Ronin sidechain Cardano set to hit major interoperability milestone as EVM compatible Layer 2 launches Blockchain middleware Pocket Network adds support for L2 solution Boba Layer 1 Project Metrics     Layer 2 Project Metrics    
Another Avalanche (AVAX) drawdown? | Crypto Market Talk | Swissquote - 25/05/22

There Are No Many Bitcoins Left... Terra, AVAX, Solana Stats Updated - Layers 1 And 2 News - 29/03-04/04/22

Crypto.com Accelerate the... Crypto.com Accelerate the... 05.04.2022 11:47
19 millionth BTC mined, network difficulty reaches record high. Intel launches new BTC mining chip. Axie Infinity’s Ronin bridge hacked, $620M stolen. APR 05, 2022     Key Takeaways Bitcoin (BTC) network difficulty reached an all-time high with the 19 millionth bitcoin mined.  Intel launched Blockscale, a new Bitcoin mining chip aimed at sustainability and hash rate scaling. Axie Infinity’s layer 2 solution Ronin bridge was exploited for more than US$ 620M. The hacker moved stolen funds into the Tornado Cash tumbler. Waves Protocol’s algorithmic stablecoin Neutrino (USDN) unpegged from the US$ dollar on the back of a new governance proposal to keep speculation at bay. Cronos (CRO) saw a +10.50% increase in total transactions to 27.67M, while its TVL grew to US$ 4.00B (+10.32% week-on-week). The total number of wallet addresses now stands at 533,801, up +8.94% from last week. Highlights Polkadot, Kusama to launch Wormhole bridge to Ethereum, Solana Tezos deploys major ‘Tenderbake’ upgrade Chiliz plots sports, entertainment crypto ecosystem with 2.0 chain Bengal Energy to mine Bitcoin using stranded gas wells in Australian outback Bitcoin miner CleanSpark to add 500 MW of mining power, expand to Texas Ethereum layer-2 Boba Network integrates The Graph Helium becomes Nova Labs after raising US$ 200M in fresh capital LayerZero Labs raises US$ 135M to create omnichain crypto networks Cardano-based smart contracts surpass 2,000 mark first time ever Celo’s US$ 20M “Connect the World” campaign aims to vastly improve on/off ramp access and experiences for users Ethermine staking beta for Ethereum miner, a preparation for Ethereum 2.0 Marathon Digital Holdings announces Bitcoin production and mining operation updates for March 2022 Polygon announces new ZK-proof-based identity solution Layer 1 Project Metrics     Sources: Coingecko, Etherscan, Ethernodes, Terra Station, Terra Etherscan, Avascan, Solana Beach, FTMscan, BSCscan, CronoScan, Cronos Explorer, DeFi Lla Layer 2 Project Metrics     Sources:  DeFi Llama, Polygonscan, Clark Moody Bitcoin, 1ML, Ronin Explorer, Coingecko, Optimistic Etherscan, Arbiscan, Boba Explorer, Andromeda Metis Explorer Source: Crypto.com
Tepid BoJ Stance Despite Inflation Surge: Future Policy Outlook

Shiba Inu (SHIB) Gained 15%! (BTC) Bitcoin Lost 0.8%, Ethereum (ETH) Added 1.8%, Avalanche (AVAX) 0.9% Up

Alex Kuptsikevich Alex Kuptsikevich 13.04.2022 08:40
BTC was down 0.8% on Tuesday, ending the day near $39,500. On Wednesday morning, the price stabilized around the $40K level, showing a slight increase of 0.4% over the past 24 hours. Cryptos try to stabilize Ethereum added 1.8% during the same time. Other leading altcoins from the top ten are showing growth in the range from 0.9% (Avalanche) to 3.7% (Binance Coin). The Shiba Inu Token (SHIB) has also jumped by 15%, becoming the growth leader in the TOP-100. According to CoinMarketCap, the total capitalization of the crypto market increased by 1.5% per day to $1.87 trillion. The Bitcoin Dominance Index fell 0.4% to 40.7% on a sharper rebound in altcoins. Related article: What Are Altcoins? (ADA) Cardano Price, (LTC) Litecoin And Bitgert (BRISE) Analysis Сrypto market attempts to stabilize after the downturn caused the Fear and greed index to strengthen. It added 5 points up to 25 by Wednesday morning and remained in a state of "extreme fear". Bitcoin remains the lame duck of the crypto market due to the prevailing price decline in traditional financial sectors. BTC tried to correct upwards on Tuesday after a strong drawdown the day before. According to CoinShares, institutional investors withdrew $134 million from crypto funds last week, the most in 13 weeks. BTC can outperform bonds and stocks It is still difficult to find confirmation of the hypothesis that cryptocurrencies are a hedge against inflation. The latest US consumer inflation data showed an 8.5% rise in prices in the US. During the same time, the capitalization of the crypto market in dollars decreased by 13%, reducing the purchasing power of the initial capital by more than 20%. Speaking of Germany, for example, with its 7.6% price increase per year, an 8% depreciation of the euro against the dollar should also be added to the equation, which will further increase the losses. Investments in gold, on the other hand, give real (inflation-adjusted) growth of 8%, and in euros - more than twice as much. Related article: ECB To Shock Markets In The Following Week!? US Dollar Rate Under Pressure As Well! The FxPro Analyst Team emphasized that this relationship is critical for retail investors, most of whom make decisions based on rather impulsive estimates and proceed from the foreseeable horizon. At the same time, the institutional approach still points to the attractiveness of cryptocurrencies. Bank of America believes that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies could outperform bonds and stocks in the face of a potential global economic recession. Investment agency Morningstar believes that cryptocurrencies have no equal in terms of income among assets, although they have too high volatility. This is similar to the issue of new assets that the US stock market went through about a hundred years ago. By the beginning of the new century: it was the sector of high-tech companies, and now is the turn of cryptocurrencies.
Chiliz announces public launch of layer 1 blockchain to take place on May 10

Altcoins: Avalanche price (AVAX) has gained on the back of partnership with Amazon Web Services

ByBit Analysis ByBit Analysis 12.01.2023 16:10
Daily Top Mover — Avalanche (AVAX)   Major U.S. equity continued with the rebound as Nasdaq 100 notched a four-day win streak. The consensus forecast for Thursday’s CPI report is a month-on-month decline, where investors anticipate the slowing down of rate hiking and the potential easing of financial conditions. Meanwhile, the broader cryptocurrency market followed the footstep of equities, with Bitcoin up 3.67%, in the past 24 hours, flipping $18k for the first time since mid-December. Altcoins chalked off massive gains, most of which increased more than 5% in the past 24 hours. The top mover for today, AVAX, which registered a 24-hour return of 25.11%, as of the time of writing, has outperformed the market, due to a newly announced partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS).     AVAX is the native token of the Layer 1 blockchain Avalanche. As the sixth-largest blockchain by TVL, Avalanche has been losing market share, declining from 6% in early 2022 to 1.71% as of the time of writing. The abrupt price surge came when Avalanche announced a partnership with AWS, the largest cloud provider owned by Amazon. The partnership will support Avalanche’s infrastructure and make it easier and more accessible for decentralized applications (Dapp) to be deployed on the network. AWS is not the first cloud provider to foray into Web3. In October 2022, Google Clouds announced the launch of node-hosting services that support transaction validation and storage on Ethereum.    Market Check   Check Out the Latest Prices, Charts, and Data for AVAX/USDT!   Talk of the Town     Yuga Labs, the parent company of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) continues to expand its ecosystem with a skilled-based NFT mint. This unique drop involves Sewer Pass holders to play a game called Dookey Dash. The players’ score would then determine what the pass reveals. Free Sewer Passes can be claimed by BAYC/ Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) holders, but anyone with a pass can play the game. According to Yuga Labs’ roadmap, the reveal of NFT drop will play an integral role in what is to come in Chapter 1.   Check out what else is buzzing in the crypto scene today:   Voyager received initial approval for a $1 billion Binance.US deal. (Link)   Gemini terminates its Earn program as it is terminating customer loan agreements. (Link)   Reports revealed SBF invested in FTX through multiple related parties without disclosures. (Link)   Yearn Finance will permit users to create vaults of their own and receive deposits from others. (Link)   FTX advisers have recovered some $5 billion in assets. (Link)   Silvergate received a lifeline from the Federal Home Bank to handle customer withdrawals. (Link) Source: Bybit Blog | AVAX Soars Following AWS Partnership; Yuga Labs Announces Skill-Based Mint
Altcoins: Avalanche increased by over 20% as its developers partnered with Amazon

Altcoins: Avalanche increased by over 20% as its developers partnered with Amazon

Alex Kuptsikevich Alex Kuptsikevich 13.01.2023 09:32
Bitcoin jumped 7.2% to $19,000 on Thursday, a high that the first cryptocurrency has yet to trade in the last two months. The intraday growth consisted of two impulses. The first one was due to stop-orders triggering in the morning low-liquid market. The second came in the middle of US trading when markets decided on their reaction to the inflation report. Bitcoin We also note that the first cryptocurrency added in 12 out of 13 days of the new year. Investors hope the bear market will be over with the start of the new calendar year. On the technical analysis side, BTCUSD has turned to the upside, rewrote local highs, and consolidated above the downtrend line from where there were down reversals in August and November. However, yesterday's breakthrough does not mean there will be a rapid rise from here. From June to October, the area around 19k was strong support, and now it might be strong resistance. According to Coinglass, the futures market was liquidated overnight for over $272 million in positions, over $189 million of which were short positions. The figure was the highest since November 10. According to Glassnode, the bitcoin hash rate, smoothed by the 14-day moving average (14-DMA), reached a new high of 270.25 EH/s. Spot trading volume on centralised exchanges fell by 43% at once in December 2022 compared with November El Salvador's parliament has passed a digital securities law allowing the country to raise funds with the world's first sovereign bonds on the bitcoin blockchain. The Fed and banking regulators will continue to study the crypto industry and try to mitigate its risks, said Michelle Bowman, a member of the US Federal Reserve Board of Governors. She said the Fed doesn't want to discourage innovation and is thinking about the right way to regulate it. Spot trading volume on centralised exchanges fell by 43% at once in December 2022 compared with November. On the futures market, the drop was almost 48%. Avalanche, one of the top 20 cryptocurrencies, jumped 22% as altcoin developers partnered with Amazon to leverage Avalanche's ecosystem.
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From Avalanche and Compound to VC Spectra: A Strategic Investment Shift

FXMAG Team FXMAG Team 02.08.2023 08:33
From Avalanche and Compound to VC Spectra: A Strategic Investment Shift While Avalanche (AVAX) shows signs of the end of the bull run, Compound (COMP) remains stagnant after rallying in the first week of July. All these factors attract investors to VC Spectra (SPCT), which is gaining traction as a brand-new decentralized hedge fund.  Let’s learn more about how VC Spectra (SPCT) leads the way in the upcoming crypto market.   >>BUY SPCT TOKENS NOW<<   Avalanche (AVAX) Foundation Commits $50 Million to Buy Tokenized Assets On July 25, 2023, Avalanche (AVAX) Foundation announced that AVAX blockchain will purchase $50 million of tokenized assets minted on the network. This program is called Avalanche (AVAX) Vista. The AVAX foundation’s vow to purchase tokenized assets is a noteworthy example of the growing recognition of the benefits of tokenization across different asset types. Tokenization has become a dominant force in the crypto market this year, capturing the attention of investors and enthusiasts alike. The initiative is expected to encourage more financial institutions to explore and adopt blockchain-based services, thus fostering the value of Avalanche (AVAX). Meanwhile, Avalanche (AVAX) is trading at $13.30, a 0.37% increase in the last 24 hours. However, Avalanche (AVA) trading volume plummeted to $58 million. Analysts believe that Avalanche's (AVAX) bullish run is over, heading to bearish momentum. Some reports even speculate that Avalanche (AVAX) will fall severely to $10 in the next few months.     Compound (COMP) Price Rally Brought Investors to Joy Compound (COMP) price movement over the last month has lured its investors. Interestingly, there was a robust climb in the Compound (COMP) price, coinciding with its founder Robert Leshner stepping down as CEO.  Leshner launches Superstate Trust, a new short-term government bond fund startup, securing $4 million in funding from DeFi investors. Compound (COMP) has experienced incredible growth of 96% in the past 30 days. After making a significant rise in early July, Compound (COMP) has struggled since last week.  Meanwhile, Compound (COMP) stands at $72.65, a 0.16% decrease from yesterday. Besides that, Compound (COMP) trading volume decreased by 37.67%. Analysis indicates Compound (COMP) potential signs of downhill momentum. Nevertheless, technical analysts are optimistic about a potential bullish trend reversal for Compound (COMP).     VC Spectra (SPCT): The Future of Altcoins As a decentralized hedge fund, VC Spectra (SPCT) aims to democratize blockchain technology access, offering investors profitable returns. It enables peer-to-peer trading and asset management without the involvement of intermediaries or third-party custodians. VC Spectra (SPCT)  aims to tackle issues in the blockchain and technology industry by providing investors with a decentralized trading platform and asset management protocol. The platform operates on a trustless, transparent blockchain infrastructure secured by cryptography and smart contracts. Beyond token ownership, VC Spectra (SPCT) offers unique features like buyback options and quarterly dividends based on token holdings. In Stage 2 of its public presale, SPCT tokens are priced at $0.011, with over 36.8 million tokens already sold and a 37.5% return from Stage 1. VC Spectra (SPCT) stands out in today's crypto landscape with its exceptional real-life utility and substantial growth potential. Investing now in VC Spectra (SPCT) promises a potential 627.27% gain after the presale, with the added benefit of a limited-time 25% bonus on all deposits.   Learn more about the VC Spectra presale: Buy Presale: https://invest.vcspectra.io/login Website: https://vcspectra.io  Telegram: https://t.me/VCSpectra Twitter: https://twitter.com/spectravcfund  

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