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Layers 1 & 2 (Week 29, 19/07/2022 – 25/07/2022)

Terra blockchain restarts after LUNA price crash. New BTC mining project launches in Mobile, Alabama. Ex-Meta crypto chief unveils Lightspark, a new project for enhancing Bitcoin, Lightning Network.

Key Takeaways

  • The Terra (LUNA) blockchain was restarted on Thursday due to security concerns arising from LUNA’s price crash to under US$0.01. Do Kwon has proposed a plan that may involve forking the blockchain in an attempt to revive the ecosystem.
  • The city of Mobile, Alabama has embraced crypto with a project for sustainable Bitcoin (BTC) mining using 100 Bitmain Antminer S19s.
  • Meta’s former crypto chief David Marcus introduced Lightspark, a new project that aims to expand the capabilities of Bitcoin and the Lightning Network.
  • Infinity Wallet now supports the Cronos chain, including CRC20 tokens and DApps.
  • Cronos (CRO) saw a +4.25% increase in total transactions to 40.96M, while the total number of wallet addresses increased to 802,670, up +5.43% from last week.


Layer 1 Project Metrics

Layer 1 Layer 2

* % change is based on the difference between two subsequent bi-weekly periods
† Sum of P, X and C-chain total transactions
 ‘–’ denotes missing, unavailable, or incomplete data
Sources: CoingeckoEtherscan, EthernodesTerra StationTerra EtherscanAvascanSolana BeachFTMscanBSCscan, CronoScanCronos ExplorerDeFi Llama

Layer 2 Project Metrics

Screen Shot 2022 05 17 At 7.25.25 Pm

* Figure refers to Lightning nodes with active channels
† Ronin is the sidechain developed by Sky Mavis for Axie Infinity
 ‘–’ denotes missing, unavailable, or incomplete data
Sources:  DeFi LlamaPolygonscanClark Moody Bitcoin1MLRonin ExplorerCoingeckoOptimistic EtherscanArbiscanBoba ExplorerAndromeda Metis Explorer







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Layers 1 & 2 (Week 29, 19/07/2022 – 25/07/2022)

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