What Is Kinchance? A Crypto-Based Project To Help African People Grow And Develop

Kinchance - A Crypto-Based Project To Help African People Grow And Develop


  • What if, together, we could fill The Heart of Darkness with hope and opportunity?
  • What if, together, we could give youth from one of the poorest regions in the world a chance to grow and develop?
  • What if, together, we could find extraordinary talents and shape them into football superstars?

Kinchance Football Academy is a for-profit social impact project that combines the world of football and blockchain technology. It has a clear vision - to become a model for football player development in Africa. Our project enables investors to participate in the creation of a unique environment where making a profit is inextricably linked to the idea of bringing hope to vulnerable and talented people. With the use of cutting-edge technology, such as blockchain and metaverse, Kinchance will make a lasting difference in the real world, offering investors an unparalleled experience of participation in a good cause.

The aim of Kinchance is to offer a pathway to a brighter future through football and education for hundreds of Central Africa’s most talented young players. In a world-class facility, under the supervision of experienced staff and teachers, Kinchance will train, educate and inspire generations of immensely talented and extremely poor young individuals to realize their full athletic and intellectual potential. Thanks to the comprehensive work done by experts in the field, Kinchance will be able to offer the best of its graduates a chance to grow further in European partner clubs and make international careers, as well as to help dozens of people from their communities.

Located in the heart of Africa, nestled on the outskirts of Kinshasa, the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Kinchance Academy will benefit from some key competitive advantages but, most importantly, will serve a very populous society of incredibly impoverished young people. Through passion and competence, Kinchance staff will combine the best practices in training, education and player development into the wealthy local talent pool, ultimately shaping world-class football players and great community leaders in the years and decades to come.

Kinchance, as the name suggests, is about chances. A chance for a better life that our community will create for others and a chance for each investor to make profits while experiencing the humility and satisfaction that come from helping others. To make this innovative project even more enjoyable, we will adopt the latest technology, including the metaverse, and provide the Kinchance tokens with utilities that offer an unmatched level of insight and interaction. Unique NFT-based player profiles will add another dimension of fun, utility and value to the token. Indeed, it will allow investors to become football scouts on their own and enjoy premium benefits reflecting the performance and progress of the players.

The construction of the Academy will be funded through a fundraising campaign run on the Terra blockchain in partnership with the StarTerra platform. Kinchance is indeed a unique investment in the crypto world. After all, every blockchain dollar fueled into Kinchance will make a real change and bring a massive impact on the harsh reality of young people in one of the poorest and almost forgotten places on our planet.

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Kinchance - A Crypto-Based Project To Help African People Grow And Develop

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